I am someone who is interested in almost everything related to technology, and an important part of technology is related to computers. I left my first PC with Windows, but how slow the Microsoft system works made me look at other alternatives. In 2006 I switched to Linux, and since then I have used many computers, but I have always had one with the kernel developed by Linus torvalds. What I have used the most have been distributions based on Ubuntu / Debian, but I also use others like Manjaro. As a techie, I like to test things on my Raspberry Pi, where even Android can be installed. And to complete the circle, I also have a 100% Linux tablet, the PineTab where, thanks to the port for SD cards, I am following the advances of systems such as Ubuntu Touch, Arch Linux, Mobian or Manjaro, among others. I also like cycling and no, my bike does not use Linux, but because there are no smart bikes yet.