Screenshot of a lightweight system with Debian LXDE

5 great themes for the LXDE desktop

Small article on the 5 best desktop themes for the Lxde desktop. A light desktop for teams with few resources but that does not mean that it cannot be beautiful for our eyes ...


The new version of BlankOn Linux XI Uluwatu is now available

A few months ago I had already spoken on the blog about this distribution, well a few days ago its developers are pleased to announce a new version of BlankOn Linux which after more than a year and three months of development, reaching its BlankOn XI version with the code name Uluwatu.

New KaOS interface

The KaOS distribution turns 5

One of the most popular Gnu / Linux distributions in the KDE world has turned 5 years old. And to celebrate it, KaOS has launched a special version of its operating system, a version that renews and improves its distribution ...


How to upgrade from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28?

With the new release of Fedora yesterday, which we mention here in the blog, there will be many users who want to try this new version and also those who want to update their system to the new stable version of it. That is why we share with you a simple method to update.


The new version of Kali Linux 2018.2 is now available

The guys on the Offensive Security development team are excited to announce a new version of their Kali Linux computer security system. This would be the second so far this year, with which in this new version improvements and changes are added to the distro focused on Pentesting.


The other flavors of Ubuntu are also available now

After the official launch of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the new versions of these have also started to be updated consecutively, among which we find Kubuntu which we already share an installation guide, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu Kylin.

Kubuntu 18.04LTS

Kubuntu 18.04 Installation Guide

This time I share with you this small installation guide focused mainly on new users. Although Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu, Kubuntu still maintains support for 32-bit systems so it is still an excellent choice.


How to defrag partitions in Linux?

Defragmentation is the convenient process by which files are arranged on a disk so that fragments of each of them are not seen, in such a way that the file is contiguous and without spaces within it. Basically the system orders and has a mapping of the position of the files ...


Use the Elementary OS desktop environment on Debian 8

If you ever used Elementary OS or got to know a little about it from videos or images, you will know that this Ubuntu-based Linux distribution has its own desktop environment which is not only available for your system, but also for everyone else.

New Entries

What's New in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver

As everyone will know yesterday, the stable version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver was officially released along with all its other flavors such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and others. Just a few hours ago, the links to download the system were enabled.


How and when to use Yaourt on Arch Linux and derivatives?

Yaourt is a community-contributed wrapper for Pacman, which adds comprehensive access to the AUR repository, allowing automation of package compilation and installation of PKGBUILDs chosen from the thousands in the AUR, in addition to the thousands of Arch Linux binary packages available.

Back of a router with the different network ports.

How to enable Wake-on-lan in Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to activate the Wake-on-lan function of the network card of our Gnu / Linux system. An interesting function for those who work remotely as they can do ...

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Installation

Step-by-step openSUSE Tumbleweed Newbie Installation Guide

Good morning guys, this time I will take the opportunity with you to share this openSUSE installation guide, to be specific about your Tumbleweed version. This version, compared to the others offered by openSUSE, is a Rolling Release version.


Raspbian has been updated and adds support for the new Raspberry

There are several systems for this device, but in this article we are going to talk about its official system, which is Raspbian OS. This, as you could deduce from its name, is a Debian-based system which was optimized for Raspberry Pi since this device uses the armhf, ARM v7-A architectures.

Gnome 3.24 desktop on a laptop.

How to create shortcuts in Gnu / Linux

Small guide on how to create and configure shortcuts in any Gnu / Linux distribution. This can be achieved through the .desktop files that are compatible with any Gnu / Linux distribution

Odoo logo

How to install Odoo on Debian 9

Small tutorial on how to install Odoo on a server or on a Debian machine. A process that will allow us to have a powerful ERP software in our company at no cost ...

Manjaro 17.1.7 Gnome Edition

Manjaro 17.1.7 has been released. The big update is here

Manjaro continues with its development. Manjaro 17.1.7 is the last official version of this distribution that updates the ISO images of the distribution as well as launches a great update of packages and programs common among Manjaro users ...

Korora 26

Korora 26: A pretty fancy Fedora remix

Initially, Korora was born based on Gentoo, which stopped having support because the creator decided to abandon the project. But a few years ago I took up a project again, but this time I was based on Fedora and since then Korora Linux has been updated with each new release of Fedora.

heads 0.4

Meet Heads the alternative to Tails, but without systemd

Heads is a distribution based on Devuan, which is a Fork of Debian since it uses systemd as init system, given the controversies that caused developers to choose to take systemd, it was what caused the birth of Devuan which is to have a Debian distribution but without systemd.

