The Monopoly game based on Bill Gates !!!!

I always tell them that I really like to play Monopoly, quite an interesting game to spend a whole night losing money. Today I bring you a very interesting version of Monopoly based on Bill Gates. Now you can build your own monopoly and fight the other SOs !!

The board is this (click to enlarge):

The tokens to play, instead of the car, thimble, cannon, etc. they are a cursor, a recycle bin, the IE logo, and more. As you roll the dice in turns, you advance through the lockers, in the locker where they land, you must buy it, then if another player lands on a locker of yours, you must collect rent from him. As you will see below are the Win OS, they are very cheap and bad. On the left is the Linux section, where you don't have to pay to buy them (obviously). In the upper section is the Mac section, and on the right is the most difficult and expensive part of the board.

- Be very careful of falling into the Canon locker, as you will have to pay the bank $ 200 for being a pirate.
- In good time if you fall into the Rapidshare box, you can download everything you want and move towards the exit !!.
- Be careful also if they fall into the Bribery of the Government box, they will have to pay a lot of money to the other players to bribe them.
- If you fall into they discovered your monopoly !! You only have to go to jail. To get out of there you must draw doubles with the dice or pay bail.
- If you fall into the box marked with a question mark or "communal chest" you will have to draw a card to see what your luck is. You can get cards like the following:

- Whoever manages to create their own monopoly wins, just like Billy !!!.

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  1.   Maverick said

    hahahaha good !!! and I'm looking for the download link… hahahahaha caiiiii. Have you made me laugh there?
    Greetings and HAPPY 2009 or as they say in Pirate Bay HAPPY 1984 !!!

  2.   I am said

    hahaha, what a vulture this Nitsuga, to the jump of anything free.
    Weird that it goes wrong, the jpg is gigantic. Then I throw you the png.

    Let's see if we all invent more cards and complete it.

  3.   I am said

    fsources, in that case it would be: you lose your next turn.
    Jorge that's fine.
    Nitsuga, at night I recompress them well and upload them.

  4.   I am said

    And I want to see a picture of you playing it !!!!

  5.   I am said

    I did not do it with max !!!! I did it with proprietary software: Corel and Photoshop !!!

  6.   I am said

    AAAaaaAAAaaaaAAAAAAA year .... better not: D

  7.   nitsuga said

    LOL! Very good, esty. Now why does stallman's house cost 120! ?? !!

    Above, the resolution is very high, I'm already printing it ...

  8.   nitsuga said

    Too bad ... printed and you see something strange, around the text it doesn't read very well ... I think you put too much JPEG compression on it. Waiting for the PNG ...

    PS: As you did not put anything, This work is published under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. HA!

  9.   rheoba said

    Hahaha pretty good ... although most of my acquaintances would get confusing the terms hehe


  10.   f sources said

    He has the "crack" card. If you go through the Private Software you pay nothing.

  11.   nitsuga said

    @esty: The ones that look bad are the cards, not the board

  12.   nitsuga said

    Well, I have it ready and pasted on a cardboard square ... Now I need to find someone to play with xD

  13.   George said

    you don't have all the chips ??

  14.   f sources said

    @jorge: the idea is that we keep inventing the others:

    "Firefox hits you again, lose a play"

  15.   George said

    or did not know

    your team may be vulnerable, go back 3 squares

  16.   nitsuga said

    «You need an antvirus, Pay $ 60»

  17.   nitsuga said

    @ And I want to see the .max file !!! (joke)

  18.   nitsuga said

    I say the one with the wallpapers (but it's a JOKE !!!). Anyway, if you want me to pass the psd there is no problem ... there you have my email ...

  19.   LJMarín said

    Hahaha, the game is good ...

    But I think you need to include the house of Torvalds: D

  20.   toni said

    haha, the cards they added break it.
    "Press companies to use your OS: win 500"

  21.   nitsuga said

    "Pay the Aragonese council to say stupid things. You lose $ 5000"

  22.   paco said

    MSDOS nooooooob missing

  23.   Nicolas said

    The only adjective towards this game that I find the best is fascinating, because I live it with passion, I would not say far from reality. Bill Gates did what he should have done, I remember that when I was in 5th grade I had a friend with whom we spoke and we thought badly of the rich and since they had obtained what they have today, this world is for those who dare to go further than ordinary people; I, a person without a penny in my pocket, see how I begin to rise economically, socially and as a person.

  24.   Katya said

    I don't know if it's difficult, because I don't know how to open it

  25.   Carlos Alberto Matos placeholder image said

    Does it include sinking Netscape? It hurt me that those Microsoft rats sank it ... they were innovative ...

  26.   Carlos Alberto Matos placeholder image said

    Netscape gave a kick to the lousy internet explorer ... the graphical interface of the Netscape browser was nice ... now this Mozilla Firefox ... they gracefully pick up some things that Netscape had ...

  27.   Carlos Alberto Matos placeholder image said

    It should include this letter: Using unfair practices against Netscape and getting into a huge lawsuit with the US Supreme Court and the Atimonopoly Commission: call George W. Bush and pay him $ 100000 billion to mock the judges.

  28.   Carlos Alberto Matos placeholder image said

    And how about this letter? Microsoft buys SEGA, Nintendo and Sony Playstation. Go to jail, bribe the jailer, the judge and pay each player $ 10.000.

  29.   Carlos Alberto Matos placeholder image said

    Alicia Machado thinks about Bill Gates: "What a gross Bill Gates who bought Skype for 5.900 billion euros, I downloaded it for free, yuuuji."