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With the release of Windows 10, the one that is advertised as best microsoft operating systemLinux users will wonder how Windows 10 would end up if we compared it to Ubuntu, the most popular distro in the Linux world. We will try to center the comparison and analysis Ubuntu vs Windows 10 in several fields of the most interesting.

These fields in which we will focus and that are the ones that most concern or interest people are the performance, compatibility, convergence and privacy. As the convergence has not yet come in the current Ubuntu version, we will try to compare both systems with the data we have of the convergence that Canonical intends to implement, a full convergence that may not even arrive in Ubuntu 16.04 in a total way, but in part. 

Ubuntu vs Windows performance

linux milk windows

Microsoft has done a good job on Windows 10 in this aspect, in fact, Windows 8 was more conflictive in this aspect than a more modern operating system, which generally must consume more resources. Well no, Windows 10 needs quite normal requirements:

Hardware Windows 10 Ubuntu LTS 14.04
CPU 1Ghz 1Ghz
RAM 1GB (32-bit) / 2GB (64-bit) 1GB
GPU DirectX 9 compatible Screen resolution support *
HDD 16GB (32-bit) / 20GB (64-bit) 10GB
Screen 800 × 600 1024 × 768 *

To perform this comparison I have used two old Acer laptops. On which I have installed Windows 10 64-bit has more powerful hardware: AMD Turion64 RM70 2Ghz dual-core with 4GB of DDR2 RAM, ATI Radeon HD3200 GPU and 320GB hard drive. While Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit I have it installed on an AMD Turion64 MK30 1Ghz single core, 2GB of DDR RAM, 120GB of hard disk and ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 GPU. As you can see, the performance between the two should be quite evident ...

Well, if we get to the point, Windows 10 is not so smooth despite the hardware as is Ubuntu on the other laptop. And this is not an invention of linuxeros, it is the harsh reality, no matter who it weighs. If it is true that with Windows 8 it was even slower and heavier, despite the fact that this system was not like the failure of Vista. But in terms of performance, Linux continues to win and it is almost laughable to compare the two.

What if I do the opposite, install Windows 10 on the most primitive hardware laptop and Ubuntu on the most powerful? Well Ubuntu wins the battle by far (and that it is not the lightest distro), but I doubt very much that Windows 10 was fluid, and much less if it does not work in the other (even disconnecting the transparencies of the interface and disabling some startup services so that it starts faster). The benchmarks that can be seen on the net also give better results for Ubuntu ...

Ubuntu vs Windows compatibility

ubuntu vs windows compatibility


It is true that there are more drivers for Windows or more hardware that manufacturers make to be compatible with Windows. That there is the percentage of hardware compatible with these operating systems coincides with their position in terms of market share is no accident. Manufacturers are forced or interested in more hardware compatible with Windows since it dominates the market, the next objective is OS X that occupies the second place and Linux the third ...

But lately compatibility problems like before have already disappeared almost completely, and much more in the case of Ubuntu, since Canonical, being one of the great ones, works closely with various hardware manufacturers to offer you the best experience with auto-detection or simple driver installations so that everything works as expected. first and properly. In fact, an HP Laserjet All-n-One printer that Ubuntu recognized as soon as I plugged it in and allowed me to use it quickly, Windows gave problems and some system updates had to be done before everything worked properly.

In the case of software, again there are more developers interested in the Microsoft platform for its dominance in the market and this is especially true in the field of video games. But if you are regulars on this blog, you will see that this changes little by little. There are also business solutions that Linux lacks or that must be tailored for certain companies, while for Windows they already exist.

Does that mean Ubuntu or any other distro lacks software? Not at all, there are many alternatives with the advantage that most are free and there are no licenses to pay, including some business solutions. Windows 10 wins this battle, with more interest from developers and with its compatibility mode you can run programs for older versions of Windows. The Linux solution needs to grow so that it begins to be given the attention it deserves ... Although, of course, it has millions of projects and developers who work in a remunerated or altruistic way so that the balance is balanced more each day in favor of Linux and of great help is for example the Wine project or the Steam platform.

Ubuntu vs Windows convergence

Windows 10 vs Ubuntu convergence

It is not fair to make this comparison with the current versions of Ubuntu, since in this sense Windows 10 would take all the points, since the convergence has not reached Canonical's system and has reached Microsoft's. However, the data that is coming in can be used to see what the future of this comparison could be.

Canonical had the idea first, but due to the delays it has not been the one that has been advanced in the launch. Microsoft, with many more resources, has launched its project to be ready in Windows 10 and although it seems that it has won the mercantile strategy by being the first, it may not have won the technical battle, since Canonical can now correct the errors that Microsoft has generated and launch a better product, although later. In fact, he has no other choice, if he arrives badly and late, he is lost. Canonical must do something spectacular.

Canonical has the same obstacles against iOS and Android as Microsoft, in this sense they are even. The great dominance of Android and iOS is a burden for Ubuntu Phone and Windows Phone to expand and we can enjoy full convergence with these mobile devices and our desktops. I say this because the issue of convergence can take a backseat as we do not have devices with these systems, since most of us use Android or iOS ...

