Google Stadia sweeps; Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have nothing to do ...

Stadia presentation

Google has introduced Stadia, It is not just another gaming platform, but THE PLATFORM that will captivate gamers around the world, and it is not an exclusive platform, but rather it is quite inclusive, you simply need a device compatible with Google Cast (Chrome browser ) and that will be enough to play, therefore your GNU / Linux distro also allows it. That is precisely one of the most remarkable qualities of Stadia, that you can play your favorite video game from a smart TV, smartphone, tablets, or PC, and it does not matter what operating system you run on it.

Google Stadia has been presented at the GDC 2019 conference o Game Developers Conference 2019, and Google has swept this event with this unexpected and powerful gaming platform that promises to crush its opponents from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. And it will achieve it based on their good compatibility, ambition, innovation and comforts that they offer to the user. In addition, being a streaming video game platform, you will forget about downloads, patches and updates, having to install, etc. You will get all the content immediately, click Play and in seconds you will be having fun with the chosen video game ...

Google Stadia Logo

Streaming is done with unparalleled features in terms of quality, specifically 4K HDR resolution at 60 FPS (they plan to upload it to 8K and 120 FPS in the future). It does not require a console, but it does launch with a mando of special video game that you must buy and of which we still do not have the price. In addition to the normal controls of a video game controller, it includes others to capture images and video game content directly. And there will even be a button for Google Assistant, which will help us to activate different functions of the service, and to which we can consult even help about the video game or tricks or assistance to pass a level or screen of the video game in which we have been stuck, all thanks to the AI ​​implemented in the Google server.

The controller will not use cables, but via WiFi it connects to your computer or device to play and also does it directly to the Google Stadia servers to play. Some servers installed in a large data center with the 7500 node server Linux-based to stream content directly to your Google Chrome screen. As simple, as simple as that, but so powerful ... so you can play from any device, thanks to the universality of Stadia, such as televisions or Android boxes compatible with Chrome Cast, and all iOS and Android mobile devices that have the Chrome app installed, and as I said, also any PC with Windows, macOS or Linux installed.

Hardware and Features:

Video game controller

Not only do you need a supercomputer or server like the one Google has in its data center, but also a hardware and features implemented that are the envy of the industry. Inside it keeps great secrets, an enviable hardware with which to achieve great features and surpass the current most powerful video consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and of course the Nintendo, that is, the Xbox, PS, etc.

For the Stadia project, Google would have been capable without a technological ally, and that has been in this case its AMD p, which with their successful semicustom chips that are having so much success in game consoles, are also the heart of the Stadia platform, and to provide it with graphic processing of up to 10,7 TeraFLOPS, which as I said, surpasses any current game console. To get an idea, the PS4 Pro only hits 4.2 TFLOPS and the Xbox One X hits 60 TFLOPS. As it does? Here's the hardware list:

  • Resolution: 4K HDR at 60 FPS
  • Project Stream: up to 1080p at 60 FPS
  • CPU: AMD custom 2.7Ghz x86-based multithreading with AVX2 SIMB extensions (Zen-based)
  • GPU: Custom AMD with a GPU of 56 compute units to achieve 10.7 TFLOPS with HBM2 memory
  • Graphics API: Vulkan for real-time 3D graphics
  • Memory: 16GB of 2GB / s bandwidth HBM484 VRAM + DDR4 RAM
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Google Data Center: 7500 Google Edge Network compute nodes running Linux
  • Connectivity: WiFi with direct connection to Stadia
  • Compatibility: all Google Cast compatible devices
  • Price: not yet available

Will this be one of the most interesting projects of 2019? We'll see, but I have the feeling that along with the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold, this is one of the best ...

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  1.   cause123 said

    Latin America shit stopped that google will surely put this service for you!

  2.   sasdf said

    It has not been launched yet and Google Stadia is already sweeping.

    Logic not found.

  3.   Diego German Gonzalez said

    Actually the service requires a special Internet infrastructure that reduces delays. Infrastructure to be installed by Google. It will not be compatible with normal Internet services.
    On the other hand it all depends on the content. If you do not get your Fornite, or even your Angry Birds I doubt that people will be interested.
    And I would not bet on Linux compatibility, I am still waiting for the official client for Google Drive
    Do we make a list of Google services that were going to eat the world?
    1) Google+
    2) Hangouts
    3) Inbox
    4) Google Glass
    Also, the amount of data on the users that is going to generate that. I'm not a fan of Stallman, but that's where I'm with him.

  4.   kaiser said

    I have Japanese friends who tried the switch cloud and who have tried cloud systems

    and they are smoke even Japan with a very good internet if your computer is not powerful it can burn this step with resident evil 7 in swich

    then there is the now and the pass will know that it is saturation of servers and how in some games they move like in water

    I see this as possible in 2030 to 40

  5.   sincere said

    I don't understand this journalist: Google has never sold a f * cking game but he already says that «Google Stadia is sweeping; Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have nothing to do ... ». I mean, be more serious Xdss .... Microsoft and Sony are going to make big announcements too in 3 months and this is another announcement, you can see that you buy the announcement with eyes closed journalist.! and it looks like you're not a gamner either. what decides that a platform is successful or not is only the GAMES, above all the exclusives and in that playstation and xbox (especially PS) has no comparison. since 2012 (7 years ago) PS can make streaming games ... but it has not given it so much popularity and profits for business reasons simply, there is nothing better than a console for several reasons, besides, you don't even reason well ... you say that « gamers will save the console "but it turns out that the Google platform requires that money from gamers to run and deploy ... ... the stadia market would be mostly" casual "players ... but there is a problem: because that kind of players would subscribe eternally (eternally because otherwise the business would lose google) to a service? I just wouldn't. you need to start using your neurons