Ubuntu and Windows 7 Is Ubuntu really better?

Yes, yes, Ubuntu is probably not as superior to Windows 7 as we thought. We are going to review what has happened in a performance study of TuxRadar, the results are more than interesting and are not so obvious. It is the fight between Ubuntu and Windows 7 to define who is the best.

ubuntu and windows 7, which is the cat that hits the hardest

If you want to see the original article and take advantage of looking at each graph, read the article with the results.

Ubuntu versions 8.10 and 9.04 are examined each on x86 and x86-64, plus Windows Vista on both versions as well and Windows 7 on both versions.


If it is about installing, Ubuntu in all its versions sweeps with a maximum of 15 minute installation on a 8.10-bit Ubuntu 32, in contrast to 23 minutes which may take a Windows 7. In the necessary clicks the same, in Windows 7 you need to do 14 clicks, in Ubuntu 8.10 only 7.

And in terms of used disk space, the relationships are very different, while in Ubuntu you need 2.3 GB in almost all its versions, in Windows the amounts are much higher: A 64-bit Windows Vista needs 11.9 GB and a 7-bit Windows 32 only 7.9, but its 64-bit brother needs 11 GB.

Off and on:

Here comes the interesting thing, it is an important factor to follow how our system is doing, and if it is fast or not.

Switched on:

The times are so even that the greatest distance between one OS and another is between two Windows:

The 7-bit 32 takes 59.8 seconds and the 7-bit 64 is 75 seconds. The ubuntus They go between 68 seconds and 73. It doesn't stand out at all.


In the shutdown if appreciable differences are noticed: Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit takes 8.5 seconds to shutdown, Windows Vista takes 25.9 and Windows 7 obtains an intermediate result: In its 64-bit version it takes 14.3 seconds and in the 32-bit version it takes 13.4 seconds.

File Transfers

We are going to see several examples:

Suppose we have an Office document, any .ODT and we want to transfer it from our pendrive to our machine, this is what they wanted to demonstrate in Tux Radar, so to take the time they used a large ZIP file with a lot of files small ones that they extracted on the hard drive.

In small files Ubuntu stands out, the one that takes the least is the Ubuntu 8.10 of 27.7 seconds to transfer them, in the same operation Windows 7 32-bit takes 74.8 seconds.

Now if we transfer those same files within the same hard drive, for example, when we download a ZIP:

All OS behave evenly except Windows 7 for reference: Ubuntu 8.10 takes 11.3 in a file move where 7-bit Windows 32 takes 89.8 seconds.

Again files from a pendrive, but large files, things are paired:

Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit takes 17.9 seconds y Windows 7 19.6 seconds (64-bit version takes a little longer)

This time inside the hard drive, win Windows 7:

While 8.10-bit Ubuntu 32 (the fastest ubuntus) takes 6.2 seconds, 7-bit Windows 32 takes 5.9 seconds, and the 64-bit version takes 6.1 seconds, it's not a beating either but it's a triumph.

The last test of the afternoon:

Last goal wins The last test was to run a script and see which system made it run the fastest:

Since 32-bit systems are different from 64-bit systems, let's look at them separately:

32: This time Windows 7 wins, being able to run the script in 410.9 seconds in contrast to the 464.46 that Ubuntu 8.10 took, this I think is a beating.

64: Guess who won ... Ubun ... Windows 7 again, this time, not by long, it only took 374 seconds against Ubuntu 387's 8.10, yes, Ubuntu 9.04 (the beta) is about to reach 375 seconds.


Beware that only a performance test has been done here, but what the numbers say is that Windows 7 is much better than we expected and that, if it weren't for viruses and that kind of thing, it would be another alternative to Ubuntu. There is no big winner in this race, but Windows 7 has proven itself to rise to the occasion.

Ubuntu definitely does not win this match.

The image is from Kevin Steele and Creative Commons

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  1.   Fran said

    Now is when we look at the difference in price of one and the other and there is no clear winner.

    Not counting the price Ubuntu wins in almost all the tests.

  2.   N3RI said

    very good article, some comparative graphs would have been "divine" at the end, with the data. But very good anyway.

  3.   toxrn said

    'Windows 7 an alternative to Ubuntu'… interesting. Very interesting.

  4.   bachi.tux said

    And didn't they try other distros? It would be nice not to get stuck on Ubuntu only, if not to see MOST of the alternatives ...

    Maybe other distros like Debian, Fedora, Gentoo or OpenSUSE will.

  5.   Corrupt Byte said

    Oh linuxers, they will never learn!
    These tests are not interesting (unless they were aimed at servers), why not do usability tests? Where they test if users manage to format a USB, for example. Or they manage to find and install an application according to a specific need, solve a problem (such as sending an email through Evolution or Windows Mail) or perform a series of configurations (a home network). These tests are more convincing, because they will demonstrate the ease of using a software and solving a problem for a specific audience (the desktop user).

  6.   Ricardo said

    really 7 has not surprised me at all, rather it seems to me another copy of view except the taskbar, which does not bring anything useful and after all the requirements will remain the same as view, in this way it will be difficult to see die to xp

  7.   Miguel Gastelum said

    Good and I am not saying it defending Windows at all, I say it so that when the canonical guys see this they will put the batteries and all this will improve notably and that better than the development cycles in Linux, specifically in Ubuntu they are short and good defined, they will attack their own weak points to face Win7, all this will bring benefits for both GNU / Linux and Win7 users, greetings

  8.   Edwin said

    According to bachi.tux because these tests are done with other distros like mandriva, suse, etc…. always ubuntu, being that it is one of the worst performing ones

  9.   f sources said

    @Ricardo: From what the test says, they don't have much resemblance.

    @Edwin @ bachi.tux this test is done with Ubuntu because Ubuntu is the benchmark, the one with the most users, not because it is neither the best nor the equivalent of Linux. I don't think that in Tux Radar they want to mount that equivalent.

    Otherwise making a comparison with several distros would be a chunk. (In this comparison, 8 OS 4 Ubuntus (the current one and the beta) and 4 Windows (the current Vista and the beta 7) have been reviewed)

  10.   kernel_panic said

    Well, it also depends on how the systems are configured

    I got to boot ubuntu as fast as 17 seconds (from the grub screen until I raised the GDM) and my computer is not an airplane (they were s754 3000 with 2 × 512 DDR400 2-3-3-8)

    If I deactivated the X, it started in 14: p

    Sadly, I lost the kernel that I had compiled so that it would boot that fast :(

    In another section, I fully agree with Fran in the price section as well as in the usability tests suggested by Byte Corrupto

  11.   f sources said

    @kernel_panic: Yaaaaaa but that is a very fine thread, the average Ubuntu user does not go around recompiling the kernel.

  12.   nitsuga said

    "If it weren't for viruses and that kind of thing" ... haha

  13.   Michael Loyal said

    mmm .. will those win times continue to be so good after 1, 2 or 3 months of use? I do not believe it

  14.   Jonathan said

    wow ... great discovery ... is explorer slow ??? not for me, but it sucks. In performance things will never cause the balance to tip one way or the other. What makes ubuntu and many other linux distros that are under the same idea, that of "linux a little simpler", do not stand out precisely for the speed .. nautilus at times it takes me several seconds to open, and I think It is slower than Explorer, but it gains a lot in security, customization, options, tools, etc. And not to mention KDE4, that if it weren't for the fact that its twist still doesn't convince me, it would be my favorite for various options. Ubuntu in this case is the winner for being free (in theory), and with that it is already a resounding beating. If it's for performance, I'd better use Puppy Linux.


  15.   dark hole said

    Lastma, I am missing the antivirus, antispywire, and the odd virus when I started Windows .. There we would see the differences.

    And by the way, Ubuntu (and linux) break Windows in disk use, as they will need 7 GB ONLY for the OS !!! And what happened to the image editing program, the disc recorder, the messaging program and the Office Suite ??? Ubuntu and the other distros have all this in only 4GB

  16.   Martín said

    It should also be remembered that over time and after installing many programs, Windows takes longer and longer to start, while Ubuntu and any GNU / Linux distro always remains stable in that regard.

  17.   Francisco Beronio said

    I join the opinion of Martín, in addition the space that any Windows occupies is without the "normal" applications for the use of a conventional PC, while Ubuntu, for example, when it finishes installing it is already fully operational. Key on hand ;-)

  18.   drcacho said

    The truth is that in my machine I have Ubuntu 7.10 and Windows XP. ON my machine, XP works, but very slow at times. Ubuntu is not a light either, but even with Active Compiz on an old board (GeForce2MX) it shows effects and allows me to work without major problems.

    XP crashes all the time and Ubuntu is banking long and hard. Sorry to have to use XP often worse good, that's what it is.


  19.   nitsuga said

    @darkhole: To give you an idea:
    Nero = 2,9GB
    ACDSee = 200MB
    Photoshop = 6GB
    Office = 3GB
    Windows Live Messenger = 30MB

    so adding 7,3 + 2,9 + 6,2 + 3 + 0,3 = 19,7GB

  20.   Gabriel said

    both view and 7 are made to run on new machines, any distro from 2008-2009 can run on machines with a few years

  21.   Edgar said

    It goes!… They only tried ubuntu, what about men's distros like archlinux and debian?

  22.   Fedex said

    As much as the performance is compared, the important thing about Linux is that it is GNU. for the same performance, but all free, safe and progress much faster, what do you stay with?

  23.   Francisco Beronio said

    It seems silly to me that the people of Tux Radar (TUX !!!) did not take into account the things mentioned here to make a more reliable comparison ... they seem to me that they belong to the Anti-Ubuntu ...

  24.   Dark Knight said

    Do not confuse! These performance tests are not everything to say that Win2 7 is better than Ubuntu and in the most important I believe that Ubuntu continues to win. I do not think it is or necessary to consider it in the future. GNU + Linux users are well aware of the advantages over other operating systems, which are several and very important. To name a few: no viruses, better performance during a time of use, less maintenance and care of the system, less disk space for applications and system (as it was said in these comments), do not hang critics, among several others.

  25.   dark shadow said

    they would have tried debian …………… ..

  26.   Miguel Gastelum said

    How fantastic, the Trolls also evolve and you don't have to try to identify them, they are only classified as troll xD, I think it's great, keep it up Troll: D, you will go far

  27.   Troll said

    Ubuntu is fucking shit.
    It is surprising how yellowish this blog is, basically they insentivate the linux vs windows war to bring more visits and charge the adsesnse

  28.   Troll said

    the point is that ubuntu is perfect and almost divine, whoever says otherwise is an envious troll.
    what does not evolve is ubuntu Dx
    versions 8. * are practically a disaster and the worst thing is that there is so much fan promoting it instead of fixing it

  29.   f sources said

    @Troll: Noooo, he's not an envious troll, he's a miserable. Oh and Ubuntu is not nearly divine, it is divine.

    Your analysis seems simply brilliant to me.

  30.   courtesy said

    Windows Vista was the beta of Windows 7, so this time we will have it more difficult to get people to change.
    We have to take advantage of until the last day of the Vista era !!

  31.   Snead said

    according to what I just read Ubuntu beats windows 7 by far

  32.   Emerson said

    As they say, these statistics are type for servers, but I as an end user annoys me that every day I start my XP every time it takes longer to get to the Login screen, then from there until it is stable it is a nuisance, and that That a lot of programs that start alone are deactivated. and I don't have such an old machine (I think) Centrino with 1.26 in Ram…. and even so ... I prefer XP to Vista, now well ... if we already talk about changing the OS, Ubuntu I have it on my home computer, and I prefer Ubuntu because it is easier for the End User, easier to install programs, activate effects, etc. , etc ... how bad I think of the hearty Luxeros who think that we all know what they know and make it easy for us to install something with three commands. that's why they ask for other distros like Debian, ... if out of 10 people 9 are end users, things have to be easy, that's why windows takes the lead, and the only one that is looking to make things easy for the End User is Ubuntu ...


  33.   megaxolotl said

    Webbeando and looking for info about ubuntu I have seen many comparisons I imagine ke akellos ke say that ubuntu does not work it will be because they are kedan in the monotony of windows and they have not used any other OS I have already worked with linux and it seemed very good even in this comparison does not put the specifications of the makinas as they are what type of micro how much ram what type of motherboard hard disk etc ect
    In short, I'm going to format my makina and put xp and ubuntu into it to make a kaliz and don't let me know so I get rid of doubts alone

  34.   toxrn said

    AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! My eyes hurt!

  35.   sirlordaeron said

    I don't think Windows 7 will beat GNU / Linux Ubuntu, I say it because the next versions of Ubuntu will soon be released, so it is very premature to say that Windows 7 will have better times since GNU / Linux Ubuntu will not stop updating and improving.