That said, the truth is that Microsoft has worked on an interesting project to make Android and iOS apps compatible, along with Win and Web apps to create a great universal platform that is compatible with all of them in your operating system. This is a great achievement, which together with the convergence to work interchangeably with a desktop computer or with a smartphone, have meant that Windows 10 has an advantage.

Privacy Ubuntu vs Windows

Spies drawing

Security and flexibility are other great advantages why Linux it sweeps servers and supercomputers, as well as being the preferred choice of large companies, governments and organizations. You do not see a strong rivalry with Windows Server or OS X, since in this sense Linux is unrivaled. And another of the benefits of free and open source software that should be added is Privacy, which may concern individuals, but should terrify companies and other organizations that have valuable data.

If there are security holes created on purpose by governments or organizations like the NSA, at least open software gives you the opportunity to detect and fix it, closed software does not. Perhaps this is a chimera for the rest of mortals, but sooner or later they usually come to light. With the software closed you are sold to the same bidder to which the company that develops it has been sold. And the data is at the mercy of anyone ...

In this respect, Windows suspends on a very bad note, in addition to the amount of closed software that is usually used on these platforms. But this bad note can be overcome and Microsoft has achieved it with Windows 10, which is the system that collects the most data from the user. Imagine a country that can spy on your personal data and obtain a lot of information about you, tastes, routines, events, etc. Can you imagine that such data could be used politically or that business information could be used so that other companies in which the government has an interest could gain a competitive advantage in the market? It would be terrible.

But against Ubuntu, it must be said that it is not the safest distro and that it has also been accused of having spyware by Richard Stallman. The disappeared Ubuntu cloud or certain apps included in Ubuntu such as the Amazon search engine (eliminated in Unity 8) that collect information about the user and even the closed software that can be used in this distro, do not help Ubuntu. However, despite this, Ubuntu beats Windows 10 by a landslide and even other previous Windows that were less critical.

Our companies, organizations, governments and users will be more secure with Ubuntu. I would choose it without hesitation. And I repeat, the freedom of open source allows you to change whatever you want if there is something to change ... As if this were not enough, the default configuration of Linux is more secure than any default configuration of Windows, something to have into account for those users who do not have knowledge to mount a firewall, or an IPS, UTM, fiddle with the * config files to change configurations, etc.

Proprietary drivers, closed software, the Amazon search engine and security holes is what Ubuntu has against. And against this, what does Windows 10 have against? Yes this makes the operating system smarter and more user friendly, but you have to weigh the comfort and the risks involved. It is more comfortable to sit still than to go for a walk every day, but maybe one day your heart will say goodbye ... That's why I list all the information gathering functions that Windows 10 has and you weigh the risks:

  • The apps use your advertising ID: They use user information to, according to their preferences, offer advertising more in line with your profile. Do you remember the agencies that called you on the phone to conduct surveys that they later sold to large corporations?
  • Smartscreen filter: This sends information about addresses that you visit within apps purchased from the Microsoft Store. Google also does not get rid of this in its Store, only that in the case of Google it does it locally and Smartscreen sends them to the network.
  • Send information on how you write (How to meet me): to improve text auto-completion, data about your writing is sent ... It may smell like a keylogger.
  • Edge collects information about your localization and language: to offer local content more appropriate to your language.
  • Windows offers information about your location to your apps: some apps use your location to offer certain content more appropriate to your geographical position, but you will be eternally located. It is something like what we find on Android or iOS, but on a desktop computer.
  • Cortana: record your voice, your location, what you write, your contacts, your calendar events, record searches, store our information in the cloud, etc. Something similar to what Siri or Google Now does.
  • WiFi sensor: Allows connection to a WiFi network without asking for a password. It does so through Facebook, Outlook or Skype accounts. A great idea to "chorice" the WiFi without even having to ask for the password.
  • Synchronization: Windows 10 stores a lot of your data in the cloud. That is why it is mandatory to have an email account to synchronize. Thus, you share wallpapers, some personal data, passwords, accessibility settings, etc.
  • Updates yes or yes: Windows 10 does not allow the ability to disable automatic updates in the Home versions. That is, the software that they want will be installed whether you want it or not, as long as you are connected.
  • BitTorrent-style Windows Update: yes, as you hear, Windows Update has implemented a technology so that others can download updates using your bandwidth. This sharing method makes updating faster, but it hurts your line speed.
  • Comments and diagnosis: collects information about your installed software and sends information on error events, although this is already done by other operating systems. But Windows 10 goes further and for its "Diagnosis and use of data" it also sends information on the frequency of use of applications, memory captures that can include very relevant data as parts of the document with which we are working, etc. And the worst thing is that except for the Enterprise version, they do not allow deactivating it.
  • Windows Finder: It compiles information on what you are looking for to speed up the search and it also indexes the content of your hard drives and even the content of documents to be able to search for words within them. This was already offered in versions such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Connected devices: It also collects information on devices connected to a network (tablets, smartphones, ...).
  • And something escapes us more surely ...


Ubuntu vs Windows? It is not because we are a blog of Linux, but it is the best choice. Due to its versatility, the hopes placed in the convergence of Ubuntu surpass the somewhat light that Windows 10 leaves us, for security and performance reasons, but above all for ethics and morals. If we do not consider that privacy is a right, turn off and let's go.

