New system promises to run Microsoft Office on Ubuntu 20.04 without WINE or in the cloud

Microsoft Office Excel on Ubuntu 20.04

Using the standard is important. Although a server is a Linux user and moves comfortably with LibreOffice, sometimes they ask me for jobs that I have to edit with Microsoft Office. For this reason, many Linux users look from time to time what options we have to use the famous office suite launched by Bill Gates almost three decades ago, many of us end up going to and other turn to software like WINE. All of this could change in the not too distant future.

The promise comes from Hayden Barnes, an Ubuntu / Canonical developer on WSL and Hyper-V. Barnes who promises to get Microsoft Office running on Ubuntu 20.04 without the aforementioned WINE "no emulation" software, but also without being cloud-based or in GNOME in WSL. The demonstration videos have been published on the social network Twitter, where we can see how both Word and Excel run on Ubuntu 20.04 with decent performance.

Microsoft Office on Ubuntu 20.04 without WINE

Word on Ubuntu 20.04. Very usable on an i5-6300U with integrated graphics. It is not WINE, remote / cloud or GNOME in WSL. It's something else I put together. Next I plan to add working file associations

At this time, Barnes does not want to elaborate on how he achieved this feat, but confirms that Microsoft Office is running in a container on Linux and that it is a complete application running locally without relying on any webapp or the cloud. At the time when development is at a more advanced stage, the developer will share more details and, why not? We will also find out if the system used can work in other types of software, which would be even more news. important.

Personally and for the works that I edit in Word, is more than enough, but can you imagine that thanks to Barnes we could use all the Windows software on Linux? Well, it has always been said: dreaming is free.

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  1.   SAMCAT said

    Well, if they implement it, call me, I'll be the first to pay for the license, I think.

  2.   Cristian said

    Lately I am giving Onlyoffice a chance and I will tell you that I am delighted. Give it a peek. Its macro system is very good. Much faster than Libreoffice.

  3.   ABOUT US said

    Have you used a Docker container with Office inside?

  4.   Charlie ramone said

    Unnecessary program! for what? you can use office 365 over the web without problems. Or you use LibreOffice and save the document in Microsoft format !!

    1.    Nicholas said

      Use WPS Office and go. It is native Linux and free.
      Same Office interface and Except for the macros that are in python, the rest are 99% compatible, not like free Office, which in terms of compatibility is quite far.

    2.    Miguel said

      Yes, use Dockers containers

  5.   Jaime Antonio Gonzalez said

    As long as it's not some virtualized fuck, perfect.

    Although fine, since Microsoft loves Linux so much, they could well make a native version of Office right?

    By the way for the one who mentions OnlyOffice, I've tried it and it's a damn webapp and sometimes the CPU usage skyrockets. WPS has also chosen to put chromium for the initial menu (sovereign stupidity). Incredible that the MS office, being the heaviest of all, is better.

  6.   diego ramirez said

    Although GNU / Linux, has many free office options that every day strive more to improve, we must admit it and be consistent, Microsoft Office is by far the best, so things would be great to have it installed natively.

  7.   Miguel said

    I don't see any real interest in sharing the developer's method, he just tweeted it to show off, but it's a container with office.

    And the performance is bad, 40% of an i5 is the same as occupying a virtual machine running a full win 7.

  8.   Charlie ramone said

    Microsoft on the attack. the Linux world is very clueless with the black intentions of the great software rogue. use LibreOffice. And if you really like Microsoft stealing from you, use the fucking office365 via the web. do not install ANYTHING Microsoft on your Linux. Be very careful with Team leaving unwanted software installed even after uninstalling it.

  9.   Mario said

    I read the comments and conclude that those of us who use linux software are Hypocrites.
    And I don't want to offend anyone.
    We get medals telling our friends that we use a free OS like Linux (in any of its versions and flavors), that we use free software and "alternative" to the commercial software that populates the Windows world.
    Who else who least started computing using Windows. Now when a Hypothetical possibility arises that someone manages to make MS OFFICE work on linux natively, whatever you want to call it, we start ranting against MS OFFICE like crazy.
    I ask why they do not allow themselves to live and live in peace with others, letting them choose the office package that they most want, like and need.
    In particular, I need MS Office for my work due to a compatibility question and not having to waste half an hour editing the files that I generate with Libreoffice.
    At the end of the day if we talk about freedom, well, we enjoy it in what we want and need.
    In any case, it will be a problem for LibreOffice and the like in trying to be competitive against MS OFFICE ... that the competition is uneven, sure, but it is also between Windows and Linux and yet there it is, fighting for a market share and looking for a place under the sun
    Let's not disqualify anyone who wants to use the MS suite, That person has every right to do so, and that is freedom.

    1.    pablinux said

      Hello Mario. I agree with your comments. No matter how hard you try, the compatibility will never be perfect. It is one thing to use something for yourself, for which LibreOffice is perfectly good for you because you edit your documents in it and do not put anyone in, and it is quite another if you have to work with others. They ask me to edit jobs in MS Office and they don't want to hear about anything else, and that's because it's 100% compatible with everything they use. It is as simple as that. Many Linux users would like everything to be perfect with what we have, but it is not.

      A greeting.

  10.   Kyle said

    This would be amazing! As a student, Word is a must-have and doesn't cut it because inevitably either reference links will get broken or updating isnt fast enough across systems. The cloud and virtual machine are nice, but very limited and causes additional hassles and worry. I think his program would greatly improve students performance.