Enjoy the Overwatch game on Linux with the help of Winepak


With the arrival of applications through Winepak, different applications have begun to be distributed that we can enjoy on our systems, without having to resort to a traditional installation of Wine and also configure it to proceed to install our application.

This measure of Winepak packages It has been liked by many because it greatly simplifies the installation work, as well as saving the user a lot of time in it.

In the article of Today we are going to share with you a simple way to install the Overwatch game on our system with the help of Winepak.

By using this method we can enjoy this great game on our systems.

For those users who do not know this renowned game I can tell you that Overwatch is a multiplayer first person shooter video game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

About Overwatch

Overwatch puts players in teams of six, with each person choosing one of several available heroes each with unique moves and abilities. Heroes are divided into four classes: Attack, Defense, Tank, and Support.

Players on each team work together to attack and defend control points or to attack / defend "charges" (moving targets that move around the map).

The players with each game accumulate points that grant them aesthetic rewards that do not affect game performance.

To finish the game maps are inspired by real world locations. For example, the first three maps revealed ("King's Walk", "Hanamura", "Temple of Anubis") were inspired by London, Japan, and the ruins of ancient Egypt, respectively.

Overwatch is characterized by having team battles in which two teams of six players each face each other.Players choose a hero from the existing characters. Currently the game has four main game modes.

  • Attack: The goal of the attacking team is to capture critical targets, while that of the defending team is to keep them under their control until time runs out.
  • Shooting guard: The objective of the attacking team is to move a load to a delivery point. The defending team must impede the progress of the others until time runs out.
  • Control: Two teams fight to capture and hold a single target at a time. The first to win two rounds wins the game.
  • Assault / Escort: The goal of the attacking team is to capture a cargo and then move it to a delivery point. The defending team must impede their progress.
  • Competitive: This game mode picks up the previous game modes where there is an attacking team and a defending team, two rounds are made alternating the role of the team, winning the team that led the most efficient progress of the objective.
  • Arcade: There are several non-main game modes that give prizes every certain number of victories and also increase experience. The games include quick games that have modified elements.

How to install Overwatch on Linux?

Overwatch 1

As we commented we can install this game in our system with the help of Winepak, for this it is necessary that we have the support for Flatpak technology in our systems.

Before doing so, we must have the video drivers for our graphics cards in the system.

You can visit any of the publications that I previously shared for the installing the Nvidia drivers o AMD drivers.

To install Overwatch on our system, we must open a terminal and execute the following command in it:

flatpak install winepak com.blizzard.Overwatch

We will have to wait for the package to be downloaded and installed on our computer. At the end of the installation we can run the game on our system.

In order to run the game in case the shortcut for it had not been created in our applications menu, we can run it with:

flatpak run com.blizzard.Overwatch

In the first execution, Wine will be configured, as well as the game in the systemTherefore, if the assistant requires us, we simply have to follow their instructions.

At the end of this process we will be able to run and enjoy the game on the system.

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  1.   Kencio said

    This Winepak seems interesting to me in the long term, now, I think that for certain types of applications such as video games, it is not very "efficient" to say.
    Taking a look at the installation file https://github.com/winepak/applications/blob/master/com.blizzard.Overwatch/com.blizzard.Overwatch.yml You can see that the version of Wine staging that installs you is 3.9 when we are already on 3.12 that if I am not mistaken has some fix for Overwatch, also there is no reference anywhere to DXVK, so I imagine that this Winepak uses the native version of DX11 that Wine has integrated, when the DXVK layer has proven to have much more performance. I myself play OW with DXVK and I have an Nvidia 960 and I play between 100-120fps absolutely stable and stuttering free. I am sure that with this Winepak, as it is presented, it does not exceed 60fps in addition to having an annoying stuttering.

    If you want to play Overwatch properly, I personally do not recommend this system, at least not now (maybe in a few months it will have improved).
    I recommend using the Lutris platform and learning to play small parameters that adapt to your system, because in Linux it is not the same to use AMD as Nvidia, there may be differences in the settings that can affect the performance of our games in a noticeable way.