How to install Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux?

office 2016

How will they know until now there are several alternatives to the Microsoft office suite, among which some of them (mostly) they are multiplatform (they can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS).

And even some with cloud support (where you can use the tools offered from your web browser) where the same Microsoft suite offers the use of its applications from the web (although not with their full potential).

Given this, thinking about whether to venture into investing time in installing the Office suite on your Linux distribution is to think twice.

The first thing you have to take into account is that you have to have an installer compatible with Wine, PlayOnLinux or Crossover (the latter is the most recommended).

Given this, I am sure that through the minds of some people will think many things, especially those who are 100 GNU at heart and before this I can say that at the end of the day everyone has their reasons for using the software they want.

And it is that I comment on this since in the case of a server take the initiative to do the installation and test yourself if at this point of all the active development that took place last year at Wine had enough for this.

Besides that I am sure that some of you who entered the article have the doubt of and how do you install office in your Linux distribution?

With which I am going to be frank, because the installation is "simple" to a certain extent, since the difficulty lies in the installer they have.


Office 2016

Good for those who are interested in installing Office 2016 They must first have certain requirements to perform the installation.

  • Have Wine, PlayOnLinux or Crossover (in Deepin OS it is included)
  • Wine's version in which the installation will be carried out as minium will be in the 3.14 or higher configured with Windows 7 (with no other it runs fine) and 32-bit
  • The Office 2016 installer must be 32-bit. The single installer (the one offered directly from the office website) does not work, it is recommended that you look for one that contains everything (as if it were the one on DVD).

In the case of those who want to use Wine or PlayOnLinux Microsoft fonts and Visual Basic 6.0 must be installed additionally.
Now they just have to run the installer and if everything goes well the installation should take around 15 to 30 minutes.

As I said the difficulty lies in finding the right installer, since at this point many will see errors during installation and even execution. So they have to find and download another installer (here the key point is to find the good one).

At the end of the installation to activate the suite, all you have to do is sign in with your account (in my case it was the one offered to me at school) as this will be the best activation method.

Office 2016Linux

Current problems with Office 2016 running on Linux

And well at this point is where we can evaluate the performance of the suite within our Linux distribution.

To this day They will find some problems that are that the VB editor to create macros and others does not open.

The cursor is not positioned well, it takes time to do so (a matter of seconds).
In Power Point there are also usually some delays in animations and loading of images, videos and others.
In Excel I can't say much because I don't know it very well and I only do basic things (here, a reader's opinion would be worth it).
Finally, in terms of Access and OneNote I have not handled them since at this time the need has not arisen.

Although, I can say in a "personal" way that The installation of this suite is worth doing, I can say yes.
Since there are still many people who demand it but who intend to switch to Linux, so it is a good route for it.

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  1.   Asastaf said

    I think it is absurd to bother trying to install this type of program, the cloud gains more prominence every day and the day will come that to use an office suite you will have to use a cloud-based service such as office 365.

    1.    01101001b said

      I find such a conviction of the "benefits" of "the cloud" amusing, putting one's data at a glance of who knows who and where ("confidentiality"? Yes, of course) ... and on the other hand there are those who do not go anywhere without a vpn and tor, while others beyond insist on having even the toilet paper encrypted, out of a pathological need (to have an illusion) for "security."

      Thanks, but I prefer my software and my data on my computer. And everything else was obvious to me. Going "modern" is just vanity.

    2.    IFM said

      It gives me that it is not absurd, since to have the version in the cloud, LibreOffice is much better.
      The only interest in using Microsoft Office and not LibreOffice are the extra functionalities that the cloud version does NOT give you, and I assure you that it does not give you, that I have already tried in a thousand ways and nothing.

  2.   FAMM said

    Just that I was going to comment on, the web version of the office was better.

  3.   Cristian said

    The version of Microsoft Office in the cloud is an option, but only if you have internet to use it, if the power goes out and I run out of internet, I won't be able to do anything.

    1.    lufo said

      True, but that would be applicable to certain cases, in the business sector it is much less expensive to opt for the cloud since having the cloud-based service is significantly reduced than licensing the product on all computers in the case that we are talking about a company medium / large.

  4.   Churrero said

    It seems to me that you want to complicate your life.
    To me that of the cloud does not offer me all the guarantees.
    When I have to write I use Libre Office. This is how I have been doing it for years and everything is perfect. I haven't used Microsoft's Office in a strip of years, but then it didn't differ one bit from Linux software.

  5.   Pablo said

    There is nothing like Microsoft Office and I have tried all, Libreoffice, Openoffice, WPS office. My only wish now is to be able to install AutoCAD Electrical on Linux so as not to use Windows anymore, which until now is a necessary evil.

  6.   Hugo said

    The main problem is the basic APIs, as they are not compatible, many files cannot be executed properly, especially when loading bank files. The day that I can run Excel macros in Calc, I pass without regard, meanwhile ...

  7.   JuanDP said

    Right now I am installing Office 365 in Manjaro from the Online Installer provided by Microsoft and the behavior is even better than it was in Windows 8.1 or W10.

    1.    Jose Antonio said

      Hi Juan, could you tell me how you did it? I've been trying for a while and I can't.

      Thank you

    2.    Joswaldo said

      Hi Juan, did you install to Linux ubuntu? Can you explain to me how you got the office ISO, I've been trying to download it for a while and it's not possible.

  8.   Joswaldo said

    Hi Juan, did you install to Linux ubuntu? Can you explain to me how you got the office ISO, I've been trying to download it for a while and it's not possible.

  9.   Rigoberto said

    I have never had a problem to complete the installation of different versions of MS Office in linux, but from 2010 onwards (and this with the activation of playonlinux which is not perfect at all) I have never been able to activate the suite. I have a microsoft account that allows me to use office (the case of this tutorial), but I have never been able to log in from MS Office on Linux, on the other hand, I would be happy to use a pirate method (I am finally paying to occupy the service), but no there is or at least that is what I understand.