If you are an avid gamer (due to the number of games and the addition of the Xbox platform to Win 10), a Windows fanatic, you are passionate about the new features included in Windows 10 such as its voice assistant Cortana, you cannot wait any longer for convergence and you want to try Continuum now, because entonces Windows 10 is your platform.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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  1.   Bill said

    I like the article, although my hope is on Plasma Phone

  2.   Sergio Stone Velazquez said

    the problem with linux is that it does not take off a little help it had from stean and it is a big hand but it is not enough I use ubuntuy to play windows because I can not play gta v in ubuntu or any triple a it would be good to start to give more prominence by the largest video game studios

  3.   Adrian I think said

    The mere fact that without the multi-million dollar investments, it was able to reach the development levels that many distributions have, Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, etc, I think is an unprecedented success. Do not look at it from a commercial point of view, because free software does not have customers, it has users. And it does not aim to earn money, but to development; and in this last point it achieved the same or more than a corporation that spends billions of dollars in advertising, commissions, kickbacks, etc. etc.

  4.   Javier said

    Sergio to your question or answer, you will have to wait for vulkan the new opengl but you can still play, there are AAA games for linux although it must be recognized that there are more for wi dows (but thanks to steam and its steamos we hope all funke dpm can that we are free to open windows)

  5.   asdad said


    1.    amirtorrez said

      And what are you looking for here? Boyfriend?

      1.    FAQ said

        look for asshole like you

    2.    tzarean said

      shit nothing ... linux is the best I've tried in terms of OS. If it is true that if you do not understand computer science you are lost since for almost ANYTHING you need the terminal.

      but hey, since I see that you are an immature and childish mind I will tell you the answer you deserve, your mentality is too stupid to understand how valuable this OS is.

  6.   ecchiCR said

    Well, I play a lot on my PC and I must say that much progress has been made on this issue, not only with the help of Steam, but also is converting its extensive catalog and we already have many .sh installers. I currently play on Linux Mint 17.2 KDE and zero problems. I also use POL and in very few cases a VM with XP. We continue to grow and I know that the day will come when we will completely forget those little windows …… ..

  7.   chat said

    One thing is simple compatibility, another very different thing is that everything is compatible, that is the difference in compatibility between win and linux, I recognize certain things in linux the first time, but not all the functions, in the case of windows when I recognize things it is 100%, by the way windows 10 does not take a quarter, linux? Quite.

    The comparison itself is disastrous in favor of linux without robust arguments, the command management system for example in windows has always been better, more closed but better for example

    1.    David said

      linux takes less time than windows, windows 10 takes longer than ubuntu 16.04

  8.   Ricardo Gordillo Carbajal placeholder image said

    Each has its own pros and cons. One of them is that GNU / Linux distros are made for users who know about operating systems, and for Windows clients, who hope that the products they have purchased will work for them, and they do not need to reach where they should not, something which doesn't look very easy on penguin's systems. Regarding privacy, obviously Linux systems have the best score because it is the users who contribute, otherwise in Windows and other products based only on Unix and Linux such as Android, Chrome OS, iOS, OSX and some that cannot. to mention. I'm just saying that the perfect OS is the one that can get the best out of it, so no matter how much we say that if only one OS is the best by majority of votes, unfortunately the one that seemed most comfortable to the user and / or client wins.

  9.   hyoga01 said

    Give me the two laptops that you used in the test but with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS .. windows nothing at all requires an 7-core icore 8 to run fast .. haha ​​..

  10.   E.Galarga said

    I like linux, specifically ubuntu; but I always had problems with my laptop; it gets too hot and I must say its performance on my laptop is regular. I don't like how it runs… I don't even talk about the applications, I don't like them.
    I always go back to windows, now I have original windows 10 and my laptop works better compared to ubuntu.
    That doesn't mean it's bad ... Both windows / linux / osx are good with bugs and little details.
    Without eagerness to attack or favoritism I definitely stay with windows and linux second choice.
    We are not so sure about Linux privacy either… .. we really don't know much about programmers or who they have ties to. You see that we all seem good or few seem bad, however you want to see it ...

    1.    DieGNU said

      The fans with Ubuntu Gnome happened to me, I followed a guide to install the automatic temperature regulators and I have it at the same temperature as W10 but with better performance :) If you still have problems, look for it

  11.   zaskaburcio said

    Fight of Titans"? It looks like an RT article talking about the USA. The least you can do is title it "David vs. Goliath."

  12.   asdasdffasdas said

    I have both OSs installed and the universe does not explode ...

  13.   Tone said

    I have windows 8.1 on one laptop and Ubuntu 14.04 on the other.
    I must say that I use windows more because Flash is still present in many programs such as my Lottery and Betting account that I can manage perfectly.
    Not so in Ubuntu, which leaves me unresolved gaps, such as access to reloading money in the account or being able to play my bets.
    Except for this setback. I would hardly care to use one system or another.