USB pendrive

Write Protected Pendrive on Linux

If you want to unprotect a pen drive or USB memory from its write protection or if you want to put write protection so that it can only be read, in this article we will show you how.


What is a script?

What is a script? A script is a snippet of code or more complex code that can perform simple operations or compose a more complex program. They are written using an interpreted language and in LxA we tell you more about it ... if you want to know more, enter and we will explain it to you.

hat logo

How to add fonts in Fedora

Small guide on how to install or add new fonts in our Fedora distribution. A simple and fast process that we can use in the latest versions of Fedora ...

Terminus for BASH

Videogames… command line for your BASH

If you want to play from BASH, you should know that there are some interesting games from the command line for your GNU / Linux distribution. You do not believe it?

PDF to Word icons

Convert PDF to Word from Linux

Enter and we will teach you the simple steps to convert a PDF document to Word (doc or docx), etc. And all from your favorite GNU / Linux distro. If you need to transfer your documents from PDF to Word or vice versa, we will show you how to do it with this tutorial.

The Smatch Z console

Smatch Z a very powerful portable console

If you are looking for a portable but powerful console, Smatch Z is your best choice. A game console in which to play games smoothly thanks to its SteamOS operating system and its AMD Ryzen processors with Radeon GPUs


ArchLabs has been updated to version 2018.02

For those who do not know ArchLabs I will tell you a little about this Linux distribution, ArchLabs is based on Arch Linux, therefore, this is a Rolling Release distribution with all the benefits of this type of updates. The creators of this distribution were strongly.

Endian Firewall

The Endian Firewall distribution has been updated to version 3.2.5

Endian Firewall is a free GNU / Linux distribution specialized in firewalls (Firewall), routing and unified threat management. It is being developed by the Italian Endian Srl and the community. Endian is originally based on IPCop, which is also a fork of SmoothWall.

KDE Plasma 5

Install the KDE Desktop environment on ArchLinux

KDE is one of the many desktop environments that we can have for our Linux operating system, this environment is among the most popular and used by a large part of the Linux community, due to its great acceptance by a large number of distributions.

Chrome logo along with ChromeBook

ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux applications

Google's ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux virtual machines and this will allow the arrival of Gnu / Linux applications to the Google operating system. An arrival that will have more expectations than successes due to other compatibility of Google's operating system ...

Deiban 3D Logo

Top 8 Debian-based Distros

In LxA we have carried out many comparisons and analysis of applications, distributions, etc. Even distributions according to which niches or professions, ...

Calculate Linux

Calculate Linux has been updated to its new version 17.12.2

Today the news has been released about the new update of the distribution based on Gentoo Calculate Linux, which is renewed to its version 17.12.2 with which it updates several packages and above all corrects several errors. Calculate Linux is designed to be used by both the common user.


Change the paths of personal folders

Within the routes that are created in the operating system we have the personal folders where they are supposed to be used to store the different types of files or also to be able to categorize our documents and files within them.

Linux Lite 3.8

Linux Lite 3.8 is now available for download

The distribution based on Ubuntu Linux Lite has been updated to a new version reaching version 3.8 which will be the last of the 3.x branch with which it introduces several improvements and updates to the system where it promises to be more efficient.

Octopi a powerful software manager for Pacman

If you are a Manjaro Linux user, you will know Octopi perfectly, which is an excellent software manager with which we can install and manage the packages found within the repositories.


OpenSUSE Education will disappear after openSUSE Leap 15

The educational version of OpenSUSE will disappear with openSUSE Leap 15 if the educational community does not take care of it. The high cost of maintaining your packages is what has made this version of openSUSE disappear ...

Php official logo

How to install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu and Debian

Small tutorial on how to install PHP 7.2 on Debian and other related distributions such as Ubuntu. The programming language version is ideal for testing and experimenting with the new features in this version ...


How to install Firefox 58 on Debian 9

Small tutorial on how to install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on Debian 9. In this case we have to install Mozilla Firefox 58, a version that has been released a few days ago and that improves the functioning of Firefox Quantum ...

Debian Stretch

How to enable sudo on Debian Stretch

Small guide on how to enable and make the sudo command work in Debian Stretch, the latest version of the most famous and popular mother distro of all time.


Antergos has been updated to its new version 18.1

Navigating through distrowatch I have found great news and that is that the popular distribution based on Arch Linux "Antergos" has been updated to a new version reaching its version 18.1 with which most of the changes merely in this version are updates of packages.