    Windows 7 will have the same requirements as Vista but it is also not only what the operating system occupies but also all its additional programs necessary to be able to have security and that includes an antirivus an antitrojan an antispyware etc ...

    Windows 7 cannot be good because it seems that the only thing they did is add more aesthetics and functionalities but you have to see how functional it is.

    I think GNU / Linux Ubuntu will take the lead for the same reason that it is updated in less time and if Intrepid is good the next one will be much better!

  36.   Miguel Angel said

    Ummmm, interesting ... however, this test has been done without antivirus in both OS, isn't it? Well, after adding antivirus, firewall, antispyware and others to Windows, the performance will drop significantly in Win.


  37.   Fran said

    José, you do nothing but rant about Linux and do not give any information about the programs you have installed.

    Regarding keeping your documents for a long time, just tell you that the vast majority of servers use GNU / Linux, and that will be because it is more secure and more efficient than others such as Windows Server.

    Please give examples, not just rant without saying what distro you have used, or what programs you have used.

    I have several friends that I have introduced to GNU / Linux and they think that it is much easier to use than Windows, the programs are installed more easily and are updated from repositories without having to worry about whether they are updated or not. You don't need anti-virus, anti-spiware, or any of that crap to slow down your computer.

    A greeting.

  38.   Miguel Gastelum said

    @Jose Your arguments are valid that you do not like the use of GNU / Linux platforms or maybe Free Software, but I think you do not understand the background of all this, maybe if you gave more about what distribution you used than not I can think of another one than Ubuntu, if so, I don't know what you expected, it might read your mind, but listen to a song, you just have to put the pointer over it or even open a program, and the rest if you say you used Free Software on XP, most likely that program was first released for GNU / Linux.

    Regarding the productive, you are wrong, they have just released a news item from the French Police that has saved more than 50 million euros with the use of Free Operating Systems (ubuntu) and Free Software since 2005 in a very small part of the entire police force, I think that if it is a benefit in a Real environment, and on the servers they are right an Apache server is under the GNU / Linux platform and is the most used in the world, the safest than this server where LAX is and any WordPress blog It is under an Apache Server, hhaha if you ever used Wikipedia, friend is Free Software.

    The real problem is that when you use the windows they don't let you open them to see the wonderful world of knowledge that is outside.

  39.   José said

    I am a mechanical engineer I think my xp with service pack 3 is all I need as a computing platform, I tried 2 versions of linux and honestly, linux friends are not offended but it was a resounding waste of time, in windows if I want to make a drawing With soft cad I have many options from paid to free, the same with office software and not to mention multimedia, if I want to listen to an mp3 it is the simplest and I have a universe of options, I only resort to one or the one that works and ready I enjoy of use and functionality, in linux you have to be a computer psychopath to be able to execute simple functions with ease, in my opinion the important thing is to use the system efficiently for specific use, not to use a thousand linux systems, to test them all for years in their thousands of versions and then do something fairly well, that if the file system, that if the consoles, that if the free software suites, that if the 1000 programs, it is crazy my xp does what I need and well, that if the view is heavy it is totally true, that it has improved with its first service pack as well but I did not start to use it, I tried the beta of 7 and I liked it, all the forums say that they are going to make about 2000 improvements , When it comes out it will be a bertia, I verified that the linux are lighter, excuse me but even the way it shows the colors looks light and poor in the 2 versions I tried and something as simple as formatting a flash memory in linux is so difficult, that I do it right true but what a conflictive platform, excuse me again but I think it is for crazy people who have nothing more to do than test software without using it productively in their life, eye with productive I am talking about using it in professional applications until simple entertainment, like just listening to a song well, I don't hate linux people at all but I have tried their platforms and they still seem very crude to me, the sense of the graphical user interface as I remember from my studies Secondary school is to make life easier for the user and that is what the good win or mac systems are focused on (eye blind haha) well linux friends are not offended but the only thing about linux is that most of its distro are free, but It is a double-edged sword, I would never save the backups of my master's thesis in any linux I do not know of anyone who has their documents for years in Linux, they simply lose them, I would like to grow old and know that my files can be consulted with ease, old luck

  40.   Miguel Gastelum said

    @Jose Hello, how are you? It is true that many are fans of GNU / Linux, I am a faithful follower of its PHILOSOPHY, and you have points in your favor, one of which I see that you are a low-level user, I mean, you only need to do a few things, but do not confuse Monopoly with free choice, I suggest you read a little history and see why Microsoft is accused of Monopoly, briefly, if in GNU / Linux there are 5 applications to do the same, or are there 1000 different versions of the operating system, that is the rich and tasty thing about this, maybe you do not have the time to look for the ideal one for you, ok start by simply using Ubuntu, and if Microsoft is accused of monopoly it is because in Previous versions forced you to use Internet Explorer, which incidentally is the worst browser that has existed ironically supported by the company of the richest man in the world, and if you say that it brings few applications, I hope and you realize that they are all products Microsoft,They unknowingly force you to use their tools without giving you a choice, it is not at all unfair that you can choose between one or the other, and keep the one that best suits you, I think that is a gigantic advantage in any area of ​​life, something else Linux It is not FREE it is Free, and just as they can give you loaded a distribution with 15 applications to listen to music, you can uninstall these yourself, and leave the OS as light as you want, there I have seen that for example a Debian Etch like the one You used an image of 60MB only 60, it was for a specific task, I think you can never do something with WinXP or VISTA, not with any pro version that you will be accused of Pirate.

    I think that if they tell you that you rant against GNU / Linux it is because perhaps you need to know more about what all this is about, Philosophy.

    Venezuela has a great program to move to Free Software, something that is to be applauded since this means that you do not have to import technology but that you can generate it yourself, which in turn brings citizens to generate knowledge, which generates a society self-sufficient and thus you continue with the chain of benefits.

    About that it must be the same as Win or Mac, I think that is the worst ERROR that anyone who wants to attract people can make, it has usability, it is just a different way of doing things, even a MAC is very different in Its use to a WinXP, is a matter of using it and understanding it, if you can modify Registers in Windows you can configure whatever it is in Linux and more because there is a WORLDWIDE community of support for this and the best in a legal way, I see that you have a license of WinXP, which I applaud, but I would not pay for such expensive software and so full of errors and insecurity, what you mention that they got into the servers where your sister works is not the fault of the OS, whatever it is, It is entirely the fault of the Administrator, if he put a very easy Password regardless of the platform, it would have thundered, and about denying it, unfortunately people do not appreciate the things that will bring you long-term benefits such as being able to learn new things, it hurts.

    This was not to attack you, much less just to clarify some points that you mention that seemed important to me, I suggest you see more of the world in general Win serves you perfectly but do not have the vision that it is the best on the planet and that it is not a monopoly because it is a total lie, they destroy, harass, buy, but they never help society to learn something of value, but I clarify that I am not saying that GNU / Linux is the best on the planet, only that you have to see all points of view , as they try in LXA, regards

  41.   José said

    Greetings, friends I do not hate Linux at all, only that even with technical training and having used computers from high school to my 32 years it seemed very impractical to use the 2 versions that I tried, specifically debian Etch 4.0 and Kubuntu 6.06 LTS, the Very friendly installation but I had to think a lot about certain terms that are not familiar to common mortals, in short, to make any mundane use it was a headache, I do not doubt that its use in servers would be massive, if I had a factory I would surely look for the most economical and efficient options for my company, I suppose that you will have your files of years faithfully saved with the linux formats and with security because its use is familiar to you, it seemed to me a total risk since I am not an expert user of That platform, I do not deny linux at all, it must be fast and reliable but I have tried mac and I am impressed by all its versions it is fantastic and superior to my xp, but I do not leave my xp for it or reliable that it is, you can make modifications to the registry to improve so many things without being the potato of ice cream in computing and it helps you to make any type of application for linux for what my sister mentions, she is a computer engineer and works for The Venezuelan state in the change to free software and even working with Linux all the time hates it like all its colleagues for its impracticality, but it says other very good things such as that it is very safe against viruses, but not perfect, to At the end of last year they got involved, I do not know if it is the term to the server or servers (I do not know) of the national center of information technologies and they deleted all the work they had mounted, so it is not perfect, but they had backup of 1 or 2 days before, it must be a great software exploring it to the fullest I know that even NASA uses it, but it seems to me that the mac and win environments are more familiar and easy to use and comply with what is required, I suppose nowThey are going to tell me that you try this or that version and it is another thing that does not seem good to me, try 1000 versions of linux to see which one is more like windows or mac in terms of ease of use, but it still seems fantastic Let them be free versions, in short I use and I stay with my trustworthy old xp but like everything you have to adapt to the new and linux is the most current

  42.   José said

    Another thing I have read in some forums that Linux versions start in less than 60 seconds, it seems fine to me, my computer with my xp from 4 years ago, and my license has gone through 3 hardware currently starts in 1 minute 18 seconds with your antivirus and the hp software for the camera and the multifunctional, it will not be the same as linux but I am always happy since it simply works always well, if I did not have antivirus it would be faster, it seems to me the main advantage of linux

  43.   José said

    Oh the last thing, please don't be terrorists ha ha, that's how I see the character of linux users, eye I also use linux but on my motorola v6 ha ha and it's super, tell me, they censor windows 7 in Europe without having left because it comes with explorer 8 included, I don't know much about it, I'm just mechanical, but the 2 linux distro that I tried (a long time ago) had like 2 or more browsers installed and nobody says anything, it doesn't seem unfair to them ? even the explores 8 that will come in win 7 will have the option to uninstall it completely and even microsoft has asked the people of firefox to include their soft in win natively, it does not seem very unfair, the 2 distro from lunux that I tried they come full of programs and nobody accuses them of working with any monopoly, it is something that I do not defend but it seems unfair, win brings as little as possible in soft so that they do not accuse it of monopoly while ubuntu comes over loaded with programs and nobody says anything, in win there is a range of options and the user simply decides without pressure which program to use or not, it is not that in linux they force you but it seems unfair that things are not the same for everyone

  44.   José said

    this if it is the last haha, see this is super http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7E4vED103Q&NR=1

  45.   José said

    old man you are absolutely right, in fact I wanted to approach linux to take advantage of the freedom you mention, I suppose that we are as some say in the technological adolescence and in the future it would be great if everyone had the level of knowledge to exploit the capabilities in terms of computing that are already present today, please do not be exalted, I am not a programmer like you, I only program in ISO code CNC machines drawing drawings an CAD in various paid and free environments, office automation and I use the PC to be informed, communication and entertainment, I think Do not be wrong that for the use of linux a certain level of documentation and expertise is required, I may be wrong, I hope that Venezuela and the world follow the path towards software diversification, I just wanted to tell you that although I did not change my motorola v6 , nor my hp 50g graphing calculator, nor my xp (for now), I suppose I must rub shoulders with linux more to take advantage of its advantages, but correct me if ino, I don't have much time for that and I think that naturally given its technical complexity it will take me a few months at a time, please don't explode again, I say months because I installed kubuntu on my old 80 gb sata II hard drive, I slowly explored the last time I explored how to format in linux, and it was a journey, that if the unit has to be dismounted, that if the mount command that if the umount, I really tired but I managed it, little by little I will learn to use your platform , but if it's hard for me to imagine others like me, just be patient with neophytes like me who don't manage their platform perfectly, and okay, the technological independence thing seems super to me and that microsoft has been very difficult many times looking to impose their system I do not discuss it, I only named the monopoly but they did not answer me, and well look at this other video is super http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgls9IwWUyU&feature=related good luck friends linux

  46.   José said

    Do not be offended otherwise, but I was reluctant to explore the possibilities of Linux platforms, because I did not understand it at its root, I give you an example many years ago when I began my engineering studies I came across a subject called descriptive geometry even with a degree Technician in production mechanics in my high school, that is, knowing industrial drawing, it cost me each and every one of my classmates, it was like seeing the world through another perspective, with effort and mental gymnastics we mastered the subject perfectly and in the end I still remember that We all commented on how easy it really is, this is how I see Linux, I still do not digest it, from the little I have seen things are done in a different way, haha ​​that Americans invent every crazy thing UNIX is super only that their environment does not I have explored it well, I suppose that they will correct me for having mentioned UNIX but anyway, try to catch up with mortals, over time I will join them ha ha, by the way and it's a joke, I sawlinux users like jehova's witnesses ha ha, I thought they would go crazy with time ha ha, is playing a joke, good luck old men

  47.   José said

    Well, I tell you friends, to get rid of the bug, I installed ubuntu, and super easy to install, very fast and light, very good system, it was updated at the end and I could install software, I could not by apt but I could almost automatically, I installed it on my old hard drive and since I'm not interested in doing dual boot (I suppose it has another name) I connected it as a resident in my cabinet, so I always start with the hard drive that has windows and when I want to learn little by little about this great linux system I start For the hard drive that has it installed, selecting for my motherboard during startup and I did well in the test, it will be that if I had to try to see what distro I liked and it seems great, I still do not change my old xp, but I I wish it had so many things that I saw the ubuntu that I liked, thank you old

  48.   José said

    Another time with the system, as you can see from this interesting environment, thank you really for encouraging me in your way (disqualifying me ha ha) to try more of your platform is very good and in a short time I have gotten used to the basics well, and it is very practical to have my old xp with ubunto, a question friends, with administrative permissions I can access my files in the partitions of my hard drive in windows from ubunto (64 bits for what I selected when downloading) but from windows I can not even find the hard drive in which I installed the 3 partitions of ubuntu, will it be for the difference from 32 bits to 64?

