GNOME Shell for mobile

GNOME Shell for mobile

The GNOME Shell graphical shell that everyone knows for being the one used in GNOME graphical environments now also arrives for mobiles

WINE 7.7

Wine-Wayland 7.7 released

Wine-Wayland 7.7 has been released. The new version of the compatibility layer to work with the Wayland protocol has arrived

Lumina Desktop

Lumina Desktop 1.6.1: already released

There are many desktop environments for GNU / Linux that are not so well known, one of them is Lumina Descktop, which has already reached its version 1.6.1

Nautilus on GNOME

Nautilus 3.30: major file manager improvements

GNOME Files (Nautilus) is, as you well know, it is the default file manager used by GNOME desktop environments, as in KDE Plasma. The GNOME file manager is updated with the arrival of the new Nautilus 3.30 version. And it does it in a big way, with important improvements.

KDE Apps

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite Enters Beta Stage

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite has entered its Beta stage of development, so we will just have to wait a little longer to enjoy KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite enters its Beta stage of development and soon we will be able to enjoy the final version with all the improvements

Chromium OS desktop

Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi and SBCs… reappears

There are many distributions and operating systems for the different SBCs on the market, especially for the most popular of all, the Chromum OS for Raspberry pi and other SBCs seemed finished but now it reappears with some good news that we tell you


Gnome 3.30 will come with support for ARM64

GNOME 3.29.2 was released as the second update of four development snapshots for the GNOME 3.30 desktop environment. It comes five weeks after the first snapshot, GNOME 3.29.1, with even more improvements and new features in various components.

Gnome 3.24 desktop on a laptop.

How to install the Gnome extensions

Small tutorial on how to install Gnome extensions on our Gnu / Linux distribution. A small guide that will help the novice user to customize and enhance their Gnome desktop ...

Screenshot of a lightweight system with Debian LXDE

5 great themes for the LXDE desktop

Small article on the 5 best desktop themes for the Lxde desktop. A light desktop for teams with few resources but that does not mean that it cannot be beautiful for our eyes ...

New KaOS interface

The KaOS distribution turns 5

One of the most popular Gnu / Linux distributions in the KDE world has turned 5 years old. And to celebrate it, KaOS has launched a special version of its operating system, a version that renews and improves its distribution ...


Use the Elementary OS desktop environment on Debian 8

If you ever used Elementary OS or got to know a little about it from videos or images, you will know that this Ubuntu-based Linux distribution has its own desktop environment which is not only available for your system, but also for everyone else.

KDE Plasma 5

Install the KDE Desktop environment on ArchLinux

KDE is one of the many desktop environments that we can have for our Linux operating system, this environment is among the most popular and used by a large part of the Linux community, due to its great acceptance by a large number of distributions.

arc menu

Gnome 3.26 is out

The Gnome 3.26 desktop has just come out, bringing with it some vital improvements, both in performance and aesthetics.

Nautilus on Ubuntu

Nautilus will improve for Gnome 3.26

Nautilus will change with the new version of Gnome. This new version will include new features that will make the file manager more productive and faster ...

Xfce 4.14 will come with GTK3 +

One of the latest news has indicated that Xfce 4.14 will be integrated with GTK3 +, something that is certainly great news for everyone.

KDE Plasma 5

KDE Plasma 5.10 available

The KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop is now officially available and will soon be included in the repositories of your favorite distribution.