Barotrauma game (catch)

Barotrauma ...

Barotrauma, an underwater adventure video game available for Linux that will surprise you a lot if you love the depths

fictorum screenshot

Fictorum: an RPG with a lot of action and a destructible environment

It is not the first time that we talk about Fictorum in this LxA blog, it is an RPG video game with a lot of action and something that is not common in many Fictorum is an RPG video game with a lot of action and a destructible environment in which you can have fun fighting with some interesting decorations

Train screenshot in Rail way Empire

Railway Empire: Add a new DLC called The Great Lakes

If you like trains, surely you already know the Railway Empire video game that is available to install on our GNU / Linux distros. Without Railway Empire, the train simulator for Linux, now has a new extension called The Great Lakes for train lovers

Stage 9 Ship

Stage 9: a free Star Trek universe made by fans

Surely you've heard of Stage 9, a project created by fans and free in which it is intended to recreate the universe both inside and out.If you are a fan of the Star Trek saga and have diffused from digital universes in video games, you can not miss stage 9


Redream: a Dreamcast emulator with Linux support

If you are a lover of the old Dreamcast game console, you will love this news. Since there is a group of developers in charge of developing If you like the Dramcast game console, then the Redream emulator compatible with GN / Linux is going to love you to resurrect classic games

Capture of Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper: Build Your Own Underground Shelter on Linux

Mr. Prepper is a video game in which you can play to build your own underground shelter that could reach Linux, so that you can enjoy it. You would like to play a video game where you build your own underground shelter in Linux, because we present you Mr. Prepper


Fanatical's Strategy Sale available for Linux video games

Fanatical's Strategy Sale is also available for video games published for GNU / Linux, in addition to titles available for Microsoft Windows Fanatical's Strategy Sale is also available for video game titles available for GNU / Linux, in addition to Windows and macOS.


Atari VCS: what's new and skepticism in equal measure

While many remain skeptical about the launch and success of the new Atari VCS, others are looking forward to it. It is not an Atari VCS it is not quite here yet but it is already giving a lot to talk about. After the delays and skepticism now come updates ...

Bum simulator screenshot: beggar begging

Bum Simulator: a homeless life simulator

The world of video games never ceases to amaze us with its new titles, graphic level, and themes. Bum Simulator is one of those titles that stands out precisely for its theme ...


How to install League of Legends on Linux with PlayOnLinux?

League of Legends also known by its acronym LoL is a fast-paced, competitive, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and electronic sport video game that combines the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Assassin's Creed Installation Guide on Linux

Assassin's Creed Installation Guide on Linux

I have enjoyed many hours of playing with this title and for years I have followed the game franchise, they will not let me lie, but the first installment was one of the best that left more than one wanting more. We will go on to make the necessary configurations to install our game on Linux.


Lutris a game manager that every gamer should have

Lutris is a free and open source game manager for Linux, this manager has direct support for Steam and also for more than 20 game emulators among which we can include DOSbox, ScummVM, Atari 800, Snes9x, Dolphin, PCSX2 and PPSSPP .

Terminus for BASH

Videogames… command line for your BASH

If you want to play from BASH, you should know that there are some interesting games from the command line for your GNU / Linux distribution. You do not believe it?

The Smatch Z console

Smatch Z a very powerful portable console

If you are looking for a portable but powerful console, Smatch Z is your best choice. A game console in which to play games smoothly thanks to its SteamOS operating system and its AMD Ryzen processors with Radeon GPUs


Play Yu-Gi-Oh! on Linux with Ygo Pro

On this occasion I will share some of my most precious hobbies, I will take the opportunity to teach you how to install YGO in our system. If you don't know the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Or you have not even known any of the Anime series that have been created for many years ...

Official Twitch logo

How to enjoy Twitch on Gnu / Linux

We tell you how to have an unofficial client for Twitch, Amazon's service for streaming video games. In this case we opted for Gnome Twitch, a very popular but unofficial client of this application ...

Dungeons 3: cover

Dungeons 3 ready to play on GNU / Linux Estamos ante un gran lanzamiento, se trata del videojuego Dungeons 3 que estará disponible para Linux, Mac y Windows…


Play PSP games on Linux

If you have video games from the Sony PlayStation Portable that you like and would like to use them from your Linux distribution,…

Home Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life debuts on Linux

U-Play Online promised Linux support for the title Youtubers Life, and the famous youtubers management simulator debuts…

Ultimate Edition 5.0

Ultimate Edition 5.0 is out

In case someone does not know it, Ultimate Edition is a distribution based on Ubuntu and specially designed for video games, it is ...


Guide: create your own Steam Machine

We offer you a complete guide to assemble your homemade Steam Machine with simple and step-by-step explanations. Your own leisure center for the living room.

Dying Light

Dying Light already has a patch

Dying Light is a great video game available for Linux as well, but it has presented some performance issues and bugs that will be patched.

Why are there so few games for Linux?

There are few games for Linux and one of the reasons may be that there are few potential customers, which puts the video game industry back when it comes to launching its novelties for Linux.