  14.   m3nda said

    I have a friend who hangs out all day saying that Windows 10 is the best OS in the world. I shouldn't say that between him and me, the one who understands computers is me. I understand that Windows is easier for a user because of habit. I suppose that since they have been stealing data since Windows is Windows (not counting viruses) it is easier for them to do nothing, out of habit again. The change from Windows 7 to Debian or Mint has cost me a lot of horror, and I do not mean to use the internet. I'm talking about knowing the system and knowing how to do anything with it. Having learned Linux, when I pick up a Windows computer it seems like a waste of time. And when shitty malware hits me, it makes me want to smash my fucking computer.

    Linux is a better operating system, all that remains is for 4 sons of bitches to accept it and things are more favorable for it.

    A user who has no idea, has the same lack of idea in Windows as in Linux, but you will spend less money taking him to clean up the shit that comes in watching porn ...

    The amount of MEGA HARMFUL software installers that purify the sites where you download shit (windows software = software + attached shit) are so many that even I have caught a cold myself. This, in the generic accept, accept, accept user situation turns your pc into shit in 2 minutes.

    I don't give a damn about Windows eating 2 viruses in 10 minutes. What really matters to me is the time wasted installing Windows. Spending hours leaving it fine so that a moron with his shit of malware app destroys me without the slightest opportunity.

    Wise decision, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint (debian / ubuntu).
    If your problem is games, buy yourself a console and stop as hell.

    1.    jenesepados said

      Man, you have based your criticism mainly on the "vulnerability" of Windows to viruses, just to tell you that in the 9 years that I have been using Windows I have not had a single virus or Trojan, it is a matter of having a good antivirus and avoiding pages unreliable, and it is not that it is not very pirate, that I have teras of pirated content and nothing has happened to me, as I say it is a matter of going to reliable pages, also even chrome itself sometimes warns you if you enter dodgy pages.

      I have the 360 ​​TotalSecurity antivirus and it even warns me of any changes in the registry that the applications want to make (start at startup for example)

      Besides if you are an avid gamer like I am, almost all the games are on PC, and only some are on Linux.

      For me, the problem with Linux is the little content it has, if that changes I will think about it since it is surely a more rigid and more secure system.

      The Windows 10 thing has been laughable, privacy has been loaded and I personally am comfortable with Windows 7 but since they do not fix that, as soon as it is obsolete I am going to Linux upside down.

  15.   Alexander Tor Mar said

    Ubuntu or any GNU / Linux will always be faster than Windows, whoever likes it and whoever doesn't like it, it slips me, but it's the truth

  16.   JM said

    Impressive comparison. It must be in the first position of the worst in the last year; it is not easy to do so badly.
    Self-consumption for fanboys.
    I use GNU / Linux since Red Hat 5.0 in the personal and professional field, and also Windows. Windows has nothing to envy GNU / Linux, although there are many people who do not even know how to use it.

    1.    da3mon said

      I totally agree, a comparison worthy of a 12-year-old boy, masturbatory consumption for fanboys, who only know how to shout "mine is better because I use it." and beware, I'm not an exclusive microsoft user, I use linuxmint, ubuntu, deeping and windows 10

  17.   ERIBERT said

    excellent comparison with a great truth I already tried windows 10 pro and it really is very nice with many new and novel things, but 24 hours later I was again with my favorite OS ubuntu 14.04 lts and my notebook despite being a core i 3 intel and it goes fast with windows, with ubuntu it has wings THERE IS NOTHING LIKE UBUNTU

  18.   asd said

    A little loose the comparison in the technical part. If you want to be objective, use tools that allow you to measure things with numbers. Performance is not just a matter of opinion (I go faster than you, or mine is bigger… that's for the kids at school). Theirs is that you use a benchmark tool in both systems (one that is multiplatform) and then we will discuss how things go smoothly. It is true that the graph is measured there and we depend on how each manufacturer has worked on the drivers, but there are also performance tests for cpu, ram, etc.

  19.   blisters said

    Hello. The real problem is the straws. The chatporno programs do not work on linux (nor using wine). So, you will tell me how I can do it while watching a Brazilian on webcam.

  20.   TheExplorer said

    Agree that there are Linux distributions oriented to privacy but I have to say that absolutely all the options exposed in privacy can be deactivated in Windows 10 and well in the synchronization section it is not only that it can be deactivated, it is that I do not know where They have taken out that a local account cannot be used, although it is true that if you take the quick configuration, almost everything is activated so if we talk about the default options they can be intrusive although it is also true that if you want an assistant like Cortana, Siri, Now and others because unfortunately if you have to give in because if not they would not work correctly I have everything properly configured and I do not use Cortana I only have it activated on a Windows tablet that I have out there and on a laptop but what is my main computer because I have it configured as it has to be I only have the Microsoft account set and in the synchronization section I only allow it to save I favorites E and Edge and also well if for some reason I did not trust that when I deactivate everything well deactivated even the diagnostic comments nothing to put it in basic because the addresses to which Microsoft sends its data can also be blocked that last thing I did not get to do but I have it there just in case

  21. said

    On my laptop I use Gentoo. on my desktop Elementary Os, and when I want to play I go to my brother's machine who has a PC gamming with all the latest. but I don't think it would change to Windows, I'd better use Mac os ..