EthOS: a fork of Ubuntu intended for cryptocurrency mining

EthOS is a Linux distribution focused 100% on cryptocurrency mining, it should be noted from the beginning that this Linux distribution is paid, so in no case does it have a trial version. EthOS is a fork of Ubuntu, from which it has been specially adapted with pipm.

blankon tambora

BlankOn: A Debian-based Indonesian Distribution

BlankOn Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution made in Indonesia. This distribution is designed and adapted to the needs of general users in Indonesia. BlankOn Linux is openly and jointly developed to produce a distinctive Linux distro in Indonesia.

Tails is updated to its new version 3.4

The famous Linux distribution, focused on the privacy and anonymity of the Tails user, has been updated to its new version 3.4, where various updates and some corrections are highlighted.

Sled pingu

The 10 best distributions of 2017

This being the last day of the year, you cannot miss a report about the 10 best Linux distributions of 2017 according to Distro Watch. For those who do not know this famous portal, I will tell you a little about it, although it is a website that compiles news.

Disable USB storage in Linux

There are several ways to disable storage on media connected through the USB port of your computer, this can be ...

Tails version 3.3 now available

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System uses the Tor network to offer security to users with which traffic is always protected and encrypted.


Manjaro Linux installation guide

Manjaro Linux is a GNU / Linux distribution that has the possibility to choose with which default user interface it will be downloaded and installed ...

arch linux logo

Arch Linux 2017 Installation Guide

Arch Linux is a GNU / Linux distribution developed for i686 and x86-64 systems, based on a rolling-release model: (single installation, no ... =


Elive closer to launching Elive 3.0

One of the most famous lightweight distributions, Elive, has released one more development version, being closer than ever to launching Elive 3.0 ...

Ubuntu 17.10 Mascot

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available

The new version of Ubuntu is now available. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with Gnome as the main desktop and many more surprises for 64 bits ...

Tails 3.2 is available

Tails, Edward Snowden's favorite system and with a Gnome desktop, is already in version 3.2, which now allows us to connect by Dial Up.

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu abandons the 32-bit platform

Canonical and Ubuntu have reported that their distribution will abandon the 32-bit platform, thus leaving the 64-bit platform and choosing the flavors ...


Gnome 3.26 is out

The Gnome 3.26 desktop has just come out, bringing with it some vital improvements, both in performance and aesthetics.

Debian vs Ubuntu logos

Debian vs. Ubuntu

Debian vs Ubuntu: We analyze these two Linux distributions and make a comparison to see which is better for your needs. Which one do you choose?

Linux Bootable USB Pendrive

How to create a bootable USB

The best methods to make a bootable USB with Linux and Windows .. If you want to install Linux from a USB, we teach you how to create a bootable USB.

IP networks

How to know my IP in Linux

Tutorial in which we teach you the command to know your IP in Linux. If you want to find out your network address, ifconfig is your ally. Learn how to use

Sled pingu

The best Linux distributions of 2017

We analyze the best Linux distributions for this 2017 with this ranking of 17 distros for this year with which you will enjoy FLOSS to the fullest.

Linux distros logos

Linux Distributions 2016

Discover the best Linux distributions 2016. Do you know them all? There is one for each type of Linux user, find yours

Nautilus on Ubuntu

Nautilus will improve for Gnome 3.26

Nautilus will change with the new version of Gnome. This new version will include new features that will make the file manager more productive and faster ...

Fedora 26

Fedora 26 is now available to everyone

Fedora 26 is the new version of Fedora that is already among us. This new version brings new features in the installer and in the spins or official flavors ...

Linux Kernel

Released Kernel 4.12

Kernel 4.12 is the most advanced to date, with important new features at the level of an LTS update, although this is not the case.


LibreOffice is looking for a pet

LibreOffice, the most free and popular office suite, has organized a contest to choose a mascot, a mascot that will be official and distinctive of the suite ...

Debian Education 9

Debian Edu also updates to Stretch

Debian Edu or Skolelinux have been upgraded to Debian Stretch. The Debian-based educational distribution has been updated with new features in the version ...

Ubuntu 17.10 will carry Kernel 4.13

In this case, it has been announced that Ubuntu 17.10 will come with Kernel 4.13 installed, a Kernel that does not exist yet, but will be ready by then.

Xfce 4.14 will come with GTK3 +

One of the latest news has indicated that Xfce 4.14 will be integrated with GTK3 +, something that is certainly great news for everyone.

KDE Plasma 5

KDE Plasma 5.10 available

The KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop is now officially available and will soon be included in the repositories of your favorite distribution.