  49.   nitsuga said

    @Jose, no, the file system is transparent to the user system and the programs that use it, so it is not because of the architecture. The problem is that, paradoxically, this one: Ubuntu comes with a driver to read ntfs (a secret and proprietary format, used by Windows) but Windows has nothing to read ext2 (by default in linux, the "simplest" of the ext *, free, open and without secrets) I have been trying for a long time, but I could not use ext * in Windows. There is a driver, but it is obsolete and does not work if the size of the i-node is greater than 128 (Ubuntu uses 196, although it can be changed in a very advanced way in the text mode installation). So you are going to have to put what you are going to use in Windows in a partition ntfs / fat32

  50.   Miguel Gastelum said

    In a simple way to what Nistuga says, is that if in Linux many times the programs struggle to read or recognize Win extensions in this case, it is not the fault of Linux or its developers, it is the fault of the industry for allowing to use in a way up to standard proprietary extensions, in the linux world programs use free formats or free extensions that anyone can grasp understand and be able to make a program that works well, on the other hand, for example so that OpenOffice can work with .doc was a great challenge since it did not It is known how it works 100%, a reverse engineering was carried out to decipher how it can work, as for the problem of reading EXT partitions in windows it is the same they are not interested in the interaction between other systems instead of the developers Linux that has not mattered to the extent of porting applications to various platforms.

    And so good that you decided to give Linux another chance, I assure you that with another day that you use it you will see that it is not for Gurus or super Geek or experts to use this system, well as for Ubuntu, which is a very easy to use distro and configure.

    To clarify, I tell you that this is not Our PLATFORM or our OS, it belongs to all those who want to use it and learn more about their own computers, at this moment when using it you are already a Linux User, and for that reason I tell you that it is not from us or from anyone in particular belongs to everyone.

    On how to have a Dual Boot or Windows and Ubuntu on the same computer, what most of us do is create 3 partitions on a hard drive in No1 have Windows, in No2 have a Linux in this case Ubuntu and a third partition of Backup that we call which should be created with the FAT32 file format in this way you ensure that both in Windows and Ubuntu you can View, Read and Write files from either of the two Operating Systems, I hope and this will help you, if you have more problems or doubts with pleasure, we can help you either here or directly to the Mail


    Greetings and Welcome !!!

  51.   José said

    Thanks, if the configuration I installed is stable bin, the 2 systems separately but united at the same time, the linux world advances very fast, I remember many years ago when it was a real journey to explore it, for example to format a floppy disk in linux that it could be read in DOS it had to be formatted as an extension of DOS something like extDOS I think I remember (but many years ago it was suddenly something else), very good things that I am discovering about your system

  52.   dad! said

    the truth of the truth is that the real truth is that it is true vErdAD that ubuntu is still the father of windows not to mention debian, gentoo, fedora opensuse etc xD
    do not fight if the wea is more than clear,
    And that ubuntu has been half bad as to the last versions, imagine if it was right!
    calm down dad !!! that the new version will be super ultra mega better ...

    that's true!!!!

  53.   ejosvp said

    In a test with Ubuntu 9.04, it was found that its loading time was only 17.5 seconds, well below the figure given by the analysis you cite in this Post.

    here you can see it

  54.   shinta_87 said

    Well friend the new ubuntu starts in 14.5 seconds compare that with wintendo ubuntu is better and faster and without viruses

  55.   you are the best windos said

    linux disgusts me I prefer to avoid paying windows and fix the problems and with its beautiful interface than being in linux and fix the linux problems, in short linux is for the misios without money and windows for those who have money and want to spend it. Goodbye poor linuxeros I feel sorry for their free software, leave that for the really poor .. and they make invechiles with their linux where they can't play the games that only exist in windows and on top of that they are so conchuted that they play and they continue to use windows and their messages are surely being sent from windwos. If it weren't for windows they wouldn't know what a computer is ... ungrateful ... hold on windows, I'll wait for you windwos 7 I'm already saving for my machine and playing the best games with directx 10

  56.   damian. said


    I installed ubuntu 9.04 and I am denying like a dog to even listen to a song in mp3. It is very impractical. It is not for people who do not have internet, (yes, I don't have internet), since for each thing you want to install it asks you for a dependency. It is very hard. From time to time I have access to the internet at work and just managed to install the driver for the video card and the printer drivers. It is very hard linux gentlemen. It's not that I don't like it, but it's not for people who don't have internet.

    A hug.-

    The relic.

  57.   nitsuga said

    @ Damien: I recommend using Debian Stable. You download the 4 DVDs (or 11 CDs), you record them and there you will have almost everything you need.

  58.   cristobal said

    I think version 9.4 came out with ext4 that assures the start and the shutdown and all those things I think that windows 7 is behind with karmic koala I'm very sorry to the post but it's true version 8.10 was a fiasco, 9.4 a real wonder for me

  59.   Jesus said

    Windows 7 = Master in User Controls.
    Linux = Powerful.

    Use the one that suits your needs.

    I must congratulate microsoft that yes, for the hardware support that has been implemented in 7. It makes the reinstallation of the system very comfortable.

    To linux, we should always be grateful ...

  60.   Cereal said

    Do not confuse Linux with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is shit, compared to Windows 7 it has nothing to do.

    Now, if we compare it with major distros, like Debian, slack, even with Mandriva, things change.

  61.   Fran said

    Cereal, could you argue your comment a bit.
    Now all it looks like is a troll's comment.

  62.   I am said

    Did Tyty0 come back ???

  63.   Rodrigo said

    When windows 7 can be used legally and supported by all of us who cannot afford the hundreds of dollars it costs, when Microsoft thinks of the rest of the world and not just the rich, let me know. Until then a thousand thanks to Ubuntu, it's the best.

  64.   anarres said

    I do not agree with the boot time between Linux and Windows.
    Usually, when I start my Ubuntu 9.10-64 the system is ready to support all the tasks that I send it -email, at least three Firefox with 5 pages in memory, Windows virtualization through Virtualbox, IP communications, P2P downloads,… -. On the other hand, when I start any version of W .., I still do not have 7, the system continues to load for many minutes, performs operations that I have no idea about and after time it sends me some incomprehensible messages. From there, some of the tasks that I started executing several seconds ago begin to start. Of course no virtualization.

  65.   Lehmer said

    First: In Linux I will never have a virus problem and I will save formatting every 2 months.

    Second: As Anarres says, what do we call starting? Because as soon as Ubuntu opens the graphical environment you can start to open thousands of programs and applications at the same time without waiting and without fear of crashing ..., while in Güindous you have to wait for the startup programs to finish loading in order to start surf the net or open a document (and as you open too many applications, it will hang to not change).

    Third: As darkhole says, in the 2Gb of the installation is included: music player, video, office automation, advanced image editor, pdf viewer ... that in the 11GB of M $ systems they are not ...

    Fourth: when there is a Live CD to TRY W ... and see if it convinces me or not, I will try it (and I am a man of my word), but while I go from installing something and having to format a week.

    Fifth: If using a Güindous application is life or death, I use VirtualBOX (I don't need to have 11GB of wasted hard disk, which in terms of problems, I will erase without losing any data from the pc.

    Sixth: If my disk is well partitioned and I have to format Ubuntu, I can keep my files (/ home), those of the server (/ var / www /), etc ... when reinstalling and with W ..., no

    Seventh: I'm with you Nitsuga: Ubuntu detects all kinds of disk formats, while M $ systems leave out the extended ones, reiser, etc ...

    Eighth: If I install any Linux system, it generates a grub that allows me to boot with ANY system that has already been installed; Now as a goal W…, I can say goodbye to starting with what I had before (blessed superGRUB !!)

    Anyway… .. and I could go on but I don't think it's necessary; Those of us who know Linux already know about its advantages and people who close their eyes and refuse to see from the first moment are not going to make them change their minds, so why waste time

    Well I leave a video:

    Now that I realize what number of the most curious comment I got xD xD

  66.   DAVIS said

    MiRA linux is the best of all because it gets a fast startup and shutdown speed it is also very fast !!! .. I am 14 years old and I use it .. I study in a technical college and we use windows in synthesis, it is not convenient for me to use aora linux but In most of the times I use linux I really love it and I handle it better than windows !!!… It's good !!… This guitar tuner already brings xd, what does it not?… Ojla and more people used to end the era of VIRUSES !!! ... windows is slower than a turtle and sometimes it crashes, however linux is the opposite, faster but everything !!! ... Use it !!! ...

  67.   someone said

    I have a machine with 1gb of ram p4 of 2.4ghz video of 64mb 250gb of hd and I put windows 7 and it was very slow (the one that was beta), and now with ubuntu 8.10 it works better, as it were with winxp or better :)

  68.   vicente said

    Let's see what are you trying to tell me, that a free software that works is worse because a 150 $ paid one works a little faster? he, he, he, I have good purists who go through the box but I have it clear never !!! also what requirements does W7 need? because the technology of my pc is already 5-6 years old and according to the microsoft code it is useless junk.

  69.   Yamil said

    Too much information for my skull, I have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on my acer aspire one running with all the effects never imagined and with a windows xp skin, and I can tell you that it looks even better than XP itself for a billion times, moreover that in terms of file transfer is 1 million times faster than XP (of course exaggerating a bit xD) and to download applications that meet my needs, just open the download manager and install and enjoy! UBUNTU 9 IS THE LEADER AND WILL BE FOR A LONG TIME, let's see how this distro does with the arrival of the new Google OS !!! = D

  70.   Yamil said

    Damn, I forgot to specify that I also have windows 7 installed and it's not bad, but it's still slower than ubuntu and uglier… = / And most important of all it's still WINDOWS T_T

  71.   Dago said

    The truth in terms of "comfort" in everyday use, Windows is much better. It is not at all comfortable that in Ubuntu I have to spend several minutes configuring a program that in Windows only unzips and runs. There are many details in Ubuntu that should be fine-tuned to really start competing with Windows, starting with the "look" of this, I agree that it is completely moldable and can be put to our whim, but for an inexperienced user and without time to customizing your OS is not at all striking the look you have now. I hope it improves and that it continues to be free !!

  72.   yamilskate said

    NO friend, ubuntu has much more comfort and if you get from a comparative point of view in terms of usability it is a thousand times better ubuntu because you just have to open the download manager, find what you need, install and voila! There are thousands of alternatives and in windows very few and in addition to all shareware and payment. = /
    In addition, for those of us who like the windows environment more, we can download a skin pack that completely transforms the appearance of this distro in windows xp in an identical way. So where you see him is the best !!!

  73.   Henry said

    Well, I have windows 7 and ubuntu 9.04, and in the first instance I was surprised with windows 7 because honestly it runs much faster and it doesn't run as many processes and it has very good compatibility, but as usual, it has already been used for almost a month. to slow down xD you start installing programs and it starts slow it takes time to fully start the desktop, etc etc, and the worst thing is that it removes the grub and I had to use supergrub to recover my beautiful ubuntu, after a while of not using ubuntu for The group thing, now that I return to Ubuntu, the change is quite noticeable, Ubuntu really is a multitasking operating system, I can have downloading videos, watching a movie, post here, and as usual, and I try to do the same in Windows and I it encourages me all and I can not do anything. They are told by a user who uses both operating systems, despite the fact that Ubuntu is not as good as other distros, it is still above the great Windows 7. So I invite you to try the 2 OS and judge for yourself. These tests that they did in this survey I bet that if they do them within 2 or 3 months of use they will change in favor of Linux by a lot. Salu2

  74.   lipite said

    I prefer ubntum because it does not have a virus

  75.   Pepe said

    NO friend, ubuntu has much more comfort and if you get from a comparative point of view in terms of usability it is a thousand times better ubuntu because you just have to open the download manager find what you need, install and voila! There are thousands of alternatives and in windows very few and in addition to all shareware and payment. = / In addition, for those of us who like the windows environment more, we can download a skin pack that completely transforms the appearance of this distro in windows xp in an identical way. So where you see him is the best !!!