  22.   Domi said

    I have Ubuntu 14 on my professional laptop and the truth is that it is great, I only use Windows in VirtualBox for AutoCAd, photoshop and little else. As soon as bricscad or drawsifgth / krita-gimp-inkscape-darktable takes over, I don't think I will run windows. On the other hand, I have Linux Mint on the laptop and it is super stable and simple. Lubuntu we have it on an old computer for the kids; it consumes very few resources and is highly configurable. And for the future you have to try to use Opensuse

  23.   da3mon said

    very poor comparative, totally biased. You do not take into account the power consumption, the performance of the batteries, the overheating, the failure in the updates all of them problems in Ubuntu, which practically disable the system in a laptop

    1.    Carlos said

      Windows is better than Mac Os for compatibility ...

  24.   David said

    I am not an expert in OS, much less a programmer, but the truth be told, W 10 is attracting users with its CORTANA and joint portability with Mobile devices. Ubuntu should activate in that area. Countless things can be done with a good voice assistant and even more so for those of us who DO NOT know about computers. It would be great to have such an intuitive, natural voice, and hassle-free wizard to install it. It would increase the performance of the user and the experience of the same that in the end is what we fools in computing want. Ubuntu with its kernel so fast, you should take advantage of this option.

    They should also think about taking legal advice, so that the ideas that arise from this Linux community do not fall into the hands of Microsoft W. Well, it does not take a genius to know that some of the characteristics of Linux, Ubuntu, etc. they have been incorporated into Windows. That is just my opinion. and nevertheless I continue with Ubuntu 14.04 lts it is great, but it is URGENT and NECESSARY to implement the interaction between the user and the PC as previously expressed. * - *

  25.   Omar Navas said

    Linux sounds interesting but it lacks a lot to have the structure and simplicity of windows…. it seems that it is only aimed at a small portion of people who like computers. The way I see it, Linux is for the unemployed.

  26.   chaunavegantejaime said

    Jooooder! I knew that Cortana and Windows 10 was an assault on privacy ... But the screenshots ... You scared me !!!!!

    1.    DieGNU said

      And if you read the permissions and license texts, you can see that you give them permission to maintain and turn on, without you selecting anything, the microphone and the web-cam.

  27.   i withdraw from ubuntu said

    I just bought an ubuntu computer and I'm about to shoot myself. I go looking at forums and forums and it takes hours to configure the computer: it does not go java, it does not go flash, and the installations are a nightmare compared to a mac or windows. In the hardware part everything is perfect, no complaints, and it has improved a lot compared to the last time I saw it.

    The fact is that I can't do almost anything I have to do because the java doesn't work, the credentials to do administrative procedures, etc. And the moment comes when you ask yourself if it's worth it, no matter how good Ubuntu is, to invest hours of your time to do a stupid procedure online. The answer is no, so in spite of myself, I am going to buy a windows license to solve the problem. Surely I could spend days learning OS and reading endless forum posts, but it's for work and I don't have time to do it.


    1.    DieGNU said

      Specifically, you have the Flash plugin in the Ubuntu market, click to install and that's it. Java you are right, but Windows also comes out without Java. You can install OpenJDK or Oracle Java (I use Oracle), and it is easy to install, although they should certainly put it in the official repositories, although I think there are controversies with the licenses (LGPL, GPL, MPL, proprietary, etc).

  28.   Gabriela said

    Hello everyone! I have a humble BGH QL 314 notebook, it came with windows 8.1 and it was updated to 10. I think it is not necessary to clarify how slow it is ... I have used Ubuntu on pc, I love it, and I had to go back to windows because I used the Siap . I would like to install ubuntu on the notebook, but my fear is to screw up because I am going to format the original windows. Any opinion?
    Thank you!

    1.    DieGNU said

      It depends, if it's an OEM Windows 8.1 (i.e. a vendor modified copy) you should have a recovery partition or reinstall disc. If you have the reinstallation disk do what you want, if you have a recovery partition it is a problem, because if you remove Windows even if you leave the recovery partition on the hard drive, you cannot run it because it is an option that you do from Windows, and you would lose the warranty. Everything is taking risks, it depends on what you want.

      In case it helps you. Greetings from Spain!

  29.   Joe said

    I think none is better than another. I use windows 10 and ubuntu 15. Being the first one installed on my hard drive and the ubuntu on a pendrive. And I also use the Mac OS 9 emulated xD

  30.   Alberto said

    Actually, neither the software in Windows, nor the hardware has been as compatible as mentioned. You can buy a printer and it comes with an installation disc and it is compatible with Windows. Yes, but on many occasions for a single version of Windows or Windows xp or Windows 7. When you install software, it often requires external software.

    The same is true for games. It is required to have certain hardware to be able to play the ones otherwise you would advance the life of your pc. You don't install Windows and it doesn't install all the drivers. Sometimes Windows 10 usually installs the wrong drivers in updates. In a laptop you cannot install Windows blindly you must have the drivers at hand for them they depend on a precise cooling system. Otherwise it will burn you.

