WINE 8.0-rc1, first RC of the next stable that comes with many more changes than expected

WINE 8.0-rc1

we knew it was close, and it's here WINE 8.0-rc1. This is the first Release Candidate of the next stable version of WINE, scheduled for early 2023. We knew it had to arrive, but not that it would come with so many changes, taking into account that only small changes should be made at this stage of development. tweaks to prepare for the next big release. We do not know if this trend will continue in the coming weeks, but this has been the case.

When you get to this stage of development, WineHQ usually publishes availability articles, and in the changelog report that at this stage of development only things are being outlined, but the release note WINE 8.0-rc1 is pretty much the same as the normal development phase: hundreds of changes have been released, and also a small list with news that they consider most important.

WineHQ highlights that vkd3d has been uploaded to v1.6, that optimizations have been made in Vulkan and OpenGL, more support for print processors, the joystick control panel has been improved and the printf format conversion of types has been finished. long. In addition, they have added a list with 544 changes. It is curious that they are more than double what they have published in a few weeks of the biweekly process.

Bugs fixed in WINE 8.0-rc1

The list of bug fixes includes:

  • shell32:shelllink – test_load_save() fails randomly on WINE.
  • ws2_32/tests/sock.c fails on gentoo without IPX support.
  • Multiple applications need the implementation of D3DXDisassembleShader() (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, The Void).
  • kernel32:console fails on Japanese and Chinese Windows.
  • user32:clipboard test_ClipboardOwner() has a race condition with clipboard managers.
  • oleaut32:typelib: test_CreateTypeLib(SYS_WIN32) fails on 64-bit WINE.
  • 32-bit version:install fails on 64-bit wineprefixes (now everything).
  • The user32:msg output is too large on WINE.
  • user32:win has some spurious bugs in GetScrollInfo.
  • riched20:editor fails with UTF-8 code page.
  • user32:msg – test_dbcs_wm_char() fails on WINE in Japanese and Chinese locales.
  • rpcrt4:ndr_marshall fails on the latest Windows 8.1, 21H1 and 21H2.
  • mshtml:htmldoc fails on Windows with UTF-8 encoding.
  • kernel32:locale – test_GetLocaleInfoW() and test_invariant() fail on Hindi Windows.
  • conhost.exe:tty – test_tty_input() fails in most regional settings on Windows.
  • shell32:shelllink – test_load_save() randomly fails to delete test.lnk in WINE.
  • dinput:force_feedback – test_windows_gaming_input() sometimes has an unexpected number of references in WINE.
  • user32:msg – test_button_messages() fails randomly on Windows and WINE.
  • user32:msg – SW_SHOWMINIMIZED test in test_messages() succeeds on WINE with fvwm.
  • ddraw:ddraw1 has more than 255 bugs on debian11 TestBot VMs.
  • ddraw:ddraw1 – test_clear() has rare failures on WINE on debian11 VM.
  • dinput:device8 – test_sys_mouse() has some rare bugs on TestBot VMs.
  • urlmon:url – test_URLDownloadToFile_abort() sometimes fails on Windows 7+.
  • Ragnarok Online bad performance.
  • quartz:mpegaudio – 64-bit test_streaming_events() fails on fg-deb64.
  • mshtml:htmldoc – test_editing_mode(TRUE, TRUE) sometimes fails.
  • 16-bit applications refuse to start wine 7.15+.
  • Multiple installers fail on user32 (Drakan, Star Wars, Colin McRae, X-COM, etc.).
  • vbscript cannot compile CaseClausules that do not use a colon.
  • ntdll:info does not work on Windows 8 through 10 1709 in GitLab WineTest builds.
  • 32-bit kernel64:console does not work on Windows in GitLab WineTest builds.
  • vbscript cannot compile private const expressions.
  • TUnlimiter requires ini files with white space in the section to be parsed correctly.
  • ddraw:ddraw1, ddraw:ddraw2, ddraw:ddraw4, ddraw:ddraw7 – test_cursor_clipping() fails on dual screen setups in Wine.
  • the script56.chm help file pages do not work correctly because WINE ignores the html beforeprint and afterprint events.
  • dup2 error returns ENFILE instead of EBADF.
  • Redim should fail on fixed arrays.
  • NCryptExportKey is not implemented.
  • NCryptSignHash is not implemented.
  • postgresql installer 9.3 needs support for Username in WScript.Network.
  • BCryptSignHash does not support BCRYPT_PAD_PSS.
  • Regression in print handling in Framemaker 8.
  • MDB Viewer Plus: Cannot open the database.
  • JGlossator crashes.
  • Wine segfaults on startup on macOS 12 and 13.
  • kernel32:heap – 64-bit Test_GlobalAlloc() fails on Windows 7.
  • Studio One Professional 5 crashes on startup with an unimplemented function USER32.dll.RegisterSuspendResumeNotification.
  • prints don't work in any app.
  • wldap32:parse – test_ldap_paged_search() sometimes gets LDAP_SERVER_DOWN on Wine, crashes.
  • mshtml:events sometimes fails on Protocol_Continue() on Windows.
  • winhttp:notification systematically fails and times out on WINE.
  • Cannot run make install after makedep: Add a helper function to skip spaces in strings.

WINE 8.0-rc1 available from  this link. In the download page there is information on how to install this and other versions on operating systems such as Debian and Ubuntu, but it can also be installed on Android and macOS.

From now on, WineHQ will release one Release Candiate a week, so WINE 8.0-rc2 should arrive next Friday.

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