Black Friday weekend deals

Best Black Friday weekend deals

The Black Friday party continues throughout the weekend. The hangover of offers in technology is immense, do not stay without them ...

Red hat logo

Red Hat: Exclusive Interview for LxA

We continue with our series of interviews, today with Red Hat in an exclusive interview with LinuxAdictos where we will discover very interesting things

AMD Ryzen logo

Slimbook now also with AMD processors

Slimbook returns to surprise with another surprise they had in store, now its Kymera range will also integrate next-generation AMD Ryzen microprocessors

Openexpo 2018 poster

OpenExpo 2018 for first level training

We are proud to present Openexpo 2018 in Spain, your favorite event on open source technologies and free software that will focus on first level training.

Black Friday

Hosting also has its Black Friday

Black Friday arrives to bring interesting discounts on products and services, such as the hosting that we present for you to set up your online platform.

Hardware security padlocked circuit

Systemd and SELinux: Safe?

In recent years some important changes have been made in many GNU/Linux distros such as the integration of the new system…

What is Stallman's speech?

The First National Free Software Congress was recently held in Chile, as one of its speakers will know, and ...