    What you should know about Linux is that it has limitations. He has always had to deal with that problem. Many of the things that are in Windows or Mac will not be found for Linux, but there will always be an alternative. In my opinion to date there is no version of Windows that exceeds the stability and speed that linux has without offending Microsoft. Even if its developers do not admit it and despite the problems and its limitations.

    Until now I can't name disadvantages of Windows 10. Because Microsoft works on Windows 10 in mysterious ways. That is to say that even if this at the beginning it can run slow or you can have problems. Microsoft will gradually correct them. So it depends on what you dedicate yourself to is what you will occupy. If you are going to install Windows 10 and you have a laptop, it is not recommended to install clean only the update and when you update uncheck the box to download updates before updating. On the other hand, 2 GB in RAM is recommended among others. If you have pirated software, music, videos on your computer it is not recommended.

    On the other hand if you know what you require and want to accept the challenge. That is, if you find what you need in linux then Gnu / Linux is your option. Remember that behind Gnu / Linux are developers and developers and even though it is free software they live on the donations you contribute.

  31.   John said

    Linux gives a lot of problems. Even Ubuntu 16 you have to have time to configure it and not even talk about that disgusting unity bar that does not even allow you to remove it but you are looking for thousands of tutorials on the internet. Apart from Drivers problems I could make a list. I think that for the common user who wants an OS to only run the programs he needs, he cannot install linux but he would spend hours looking for a way to configure it and begging that it does not cause a problem and make you type a lot of commands per console. It's reality. Although many fans say otherwise in practice using Linux is cumbersome. Greetings.

    1.    DieGNU said

      I'll give you the reason with the Unity sidebar, at least now (yes, with a command) it can be put underneath. The desktop you are looking for an Ubuntu with another desktop and that's it (I recommend Gnome, very very functional and fast).

      It is true that before it was very cumbersome, but >>>> in my case <<<< I have never had hardware or software problems (I use development programs, they are for all systems, I was lucky). About drivers I have always taken them automatically, so I do not enter there.

      It depends on the programs that are used, it is true that they are only for Windows. But, I reiterate, in my case, I looked for functional alternatives. Obviously if you are going to make income tax returns, it was not for Linux. And people who specifically need Microsoft Excel well, either you emulate it with Wine (cumbersome) or you use Windows (as I had to do, I emulated it to program in Visual Basic).

      I understand your point of view, because before knowing the Linux world I saw it all uphill, but don't be so blunt when saying that Linux is cumbersome. In my case, it takes me 2 hours to prepare only the Windows system so that I can use it, a Linux only takes me 40 minutes now.

      Just that, respect.

  32.   tzarean said

    The only problem that I see with Ubuntu (if it can be called a problem) is that if you are not an experienced computer scientist it will cost you a lot of work to adapt to this OS since for practically everything you need the terminal ... if the installation programs were More automated instead of having to enter code through the terminal, more than one user would appreciate it (I include myself).

    Wine cannot be a substitute for windows by far ... I'm sorry to say that with Wine I've only had bad experiences, if you want to play a game you go crazy in a tornado of glitches (I'm talking about old games, since modern ones don't even smell them ) and if you want to install a program there is no chance that it will be perfect, I went crazy installing loquendo and microsoft word and of course the result left much to be desired since it gave me so many bugs that I gave up ... now I use free software such as gespeaker or libreoffice and honestly, it is a viable alternative.

    windows is a great attack on our privacy, that's why I left windows 10 aside and went to ubuntu, I was already sick of the malfunction of the platform by windows with its constant problems.

  33.   Joed glezmor said

    The comparison is how I would say "more of the same", nothing is really compared that we do not already know beforehand; I use GNULinux: #! (I have already changed my name), Elementary and Ubuntu on my computers, I thought that this comparison was going to give me an idea of ​​whether to trust buying a computer with windows 10 to test, but no. It is a simple fan-make of any fanboy saying the usual, and as advice to say "such an aspect is not fair ... because windows has an advantage" in a -comparative- it has no place, because, or is it an objective comparison or Is it sensational? THIS IS NOT A REAL COMPARISON.

  34.   jose said

    I like linux a lot ... but I'm a designer and the soft ones are the only thing that keeps me with windows ... if there was full compatibility, I wouldn't doubt it ... well, I've tried many great distros ... both in design and in performance ...

  35.   Peikthie said

    If you ever really want to piss someone off, recommend Ubuntu to them. It is the highest level of trolling that exists.

  36.   Linux said

    Personally, I think Microsoft has succeeded with Windows 10, it is as easy to use as Windows 7, but faster and more efficient, when compared with Ubunto I could not say.

  37.   Gabriel said

    Very good comparison, I have a laptop with the same characteristics (basically 4 GB of RAM and the ATI radeon HD3200 video card), and no matter how hard I try to make Windows 10 PRO (version TH1, TH2 and RS1) work anyway I could not make it work correctly since it does not turn off (the screen remains black with the processor cooler working), so I would like to know how you did so that W10 works well for you

  38.   Joshua Gomez said

    I have been a linux user since 2007, that is, 10 years and in these years, for as long as I have wanted to make linux my definitive operating system, it is far but by far from Windows. I am a systems engineer and only installing the java JDK with eclipse has made my pc hang with various Ubuntu distributions, fedora (this is my favorite), Open suse, etc. to arch linux, when it never hangs on windows. Compatibility problems with it, dependency that break dependency that when solving they break another dependency and it is not that I have installed additional programs, only to install the OS and then when it asks me to update the headache begins.

