Without a doubt Microsoft Windows 10 is the best OS

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Much is being said lately about Microsoft's latest creation, its Windows 10 operating system. Too many rumors, too many reviews, too many comments and many expectations for the "fanwin" who await this latest publication like water in May. But the question is whether this system is really worth it.

According to the information that reaches us, you can be 100% sure and shout out loud that Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best OS that exists today. Yes, it is the best OS (OperatingSpy) definitely. The best operational spy, since if privacy was already a critical issue in current systems, in Windows 10 it can be transformed into something impossible.

The many options, supposedly to enhance the experience In the Windows environment, they report large amounts of private data that should not go out and that even if you have a good time deactivating these options, you will not be able to do it completely and who knows if their closed source contains more unpleasant surprises.

The many offers from Microsoft because everyone changes to Windows 10, even those who have a pirated system, giving away licenses or with other types of offers in updates to this new version, perhaps hide behind a business even more profitable than that of the sale of software, offering Windows 10 as a service and allegedly dealing with your personal information that is perhaps more economically productive.

Informatic security


Other systems like WhatsApp It is already in charge of negotiating with your personal information and for this reason is why they do not need to publish advertising in the app to report benefits to the company. Maybe this is the future? Forget the licenses to trade with users' private information? I hope no…

And to finish I would like list the amount of information (at least the one that Microsoft has made known through the license terms that you accept to install the operating system or rather, the operating spy) that Windows 10 collects:

  1. Information about you (for example your name and surname, email address)
  2. Information about your devices (types of devices, brands, models, configuration, sensor data, phone numbers, calls, SMS, ...)
  3. Information about your applications (software installed, use, ...)
  4. Information from your networks (security and other data of interest, ...)
  5. Navigation information (browsing history, search preferences,)
  6. File information (information about files and documents, information about applications with which they are opened, times of use, characters typed in the modified document, history and keywords searched in the Windows search engine, ..)

This is a danger of epic proportions. For example, collecting information from the search history or keywords searched in the system search engine is what is known as spyware In all rules. According to Microsoft it is to improve performance and make searches smarter and faster, but ... no one has a guarantee of what is done with such information.

Collecting user information, emails, phones, etc., in hacking can be known as a process of "Information gathering" and is used to get to know the victim better to attack her. And with "convergence," this can be expanded to Windows 10 connected mobile devices.

On the other hand, the recognition of the characters entered to modify text documents, which according to Microsoft is done to improve the characteristics of word autocompletion and spell checking, sounds to me like what is known as "Keylogger". And if this is used to improve the environment, well, as long as the equipment is offline, but and when it is online ... What do you do with this information? …?

Perhaps Microsoft's best system is a double-edged sword and is also the company's biggest drag, since alternative and solution for users is Linux. What do you think?

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  1.   Raul P. said

    I anticipate events, they will call you paranoid, crazy, self-centered, human beings are masochists, observe a dictatorship.

  2.   Edgar said

    And the worst thing is that it is not easy to install Linux, I already ran into caps trying to install minty uefi does not let me, a tutorial please

    1.    sancohcito said

      Well, it can be done, it is a matter of looking for a tutor.

  3.   you will said

    Windows is a virus, the biggest, the fattest, the biggest that exists in the world, so big that it goes unnoticed as such, but it is like a cancer for your computer, it absorbs everything.
    It is a humble opinion.

  4.   Javier said

    The truth is, what I want is for us to come out and become a pcgamer on TV in the living room (I will also catch the boymachine) I think it will be the best investment in pc that I will do

  5.   Matias Huenul said

    It is not a novelty. In Windows what was always missing was privacy.

  6.   lil said

    SteamOS already serves quite well, what to expect is vulcan.

  7.   Serving Pestano said

    I think that this is already done by Android, a system that many X-addicts proudly display as the triumph of Linux over Microsoft, so fewer wolves. A system, in addition, permanently connected to the internet that we carry in our wallets and pockets, and in it not only our telephone number goes, but also our emails, our chats, our social networks, our payment systems, our photos and videos, our position. GPS all this during 24/7/365 ... That said, I do not necessarily agree with this invasion of privacy in either case, but come on, let's choose the best OS - in the sense that it says in the owner of the article— I am not so clear who can win the first prize… or maybe yes ;-) Greetings.

    1.    Isaac said


      Totally agree. I have not meant to say that having a Linux kernel is saved and the example of Android is another scandal. Of course…


  8.   Eudes Javier Contreras Rios said

    It seems to me the last straw about documents and files. That is, they can enter the marrow of the world of work and happy people ¿: / ???

