Things to do after installing Linux Mint 19 Tara

Linux Mint 19 Tare

Last week a new version of Linux Mint came out and surely many of you will already have it on your computers. But if you are thinking of doing a clean installation (something that many users do regularly) we tell you what steps and what actions to do after installing Linux Mint 19 Tara.

Actions that we can carry out or not are not important for the operation of Linux Mint 19 Tara, but that are important to improve the functioning of Linux Mint 19 Tara.

Updating the distribution after installing Linux Mint 19 Tara

Although it is the latest version, the Linux Mint team has been able to release a package or security update, therefore it is recommended to run a system update. To do this we open a terminal and write the following:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

If there are any updates, Linux Mint 19 Tara will be updated.

Create restore points or snapshots

The new version of Linux Mint 19 Tara brings with it the application T, a backup tool that will help us have all our data unforeseen insurance. To do this, once we have the previous point, it is advisable to create an image to go to in case of problems. As the installation is clean, when applying this backup, we will have the possibility of having Linux Mint 19 as new again.

Codec Installation

The multimedia world is important and almost essential for many users. Why it is recommended to install codec packs to view and listen to multimedia files. To do this we open a terminal and write the following:

sudo apt install mint-meta-codecs

Enabling snap packages

Even though Linux Mint 19 Tara is based on Ubuntu 18.04, this new version does not have snap package support enabled. To have it working we just have to open a terminal and write the following:

sudo apt install snapd

Installing favorite programs

Now that we have all of this, we have to install the programs we need or like. Among them are possibly Google Chrome, Skype or VLC, although there are many others and very varied. The choice is ours.

Blue Light application in Linux Mint 19 Tara

If we use Cinnamon, then we have the Redshift application at our disposal, an application that allows us change the window brightness and introduce the famous blue light filter. To activate it, we go to the panel applet that is shaped like a light bulb. We right click on the applet and then we mark the option «Activated» and the option «Start with the start».


These These are important steps that we have to take after installing Linux Mint 19 Tara, but as we have said, they are not essential nor are they the only ones there are, surely if we do not work with snap packages or we just want to have a server, you do not see certain actions important. In any case, these steps will surely help more than one Linux Mint user.

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  1.   Bernardo S.Gtz said

    Can you write more things to get the system to the optimum? for example, I have installed it in laptops and it does not indicate if the battery level is already too low for the user to connect the charger.

  2.   Meta said

    There really is nothing to do after installing except follow what the welcome screen tells you, without touching the terminal. And update, then when I ask. And so with everything. It can not be easier. Anyway, installing the programs you use I suppose that does not count, well, and the snap package, without comment.

  3.   rafa said

    And remove flash if installed: sudo apt-get purge adobe-flashplugin

  4.   Gregory ros said

    Hello, I do not understand the option "update &&" of apt, it is the first time that I see it. What is its mission ?. Thanks.

  5.   Gregory ros said

    Well, there were two & symbols, when editing the comment. The question goes for "update &".

  6.   Alexis said

    Excuse. I am something new to Linux. What is the problem with the snap package?

  7.   Meta said

    It is long to tell, but basically Mint manages the flatpak from its application center by default, and with that it will almost certainly be enough for you to install the typical proprietary programs such as Spotify, WhatsApp, etc. Why complicate it by adding the snaps?

  8.   Felix said

    Friend, can you explain how to install "wine pak" in LINUX MINT 19, step by step, it is to be able to run some programs such as zara radio and adobe audition 3. I have tried several times and I cannot, I had achieved it in UBUNTU but I like it better linux mint and now version 19 I like better. I want the (wine pak) because it allows me to install the programs that I use the most, the (wine) version just like that, it doesn't allow me to install adobe aduition3. That is why I insist on wine pak. I read a tutorial I did it in ubuntu and it worked, but in mint I can't install it. Thanks for the support.

  9.   Macho66 said

    Many Thanks

  10.   Carlos said

    looking forward to putting it on a lenovo g475. Would the themes of the video, vga and wifi drivers be installed automatically? lenovo does not support

  11.   javi said

    I am unable to get the audio working, clumsy output, hda-intel

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      Did you try sudo alsamixer and hit the F6 key to select the sound card?
      Remember that to save the changes you have to press ESC

  12.   Jose Javier said


    32 bits
    W7 Ultimate + Ubuntu 10,04 Dual boot
    Dual Core
    CPU E5700
    3 GHz
    RAM memory
    3,47 usable

    ST250DM000 Location 0
    -IBC141ATA Device
    Syst. NTFS file
    Available 139 GB
    -point mounting
    105 MB NPFS / NTFS
    Bootable Partition. Reserved system
    / Dev / sda1

    210GB NTFS
    Partition - -
    / Dev / sda2
    (10,04 LTS)
    40 GB: Partics Logic Container
    Extended (0x0,85)
    / Dev / sda3

    1,7 GB Swap Space.
    Linux swap -swap- (0x0,82)
    / Dev / sda6

    39 GB Ext4
    (ver. 1.0)
    File System
    Linux (0x0,83)
    / Dev / sda5
    Mounted on /

    How to mount L. Mint on this equipment? Would it be necessary to change the space destined for Ubuntu to give it more?