    NO friend, ubuntu has much more comfort and if you get from a comparative point of view in terms of usability it is a thousand times better ubuntu because you just have to open the download manager find what you need, install and voila! There are thousands of alternatives and in windows very few and in addition to all shareware and payment. = / In addition, for those of us who like the windows environment more, we can download a skin pack that completely transforms the appearance of this distro in windows xp in an identical way. So where you see him is the best !!!

    NO friend, ubuntu has much more comfort and if you get from a comparative point of view in terms of usability it is a thousand times better ubuntu because you just have to open the download manager find what you need, install and voila! There are thousands of alternatives and in windows very few and in addition to all shareware and payment. = / In addition, for those of us who like the windows environment more, we can download a skin pack that completely transforms the appearance of this distro in windows xp in an identical way. So where you see him is the best !!!

    If you just have to open the package manager. When you don't have a package manager, you go to cyber and download the program, then go back to the dependencies .. hahaha
    Without internet it gets into the console, although not very difficult. ahh and by the way, install the dependencies beforehand so that it works for you. Let's go crazy linux.

  76.   3ric 3inar said

    Not definitely Ubuntu is better for me, I have a 255 gigabyte hard drive and a 512 megabyte RAM processor ¬ ¬ don't scoff.

    Being using Windows Vista Home Basic 32 Bit, with most of the disk used, my box makes a noise, God forbid, it is very slow haha.

    And when using Ubuntu 9.4 and soon 9.10;)
    it gets good, it does not make the slightest noise, it takes less than 13 seconds to load, I do not wait or mdrz for it to let me start to open on the internet, which in windows vista and previously in my Xp box it was completely desperate, I just right clicked on the desktop no more than 5 seconds after logging in and windows sends a message box that "Windows Explorer is not responding."

    And if that weren't enough, I only use 30 gigs of total space for Ubuntu, 30/250 is incredible as is the power of this beauty.

    If you think about installing it, it is very simple with Live CD, download it from the official website, burn it with a program for ISO image files, such as Nero or DVD Videosoft etc.

    Once done, you insert it, start the setup and choose to install it in Windows, follow the steps, restart and that's it.

    In truth, this system is the wonder, I love it haha.

  77.   name said

    Hahaha is to break the box with you.

    If it is something that Linux users cannot be denied, it is optimism. Optimism that is no longer such, but being very out of reality.

  78.   nitsuga said

    8 and a half months late, but the troll has arrived.

  79.   karlos said

    Windows 7 comes very nice and faster, the truth has evolved a lot, but even so I think that Ubunto accommodates a real beating in all aspects. Windows still means Viruses, security flaws, little range of customization and a great monopoly for you to use its little programs. I stay with Ubuntu without thinking twice, the truth is that they are ahead of windows by a lot.

  80.   kanaka said

    hahahaha it makes me laugh to hear that ubunto is better hahahaha The truth seems to me something very silly on the part of these linuxers to say that their operating system will go further haha ​​everyone knows that it is a free OS and even so no one risks trying it because As we all know it is a very poor system compared to Windows, I know they will deny what I say but it is the pure reality, I am an intermediate user, nobody can tell me that I am inexperienced. but windows makes life easier for any novice user without any knowledge but nevertheless they go to linux they die trying to make the internet connection modem work or something very simple like connecting a usb key hahaha something that is a piece of cake for windows, now if we talk about windows 7 haha ​​this system is the best I have seen at my 21 years old I am delighted I admire Microsoft for this good work on their part:

    now linux is a very poor system, as someone said over there! Almost all the software that exists for that system are created by the same users and, being so, they are programs that over the days get stuck and when you need it, it is no longer a big problem. In Windows everything is created by respectable companies and with efficiency in computing, so everything goes to Asia, a more advanced future in terms of computer technology, the new thing never stops coming out, something that in Linux only in dreams they do:

    but well I admire their power to try to convince people about the penguin but I think they can cover maybe 10% only if Microsoft disappears but I see that very difficult:

    Well, if Microsoft did not exist, something very difficult but it is an opinion I think it would be better for me to move with mac no matter if they take an eye out for that system before migrating to linux: I prefer to pay my money because I like everything be easier not a bullshit of nonsense problems like the ones linux suffers:


  81.   Yamil said

    The last one to publish this message must definitely be a 9-year-old boy because of his spelling and second because what he comments does not make the slightest sense. Anyway, the site's moderators are reported to be in charge of deleting the post.

  82.   Juan said

    Greetings to everyone here, watching this discussion, which makes no sense, which is better or worse, in GNU / Linux we talk about freedom, Microsoft systems will be superior, when they stop consuming us with the prices of licenses, I use windows since it came out On 3.1, I became addicted to this system, with windows xp, things were and are so easy, that we can regress in computer science learning, GNU / Linux teaches you, forces you to be active, every day you learn something new, and you meet endless people with whom you learn and teach, if there is a community. GNU / Linux.

  83.   alez said

    ps io I have 2 weeks that I kite the xp and I put ubuntu the best k you do not need to put drivers or anything like that the audio the video mm ps all fast and sim put anything no k with xp ai you are looking to put the drives k laziness up my 8-year-old brother liked me and he just learned to put GIM 100% better k paint and things like that for children I'm going from my ubuntu 9.10 haha: P

  84.   alez said

    I do not think that I changed to windows again here I have everything and better

  85.   Lucas said

    And the 9.10 of ubuntu? And should they? And the rest of the distros?
    You are an amateur. Windows will never be better than Linux.
    I saw some new pc fail with w7 64 bits, and my Ubuntu 9.10 running on a laptop from 4 years ago is perfect and it has not given me any error or anything like that….

  86.   Lucas said

    The guy who disgusts linux.
    1. Linux problems almost minimal I solve them without help easier than those of windows.
    2. You don't use linux because you have no idea.
    3. Windows do not pay (piracy) With which I do not spend money.
    4. I can run windows applications on linux.
    5. I have no virus on any of my drives.
    6. Before knowing a windows pc I had one with just ms2.
    7. The first operating system I knew about was machintosh.
    8. Games make me sweat.
    9. You have to be a fool to spend money on windows, antivirus, office….
    Being able to download or copy it.
    Anyway, you are ignorant

  87.   chobe said

    I used ubuntu from 8.9 to 9.4 on a presario f755la lap, everything worked for me except the internal microphone, I never managed to get it going, of course it is not the fault of linux but of the manufacturers since they do not support linux or have no faith in it or I do not know what it will be, in short I used many linux distros such as open suse, mandriva 2008 and 2009, kubuntu and ubuntu and the truth is they are good operating systems but in my opinion sometimes they leave much to be desired, I migrated to xp again because windows vista would never return because it sucks at least on this laptop, because yes, windows vista consumes too much ram and maybe for it to work at 100% you have to have at least 4gb of ram ...
    Now I have migrated to windows seven and the truth is for me it is a beauty, it is fast, stable and very nice and absolutely all the hardware works for me I think I will definitely stay with seven, I think there is no reason to argue between operating systems, Which is better, I think we have to use the one that suits us best, we like it and feel comfortable, of course the most obvious difference in this matter is money because Linux is free and Windows too if you hack it hahahahaha (IT'S A JOKE BILL GATES DON'T GET ME PRISONED) but anyway, so regards the linuxera and windowsera community, take care of yourselves and don't fight XD ...
    PS: the only thing I miss is compiz :(

  88.   chobe said

    I was wrong I wanted to say ubuntu 8.10 and below I wanted to say strange to wonder hahahahaha

  89.   Friendly meadow said

    I have a problem, Ubuntu 9.4 was installed on the entire disk when I turned on the computer, I no longer start as windosxp but as Ubuntu, how can I do to uninstall it again and to reinstall it using some space on the hard disk

  90.   nitsuga said

    @Amable Prado: If you installed it on the entire hard drive, you erased Windows with all its data. You can see if it's still there by holding down shift when it says "Grub loading ..."

  91.   nikelite said

    The time when the machines are turned on is not juicy, while windows (all versions) when it starts, slowly loads ALL the programs, drivers and startup features, taking my AMD Phantom II X4 machine with 8Gb and 1tb HDD around 50 seconds. (having 15 days of formatted and installed windows 7) ubuntu throws me the excellent and magnificent speed of 23-24 seconds loading everything, the machine is now free to do what I please.

  92.   intruder said


  93.   juanjo said

    For Jose ... just a nuance ... you say that you use the pc since high school ... I suppose it would be between 14 to 16 years old until the 32 you say you have ...
    and you've only tried linux ...

    if those years you had shared it with linux instead of windows ...

    I think that what you have is only custom .. it becomes easier to use linux to hack and maintain windows ^^

  94.   juanjo said

    Well, I have read many forums on these topics ... which is like everything ...

    If you want a car to take you home from work and little is better with anyone .. if you are going to go to the field an SUV ..

    if you go fishing ... once a year ... with a bit of rope and a hook it will do the job for you ...
    If you want to fish well, you get a good rod ...

    This is the same if you settle for listening to mp3, watch videos and msn .. it is normal that they throw more through windows now than if you want something seriously stable you will have linux ... the only difference that it has to the aforementioned that here the good thing comes out
    free ^^

    On the box it said: "Requires Windows XP or higher"…. So install linux.

  95.   andres said

    'Windows 7 an alternative to Ubuntu'… interesting. Very interesting.

    Windows 7 is really a marvel, it has no comparison with the other windows, I don't want to argue about ubuntu, it's another os
    different from windows, let's talk all about windows or all about ubuntu, I stay with windows for my whole life it is superior

  96.   Kristian said

    It would be interesting to know why they did not compare Windows 7 with a current version of Ubuntu? I say this because since 7 came out there were already more current versions of Ubuntu that go to 9.10 and not 8.10.

    Why follow this kind of completely manipulated articles?

    By the way, my laptop turns on in Ubunto in just 35sec so I don't know in what kind of pc they do the happy tests, another interesting thing is that Windows 7 turns on in 48sec in the same lap.

    The shutdown data if they could be real but it takes me 5sec to shutdown from Ubuntu ..

    Sony Vaio FW-160FE

  97.   Trevice said

    I am writing to you as an Ubuntu Koala user who went over to the opposite side a few days ago.

    I currently have Windows 7 Home premium (original). Starts and shuts down as fast as Ubuntu, continuous CPU usage is similar. Except for the unfortunate need to have an antivirus installed, Windows 7 becomes more versatile for a day-to-day user, who needs application compatibility, in my case games and Itunes for the iPhone.

    The day Ubuntu allows 100% compatibility with applications or games, I will definitely switch to Ubuntu. Users want an OS based on the Linux kernel but compatible with Windows applications and games, that offer us clean Ubuntu and that we can install whatever we want from scratch without complications. So far and sad to say, Ubuntu and similar distros only offer successors to the most common tools, in daily use on a PC. It's like comparing xxxxxx with the Iphone.

    I said, summarizing we want a Windows based on Linux :)

  98.   Experimenter said

    They lack something (I call it RESISTANCE TEST… ..XD) having told two people to use both systems for a period of 1 week, and see which one is better off, you will see that Ubuntu's performance has not changed significantly, while that in windows you notice the problems it begins to leak, be careful I am talking about leaving the machine on 7 days in a row without turning it off, well the maximum that I arrived was 5 days on, on the 6th day I turned it off because in the area where I live So doing maintenance to the power line for Christmas that is coming, and I can tell you that I have done everything in Ubuntu and on the last day ps too is going great, no errors, no slow, I made a 3D animation, a photo montage, download from youtube videos, ufffffffffffffff, result too equal ……………… XD

  99.   Experimenter said

    They lack something (I call it RESISTANCE TEST… ..XD) having told two people to use both systems for a period of 1 week, and see which one is better off, you will see that Ubuntu's performance has not changed significantly, while that in windows you notice the problems it begins to leak, be careful I am talking about leaving the machine on 7 days in a row without turning it off, well the maximum that I arrived was 5 days on, on the 6th day I turned it off because in the area where I live So doing maintenance to the power line for Christmas that is coming, and I can tell you that I have done everything in Ubuntu and on the last day ps too is going great, no errors, no slow, I made a 3D animation, a photo montage, download from youtube videos, ufffffffffffffff, result too equal ……………… XD
    I did this with UBUNTU 9.10 Karmic Koala

  100.   nikelite said

    hahaha, a windows based on linux ?, hahahaha, which windows closes faster than linux? ha ha ha.

    I think you are in a different universe than the rest of us. That you like windows more does not mean that linux is bad or that it has blunders like windows, linux is not perfect but it is close.