  9.   cylinder said

    HAHAHA, I'm sorry liners or linuxers, your chance to appear is over, you had your chance when Microsoft released windows 8 and the world came crashing down on the start menu and metro mode, Linux did not take advantage of people's rejection of windows 8 to appear, it was the perfect occasion to criticize windows and appear more and increase the market share, BUT THEY DIDN'T, that's life, opportunities are presented only once, Now that microsoft is doing things better , until most of the people who criticized 8 now look favorably on 10.

    1.    Peter086 said

      Cyter… do you need to feel that Linux is bad / Windows is better? Well, go ahead, do not be shy ... even afterwards you can repeat an equivalent comment in an Apple forum. I will continue to use Linux for all various reasons (surely you know them, and we are not talking about the price), although I rarely have to turn to Windows for something. Having my preferences does not imply denying the virtues of another system, and Windows has the advantage of the hardware support of the manufacturers. Linux allows me more freedom and peace of mind, and that counts a lot for me.

  10.   Doubt said

    Friends, they say outrageous ... Cyter is right, and sometimes that hurts. Are we all happy who use Linux after many graphical environments in Linux appeared and that in the end it was just a nuisance? Forget Ubuntu 10.10? Oooh how wonderful, what simplicity of OS and now? Mmmm leaves much to be desired ... and that Windows has been able to take advantage of, do you think that a happy Windows user will care about your information today? Of course not, it has not mattered in the bad times and less in the good ones ... I think that Linux users should be honest when another OS is doing something "good" for the end user. Personally I have been disappointed with Linux for years I stopped feeling comfortable, every day the environments are more a shit, problems with the nvidia drivers, etc. I think being realistic will help us change the world for a better ... greetings.

    1.    Pablo said

      The environment is one thing ... the drivers are another ... do not mix pears with apples ...

      1.    Nestor said

        Pablo, it is not mixing pears with apples ... an operating system is everything, environment and driver management. otherwise it would be a pear or an apple and no, it is an operating system. I particularly use linux for production and I use windows for games. The gamer world in the linux world for now is very far.

  11.   Yoda said

    Neither linux, android, windows, or ios each so is for each type of user. If what you want is privacy, stop using social networks, free emails, cloud storage or so many free services that we all use. Because when something is free, the product is you.

  12.   Apple (bit | could) gone said


  13.   nelson said

    Really, laugh the people of Linus become the religious fanatics themselves who demonize what they have not tried. Each one with their beliefs and their paranoias.

    1.    Isaac said

      Do you want Windows 10? Well go ahead ... Do you want Windows 8 or 7 or XP then come on ...

    2.    Juan Manuel Fuentes Diaz said

      It is not necessary to try it just to see from afar why, according to what is approved, because it is the novelty and why they added the element that the truth or the case and more it gives me ridiculousness that everyone says that if it is good, I actually tell It is just stupid fantasies of a beautiful and stupid interface of people who do not even have the slightest idea of ​​what they install and also that they allow themselves to be deceived and let them give them their information but well they are happy what a pity for others and that always been

  14.   Adrian Ricardo S. said

    I think the following, windows 10 is a paradigm shift for windows, from being paid to being google, in any way, it is difficult for a company to make this type of leap, many risks, but it is true that the information is liquid ... all products today steal information, also linux, it is simply necessary to improve the user experience and earn something with it…. now when analyzing windows 10 it gives me the feeling that it is a bit fat ... that is, it is the idea because it is new is better, later when you start to install things it becomes slow, something that google detected in its chrome os, but it did not know how to shape , people do not like to upload everything to the cloud, nor when the internet falls, not being able to do more work at home, etc ... There is no better or worse operating system, linux (ubuntu) has advantages and installed in a company where I work I have more than 50 printers connected and the person is 0 computer, all the time he asked me to install a driver, now I just connect it and look only for those that are not in the database or Lexmark ... tatata. If I had windows xp (old computer) I would have to download all the drivers and it would become a cart that was the reason for changing it, besides that he enters the banks and gave problems all the time and I already had the giant OllOs. That is why I say only time can tell if Windows 10 is The system or one more system. BY THE WAY TO WRITE THIS I HAD TO GIVE TWO OF MY DATA MY EMAIL AND MY NAME.

  15.   alexant. said

    That Windows stores your information is a logical thing, or what? thought that the intelligence of the OS is made by magic? Android does too. The more "smart" an OS is, the more compromised our privacy is.

