WINDOWS DAY - Technologies to tear down walls

Today while browsing Facebook (who says it only serves to waste time?) I find out a very interesting news: in a few days it is the Windows day.

No, it is not a joke or an invention of esty. It's windows day.

Microsoft announced the event for Latin America and Spain on March 03, and will consist of a cycle of online talks with technical demonstrations, plus live chat sessions with specialists.

Let's see what they tell us in the WindowsDayBlog:

Discover What's new about application development, management, and deployment technologies on Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktops: how to improve performance, when to virtualize, how to optimize desktops, increase security, resolve data access, and how to create better user interfaces. Learn about all the news that comes with Windows Vista SP2 and what comes with Windows 7 and ASP.NET 4.0. Online conferences, demos and live chat with experts to master the latest technologies in Windows application development (and web too).

We see that despite being an online and open event, it is quite specialized and aimed at developers as well as IT professionals. This does not mean that some of the talks are interesting for all audiences. Here is a subtly reduced version (by me) of the talk schedule that they have planned especially for developers:

* The challenge of the desktop in a universe of software and services
The computer user's desktop has a relevant importance in the era of Software + Services. What are the challenges for programmers and those responsible for the IT infrastructure in terms of making the user experience more useful, friendly and productive? Everything there is to know about Windows Vista and Windows 7.

* Leap into the present with Windows Presentation Foundation
Concepts necessary for creating business applications that distinguish WPF from other technologies: Styles, DataBinding, the Presentation Model pattern, and the DataGrid and Ribbon controls.

* The future of the Web development platform today
A highly technical session around web technologies for versatile applications, built with next-generation tools. Scripting debugging, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Dynamic Data and Client Templates. What's new in Internet Explorer 8 and ASP.NET 4.0.

* Programming for video clubs with Silverlight 2
Beyond the best known Silverlight features related to graphical power, .NET support in the browser and availability of the Base Class Library: Development of business applications or others strongly based on data manipulation.

* With .NET it's easier: Effective applications with WinForms

* Roadmap in Data Access with the .NET Framework 3.5
New data access options in Visual Studio 1 SP2008 and .NET Framework 3.5.

* Yes, you can work with designers!
Best practices in creating interfaces. How to achieve a productive integration between Developers and Designers in the creation of rich applications.

* Developing as a team with Visual Studio Team System 2008
How to use the tools of Visual Studio Team System 2008, to be able to carry out an effective collaboration between the members of a team.

* Internet Explorer 8 for Developers
How to make the most of the tools for developers and functionalities to retain users of the new browser; CSS 2.1, client debugging, CSS tuning, compatibility, accelerators.

Among the conferences for IT professionals that may interest us (and are not extremely technical):

* Layer 8 security

Security features in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in combination with Windows Server 2008 - a powerful solution to new challenges. Free guides and tools.

* At Sight a 7
Similarities and differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7. Tips to improve performance today.

* IE 8's impact on user experience
New browser features, compatibility and security aspects. Usability, standards and privacy. What will happen to Windows 7 and websites.

What seems most interesting to me is that at this point we can ask questions for the specialized people giving the talks. A huge plus, if you ask me.

I know very well that many of the friends who read us do not sympathize at all with Microsoft products, but for all of us who intend to dedicate ourselves to computer-related issues in the near future, it is an opportunity that undoubtedly we can't let go. Keeping up to date with the news and projects of large companies (whether we want it or not define the work of the smallest, to some extent) is the fundamental task of those who call themselves a computer scientist. Knowing does not take place, and being aware of what is coming I suppose neither;).

Many greetings, and of course on March 3 we will try to listen to a session and then inform you.

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  1.   N @ ty said

    @Alejandro: dear, if you generally read the blog you know very well that we deal with issues related to both SO's.

    You will also know that I myself spoke about Flisol, I commented that I am going to participate and of course we are publicizing the event.

    I think that in the post, if you read it carefully, it was perfectly explained why it is important to be aware of this type of event.

    And if you have read us, we have explained on several occasions the reason for the name of the blog.

    I ask you to continue reading us even more carefully and you will find the questions to all your questions :)

    Many greetings

  2.   N @ ty said

    * no question answers ...: razz:

  3.   toxrn said

    Finally someone with a little sense!

  4.   Alejandro Fabrega said

    I follow your blog daily, you generally publish very interesting things ... But I think it is more important to spread events like Flisol or similar things rather than make the "fat soup" to foreign and dominating monopolies that simply want to make us adept at their technologies privative to keep us subdued. It is ironic certainly contradictory in a blog called "linux addicts" that they talk about an event held by these good gentlemen.


  5.   ignacio said

    The title is paradoxical ... without walls, "windows" would not be necessary.


  6.   Esty said

    Everything has diffusion, and we talk about everything in this blog. You don't have to be so extreme, you just have to see the shades.