  101.   fon51 said

    before criticizing why don't we try both?
    I use both operating systems on my "normal" 2 gb ram 2 ghz laptop and an ati x1250.
    Windows 7, until recently installed, takes me 65 seconds to start and 10 seconds to shut down.
    Ubuntu, recently installed, or full of programs, it starts me up in 35 or 40 seconds and shuts down in 4 or 5 seconds.

  102.   rauls66 said

    Well, I was a fervent defender of Windows. I've been through almost every system. And thanks to biting me in a forum, I have installed ubuntu 9.10. These are my conclusions after 5 days of use:

    1st. Ubuntu is more complicated to use. Especially because we are used to Windows.
    2nd. Being more complicated becomes more fun. To put it in some way, challenging. Win you know you install it and it works correctly. You press a key and everything updates. Ubuntu always have problems and that makes it interesting, because in the end you know that you will get them fixed.
    3rd. Windows does not change. After trying Ubuntu you realize how boring Windows gets. I have had Win 7 for 3 weeks and I am more than tired of the same thing.
    4th. I have gotten another quite old laptop and plugged Ubuntu into it. It runs like my main laptop and boots up at the same time. The old one is Celeron at 500 Mhz, the "new" Dual Core at 1,6Ghz.
    5th. Win 7 installs and configures everything by itself. But Ubuntu 9.10 too.
    6th. For an ordinary user (internet, mail, messenger «aMSN on Linux» etc), Ubuntu is not complicated.
    7th. Once you learn a few basic things in Linux, you will never be limited by this system anymore. You just have to dedicate some time to adapt.
    8th. With Windows if you don't have internet (who doesn't have internet?) You can work, with Ubuntu things get complicated. (You cannot consult forums, for example).

    Well, as you can see, it is best to try it for a while before giving your opinion. And luckily, simply afterwards, choose.

    Windows user at work.
    New Linux user at home, I hope for a long time.

  103.   eCapool said

    8th. With Windows if you don't have internet (who doesn't have internet?) You can work, with Ubuntu things get complicated. (You cannot consult forums, for example).

    What a big supine bullshit :)
    If you don't have internet you can't access anything that is online, don't mess with people with absurd things, thank you ...

    And to another thing: Those tests are absurd.
    If I install Windows after a month of use, it would be full of viruses, slowed down, hard drive clogged, etc ... In any Linux distro, a month of use is like the first day.
    You cannot compare the aspect, the important thing is the KERNEL and in that Linux 100% surpasses any Guindows :)

    And they are not worth nonsense like: In Linux there are no games, in Linux I cannot do office work, all of these are vague excuses to continue with the usual, since only a small percentage of the population is encouraged or wants to try good and new things , the rest are coupled to fashion, even paying absurd licenses, tying themselves up like sheep to be well sheared :)

    If you are a Linux user with at least 3 months of real experience of use, you can give your opinion, otherwise not a lot. In my case, several years trying everything, loyal user of Ubuntu and I love freedom lover, greetings

  104.   I am me said

    tying up like sheep to be well sheared

    You hit the spot, that's Windows hahahahaha

  105.   intruder said

    What is Ubuntu? Hahaha

    I have a collection of viruses, trojans, logic bombs, worms in a folder called "VIRUS COLLECTION" located on my partition "H", I am using Windows and it is not infected with any of them.

    The se7en continues as fast as the first day (2 months), the same was with the XP (3 years), on almost 18 hours a day.
    Well, we use it to be chatting, videos, music, office automation, editing (video - music), autocad, photoshop, statistical spss, stat, industrial simulator, loquendo, games, ares, atube, repair USB HHD, utilities, etc.

    My computer is used by me and my family, we give it like a rat in my Pentium D with 1GB of ram and we have not had any problems.

    I do not know how the others have these problems with the win, it must be because they do not know how to use an OS.

  106.   ecapool said

    intruder install any Linux distro, compare seriously and then talk, meanwhile Beeeeeee, Beeeeee, like all the Windows sheep :)

  107.   intruder said

    @Ecapool: Sheep yes claaaaaaaaaaro, if I buy a sony lcd tv, I am a sony sheep, if I buy a Samsung camera I am a Samsung sheep, if I buy an HP printer I am a HP sheep.

    mm ... distro? Linux? Well, you recommend Linux, but the truth is that neither I nor anyone in my family wants to waste time.

  108.   ecapool said

    Beeeeee, beeeeeee, beeeeeeee, hahahahaha

    To start from scratch I recommend Linux Mint, Kubuntu or Ubuntu.

    For color tastes, I Ubuntu Forewer :)

  109.   alriel said

    I have tried the different OS distributions, I am not an analyst or anything like that, as most of those who comment here, I am a home user, we could say that I would like to say that there is currently proprietary hardware -excuse me for the term if it is not the correct one- designed only for the system with which it comes, that is, vista or 7, I want to put Xp on it, it is very complicated and from there to put linux or leopard, forget it does not recognize most of the hardware of Vaio anyway. I installed linux on my stationary pc several times from mandriva to those that imitate the Vista or XP interface were not disappointing but if very limiting as a home user I am used to drag and drop between programs to an elegant interface something they neglect is the Too much aesthetics I would say the open office is far from the Microsoft office recently and only recently a drawing in openoffice could pass the margin of the page without hanging something good that linusx introduced the tabs that when it was not yet in windows and the different applications were os More beautiful than I saw, it hurts they did not exploit it thoroughly they stayed there and whoever improved it microsot tell them thief whatever but they together with firefox popularized something new within the user interface experience operates 10.10 if they add some buttons to the bar style from office to most of the programs it would be wonderful something that windows lost the classic start last the functionality not of It must be separated from the aesthetic and the functionality must be practical (pragmatic) for the user I read many times that in windows you cannot do such a thing as in linux, but who uses it the too much depth in which it still does not have makes that do not limit what a user already has above said windows has not changed much and it is true but it is more functional, more practical and more intuitive, the end user is from home and that should be addressed to linux thanks

  110.   Strange Dimension said

    they are really pathetic
    reading all those racist and empty comments, in what I refer to these two fantastic systems, the truth is that I believe that any system can be good, as was mentioned by «Jose» in a comment that I did there. ok ... I understand that my words will not change the world, what c. But really, you should feel a bit ashamed and even reason a little bit. I have Vista Home premium and the truth is that I don't have any compatibility problems, it all depends on how you want it to work, depending on how much shit you put on the hard drive. I do not know Linux and I could say that you are a super novice in Ubuntu interface (but that can be fixed); D. At this moment I am downloading the latest version which is 9.10 koala, correct me if I am wrong. but ami the net I like to experiment, and if ubuntu is good as well as W7.
    now I have a question about exporting the files to ubuntu: what happens to the files, are they moved, copied, or do I just have to re-record them using the ubuntu platform?

  111.   Strange Dimension said

    By the way I forgot to mention the characteristics of my lap hehe.
    I have an acer aspire 5715-4543
    dual core 1.86GHZ
    368 MB of mobile intel accelerator X3100 which in my opinion intel is a bit efficient in what are the quality of materials):
    and 160 GB of HD (hard disk)

    Do you think it would be good if I install Ubuntu on my desktop machine?
    I have a GT3074m gateway
    with dual core but this is a little weaker than 1.6 GHZ
    with 400 GB of HD…. very big no? for a computer that starts this capacity with 1 GB of ram ¬¬
    That if I fell bad.
    I would appreciate if you recommend me in which computer to install this good system

  112.   Everore said

    Hey how are you, the point is the end you have, that sums up everything, I have checked both, now I work with ubuntu jaunty and with ultimate view, I have both because I use the pc for various purposes, I usually spend it in ubuntu, but because I have a radio station I use view, I am not saying that in ubuntu it cannot be done, only that I prefer to keep everything related to the radio in Window $ and the rest in ubuntu, this is because although at the beginning window $ It is not so slow, as soon as I load a few programs it slows down a lot, instead in Ubuntu I have loaded many programs you already know for "chekarlos" xD and although there someone said that they did that study with desktop users and for computer machines home, because I think that I am a clear example that once you check any Linux distro, jamaz wants to return to window $, and well what now happens to me is that every time I enter window $ I want to turn off to enter linux xD, both the environment and how slow it becomes window $ lu ego for a time is tedious xD.

  113.   ivan said

    Well there is talk of, windows 7 and ubunto. There is already the kubunto that contains a very nice desktop and it works, it is as who says it is the one that competes with window 7. Try it and you will see that it has the similarity to 7. only that I use the ubunto 9.10 because I like how I am learning how to use it easily, and it has never failed or restarted my lap. there are many districts that depending on the need they can use. In addition, linux systems do not use drivers because they are already good and not in windows and to install them, what problem do they give

  114.   antonio said

    When someone wants to convince me that windows is better than linux, the answer is without words, I used windows for a long time because I didn't know anything else, but now that I know something else, microsoft never sees my hair again, even more than give it away.

  115.   John Bolter said

    Yes of course…

    In Mexico, Ubuntu does not cost. Windows 7 costs about $ 200.

    Does Windows 7 really come with Office?
    I did not know that ... because Office is sold separately and costs about 380USD.

    Can you really watch a DVD with Windows without buying the codec?

    To install my scanner, in Ubuntu I just had to connect it. In Windows 7 I had to download 167 Megabytes from the HP website ...

    My Ubuntu runs a beautiful graphical system of four desktops that can be seen mapped to a three-dimensional cube, which makes the windows like bubblegum through my nVidia card. The transparency is spectacular and the visual effects are also unmatched. Windows 7, the system is very bad with only one desktop and it is unnecessarily complicated and it is not as fast as Ubuntu.

    It's not even worth making the comparisons ...

  116.   John Bolter said

    I failed to say:

    Have you seen a virus for Ubuntu?
    Because I do not…

    Have you seen a virus for windows?

  117.   Costa Rica said

    I already decided INDEPENDENCE OF WINDOWS ... WHY? simply because the software has become a millionaire business, and thinking seriously piracy is a bullet to my conscience, practically EVERYTHING can be achieved with its respective serial, I have a Mac book pro, it does not need anything, apple gives you everything Almost all the software, not Windows ... they are all trial, although there are many free, it is a question of conscience I think ... that's why I chose UBUNTU 9.10 very easy and improved, and the best thing everything you use is free and my conscience is clear! !!!!

  118.   Manuel Antonio said

    I installed Ubuntu on my windows 7 I found this Link http://pcexpertos.com/2010/01/instalar-ubuntu-910-con-windows-7.html and I find it very easy to do it, when I want to, I just change the system when I restart my pc without so many complications ...

  119.   yomismo said

    What is not mentioned is that when you install ubuntu you also install almost all the necessary applications to start working. Suite of office automation, compressors, photo retouching, at the same height as the commercial ones, and even surpassing them once you know how to handle them. If in windows we install all the applications that Ubuntu brings, we would already see the defeat in performance and boot as it takes more advantage. Furthermore, the windows file system is simply a mess and needs maintenance to avoid heavy fragmentation and deterioration if you are constantly working with thousands of files, continually deleting and creating. And if we continue talking about the advantages of linux over windows ... I would get tired of writing.

  120.   George said

    hello in my house there are 2 computers, one with windows 7 and another with ubuntu, I had to buy a computer because my girlfriend does not like linux, how will I hate windows that I spent the money on another computer not to use it, ubuntu is the one easier to use I think of all linux it took me a couple of months to find out how it worked because it is very different from windows but when you get the hang of it you don't want another one, greetings

  121.   Bill® said

    Dear colleagues, it is not my intention to argue but you can not remotely compare Ubuntu with Windows 7. Sorry for bothering you but even comparison is impossible. Windows 7 is far superior when it comes to usability, which is ultimately what the end user needs. Although Ubuntu has a large number of pre-installed and installed applications, none remotely resembles the commercial packages that we have in Windows 7. Of course, Ubuntu is stable, reliable and free; but with regard to the final quality of the product, it leaves much to be desired, especially the graphic environment. This one is poor and untidy, it reminds me of Windows 3.11 and the applications the same. They lack neatness and quality details. Of course, over time (years) it can match and maybe even surpass Windows 7; especially when you don't depend on low-level commands from the console; but this is not the case today. It is a lie that Windows 7 is unstable, probably from a technical point of view Ubuntu is more stable, but that alone does not make a better operating system. If it is true that it is ideal for servers, since constant interaction with the user is not required, I hope this serves as a guide for those who are tempted to migrate from Windows 7 to Ubuntu, do not do it unless you want to use a product still raw. Lucky.

  122.   jose said

    Ubuntu? What's that?

    Linux is like that young sportsman who has been talking all his life who has already arrived, who is going to explode, but he never does. And after two decades, the promising sportsman Linux has grown old.

