KDE announces the release of KDE applications 19.04

Kdenlive screenshot

Kdenlive is the program that received the most improvements

The KDE community ad el KDE Applications 19.04 release.

In addition to the new features, improvements were made to design, usability and stability in all utilities, games and creativity tools.

KDE Applications 19.04 will be available in the next few days in the repositories of the different distributions. Some of the programs are already available in Snap format

What's new in KDE 19.04 applications

Have solved more than 150 bugs. These fixes re-implement disabled features, normalize shortcuts, and resolve bugs.


Dolphin is the KDE file manager. It also connects to network services, such as SSH, FTP, and Samba servers, and comes with advanced tools for finding and organizing your data.

New features:

  • Expanded support for thumbnails. Dolphin can display thumbnails of several new file types: Microsoft Office files, .epub and .fb2 eBook files, Blender files, and PCX files. Additionally, text file thumbnails now display syntax highlighting for text within the thumbnail.
  • It is now possible to choose which split view pane you want to close by clicking the 'Close split' button.
  • New smart lash placement. When a folder is opened in a new tab, the new tab will be placed immediately to the right of the current one, instead of always being at the bottom of the tab bar.
  • Element labels can be added or removed using the context menu.


AudioCD-KIO allows other KDE applications to read audio from CDs and automatically convert it to other formats. Support for ripping is added in Opus.


The video editor received an almost complete rewrite. More than 60% of its internal components have changed, improving its overall architecture.

Improvements include:

  • The timeline was rewritten using QML.
  • When you place a clip on the timeline, the audio and video always go to separate tracks.
  • The timeline now supports keyboard navigation: clips, comps, and keyframes can be moved with the keyboard. In addition, the height of the rails is adjustable.
  • On-track audio recording comes with a new voice-over feature.
  • Changes to the copy / paste function. Now it works between different project windows. The handling of clips has also been improved, as they can now be deleted individually.
  • Version 19.04 is back to support for external displays on BlackMagic monitors and there are also new preset guides on the monitor.
  • Keyframe handling has been improved, giving it a more consistent look and workflow. The titler has also been improved by making the alignment buttons snap to safe areas, adding configurable guides and background colors, and displaying missing items.
  • The developers fixed the timeline corruption bug that misplaced or lost clips when a group of clips was moved.
  • On Windows, the issue with JPG images rendering images as white screens on Windows was fixed. Also in Windows, problems with screenshots were fixed.
  • Added many small usability improvements that will make using Kdenlive easier and smoother.


Okular screenshot

The new version of Okular, within KDE Applications 19.04 allows to adapt the size of the document to that of the paper

Okular is KDE's multipurpose document viewer. It allows you to read and annotate PDF files, it can also open ODF files (such as those used by LibreOffice and OpenOffice), e-books published as ePub files, the most common comic book files and PostScript files and many more.

Some noteworthy improvements:

  • Scaling options added to Okular's Print dialog.
  • New support for viewing and verification of digital signatures in PDF files.
  • Okular now supports editing LaTeX documents in TexStudio.
  • Improved support for touchscreen navigation. It is now possible to move back and forth using a touch screen in Presentation mode.
  • Users who prefer to manipulate documents from the command line will be able to perform intelligent text searches with the new command line indicator that allows you to open a document and highlight all occurrences of specific text.
  • Okular now correctly displays links in Markdown documents that span more than one line.
  • The cropping tools have stylish new icons.


KMail is KDE's email client that protects privacy. As part of the Kontact groupware suite, KMail supports all email systems and allows you to organize messages in a shared virtual inbox or in separate accounts. It supports all types of encryption and message signing, and allows data such as contacts, meeting dates and travel information to be shared with other Kontact applications.

Improvements include:

  • This version of KMail comes with support for languagetools (grammar checker) and grammalecte (grammar checker for French only).
  • LPhone numbers in emails are now detected and can be dialed directly through KDE Connect.
  • KMail now has the option to launch directly to the system tray without opening the main window.
  • Markdown plugin support.
  • Getting emails through IMAP no longer hangs when login fails.


