mps-youtube: Play YouTube content from the terminal

Mps-youtube is an open source multiplatform application written in the Python programming language and based on mpv which is an application that allows us to use the terminal to search, play and download music.

JPG and PDF icons

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Linux

We show you step by step how to convert an image in JPEG or JPG format to a document in PDF format in a simple way from your favorite Linux distro. Do not miss how to convert a JPG to PDF easily with our tutorial.

Crop video

How to cut videos

If you want to cut videos in a direct and powerful way without using programs with a graphical interface, you can see how to do it step by step with the command line tools mencoder and ffmpeg on your Linux distro.


Learn how to convert videos from the terminal with FFmpeg

FFmpeg allows us to record, convert and stream audio and video, this program is free software, it was originally developed for GNU / Linux environments, but given its great popularity it can also be compiled in most operating systems, including Windows .


Convert CDA to MP3

We show you step by step how to convert CDA to MP3 easily from your GNU / Linux distribution. Without using commands, from a graphical interface, with Asunder.


SMTube: Play youtube videos in SMPlayer

SMTube is an application that works in conjunction with the SMPlayer player with which we can navigate the YouTube platform and thus search and play YouTube videos on our computer.

MKV format logo

How to play MKV on your GNU / Linux distribution

Do you need to play MKV? If you have MKV videos and you don't know how to play them on your favorite GNU Linux distribution, in LxA we give you the steps to follow to be able to enjoy this fantastic format.


VLC media player is updated to its new version 2.2.8

VLC media player is a famous free and open source multimedia player developed by the VideoLAN project. This great player has several versions for different operating systems, which makes it a multiplatform player.

Popconr Time EC

Install Popcorn Time

We show you how to install Popcorn Time on Linux so that you can enjoy all your movies, series and multimedia gallery.


Install Kodi on Elementary OS

Only a couple of commands separate us from installing Kodi on Elementary OS, in order to enjoy two of the most interesting projects.

Mixxx interface

Mixxx 2.0: Virtual DJ for Linux

Mixxx 2.0 is the new version that has been expected for 2 years of development. A software to mix and work with music to be a true DJ.


Kore, an essential app for our Kodi

Kore is an official app of the Kodi project that will help us to have a remote control for the Kodi software only using our Android smartphone.

netflix logo

How to use Netflix on openSUSE

Two simple steps are all that separate us from Netflix in openSUSE: we just have to install Pipelight and then modify the User Agent of the browser.