  7.   psep said


  8.   raulricardo21 said

    Well, I don't care how you see it ... I think that two absolutely contradictory things do not necessarily mean that one is false and the other is true ...

    I understand N @ ty's approach, although these issues break our relationship lol, I no longer recognized your style, could it be that our love left?

    but Alejandro is also right, (except in the tone and questioning the name), does Microsoft constantly do this type of event and do they have the money to do it, hence nothing more ... what is new? Do they try to talk about techniques linux too, remember the pact MS-NOVELL, MS-RED HAT ...? Well, they are worth it, they are symbolic agreements, I also assure you that you find better information by searching a little on the internet than by attending these events.

    But still, it is my theory and it is my opinion and in advance I think I could easily be wrong ... wait, what quality of information do this give us for lovers of linux addicts ... ..

    N @ ty, my dear…. let's not fight again: D

  9.   Corrupt Byte said

    Well, it seems like an excellent event with good themes that I like (learn to improve the user experience). Interesting conference on how to achieve better communication with software designers.
    I don't think they're going to talk about the deals with Novell or Red Hat; It does not seem like an event dedicated to that type of topic, because of the topics mentioned by N @ ty, most of the conferences will deal with Microsoft technologies on Microsoft platforms and the web.

  10.   f sources said

    For those who criticize, perhaps they are right that this event directly has little relevance to Linux issues, I do not think that it is necessary to cover each and every one of the Linux and Microsoft events, that this is not an agenda, but that it is not It is surprising that in this blog we talk about Microsoft from time to time, that does not disqualify us as Linux blog on the contrary, it allows us to see the opposite point of view of the usual themes.

    We do not want to abuse your participation with material that you do not like either.

  11.   N @ ty said

    Guys, is what I was telling you the other time: if we know it is better, so when we complain it is with good reason;)

    It seems like an excellent event to me, because whether I want to or not, I intend to make a living from a profession closely related to technology. And badly that some, Microsoft is a technological benchmark.

    On March 3 I am going to spend the day listening to the talks, and then I will comment on them. With those interested in listening to them (and with those who are not) we could even have a debate and everything ...

    Many greetings !!

    @Byte Corrupto: the photo in sunga of Linus that Esty published makes me miss

  12.   niyiru said

    When I mention events like this, I feel an irrepressible desire to go wild.
    It gives me chills

  13.   I am said

    what is trasbocar? Tripping over your mouth?: D
    Remember, this is not a Linux blog exclusively. It is a detoxification center where we learn to be diverse, and not lock ourselves into just one theme.

  14.   another_sam said

    N @ ty, in the sessions in which you participate please ask how the corresponding microsoft product or technology can be used for something serious without being tied to microsoft and the prices and other restrictions of its licenses.

    Precisely the expression that in this blog is used as a joke, in Microsoft it has been the strategy for many years: to convert its users at any level into addicts; once they are working with microsoft products, it is about making the alternatives unfeasible.

    So, good for those talks as long as attention is paid to distinguishing
    when microsoft lends you a hand
    when microsoft lends a hand to your neck.

  15.   I am said

    A hand in my pocket I would say ...
    I hope they talk about win Ue, the best distro they made: D

  16.   Corrupt Byte said

    Gagging == vomiting forcefully.
    Example: When I see a photo of RMS it makes me want to Trasbocar.

  17.   N @ ty said

    @heladu: they didn't do it, it was made by a man who disappeared from the face of the earth, he probably had plastic surgery because if they caught him he was going to have big problems ...

    @another_sam: you are telling me yourself, if you consume their products, you agree to be linked to them.
    Look at what a good example:
    If you want a McDonalds hamburger, you have to bank on that idiot clown, the ballplayer and the smirk of the employees ... otherwise, at home you calmly eat some made by yourself and nobody forces you to do anything. Here it is the same. I intend to use ASP .NET 4.0 and it is provided by Microsoft.

    Ergo ...

    A huge hug, I don't think they will let me ask you that;)

  18.   another_sam said

    N @ ty, that you eat at McDonalds does not imply that you should dine at McDonalds or that it is preferable that you do so to avoid indigestible.

    The questions I am referring to are of the type "Can I use ASP .NET 4.0 on non-Microsoft web servers on equal terms?" Or, more generically, given a microsoft x product, can I connect it with other non-microsoft products on equal terms?

    Using Microsoft products has a number of implications that in any other industry would be alarming and would quickly be branded as fraudulent.

    On the other hand, with software, I don't know why, when they try to enslave us it not only seems respectable but even understandable to us.

    So ... BE AWARE !!!! WE ARE NOT SO BAD MAN !!!!!!

  19.   N @ ty said

    Test comment… Windows Day is coming

  20.   I am said

    is today?