  123.   lopezoliver said

    They are losing the really interesting course of comparison.
    Several Gnu-Linux systems (there is not only ubuntu) are more efficient or the same as the new windows.

    What is really important is the philosophy behind each OS. While Windows has a market logic, Ubuntu has a humanity logic. Please read what Free Software means, free as in freedom not as free beer. In other words, a Gnu-Linux OS is not only free, it is free! watch http://www.fsf.org

    Don't miss out on guys, your discussions seem as out of place as wondering if (hypothetically speaking) the new solar-powered car reaches 100km / h a second before or after the new Ferrari…. who cares!!! it is a solar car !!!
    The important thing is not the speed but the philosophy that each product represents and with which we commit ourselves (whether we realize it or not) when using them

  124.   rodrigo said

    people fan I thought someone was going to say it but nobody noticed.! the post compares ubuntu 8.10 (old distro already) with win 7 just released! . I wonder why it doesn't compare ubuntu 10.04 with win7 or ubuntu 9.10 that hardly even names it. Obviously, if I compare old ubuntu with a fresh one and polished of errors that it had been carrying with sight, it will win the second. I hope someone makes a comparison with 10.04. I'm using beta 2 and it runs much faster than 9.10 .. and that's saying a lot, right? lucky!

  125.   nitsuga said

    It's amazing how this post continues to generate comments FOURTEEN MONTHS after being published… LXA: Congratulations.

    1.    f sources said

      Thank you very much nitsuga :)

  126.   Windows 7 and Ubuntu said

    I have seen the video ... and well I have both operating systems on a pc and really all have their advantages and disadvantages ... Windows is more stable and accepts more games than Ubuntu ... but Ubuntu beats it in effects and resndimiendo as well as capacity and no virus ...

    But if they come to see ... "If Ubuntu had more support for games it would be the best" and why they don't say this: "Windows would be better if it were virus-free and with more effects"

    Honestly, I stay with windows 7, despite everything ... it's good, stable and the interface isn't too shabby ... it's nice.

    To conclude ... if ubuntu were the best, because most use windows and ubuntu is free download ... if ubuntu were more popular it would be the target of the entire branch of viruses on the Internet ...

  127.   maxi said

    I am very struck by a very important confusion that is repeated throughout the post.
    They say that Windows is better than Linux because of the programs. There is a major misconception here. Both Windows and Linux are operating systems, the programs that run on those operating systems are something else. In this post what is intended to be compared are the operating systems, NOT the programs.
    The same I say for those who defend Linux saying that the programs are free and free.
    With all due respect, but it seems to me that this should be put in another post, or at least separate the comparison of the operating systems from the programs.
    Despite the whole post is very funny, I like to see how they hit each other, many times with reason, others with heart.

  128.   Antonio said

    hi, Ubuntu is pretty ugly, that's why I use either mint 8 or kubuntu, although I admit that I recently tried the windo7 and was favorably surprised.
    In general and please do not take it the wrong way but I would like to admit that "in general Linux sucks" I tried to integrate a wifi-usb, and damn I had to give up in the end, the little help that I found "serious" was in English and Chinese, why do I use it? Well, is there anything better on the market? To those who have not recently tried any linux distro, I say, a couple of years ago pa ka linux, although it is still shit, it has improved a lot, and in my personal opinion it is better than windows in almost everything.
    I, like most users, come from windowns, that is, I know it and quite well, so I don't know how people who say that windows are perfect for them can be read out there, they will do like everyone else from regular to bad ...
    Although I recognize that linux is still shit, I recommend everyone to try it, that if at least a month, do not forget the years that you have been in windows, try it with interest for a single month, with the same interest as when you started in windows , and I think it will open your eyes a little.
    Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those who make "Linux in general" possible, I will always feel indebted to you.

  129.   Hi Bitches said

    I have to learn to occupy the x_x console outside of that Ubuntu is the slit: D I adore it…. Although I would like to try debian, I do not want to abandon ubuntu * 3 * never gave me a miser error ... (unlike xp) despite being a newbie in this of linux, I can do everything I did normally and with better performance on my pc…. now I will try mangaka linux to see how it is; D ... (I know ... I'm geek-japo D :) greetings 8D

  130.   Hi Bitches said

    Needless to say, Kubuntu is a shit x3 in vdd I don't like the KDE environment ._. (still better than winbug $ xD)

  131.   damian said

    I love people who say that games do not work in linux, clarify "in linux the games that were created for Windows do not work" is like saying that the play station is bad because you can not put sega cassettes in it, with people who think so windows has the future assured, keep using window $ after all being free is not an obligation.

  132.   Hate said

    linux is better than windows surely now windows is easy to use linux you have impressive bards to do simple things I use linux and I love it but I do not recommend it to anyone who does not want to learn how to use it. Once you know how to use it, it is glory, meanwhile it is worse than drowning. Everything has to do with the determination that you put him to learn to use an extremely versatile operating system that takes advantage of much more resources than windows ... but windows and your next next accept is already installed is too easy and now with seven that walks very well it is still easier for common user windows 7 to full for those who want to know something about pc and have a better use of their computer and do things that they thought they could not learn linux you will never regret.

  133.   jortecus said

    Ubuntu opens many processes by default to help in compatibility and make life easier for the user, they are also testing the latest Windows OS with one from Ubuntu a year ago, very bad, Lucid Lynx turns on in the middle of that [from GRUB with an SSD it takes about 9 seconds with everything and compiz]

  134.   jortecus said

    do you know how to install a .deb?

    1_double click
    2_give install package
    3_put key

    an .exe with Wine:
    1_double click
    2_accept license
    3_choose components
    4_look for where to place

    that counting already having the .deb or the .exe in your hands, from the software center it is very simple

  135.   mario said

    As I understand the file transfer speeds depends on the format of the hard drive, tell me if not. So it would be a bit absurd to compare them in these areas since Linux can install different types of partition formats according to your needs.

  136.   angel said

    hello the windows startup part, there is a big problem since ubuntu will take longer to load but when you start the section it is ready for use instead windows you have to wait for all the files to load after you start section considering that windows It would take more than twice as long to start than Ubuntu

  137.   Karina said

    The comparison is excellent but ... I think it doesn't matter who beats whom for how many "seconds". I like the 7 interface better, I think it is a way to replace the error that was seen. Ubuntu, although I find it complex (because each task is difficult for me) I prefer it for its stability and of course for the absence of viruses! I don't know much about that ... I'm one of those girls who only "chat" hehehe I use both systems. 7 because I like its interface and it is simple to which one is always accustomed, and Ubuntu is the one that suits me best.

    Tip: Try both! and draw your conclusions.

  138.   Animal_Virtual said

    These comparisons are always uneven and in favor of windows because the operating systems are not installed the same, windows 7 is installed with minimal applications, on the other hand, any Linux distribution, no matter how minimal, has many applications integrated, I would like to see a comparison of linux against windows In the same conditions with complete systems, minimum windows with the Microsoft office suite installed, a CD copy program, an image editor, a messenger, your multimedia player, a p2p client and an antivirus to see if you sleep as you snore , I have new computers with core2duo and windows 7 that can take up to 30 minutes to show the desktop for loading these applications when starting and I have a pentium 4 with ubuntu 10.4 with many applications and it maintains the times of this comparison.

  139.   Luis said

    the ubunti 10.04 is faster than the windows 7 booting and also in a pentium 3 it goes quite well.

  140.   Jose said

    These data seem strange to me, there must be something wrong, I install ubuntu on my laptop with a removable USB disk in 2 and a half minutes including partitioning and user account creation with everything ready to use and what is missing the same system will install you when using it comfortably (mp3, flash, video codecs, language preferences, etc). To install windows 7 I need at least 30 minutes from the DVD (and it is the only official way to do it) and then I have to install the drivers that WUpdate does not install for me. Ubuntu starts me up in no more than 15 seconds ready to use, while windows 7 does not get rid of 40 seconds (once you install the necessary programs since at first it does not reach 30 seconds but the loading time every time you start is greater) and that's not counting how long it takes to load the desktop afterwards.
    You can call me a linux fanboy or whatever you think, Windows may be a very commercial product with a lot of output, but in terms of quality it is far below any Linux distro such as Ubuntu, debian or fedora.
    I would have liked them to have compared with debian, I have used it and it is much faster than ubuntu although if you don't know well you get things that you do not know how to solve, things that do not happen with Ubuntu (linux for humans that said a slogan I think I remember) .

  141.   Pedro said

    They told me that Ubuntu was better but since I have it I don't see a big difference with Windows 7 so it is almost the same only as free, which is very good. and without viruses.
    But it can't be played on linux like on windows. DX9.

  142.   Dani said

    Oh linuxers, they will never learn!
    These tests are not interesting (unless they were aimed at servers), why not do usability tests? Where they test if users manage to format a USB, for example. Or they manage to find and install an application according to a specific need, solve a problem (such as sending an email through Evolution or Windows Mail) or perform a series of configurations (a home network). These tests are more convincing, because they will demonstrate the ease of using a software and solving a problem for a specific audience (the desktop user).

    I have been a "linuxero" for only 3 years, but all those things you say are basic, both in windows and in linux. Of course, all this is simpler in linux. Ubuntu is a very visual and simple distro to start. By the way, since Ubuntu 8.10 (the one that comes out in the comparison) 4 have already come out later. I would highlight 10.04. For window viewers, there are things that windows does not have, eg it is not multi-user, that is, leaving a session open and running while using another user's session; Viruses are also a problem, since a good antivirus slows down the machine even more; open source is multiplying day by day on the Internet, it is becoming more and more common; There are many problems that I don't think windows will solve in the near future.

  143.   nitsuga said

    There are things that Windows does not have, eg it is not multi-user, that is, leaving a session open and running while using another user's session; Viruses are also a problem, since a good antivirus slows down the machine even more; open source is multiplying day by day on the Internet, it is becoming more and more common; There are many problems that I do not think windows will solve in the near future.

    I'm not pro-windows, what's more, I only use ArchLinux the vast majority of the time, and, to prevent someone from taking advantage of the inaccuracy of your comment, I tell you that Windows is completely multi-user and multi-tasking since Windows 2000, and allows two users logged in to the same console at the same time. Windows XP calls this "fast user switching." In addition, viruses are not a problem for Windows 7 (although the shortcut bug does not help) or Mac OS X or Ubuntu, it is, for the most part, a problem for users. No matter how strong a chain is, it is only as weak as its weakest link, and if an Ubuntu user downloads a .deb from an unknown source, and, ignoring the security warning, types their password and install the package, it will inevitably get infected, no matter how good the kernel security is.

  144.   marius said

    I have used windows 7 for 1 year shortly it will be another year since I switched to ubuntu.

    The satisfaction of using an operating system does not come from moving large files to a pendrive. That just saves you some time doing these tasks, and we are not normally thinking when we copy a file something like "if it was on ubuntu ... it would be done by now" No, nobody thinks that. However, when you are using Ubuntu and you buy a USB to watch DTT, you go to the manufacturer's page and discover that there are no drivers for your operating system, then you look for your life to download a driver, you compile it for 1 hour, you install it, it works but you have the feeling that it could work a lot better because it hangs a lot but hey, at least it works and you haven't thrown that money away. Then change the kernel version in an update and you discover that the tdt no longer works for you, you try to recompile it and it gives an error, and looking for life a little again you find another commune of people who have had the same thing as you and it turns out that the driver is no longer valid for the current version and the alternative is, if you are a programmer and have time, work on the driver yourself.

    We also don't make comparisons between Windows and Linux when you come home with your laptop and plug your monitor into the laptop. In Windows 7 I remember that it was the only gesture I had to do, plug in the monitor cable and now in Ububtu in addition to plugging in the cable I have to hit alt + f2, write "nvidia-settings", go to the screen configuration section , click to detect monitor, select the detected one and configure it to the desired resolution. It is still true that there is some configuration to do that by editing the xorg.conf but as always I have to go looking for something that does not exist and that is time.

    And I have to say that with Windows 7 I was much more productive, now with Ubuntu I spend more time sautéing and tuning it than actually doing what I should be doing.

    Of course, Linux has an added value, it is free and I am very happy with many other aspects, as in the matter of viruses and the great community of people that surrounds it always ready to help. But all that glitters is not gold. I think that I will always miss things from Windows and also from Linux.

    By the way, nobody tell me "buy a mac" because I hate all Macs and Apple.

