Top 25 Video Games for GNU / LINUX and Steam Machine

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It already sounds almost repetitive, but the world of video game on Linux is having a golden age with new titles and the interest of certain companies and developers in porting or even releasing titles exclusively for the penguin platform. Last year we already made a similar ranking, and for this year we will once again create a list with the best 25 existing video game titles for GNU / Linux and for SteamOS or Valve's Steam Machine.

As you know, you can buy or download these video games in various places or stores, but the most prominent and the one with the most movement is Steam. That's why I advise you to go back for it and see all the games that exist for your Linux, surely you will have fun for many hours with them. Well, whatever the method of acquiring the titles, or even if you opt for some free and open source ones, the important thing is that you have fun. For this reason, we help you with this article to make a selection of the best that there is at the moment.

However, as always, it is a matter of taste. The titles are the most varied, and the categories to which they belong as well. Therefore, it is difficult to make a selection that everyone agrees with. But our selection of top 25 games is

  • Hitman: the famous assassin agent comes to Linux to stay and delight fans of this saga. Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated titles ...
  • Civilization 6: from a shooter we go to strategy with the famous video game in which you can manage your civilization and fight with enemies.
  • XCOM 2: Another of the greats, an action game set in a supposed military resistance that will immerse you in quite fun combats.
  • Mad Max: the famous movie has left a video game at its height, for those who love action and driving in this futuristic world.
  • Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition: We have talked about many of these titles in other articles, this is the case. If you like zombies and post apocalyptic worlds, you will like it.
  • SOMA: it is similar to the well-known and successful Bioshock that you can find for other platforms. Interesting, no doubt.
  • Portal 2: another of the greats, without a doubt. Available for Linux, from the hand of Valve comes this title.
  • wasteland 2: the second version of Wasteland brings us science fiction scenarios and missions with high quality images to please the eye while entertaining us.
  • Pillars of Eternity: another one of the good strategies, an era of giants and magic in which you must survive and manage yours in the best way.
  • Deus Ex: Mankid Divides: It is another of the futuristic science fiction titles that you will surely like.
  • Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor: You like The Lord of the Rings, stories of magic, orcs and other fictional characters, then try this game based on a medieval era.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: If you are a Star Wars fan, you will like this title, it is an RPG that has come to our system to have fun.
  • Metro: Last Light Redux- Another first person shooter in a post apocalyptic era set in Russia where you will have to survive.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved: Survival video games are in fashion now, as this is another one of them. A hostile and Jurassic era in which to fight to get ahead.
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2: is another title in the Borderlands saga with a lot of action and aliens ...
  • Europe Universalis IV- Another strategy video game with a history and cultures set in Europe.
  • Cities: Skylines: If you like to build and manage big cities, you can unleash your imagination with this one.
  • Crusader Kings II: also set in medieval Europe, it is a game to return to the crusades digitally.
  • Transistor: a good story, good background music and some neat graphics for fun.
  • Rocket League- A rare combination of soccer and cars that will make you spend hours glued to the screen. Something different but addictive.
  • The Talos Principle- A mystery game with beautiful and intriguing puzzles to solve the riddles that arise.
  • Kerbal Space Program: build and fly spaceships, that's what you have to do. If you want to start your own space program, go ahead ...
  • Shovel Knight- For those nostalgic for pixels, comes this RPG that brings a classic look back to this action game.
  • Superhot: It is another interesting shooter, although it is somewhat independent in terms of the design of its graphics, since you will see everything as if you had infrared vision ...
  • unseen inc.: is another title in which your strategy is to go unnoticed, with mixtures of hacking, combat, and guaranteed action.

If you like other titles or have any suggestions, don't hesitate to leave us your comments.

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  1.   Sergio Ramirez said

    Total war: Warhammer? I think that game deserves a spot on this list.

  2.   MZ17 said

    Exactly, I am missing TW Warhammer and also TW Attila and Football Manager 2017.

  3.   Gustavo Adolfo said

    It seems to me that Tomb Raider is worthy of this among the first places

  4.   Marcos Yepez said

    Dioooooossss Pillar is an RPG, what a bad article.

