Zorin OS 9: the Linux for Windows and Mac OS X users

Zorin OS 9 menu and desktop appearance

Zorin OS It is a Linux distribution that we have already talked about in this blog and that is based on Ubuntu. Now we announce Zorin OS 9, the new version of this distro for desktop. It has similarities with Ubuntu and Linux Mint, it is simple and especially aimed at users who come from Microsoft's Windows platform.
The philosophy of this operating system is to become a simple and easy-to-use system, so that users not experienced in Linux can use a system based on this kernel without hardly noticing it. Especially if they come from Windows, with a fairly similar interface.
Zorin OS 9 will be updated to 2019, where your support will end. So this extended support will give some stability to the users of this distro. Its main features can be seen at a glance, a graphical interface similar to Windows XP or 7 thanks to themes for GNOME.
Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. minimum requirements They are a 1Ghz x86 or x86-64 processor, 5GB of hard disk, 512MB of RAM memory and graphics capable of supporting a resolution of 640 × 480 px. As you see some requirements not too demanding.
Although the distribution It is free for its editions Core (basic version with GNOME desktop), Lite (for computers with few hardware resources) and Educational (designed for students), there is also a paid version called Premium. For a small amount of money you can count on the Premium Business editions (for small and medium-sized companies, with accounting software, databases, management, ...), Premium Multimedia (especially for audio editing, graphic design, 3D modeling, etc. .), Premium Gaming (with a large number of games) and Premium Ultimate (a version similar to Windows 7 Ultimate, which includes everything that the previous versions contain).
The free versions look similar to Windows, while the Premium It provides an environment like Mac OS X. Although in Premium you can also choose themes similar to Windows with a GNOME environment, Unity like Ubuntu and of course OS X as we have said.

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  1.   passealinux said

    I have used Zorin sometime as another distro to try for browsing, but it does not seem to me that it has anything new to contribute to a user who knows Gnu / Linux. It is one more rehash of Ubuntu that only changes themes and interface parts that you can put in any distro. But the truth is that if you put Zorin on someone who comes from windows and intends to touch linux for the first time and is thinking of migrating, it is one of the best options. For that part, it can be quite useful, although I think that if one is going to move to Linux, it does not have to have a "copy" of Windows. Linux is Linux and does not claim to look like anything else. But hey, for those "closed" who have no choice but to use linux for whatever reason it will come in handy.

    1.    Milton said

      Pasatealinux you write as a closed. This derogatory differentiation makes a Linux user look no different than a Windows user.

    2.    Samu said

      What it looks like is the least, the question is to use Linux. Everything else is mental straws.

  2.   Eber said

    If you have hundreds of Windows users and you are trying to migrate to Linux, this is a useful tool. Normally a user does not voluntarily migrate to Linux. If you make life easier for your end user and for you, who are the one you are going to train, all the better. Interesting alternative.

    1.    Milton said

      you write as a closed. That derogatory differentiation makes a Linux user look different from a Windows user.

  3.   tuxforever said

    It is physically similar to Lubuntu and not Ubuntu. Personally, I like Lubuntu better than Ubuntu and Zorin OS but there are tastes for everything….

  4.   arturo said

    What are the minimum requirements to install zorin os 9 lite version?

  5.   Rose palm said

    Hello friend .. I have a taste problem. my brother from idle changed the desktop of the OS Zorin 9, to GNOME CLASIC style
    I want to return my original desktop from Zorin OS 9 - A Linux distribution for Windows users

  6.   Wolf said

    How to have the premium paid version, how do I pay and where do I get it in Bolivia? I do not have a bank account or any type of bank credit cards how much is the cost please send me an answer I am interested in this ZORIN 10 operating system

  7.   river said

    how to see 3d desktop as they appear on the covers

  8.   Tommy said

    And after 2019? Will another version of Zorin come, now similar to Windows 10 or what?

    1.    GREY WOLF said

      He did not give the answer to the question I asked him, I need the SO ZORIN but for free if you can send it to my email I will be grateful since in my country there is no place to buy it in cash

  9.   Alberto Alarcon said

    I repair computers and when they give me a very old pc, I usually install these distros to take advantage of the old hardware, this forces my client to switch from Windows to Linux and the risk of viruses is removed from their mind. This is what makes these jobs special for me, they are no small thing. Then the clients will decide if they permanently change their other computers to Linux ...

  10.   July said

    Hello, I am a Windows user and I am attracted to Linux because of "free". Those average or advanced Linux users, do not feel attacked by those who are mere mortals and inexperienced in Linux and "need" a platform similar in appearance and operation to what we know (Windows), but it results in a frustrating experience that we end up abandoning. . If those who develop Linux can understand what happens to me and what surely must happen to many other people, they will surely get more followers. I already declare myself very interested. Good luck for me and surely for many others.-

  11.   CA CA said

    July, linux will always be frustrating. Install it and in a few days you will realize that, except for software at a very low level, it is a toy system made by teenagers.