KOrganizer is Kontact's calendar manager, which is responsible for managing events. These are some of the new features:

  • The Recurring Google Calendar events are synced again correctly.
  • La reminder window of events now displayed on all desktops.
  • Updated the appearance of event views


Kate is KDE's text editor, It is ideal for programming thanks to features such as tabs, split view mode, syntax highlighting, a built-in terminal panel, word completion, regular expression search and replace, and many more through the flexible plugin infrastructure.

Improvements include:

  • Now Kate can display all invisible whitespace characters.
  • Static page wrapping can be easily enabled and disabled using your own menu entry for each document, without having to change the global default settings.
  • File and tab context menus now include a bunch of useful new actions such as Rename, Delete, Open containing folder, Copy file path, Compare [with another open file], and Properties.
  • This version of Kate comes with more plugins enabled by default, including the Online Terminal feature.
  • When closing it, Kate no longer asks you to confirm the files that were modified on the disk by some other process.
  • When multiple files are opened using the command line, the files are opened in new tabs in the same order as specified on the command line.
Screenshot of editor Kate

In KDE Applications 19.04, the Kate editor has more plugins installed by default.


Konsole is the KDE terminal emulator. It supports tabs, translucent backgrounds, split view mode, customizable color schemes and keyboard shortcuts, directory bookmarks and SSH, and many other features. Konsole also includes significant enhancements.

  • New tabs can be created by clicking on empty parts of the tab bar, and there is also an option that allows tabs to be closed by clicking on them. For their part, the Close buttons are displayed on the tabs by default, and the icons will only be displayed when using a profile with a custom icon. The Ctrl + Tab shortcut allows you to quickly switch between the current and previous tab.
  • In addition, the user interface of the Edit Profile dialog has been revised.
  • The Breeze color scheme is Konsole's default. Improved its contrast and consistency with the system-wide Breeze theme.
  • Issues displaying bold text have been resolved.
  • Konsole now correctly displays the underlined style cursor.
  • Better display of box and line characters, as well as Emoji characters.
  • Profile switch shortcuts now switch the current tab's profile instead of opening a new tab with the other profile.
  • The 'Vary the background of each tab' feature now works when the base background color is very dark or black.


Lokalize is a computer-assisted translation system that focuses on productivity and quality control. It is aimed at software translation, but also integrates external conversion tools for the translation of office documents.

We can mention the following improvements:

  • Lokalize now supports viewing the translation source with a custom editor.
  • Better location for DockWidgets and for the way settings are saved and restored.
  • Position in .po files is preserved when filtering messages.


Gwenview is an advanced image viewer and organizer with intuitive and easy-to-use editing tools. The application includes these improvements:

  • Full touchscreen support, with gestures to swipe, zoom, pan, and more.
  • Full High DPI support, which will make images look great on high-resolution screens.
  • Better support for mouse back and forward buttons. This allows you to navigate between images by pressing these buttons.
  • Gwenview can now open image files created with Krita.
  • Support for large 512 px thumbnails.
  • New keyboard shortcut for the Filter by name function.


Spectacle is Plasma's screen capture application. Entire desktops spanning multiple screens, individual screens, windows, window sections, or custom regions can be captured using the rectangle selection feature.

Among the novelties we can mention:

  • It can be set to automatically accept the dragged box instead of asking you to adjust it first. There is also a new default option to remember the selection box for the current rectangular region, but only until the program is closed.
  • It is possible to configure what happens when the screenshot shortcut is pressed while Spectacle is already running.
  • Spectacle allows you to change the compression level for lossy image formats.
  • Save Settings shows what the file name of a screenshot will be. You can also easily adjust the file name template by simply clicking on the placeholders.
  • The application no longer displays the "Full screen (all monitors)" and "Current screen" options when the computer only has one screen.
  • Help text in rectangular region mode now appears in the center of the main screen, instead of dividing between screens.
  • When running on Wayland, Spectacle only includes the features that work.


KmPlot is a graphing of mathematical functions. It has a powerful built-in analyzer. The graphs can be colored and the view is scalable, which allows you to zoom to the level that is needed. Users can trace different functions simultaneously and combine them to build new functions.

  • Now it is possible to zoom in on the image by holding down the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel.
  • This version of Kmplot introduces the print preview option.
  • The root or even value (x, y) can be copied to the clipboard.

If you want to see KDE Applications 19.04 up and running, watch these videos.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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