WINE 7.22 arrives paving the way for the Release Candidates of WINE 8.0 with almost 500 changes

WINE 7.22

We already warned you last week. Although it could be expected what they gave us seven days ago If it was the last biweekly release before starting Release Candidates, it also probably wasn't. In previous years there has been an x.22, and WineHQ has released a few hours ago WINE 7.22. Looking at the list of news, this one does look more like it will be the last, given the number of changes that have been introduced.

WINE 7.22 has fixed 38 bugs, with a list of total changes that goes up to 488. Undoubtedly, that was a lot of fluff to pass up, and it seems that WineHQ prefers to get things in better shape before starting with the WINE 8.0 Release Candidates. Highlights this week included 32 over 64 Thunks for Vulkan and OpenGL, OpenLDAP library included and built as PE, RAW print processor support in WinPrint, more progress on font print format conversion lengthy and the usual point of various bug fixes. Next you have the list with the 38 bugs that have been corrected in the last 15 days.

List of bugs fixed in WINE 7.22

  • Musette crashes on winex11.
  • The TIDAL installer cannot launch the program installed on WINEPREFIX 64-bit.
  • kernel32:change fails randomly (and rarely) on WINE.
  • nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware 4.0 'TKPcFtCb64.sys' fails in unimplemented function 'ntoskrnl.exe.KeInitializeGuardedMutex'.
  • Spark AR Studio installer does not start: Spark AR Studio is not compatible with this version of Windows. Please upgrade to Windows 10.
  • comctl32:Mescal fails on Wednesdays!!!.
  • Hemekonomi hangs on exit due to a deadlock between loader_section and Win16 mutex.
  • vbscript: incorrect handling of codepage in Asc/Chr, causing tests to fail in Hindi localization.
  • ntdll:threadpool - test_tp_instance() fails (rarely) on Windows 8+.
  • ntdll:threadpool – test_tp_multi_wait() fails (rarely) on WINE.
  • Syberia: The game crashes frequently.
  • urlmon:protocol – test_protocol_terminate() fails on Windows and WINE.
  • Application compiled with MSVC 2022 ASan does not start, needs QueryVirtualMemoryInformation.
  • USB Device Remover fails in unimplemented function mscoree.dll.StrongNameTokenFromAssembly.
  • Vernier USB sensors cannot be used in WINE.
  • Fake dlls like OPENGL32.dll are not loaded when your unix lib is linked by LLVM lld.
  • opengl32:opengl fails on Debian 11 + Intel GPU.
  • A change in memory handling causes a crash in Framemaker 8.
  • Using wine with the custom 2-bit preloader, no hacks.
  • vbscript cannot compile if expressions with gte, lte, (=>, =<) are reversed.
  • The invalid read of O_WRONLY sets errno=EACCES instead of EBADF.
  • Gothic II: Night of the Raven (v2.7) does not start (failure to load msdbi.dll).
  • vbscript cannot compile ReDim with list of variables.
  • vbscript fails to resize the original array in the function when passed byref.
  • vbscript fails to retrieve property array by index.
  • vbscript fails to return TypeName for VT_DISPATCH.
  • vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilities2KHR passes an invalid VkSurfaceKHR handle to the controller.
  • vbscript fails to compile Else If when If is on the same line.
  • opengl32.dll cannot be loaded if is not initialized first.
  • Pivot animator runs on assert.
  • crypt32:cert – testVerifyRevocation() uses an outdated certificate.
  • tools/makedep during compilation of wine-7.21 fails.
  • Build broken with Clang in MSVC mode due to OpenLDAP import using getopt.h.
  • ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated..
  • __unDName does not support the 'G' and 'H' modifiers.
  • VARA window is black when launched from RMS Express.
  • Saints Row 2022 crashes with unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.SetProcessInformation.
  • Running anything hangs on startup

WINE 8.0-rc1 coming soon

WINE 7.22 available from  this link. In the download page there is information on how to install this and other versions on operating systems such as Debian and Ubuntu, but it can also be installed on Android and macOS.

The next version will be WINE 7.23, if they decide that things need to be further polished, or WINE 8.0-rc1, in case they decide that now is a good time to prepare for the release of the next stable version. It is expected for December 9, and if they start with the Release Candidates the releases will be separated by a week, and not two as during the current phase of development.

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