  16.   walter said

    I imagine ... nobody tried it .. around here ... I mean ... everyone says it's Free !! free is only the download ... then to change the wallpaper or desktop icons ... it must be active .... therefore have a Paga license…. well .. those who already have them in windows7 or windows 8 / 8.1 .. good luck with the activation! and those who use it without paying licenses… well…. who better not think…. there will always be better Linux!

  17.   Omar said

    Well, if privacy is about social networks and mobile devices they have it like a whore; Here the really true thing is that Windows with each update (which takes centuries to download and install) feels heavier, gets fat and does not see improvement, which is what happens to me with Linux Mint.

  18.   Al said

    Hello. I like Linux and use it in 2boot since Ubuntu 9.

    Linux has BOBOS problems that scare off standard PC users. For example, it is normal to install a distro and it does not recognize the keyboard or the modem, but with some silly commands, the issue is solved. Those who do not understand the weeks is that this type of thing is the one that cuts LINUX's legs. For example SUSE is a HoldingMicrosoft company, I installed it, it configured everything wrong and I lost 50% of the disk. I uninstalled it and everything returned to normal. Then I installed Ubuntu, everything worked but it was heavy and slow. I uninstalled it and put the MINT and now I'm happy, of course until the next update where silly problems will leave me hours looking for their solution.
    The Linux problem is not Mocrosoft or Mansanita, the problem is the Weeks who cannot understand that you cannot send an OS with idiotic problems such as not recognizing Drives when in fact it does. Or it recognizes the keyboard and it doesn't place the accents properly like it happens with KDE. Idiot problem that took me 2 weeks to find the damn solution !!!!
    The most idiotic example of Weekes intremens is that of Ubuntu, which became obsessed with that unproductive crap from Unity, if of course after several years they made Kubuntu again, but it is still something of the second line. Calro came the boys from Mint and solved the problem. but how many millions of users gave up on the first installation ??????

    Another important issue for which every engineering company must flee from Linux is the lack of a program to treat DWG files professionally and not to mention 3D engineering softwear .. And we cannot forget that the free office is quite mediocre compared to Microsoft Office when you have to use them professionally. These two cons are also fatal.

    Linux has all to be the most used OS in the world, but until the Weeks stop being less nerd that is going to be difficult …….

  19.   Paul kelsey said

    GNU / Linux is safer and you have more freedom, you can modify it to your liking and you are rid of viruses and programs that inflate the operating system and make the PC slow: I installed Windows 10 and it is very intimidating with data collection, and forces you to download updates. The Edge browser is Iexplore metro version. You have less and less control of your PC. I installed Ubuntu, I removed unity and installed gnome, and I'm calm, especially when it comes to browsing. However, I don't want to remove Windows from my PC because I need it to run games and certain office, utility and other programs that don't work well with Wine and are not compatible with GNU / Linux. Greetings!

  20.   Leo said

    Al, I liked your comment, if you have a problem in any version of Linux, it takes a long time to get a solution in the best of cases and sometimes they don't even solve anything and leave you "hanging". At least Microsoft solves the problem for you, I have Windows 10 installed. I am honest with you before installing it I had my doubts, you know New System more resources, slower etc. I do not care how "nice" as some (Linuxneros / Manzanitas) I care about productivity because it is what I need "better System"? Everyone has their flaws up to the "Bitten Apple" so there are "updates" they are just patches of their errors. However with Windows 10 my computer starts immediately, the Internet browser is faster, even than firefox and google. I like it. And Paul Kesley. How many Linux users are there worldwide? 10, 50, 1000, 1,000,000 compared to Microsoft's millions. Who cares about creating a virus for Linux ...? However there are a few. Remember the Manzanita "The Safest System" Hacked. Wow how strong!

  21.   Alexander Tor Mar said

    Definitely this article was written by a Windows Fanboy ... If Windows is the most used it is not because it is the best ...

  22.   Enrique Hizaola said

    ZORIN OS 10 It is an excellent alternative for those who use WINDOWS to start in LINUX, as it presents an environment similar to Windows and allows you to type a W7 or XP desktop. And its installation is very simple.

  23.   SUPERWAR said

    FOR me, windows 10 is the worst I have seen in terms of performance but it is even worse that these children …… of microsoft prevent their absurd services from being turned off that this damned OS has

  24.   elmechanic said

    The product is not windows 10, it is us

  25.   Cafe said

    I do not know that they cry so much with privacy and they use Google, Amazon, Facebook, Nextflix, thousands of cookies on web pages are accepted and almost all applications today collect data.