  145.   nitsuga said

    @marius: It's "funny" ... but I think exactly the other way around. First of all, I hate waiting. Copying a 15GB file from one disk to another in Windows takes 11 minutes. The same operation, on Linux, takes 3:30 minutes. there is no comparison. In windows, I plugged in my Nokia 5800 via USB to use the tethering function and it didn't work. Sure, I had never tried it on windows, and I didn't have the drivers installed. I lost the CD with the drivers, so, without internet, it occurred to me to restart the Ubuntu that I had installed on that PC and connect the cell phone. I instantly saw the contents of the SD card, and a notification informed me that "Nokia XpressMusic 5800 access point is available" Two clicks on the network icon in the notification area and I was connected.
    In Windows, I remember that it was impossible to run an external monitor without restarting the PC if it was not connected at boot. He recognized it, but apparently he could not set a resolution that would serve him. The time I tried in Ubuntu, after connecting it, System → Preferences → monitors, screen 2 → Power. Clever.
    In the typical use of the operating system Ubuntu is a great time saver most of the time, the only problem that my productivity has adolescent is the lack of applications. Editing a video in KDEnlive, although it is very powerful, is very… back-to-back. I loose the time. The same for editing photos in GIMP. GIMP is very powerful, and I learned to use it before Photoshop, but with PS I do the same in fewer steps, or in a more intuitive way. The only thing linux lacks to get off the ground is third-party support. The community simply cannot do EVERYTHING on its own. Although it does an extraordinary job.

  146.   recall said

    Ubuntu is still a nice toy to clean your computer from viruses. It's the windows maid.

  147.   tincho said

    Forgive me, but according to what you said, the BEAT was eaten by Bill Gates, not Linux !!! Your conclusion with the results of the studies seemed a great contradiction to me. I have WIN7 and I hate licenses, registrations and stuff more and more every day.

  148.   ezekiel said

    Simple window has viruses because it is a well-known system, and who do hackers make viruses to steal information, codes, etc. Linux? mmm no xq? Because nobody is interested in hacking that operating system even though it is very good .. in short, the most used is window, which was the first operating system you used when you learned to handle the computer window, right? in cyber, in schools on all sides window dominates .. I don't like ubuntubu but neither do I despise it let's be concise and let's not be closed-minded .. I don't like linux but neither do I despise it, not because I don't like it I'm going to talk bad of him like linuxeros do it .. and if window is full of viruses, why are there antiviruses? And if a person wants a window and cannot legally buy it, why is piracy? In taringa they give you everything served .. or are they going to tell me that they are all honest and that when they download a trial program and it expires they will pay x the license? I doubt it a lot, anyway .. window and linux have their thing ..

  149.   vdgg said

    I suppose you have compared Windows with Ubuntu because it is the most popular and used distro. The comparison doesn't really tell me which one is better (I don't use either of the two), but I really think that a user cares more about things that are not in the comparison. For me, there is one thing in which Windows beats Linux inhumanely; BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. There are changes from one version of Linux to another that mean that you do not have a 100 x 100 guarantee that you can continue using the same program. I think Linux would earn a lot of integers if instead of releasing a new version every 6 months, the versions were thoroughly debugged for 2 or three years. And if every time a new version of the system libraries is released it is guaranteed that the programs compiled with a previous library can continue to run without problems. Another thing that I don't like at all is needing the internet to install the operating system. To give an example that is not Linux, let's talk about OpenSolaris: before there were two versions SXCE that came on DVD and OpenSolaris. The first did not need an internet connection to install a system with all the utilities and it took about 2 hours depending on the machine; Obviously you could leave the system installing and dedicate yourself to something else. On the other hand, with OpenSolaris the installation is faster, but then you have to connect to an online repository to install the rest and in the end it takes longer to have the system installed, with the problem that if you don't have an internet connection, then you can't. I really believe that Windows succeeds for those three reasons: 1 - backwards compatibility, with the odd exception. 2- The installation does not depend on the internet. 3- The period between versions is much longer and this makes life easier for programmers.

    The benchmarks are interesting, but I don't think anyone takes them into account when using an operating system.

  150.   Jose David said

    My opinion is that at the time of running Windows 7 with any of the antivirus that fixed it must have it if not the system is definitely not safe without doing the tests I know that Uuntu wins, maxime in its version 10.10 good in my opinion There is no valid comparison as security is priceless.

    another serious test with the vulnerabilities ,,, who wins hahaha without a doubt gentlemen ... thanks for your attention

  151.   mauricio9578 said

    Ubuntu should improve the graphical aspect of most of the applications, those players are horrible, the appearance of the folders, etc.

  152.   angeldon said

    windows 7 will be slower but I have had problems with ubuntu if you write or paste a command from a page or install third-party software, viruses can appear that make some programs work badly. For example, update version 10.4 to 10.10 from the terminal. Everything became unstable for me. The photospot I saw the green photos I did not see the videos of the pages. download version 10.10 from the official website. and when I try to install it, I get a black screen and I have to restart I stay with the Ubuntu 10.4 version. The best thing would be to stop making so many versions that some work on my computer and others do not. and release a stable version and correct bugs over the years and release a new version every 5 or 6 years. and that previous versions continue to have updates. last 10 or 12 years. like xp that has updates until 2014. like windows does. Only in this way would linux surpass windows. Or that all the versions that linux release are compatible with any computer.

  153.   info said

    I think that ubuntu beats guindous (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)
    Ubuntu is better and more stable
    I had w7 home premium but the kuelgues were getting desperate, in guindows the system was closed, in ubuntu you only give the window to close the errant application or have your desktop in 3d something that in guindows you cannot and will not be able to (jjajajajajaja) think about why most who use guindows only open the internet and fucking facebook and they are already intermediate users, ha I believe k ubuntu is better than guindows
    I support ubuntu !!!

  154.   JOSEPH said


  155.   daniel said

    WIndows is very nice of course I stay with xp the others eat resources like crazy "and fart" and it is true what they say add the antivirus the glimpse the anti-shock and anti-tank "the machine becomes a hellish wagon and day starts more slow, ubuntu is easy to use it has everything »and you can download everything you need from the repositories, it doesn't need drivers either» anyway for a common user it is much better linux ubuntu zero virus zero crash problems and a lot of support on the web for solve any inconvenience.

  156.   nico said

    Well ... if there is something that I detest it is people who compare any idiocy without thinking what they do.

    Assuming these series of tests are for the average desktop user ...

    Who the hell cares which operating system boots faster? if in short, we turn it on once a day (or 2 at most) and then we leave it running for 8 hours in a row while we work / play ... in any case it would be more interesting to know that OS hangs less during those 8 hours.

    Who cares if the installation takes 10 minutes or so? someone who installs 300 OS per day, but that is not the average user, the average user installs it 1 time per year at most !!! that is, in percentage terms, a difference of 10 minutes is only 0,000019% of a year!

    Finally, I think that the tests that are really worth are the file transfer tests, it is also wrong to compare with quantities (seconds), to appreciate reality you have to buy with percentages, because we do not know what size of files are used to compare, but if we know that the comparison is directly proportional to the size of the file or number of files.

    For example, «in small files Ubuntu takes 27.7 seconds and windows 7 takes 74.8 seconds»… what is small files?… We don't know, so it would be correct to say… «in small files Ubuntu is 2.7 times faster»

    same for the other examples

    in the last, it makes a script run ... "windows wins because it does it in 410.9 seconds and ubuntu in 464.46 seconds" ... it seems like a lot of difference, but in reality windows did it only 1.13 times faster

    and for those who say that linux is more difficult, it would be good to remember how it was the first time they grabbed windows ...

  157.   nico said

    also, in the file test they disabled the cache writing ... of course, because the average user removes that option to be fair with other operating systems ... what a goddamn clown.

  158.   TANGO said


  159.   jouseph said

    Having windows 7 is an excellent operating system and linux is much better now than not SAAAAAAALLLLLGAN OF THE FUCK OF UBUUUUNNNTU is something else I tried many distros and even mac solaris and other UBUTNU IS THE FUCK OF MAC look for the KDE desktop not the FUCKING GNOME use linux mandriva so they know what is good.

  160.   hoblap said

    -What about the price of windows: you have to take into account that it comes installed at the time of purchase, so that in fact it is free.
    -Antivirus: MSE works perfect, it is free and does not bother.
    -Disk space: what does it matter?
    -I must say, * really * that with windows I have ALL the programs that I need FREE and LEGAL.
    -Windows installations are trivial, I am yet to discover how to install programs in Ubuntu that are not .deb (ok, I'm a donkey).
    -In passing: I have unresolved problems to install ubuntu (or mint) in windows7 as a windows file (wubi…)

  161.   daniel said

    Well the price »is according to the economic situation of each one» the space too »since many of us have not so new machines and the space is» ESSENTIAL »And win7 in 3 months of use has already eaten almost 20 gb a lot for only an operating system with a 60 gb disk ubunto, on the other hand, with 5 gb to spare »the navigation is much more fluid with only 512 ram and a 1000 mhz processor, something impossible to achieve with win 7 with those resources, I had no problems to install it, I take everything without installing any drivers »A WONDER !, a good one for win 7 ″ that distributes resources much better» better than xp »but of course with 1500 MHz machines upwards with a minimum 1 GB of ram memory. and big hard disk and video nor do I tell you. »To those who know about programming.

  162.   renamed said

    Windows 7 License: 0
    Ubuntu License: 8,5
    Winner: Ubuntu

  163.   Mario mendez said

    look that easy bastards complicate life.

    80 percent of computers use windows for its attractive interface
    in windows anyone can use it connect a usb navigate listen to music,
    work your office packages super comfortable to use cheerful and very friendly interface
    that if you count money windows if you count money and a lot but today you download it for free from taringa already activated as it originates and it comes out for free anyway we all use windows everything is focused on windows.

    ubuntu is for people who have spent years studying it. Imagine if I change from Windows 7 to Ubuntu in my company, my workers will not know what to do, as complicated as that OS is.

    And what are you going to answer me? It is free if it is free, windows of the low taringa with everything and serial if you do not have money to buy it for free =.

    Thank you.

  164.   Antonio said

    Hi Mario, I'm sorry to tell you that you have no idea. No offense, I swear. I have used linux mint for some time, now mint 10, and my experience is fantastic, I would not go back to windows or joke. Mario, you say that Ubuntu is for people who have a lot of knowledge in OS, and it is not true, from my own experience I tell you that, at least the one that I use linux mint, is much more intuitive and easier than windows. Even as you say, when it comes to connecting something, I install mint and forget, everything recognizes me and works perfectly for me, the printer, the wifi, the speakers ..., however Win 7, the last time I was with it, did not It recognized neither printer nor wifi, and that both had their cd with the drivers, because windows said that the drivers were not compatible or were obsolete, what a disappointment with windows, long live Linux Mint. And whoever says it is complicated or bad, is simply lying.

  165.   daniel said

    very simple, people use windows because most machines come with it "they make programs for it" and people are used to it "so it seems easier! and the great variety of linux systems »confuse people» but UBUNTU »is very similar to windows» only that some programs for windows do not work in quotes »with UBUNTU» but ubuntu does not need almost any drivers, nor antivirus »everything that you connect and it works mostly »and on the internet it is much superior to windows» and for me to always follow Windows »that gives LINUX the security that Windos will have. REGARDS!

  166.   noriel said

    The on and off time is nowhere close to those mentioned in the topic,
    I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on a laptop hp dv4 3gb Ram Intel Core2 Duo processor,
    It takes about 40 seconds to turn on, the best thing is that it takes about 4 seconds to turn off sometimes 3.

    Folder navigation is very fast, you can have many windows open even on multiple desktops and the pc works smoothly and without problems, the desktops can be configured in the shape of a cube, pentagon, hexa. etc, (depending on how many desks you prefer) of cylinder a strip or a sphere.

    If there is an error with a window or program (due to problems with the program itself or because the process is working too much) in forcing the closure (which is the same as ending tasks in windows) it will always close the window without problems and no shit to diff. windows where the screen can remain frozen until you deign to turn off the computer.

    It has a nice and customizable graphical interface, being able to choose between various animations and effects.

    The cons that I give to ubuntu is in the streaming video, adobe flash is not configured correctly in ubuntu so instead of sending the gpu to run the videos it does it with the processor, that makes when one wants to run videos to full screen the processor works too much and the gpu does not (it feels like the gpu is wasted) the video locks, it gets out of sync, there are supposed solutions such as activating hardware acceleration from adobe but that does not work.

    Much research is needed because most things are configured manually, even when multiple screens are connected, do not expect everything to be configured only as in windows, you can lock the entire system if you impose yourself to install everything that the sis. Recommend you upgrade.

    Personally, I struggled to configure nvidia correctly (in win vista it had it by default but when wanting to install it in ubuntu it mentions that it cannot find nvidia hardware),
    to configure the joystick I had problems only in ubuntu 10.10 in 10.04 I configure it alone), to find the prefect clone of windows paint, in ubuntu 10.10 the percentage of charge in my battery did not appear and the previous problem of the video in full screen .