    Come on, let's be serious and consistent with the reality we live in, if linux were so good and safe, the big corporations would use it, but not all use windows, go to a bank and NOBODY has linux.

  39.   Arthur said

    Hi, I'm a physicist and I've been a Linux user and fan for over a decade. Studying my doctorate has brought me closer to doing numerical simulations with clusters that have Linux OS. But the computer that I have in the office has windows 10 and it is mainly because the graphical aspect is better than with linux ..., but when you have to do simulations or compile codes for clusters, there is no other way, linux is the best option.

  40.   Juan Alonso said

    the truth is that I do not know what functions Linux is aimed at. the point is, you want to connect a professional audio interface, Linux doesn't take it. What you say about the printer happened to me the other way around. Windows take it immediately, Linux does not take the audio card, sometimes it gives me errors in the internet connection. I can't install cubase, sibelius, samplers, etc. honestly if Windows is a little slower, I'll stick with it. so I want a system that works fast and cannot give it the use that I want.

    1.    Alex said

      Use ARtistX or Ubuntu Studio;)

  41.   María said

    Linux or Windows? for me of course LINUX, when I discovered it a few years ago I could really enjoy working on my pc and not bothering myself every 5 seconds as I did with windows. It is true that instead of giving a clip sometimes we have to give two clips but FREEDOM IS PRICELESS !!!!!!

  42.   agustin said

    Honestly, I have been using Linux for years that I have been using this operating system when I. I wanted to buy my first pc, I wanted winfows 7 to fuses and the truth is that the license kills you, and it also has some errors in linux, for more privacy, and you don't have to worry about viruses, damn it! In windws everything comes out for money or a license in addition to some games or applications having viruses

  43.   Even flow said

    The main disadvantage that Linux has had compared to Windows is that it requires a much higher learning curve, which most users are not willing to endure. However, with Mint and Ubuntu, with friendlier desktops and more attractive graphics, the public without extensive computer knowledge seems that it is not so complicated. However, it is still difficult for most people who want to get it all chewed up. Something as wonderful as having innumerable distributions that can be perfectly adapted to the needs of any user, turns against Linux, because those who do not know what this is about, if they have to go "crazy" just to choose, ends up choosing what easier, which is what you know (Windows).

    For the rest of the comparisons, there is no color, Linux far outperforms Windows. Currently, I have three laptops all with different Linux distributions chosen based on the capabilities of the machines. (If there is one thing Linux does wonderfully, it is "resuscitating" old or low-resource computers)

  44.   skan said

    A detail is missing, stability, in which Linux wins, although Windows is getting better and better.
    And of course the software is important, in that Windows wins by a landslide, most of the quality software is designed for Windows and sometimes for Mac.

  45.   Ana González said

    I do not know if it has already been commented since there are many comments. Soon I will start a Specialized Master where I will be given Graphic / Web Design, 3D, Programming, etc. But I also want to dedicate myself to video editing, so I will surely use Adobe, and possibly make gameplays. Do you recommend Linux or better to use Windows?

    A greeting.

  46.   Edgar steffen said

    I use Windows because most of the software comes for Windows and IOS, but not for Ubuntu. For example, Corel Draw, AutoCad, PhotoShop, etc. Having Ubuntu is just for browsing. I don't know the topic of using it as a web server.

  47.   Rolando Enriquez Ayuque said

    Ubuntu I use it for the University systems where I work, more secure, reliable, I have no problems until today, with viruses and intruders .. What was not happening with Windows, I had many problems and I had to migrate to the best Ubuntu system in its last version ... As everyone says for the important and safe we ​​use Ubuntu, for the Windows games jajjaaja ... The pure reality ... I use ubuntu on the servers of the University and on my web server, very fast and consumes less resources, very good I recommend it and 0% cost ...

  48.   Juan nobody said

    My user experience with concrete data. A not very powerful computer in a second home that only turns on every 2/3 months and that has double boot with Windows and Linux.
    With Linux you turn on, the update process begins and in 20/25 minutes and without any restart everything is updated without problems, and not only the OS but all the software that has had news (browser, office automation, graphic editors, mail, multimedia, etc) and without the need for you to be confirming anything in front of the screen.
    With Windows you turn on, the update process begins and after more than 1 hour and some restart, if you have been lucky, you have managed to update the OS exclusively, the rest of the software we do not speak, if you want you have to do it manually with the consequent increase of time and stay in front of the computer.

  49.   Nauj Rivera Parraga said

    And here, in Bolivia, how do I get it, that is, how do I get Linux. Sorry for being a supine ignorant about this. Richard Stallman ever came to this meeting, a meeting that I attended purely because of the connoisseur or that I wanted to understand. If I have to discard my Nokia 2520 tablet, which by the way is infested with microsoft, apparently, although they are 'far away', I am not the owner of this device, since they operate it by remote control.

