Windows 10 goes up, GNU / Linux goes down on Steam

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Unfortunately not all the news is good for Linux users, this time we must recognize that Microsoft Windows 10 is becoming the undisputed king of Steam, being the most used operating system and growing in number of users with it. On the contrary, GNU / Linux continues to fall, quite bad news after the progress that has been made in the field of video games for the Tux platform ...

Their numbers should grow so that companies develop more titles for Linux instead, and despite the enormous growth of the number of videogames for Linux, our platform continues to fall against the intractable Windows 10. It seems that Windows 10 is overtaking its harder predecessor, Windows 7, since 8 and 8.1 have not reached the figures of 7. But that is good news for users of the Microsoft system, what really worries me is the decrease of Linux on Steam.

The figures speak for themselves, Windows 10 already has a percentage of users higher than 39.68% on Steam for the 64-bit version. Windows 7 is around 32.25%, therefore it also begins to fall due to the update to the new system that many are doing, since a few months ago they were more or less tied at 34%. When it comes to gamers, Windows dominates by far, with one 95.42%, leaving the rest of the percentage for Mac OS X and Linux.

The worst thing is that this figure is growing and strangling the narrow percentage that the operating system of Apple and the one with the penguin. Something worrisome for gamers who have a Linux computer. It is known to all that Windows has always been the "toy" operating system, but the good news of the growth of titles on Steam seemed that they would change this (although not overnight), although it has not been like that . At least for now, but we have to fight to reverse this.

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  1.   Kevin Rodriguez said

    Hello! Thanks for sharing this information. The truth is that on the contrary I think that with the arrival of SteamOS and that more and more games are being ported to Linux, those figures should gradually increase. I certainly always play from Linux.
    Do you have any official source from which you got the information? Only for curiosity.
    Greetings and good article

  2.   Victor Moreno Marin said

    A shame. However, despite the efforts, it remains to be frank and admit that Linux as a platform for video games, is crude. It has been improved, it is real, and a lot, but it seems that it is not enough (and I have lived it).

  3.   Maxi A Dry said

    If it is very likely that this is happening. But really, if you have a Linux machine, it shouldn't matter if companies continue to develop games for all systems. And it seems to me that Windows 10 continues to grow due to several factors, they practically spoon it into you and among gamers they recommend it to them for performing more. And of course not counting the multi-million dollar business behind MS and gaming.
    I keep wondering what would happen if for example a COD or a CSGO or any AAA game would yield much more with vulkan and this library was exclusive to LINUX. Greetings!

  4.   Smurfette said

    While I was jerking off in the evening, I was reviewing the latest news that surrounds the Linux world and I found that news somewhat discouraging, suddenly it caused that said straw prematurely ended and my screen got dirty, but I did not care too much, because I'm determined to stand up for Tux across the board so that he can succeed and be in the place he deserves.

    PS: It's so hard to put the straw down!

    1.    Ashtoroth said

      You need a girlfriend but put a mask on her with the stallman face!

      1.    Joseph said

        hahaha with Richard's crazy face they are going to take away his desire for everything hehehehe.

  5.   Gaston said

    I am a user of both Windows (8.1) and Ubuntu 16.04 (and many more distros). From my linux point of view (junior to senior), I think this is bad news, as this will prevent gamers from Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (in this topic) from migrating to distros like Steam OS or Manjaro Gaming (this last one fascinated me). PDT: I do not think or think about updating my Windows 8.1 (quite slow and insecure, but I have in case of compatibility emergency) to that Windows 10 garbage, since it is also quite proprietary, privacy violator, it would take many hours to be updated. I've started to love Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, Wifislax, Manjaro, etc. I also like Android, but I don't consider it a 100% Linux distro as it is operated and modified by Google, let's say 90%. Thanks.

  6.   mircocaloghero said

    Unlike many, my enthusiasm when steam arrived in the Linux world was not too much.
    Hopefully independent games continue to grow, especially the open source ones.
    So many years praising the advantages of knowing that we are installing, of being able to modify it at will, of being able to install it anywhere we want, as many times as we want ... but steam arrived and bye ideal

  7.   Mark Pasiel said

    We have to be realistic: we are a minority portion among the users of operating systems. And Microsoft has a very well implemented business strategy to attract new users. We have already seen several of those actions, the last one, the passage to Windows 10 doing a simple update, as we do when we update a version of our distributions. We must continue to insist and demonstrate that we are the best operating system, and we are in everything, Windows does not surpass us in anything, it does not even tie us, except in one thing: the strategies for attracting users. There we have been losing, and we continue to lose. When it comes to games, while it hurts, I am not surprised by the news. The Valve corporation has not been doing well in terms of SteamOS support. I think there was an excess of confidence, and a poor rationalization of resources in the matter. But still with everything, we must not give the arm to twist, we must continue insisting, in this area, and in the others. We still have the great challenge of the desk pending, which is another pending issue. We must continue working, knowing what we are, and being clear about what we can become. There are our strengths.

  8.   Mark Pasiel said

    We have to be realistic: we are a minority portion of operating system users. Games, like the development of the GNU / LINUX desktop, are still some of our big unfinished business. In terms of games, Valve Corporation has not achieved a competitive development of the SteamOS distribution, always lagging behind in comparison to Windows, and not due to operational defects in our system, but due to defects in development, support and update. But it hurts and at the same time I'm not surprised by our decline. It hurts me because I recognize Valve Corporation for the efforts and achievements it has had, but I am not surprised by the innovations and improvements that Microsoft has been introducing in the area, and also, let us know that we are dealing with a company that has developed a true strategy of attracting users worldwide. And we all know that this strategy has used all kinds of resources. We must continue insisting, insisting on the capabilities of our system, superior in everything, being clear about what we are, and what we can become. There are our strengths.

  9.   Panxo said

    Does anyone know if dota 2 can be run with intel hd 5500 graphics since before updating to reborn or something like that it was possible after that no and I was forced to migrate to w10 now I hope Linux mint 18 to try again since I miss Linux and win2 takes me off the boot

    1.    zerberos said

      I have played the Dota 2 reborn with a 4200U that yes, the computer on fire, so if it should be able. By the way, with the imminent arrival of Table 12, you should be able to play with Vulkan, and you should notice an improvement in performance. Another thing is to see when Mesa 12 arrives at the Canonical repos.
      A greeting.

  10.   surami said

    The problem with the growth of windows 10 is the free update along with the premieres of new games, exclusive to windows. I am a user of ubuntu, manjaro and windows10. Obviously windows only use it for games. Because there are games that are unplayable on linux unfortunately. The problem is the video game development companies.

  11.   giuseppe ferreri said

    I think you are analyzing it from the wrong point of view. To know if the number increases, you have to know how many teams had Steam on Linux and if that number has increased.
    That the rate of windows increases? Then it is enough to see if the correct statistics are actually taken. What if I have windows 7 on my pc and Steam and then tomorrow I update to 10 and I still have Steam? Does Steam take it to mean that there are 2 PC's or 1?
    I do not trust these statistics much, surely Windows has a monstrous amount of Gamers but I do not think that Linux is currently so low.

  12.   Samaniego Eignar said

    Valve should put its stammachine on its feet more and emphasize that it is a console, not a pc, and that as a console it should have the right to allow other gaming companies to release their games for steamos.

  13.   joe said

    I would not be so sure of that, MS has always used "statistics" as a way to influence the end user, in Mexico all the "Survey" companies are the same as the "rating agencies" everything is a lie, it is manipulated as much as the · Election of Calderòn the impaler, when the reality was that AMLO won both elections in 2006 and in 3012, you can never believe something that MS or their MS bots say