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Luis Ivan Cuende

Restless for the world of free software and Linux in particular, I set out to do something different. For this reason, I thought of someone who represented well the panorama of free software in our country and who better than him to "interview". I speak of Luis Iván Count.

At first it seemed audacious to me, but if you don't try something you will never know if it can be done. So I sent him an email to ask if I could make him happy interview and one day I received an email in my Gmail inbox in which, very kindly, he answered yes. That same day at night, I began to think about the questions and select some of them to send them to him and here is the result:

  • Introduction - Luis Iván Cuende, a young man, from the land of Fernando Alonso, who at just 12 years old discovered his passion for free software and created his own operating system. It was his father who brought home a free software CD and began modifying the source code. At the age of 15, he became the best European hacker under 18, thanks to Asturix (a Linux distribution already used in more than 20 countries such as the US, Canada, Iceland, Russia, Spain, etc.) that did it. win the HackNow contest. With Asturix, and the young company Holalabs, they have positioned themselves as one of the 10 most prodigious start-ups on the old continent. The distribution was the first to incorporate facial recognition, even before Google. Innovation and freedom that go hand in hand thanks to two national geniuses, Luis Iván and Alberto Elías. And I emphasize the genius, because ... How many of you can say that you own a company with only 16 years? Luis has said that he collaborates with Anonymous and is the creator of phrases such as "The Spanish educational system kills creativity" or "The politicians are lying to us." I am glad that there is someone who realizes the reality in which we live, among so much idiot who seems to be blindfolded.

Now we move on to Questions, Answers...:

  • IPE - What makes different from Asturix from the rest of the distros?
  • LIC - Ease of use in innovation. Everything is designed for the end user, for the day-to-day, but without being afraid of introducing disruptive innovations.
  • IPE - Why Ubuntu as base?
  • LIC - It is the most supported, and using Debian packages helps. It is also very intended for the general user.
  • IPE - How did the Asturix community deal with the happy UEFI Secure Boot?
  • LIC - The truth is that we are very critical. I, from my position as advisor to the Vice-President of the European Commission, am trying to have some actions taken against Microsoft for favoring this monopolistic and anti-competitive situation.
  • IPE - Many negative comments about the latest versions of KDE and GNOME… Anything to say about it?
  • LIC - Both environments seem great to me, but I think they complicate existence too much. That is why we created our own AsturixOn desktop environment. KDE seems very complex and heavy to me. GNOME has made horrible decisions from a user experience point of view. Anyway, the great thing about free software is that everyone can have their opinions and use whatever they want.
  • IPE - You said that Mac makes you claustrophobic. What do you think of Miguel de Icaza's march towards the apple systems?
  • LIC - Today there is a cool component to use Apple . Although its software may appear to be the supreme, Linux really has nothing to envy. I have a somewhat disappointed personal opinion of Miguel, but it is his life and he is free to do whatever he wants.
  • IPE - I've heard you comment on Firefox OS. Believes that Tizen will it shade you?
  • LIC - I think so because it has Samsung behind it. But in my opinion Firefox OS will be the winner in the long run. Mozilla is an impeccable organization and its openness is not owned by any company.
  • IPE - What distributions nationals would you highlight (in addition to yours)?
  • LIC - It's complicated ... most of them either don't innovate or are dead. There are none that I really find interesting.
  • IPE - Do you think Linux fragmentation (that no standardization for so much distribution) is it a drag?
  • LIC - To reach the mass market, yes. To get users happy with their systems, no. Anyway, there are generalist distributions like Ubuntu or Mint that seem to be getting mass market share.
  • IPE - Numerous companies of video games have set their sights on Linux as a good platform for games. Why now if and before only Windows seemed to exist for them?
  • LIC Because Microsoft has destroyed Windows with version 8. It is the worst operating system I have ever seen. So it is normal for companies to turn to a complete, stable and functional system such as those derived from Linux.
  • IPE - I have read articles about women and free software ... an example is Sarah Sharp. Does the Asturix project have a developer?
  • LIC - No, the project has always been open but no developer has ever entered. There is not much interest in the profession on the part of the female sex.

I hope you liked it. So far the part regarding Linux, but you can access the Full interview en my blog.

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