  50.   Nauj Rivera Parraga said

    As for propaganda for Linux, if it is "free", NO PROBLEM, I voice to voice I pass the data and even help with instruction for free. ENOUGH SO MUCH THEFT AND UNSCRUPULATE DATA DISPOSITION FOR MARKETING AND YEAR TO MAKE FORTUNES!

  51.   Nauj Rivera Parraga said

    EYE ! If you send me answers, I will verify them in my own way. It is not going to be that an organic Microsoft wants to create confusion for me…. Ojito!

  52.   Nauj Rivera Parraga said

    What the heck is "distros"? Perhaps it is simplification of 'distributors'? Wow ... I'm an insider on this!

  53.   Kim kevin said

    I recommend Linux, especially Ubuntu since it is easier to handle. I have tried a second generation HP i5 laptop I have had a problem with heating and loud noise in the cooler I have formatted 3 times I have even Windows 10 Pro, performing several tests I have changed to Ubuntu Linux and fabulous I left all the problems ... I have noticed more stable and faster. Good there are effects but if you want faster is to disable it ... I stay with Linux .... Windows 7/10 is something that we stop getting used to ... and learn other OS


  54.   ertt said

    For services such as (mail relay, proxy, WEB, firewall, IDS / IPS and others ... ..), Linux, and it is not a matter of taste, greater stability and versatility are achieved in the configurations, it requires detail compensation from the person of the service that is being configured.

    Linux should really work more on the end user experience, which is where Windows takes a world out of it, and deliver applications with more termination and usability, focused on the end user.

    That is my opinion, ahh and when the projects are being successful, do not sell them to the private sector, look for another way to get money, it has happened to me that there are great projects that are no longer supported by the free version and to put «the tanks »To a paid version ……

  55.   Jesus said

    1- The comparison is a disaster, it is not serious, it does not have data to support what has been said and it is quite mediocre even in the opinions, it is what happens when you are a 'fanatic', that you lose perspective.
    2- Regarding Linux, it seems to me a good OS in most of its variants, out of curiosity I have been trying different distros for different purposes, I even installed an Ubuntu in my old iMac G5 PPC that I did not particularly dislike, but in general terms Linux It is far from 'falling in love' with the general public, who in the end, is who is going to mark the success or not ...
    3- Neither let's idealize, I have more than enough knowledge to defend myself in the installation and more or less advanced configuration of this OS and it is not the panacea…. In 'reviving' old computers there is nothing as simple and effective as a windows xp and that does not require that learning curve that is one of the obstacles that Linux is not able to overcome, the Lite versions of the Linux variants tested, with few exceptions , they have great shortcomings or at least the same as using a Lite version of Windows
    4- There is much talk about speed ... well, surely there are very reliable comparisons with systems mounted on equipment with identical characteristics in which an identical measurement system is executed because if this is not the case, my feeling that both w10 and ubuntu runs at a very, very similar speed.
    5- My company uses Ubuntu, I use it daily, does it work well? yes, of course, if you don't play a lot…. as well as W10…. large corporations do not use Linux, they do not, they prefer to pay licenses to use a 'free' system and here no one asks why ... universities use Linux? ... universities do not play the same thing as large companies, let's all reflect a a little.
    6- I like Linux? yes, it depends on for what purpose. Do I like Windows? W10 yes, well configured and if I choose the privacy options, that is possible. Is one better or the other? I do not know…. here I see a lot of expert / engineer / scholar that one day will open my eyes (hahahaha)
    7- I have different equipment and periodically I try to test and test different distros that convince me that it is really worth investing my time in it ... in the end, I always end up returning those equipment to its starting point ... sorry, I'm sure the developers Linux will one day be able to find that spark that changes everything, but for that, I should start to think differently, they have always been doing the same thing for many years and with the same objective, but they never arrive ... there is still some small error, I don't know , let everyone think what they consider ...

  56.   FT40APR said

    About 7 years ago I used win and every year I had to re-install the win system and its famous drivers and one day an engineer suggested ubuntu to me, since then I only make updates to the same ubunto as 7 years ago.

    1.    Baphomet said

      Do you use it with KDE or Gnome?

  57.   Quique said

    I started installing Linux on a friend's computer because when the Windows operating system was updated I don't know what shit we sent but it didn't work and we tried everything. You did know that Linux was free software but you had never used it. I was fascinated and ended up installing it on my laptop. Of course, I did not understand anything at the beginning, used to using Windows that leaves you "everything on a tray." But I really liked the versatility. I keep sending batons for always sniffing around but I always manage to fix it. By the way, if someone reads this and knows how to put double screen in LInux mint I would appreciate it. I was practically shipwrecked on the internet and could not find how to do it.

  58.   John Clos said

    The day that Linux (Ubuntu) is fully translated into Spanish (100%) The balance will tip a lot in its favor.

  59.   Incredibly said

    Hello, I have seen the comparison and it is not quite right because there are functions that it says that ubuntu does not have and some it does have, an example would be backups.

  60.   asd said

    The monkey dances for money, when it comes to work, there is no program that can deal with the exclusive ones. A pity because Linux is brutally good, but it is developed by and for geeks. The only really competitive program I know of is Blender, the others are always limping on one leg.