  5.   Antonio said

    Alien Isolation

  6.   Sebas said

    I like Insurgency, it's not very famous. It is a tactical shooter, basically you cannot go rambo like in CoD or others. I was surprised that it had a version for linux.

  7.   goman said

    I have only played dying light and it needs almost twice the machine to play it on linux ...

  8.   jack said

    and League Of Legend when will they include it ???

    1.    Gonzalo said

      There are posts on the game's forum of creating a Linux version of LOL and the creators absolutely pass

  9.   Root said

    I miss you 0 AD is a great game with excellent graphics.

  10.   MORZILLO said

    You say that you are passionate about computers and F1 and you do not put F1 2015 or 2017 ... well, seeing the date of the article, maybe it was not for sale yet. But I play it at 4K full screen with all the filters, except the Anti-Aliasing and it goes like a shot at 70fps on average. (Amdgpu driver with gigabyte RX Vega64)

    Also the Tomb Raider and the Rise of the Tomb Raider are very good.
    The Human Fall Flat, Goat simulator, The witcher 2, which is one of the best despite the English ... Of online shooting in Linux we have VERDUN, which is a great game.

    I do not forget the TRINE saga, wonderful and with Spanish developers in the garlic: D
    The Talos Principle, the first to come out in VULKAN, not Doom, which came out on windows ...

    And then some great games like Surgeon simulator, American truck simulator, Paint the Town in red, which is amazing and you have a laugh, Octodad Dadliest catch, another game joke ... The Shroud of the avatar-Fprsaken Virtues, which is a Hilarious multiplatform ROL game that is not finished and is still being developed, but with what it takes, we can already enjoy a good game of that style at 4K even with beautiful scenarios.

    I'm not very fond of shooting games, but Spec OPS The line is quite a nice game to look at and you can enjoy some good dialogues :)

    Then there is the bloody Shadow Warrior… beastly with his katanas gutting… .this…. cutting demons "hair" :-)

    And many other great titles such as Savage Lands… Serious SAM 3 BFE and the fusion Beta 2017, with which you can enjoy many Serious Sam, Left For Dead and Half Life titles, super-playable Titulazos that work on almost any computer.

    And then already like GTA…. the Saint row saga, brutal !!! We also have almost all the native games available in GNU / Linux, it is a cane. And okay, they are not GTA, but it looks like it and even sometimes with better attributes.

    And I leave some other good ones… .Amnesia, Outlast, Road Redemption (my favorite road Rash guy since it started on the kickstarter), the Overlord Saga… LIMBO, Killing Floor, Brutal Legend, which is a platform-beat-em-up. very cool and with good content, the GRID Autosport, Dirt rally and dirt showdown, terrible games and with some luxury graphics and gameplay ... Fahrenheit, the indigo Propecy, which is a very good adventure ... Deadfall adventures and Chivalry Medieval Warfare and its deadliest expansion Warriors ... the old Bound by Flame, the Alien: Isolation, that's okay, it's not that good, but at first it's sublime until Another world gets screwed hahahaha, which is a reconverted mythical game, the Borderlans Saga you already mentioned it, but that of Bioshock? Infinite is one of the best Linux games !!! Then there is the Dead Island saga with its Dead Island, Dead Island definitive edition (which is the same but with improvements) and the Dead Island Riptide definitive edition, which are great Zombie games.

    And one of my favorites, The Book of Unwritten Tales :-) One of the best graphical adventures on Linux.

    A pleasure until another! I'm going to have a vice :-)

  11.   John Espinola said

    All very nice but I miss Dota 2

  12.   Porry_Potter said

    All very nice, all very nice, but not a screenshot, che? I do not know anything about games and I went in to see something to download and play now, Rio de Janeiro raining, a dump at home .. Well, it seems that I will have to read the descriptions and search according to that .. Greetings

  13.   diego said

    How do I install any of those games ????

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      You need to have the Steam client installed. Search for steam in your distribution's software center. If you can't find it, tell us which distribution you use