    In summary.
    Ubuntu is a very good system to work with, it has a wide variety of free programs to download, in its download center it brings thousands by default and you can update it and configure it to add even more, it is very fast, it does not doubt the orders you give it , perfect for students and for use in internet cafes, libraries, or computer rooms.
    there are no problems working or browsing the Internet.

    If you just want to play and watch movies or have one or another problem or program that can only be found in windows, it is best to have a partition of both systems, in this way you can play, work and be entertained.

    P.S. If someone could help me with the video and nvidia problem, it would be very helpful.

    my e-mail is norielmtz@gmail.com

  167.   Jose said

    mm .. pz I see that the entry ia is old but I personally have w7 and Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, kn seven it takes 1.30 min to start while with Ubuntu in 14 seconds I am on the desktop and ready to work
    small difference no?

  168.   Mario said

    In his analysis, he almost forgot to mention the amount of viruses for which Windows 7 wins a lot against Linux Ubuntu with 0, on the other hand Windows also wins in the amount of dollars it costs compared to Linux, which also costs 0.

  169.   I do not know, I do not know said

    I have both at home, my wife windows7 and I ubuntu 10.04 lucid, every time he wants to do something serious, like bank accounts, videos, photos etc, he takes my pc.

  170.   linuxxxx said

    aaaaaaaaa no jodann linux (ubuntu) hits a dance to windows 7 and more the new version 11.4 qe I have this fast !!! apart from linux does not enter any virus unlike windows 7 …… in short, ENDLESS LINUX!

  171.   jousseph said

    Ubuntu is not the king this mandriva excellent also opensuse a beauty and others but the gnome desktop makes me want to sleep is very boring SUPPORT TO KDE AND TO KUBUNTU windows 7 is also good most of us learned to use an operating system and we started with windows so leave the complaints one as a person should not only learn to use a single system use mac os as well and solaris do not get wet with ubuntu x that is not the only thing that exists if you look at mac was the pioneer in having the desktop as a gnome.

  172.   joefay said

    Hello, I have read some of your comments, personally I use both systems, Windows takes the lead in terms of ease of use and configuration of the programs since everything is next next and that's it, besides that it is the operating system with the that all or the vast majority start getting familiar with it (my case) and making everything very easy, there are features of windows seven that I like more than that of ubuntu, such as searching for files is quite fast, well so far so good, But when it comes to security, viruses in USB sticks, viruses from the Internet that manage to install themselves on the computer start to screw up a lot doing in many cases send the equipment to support or call a technician, well that in the case of average users, Furthermore, an antivirus is necessary, although as the post says, if it were not for viruses, windows seven would be excellent, on the other hand, in linux the installation of some program can be complicated, although there is a community that goes onrapid growth from where I have gotten a lot of help to leave my machine running at 100 percent, once configured ubuntu is the best in addition to being free, it has a very nice interface and very striking effects and does not require an antivirus that is on alert all the time By not having an antivirus that is scanning the hard drive all the time, the life of the hardware lengthens, I find the applications of daily use and all free, obtaining the same results as with the applications for Windows, Ubuntu tends to be a little complicated, looking at the program options a little different makes there is some resistance to using it because it is a new environment, both systems are good windows takes a little longer to start in the case of my machine about 20 seconds and ubuntu 11.04 about 15 seconds, once started both systems work as if they were a few pages (fast), I like windows for the compatibility with the games that I like andIts interface besides that I use programs that are exclusive to windows that I require to work (in Ubuntu they can be installed but for obvious reasons such as for Windows they will work better in Windows), I like Ubuntu for its security, it is free and besides that when I'm browsing I can get anywhere I want without the risk of installing a script that starts doing processes under water, both are very good operating systems that have improved a lot over time and without a doubt they will continue to do so, It is a matter of knowing how to use them.

  173.   Juan said

    If we format a PC and install Windows 7 we can have a good first impression, no one denies it. The problem is after 6 months of current use, which becomes more and more heavy, until it is unbearable and you end up wanting to format again.

    1.    toadQLCTM said

      But with good maintenance (deleting unnecessary files, breaking down the disk, checking for errors in it) and a good antivirus and firewall (which is the bad thing about windows) the PC lasts a long time in good condition. I did that, I have windows 7 installed more than a year ago and it works very well.

      1.    Juan Diego said

        Delete unnecessary files ?? Check errors ??? WTF ??? Shut up Linux, you shit pig, the antivirus (if you know how to choose a good one) almost does not consume resources, and the only thing necessary is to defragment the disk, which does not last almost at all, and obviously a computer needs maintenance, so that maintenance, what by the way is the only thing, is to defragment.

        1.    toadQLCTM said

          Well, a Windows Boy spoke, applause. Bill gate is sure to give you an award for it. Bravo!

        2.    javier garcia said

          a fanboy in everything that fits, let me tell you that windows collects a lot of "junk" that would be broken files, temporary files and so on. Also errors and unnecessary files, ccleaner is a great application to solve these problems..other thing to defragment is MANDATORY because after about 4-6 months it gets slow very slow .. you also need a good antivirus (I recommend Norton 360 but If you want a free one, the best is avast) I have windows 7 ultimate 64bits and ubuntu 12.04 64bits on the same machine so I know what I am talking about when I tell you that linux is faster, more stable and also you do not need to defragment, it does not fill up with files garbage for which it will be just as fast always, not for that reason it is the undisputed best any S, O, it is,

        3.    gulfrid said

          Look, you are a male fool ... that an antivirus does not consume resources? that you only have to defragment to maintain the computer? I've spent 5 years studying bullshit in college then ... That's how it goes with that mentality ...

      2.    Raymond Mariona said

        I have laughed heartily. With linuxMINT I do not have to defragment the hard drive, nor install an antivirus (with the problems that it takes to update the membership year after year), best of all I open the emails of all my friends without fear of viruses I can use any USB drive already Whether it is in hfs format for mac, ntfs for windows or fat 32. Anyone who buys a Guindows license is because he has nothing good to do with his life, other than worrying about new Guindows viruses and defragmenting his hard disk every so often.

  174.   amdr said

    The Linux system itself is awesome, but the programs and updates suck because after 6 months there is always something that stops working well.

  175.   Luis Munoz Martel said

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJ Linux users look like evangelical preachers. They are not resigned to being an insignificant percentage of users. Microsoft does not even see Linux as a rival, since its serious competition is Apple. Who would want to be typing commands on a console type 80s?

    1.    Juniors Calderon said

      Update you must ^ _ ^

      1.    Sir Juno said

        Oh what a badass

    2.    Amr said

      Well, in part you are right, but many of us like to use the commands, I use windows and linux, I do not complain about any, as previous comments said, each one serves the needs of each one, for example I am a graphic designer and I need windows for design software, I can't run a core draw or illustrator in linux, even with Wine since a lot of bugs are generated and let's not even talk about what Cinema 4d is, I use linux to program and handle multimedia files, I like Two systems are very good, one with its software compatibility and the other with its security in terms of viruses and customization, something I love, it's my opinion, I don't know about you, greetings!

  176.   lxa said

    Friend @Luis,

    With your comment on 'typing commands in a console' you demonstrate your null knowledge of Linux. Currently, most Linux distributions work the same as any Windows, well I mean, not the same… since Linux is 100% safe and virus-free and Windows is not.

    By the way, this article is from 2009 and is still the most commented on.

    A greeting!

    1.    Camilo said

      According to Ixa, only with a disagreement that Linux is not 100% safe, there are 30 to 50 known viruses for this system.

      1.    gus malav said

        For Linux there are 30 to 50 viruses (that's true), but Windows has thousands and so harmful that they can destroy your computer

        1.    Anthon said

          Sure. But for that very reason it cannot be said 100% sure.

        2.    toadQLCTM said

          In addition, virus problems in Linux are dealt with faster and more efficiently than Windows. As there is a Malware for, say, Ubuntu, an update is launched in a couple of minutes to correct the problem and everyone happy. Microsoft takes Days, Weeks, Months and even years to correct its Bugs.

          1.    Javier said

            That's because in free software anyone can help with problems;)

  177.   pablohh said

    It is that Windows is fatally incorporated into commercial computers, so that it is actually free.

  178.   lxa said

    No friend, it is not free. When you buy a computer you are paying for the operating system that is pre-installed (Windows). Try to compare the prices with a computer that has Linux pre-installed, you will see the difference!

  179.   Aleix said

    linuxadictosIn Spain, which quality stores (fnac, media markt...) sell a PC with the Linux operating system (I don't care if it's Ubuntu, Mint, or whatever)?


  180.   lxa said

    Hello Aleix, unfortunately in the big stores I am afraid that it is not possible, since they only sell PCs with Windows pre-installed (and you already pay for it when you buy the computer, of course).

    But in smaller stores (or franchises) -such as in PCBOX, among others- you can buy a computer with Linux pre-installed. And that shows a lot in the final price of the equipment you buy.

    A greeting!

  181.   DC Bike said

    Unfortunately I installed Ubuntu 12 and although if I could install XAMPP to use it as a web server, the system in general did not work, neither Firefox nor Chrome could open my mail in hotmail, my "Timeline" updates are not carried out on Facebook, impossible to enter Google Drive and the PC "very slow" and to finish opening a document in Libre Office for an eternity…. Some time ago I had Suse 10 and it was more or less fine ... but I have to go back to Windows 7 ... no way, this distro just didn't work for me and I'm disappointed.

    1.    Juniors Calderon said

      I think that Ubuntu 12 was wrong when putting Unity, you should put some characteristic of your PC to have more or less an idea.

    2.    Juan Diego said

      Yes, I know, Linux is rubbish just like most of the people who use it ;-), you shouldn't have even tried it

      1.    Javier said

        Speak for you brother. I am delighted with Linux and I do many things better than I did in Windows. There is no better OS than the other, simply the one that suits your needs. I still use windows in a virtual machine only because I need to program in visalbasic.net.
        As a fun fact, most web servers are on Linux, what you call shit.

  182.   Jony said

    Hello, I would like to use Ubuntu. I am a regular Windows user and other times I have installed some Linux from several distros, but I have had problems since the things that I downloaded, such as movies, series, etc. I am not seen and the truth is I'm tired of Windows, what do you recommend?

  183.   Nicolas said

    Jony I recommend you Mac xDDD

  184.   mistermeth said

    Well, I have been using Linux, for many years, I have always been the typical Linux user and also, it is an operating system that I have loved deeply, but lately for me, it had left a lot to be desired and 1 month ago it has given me to go back to windows, specifically windows 7 and damn it, I'm afraid I've wasted a lot of time, because now I've found that many of the free programs I have in windows and for me surprisingly less than in linux, in the case of libreoffice. But hey, even so I still love linux, although for the moment the way things are, I totally refuse to go back.

  185.   jousseph said

    Well, linux is a child that is developing so it has surprised me too much. I am a programmer for both windows and linux and I want to tell you that a compiler called gambas that creates programs for linux similar to visual basic surpasses it! I already created my first system in Gambas language QT and GTK potatoes with installer and everything so that they know it I do not change to linux for anything and less to KDE so windows and mac take care.

    1.    Cheloki Pena Z said

      no companion linux is sister of the mac is the same… .so they cannot abent each other

  186.   Aurelio said

    The truth is that the tests are very even ... what I do have to say is that I prefer to continue working 1000 times with Ubuntu and not submit to Windows which I use only in very specific cases.

    1.    Jefferson Palacios said

      haha, man, relax, linux mint is based on ubuntu,;)

    2.    Juniors Calderon said

      just to play xD
      until steam works better for linux

  187.   Felipe said

    I've been using Linux for a short time, I haven't been long, the first Ubuntu I installed was 10.04 at the time, so I was amazed, then I tried kubuntu and I didn't like it at all, I went back to Ubuntu but now with 10.10 and I had hundreds of problems , I am currently on Linux Mint 13 cinnamon, and it runs quite well but it is not Ubuntu ...

    1.    Juniors Calderon said

      Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu.
      Unless it is the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) then it would be based on Debian, but since Ubuntu is based on Debian ^ _ ^
      All three are cool !!!
      ^ _ ^

  188.   Sargom said

    Ubunto 12.4 lts Vs Windows 7 both recently installed without anything else ... Ubunto takes forever to open windows, fast windows ... execution of configurations and other things Ubunto I know that it seems like an old man thinking ... Windows fast ...: Mini laptop Hp compaq CQ10-420 the big winner Windows 7… free is expensive.

    1.    Gibran barrera said

      For nothing I work with heavy graphics, virtualization, rendering, video, 3d and ubuntu is 200% faster than windows 7 64 bits from factory on a thinkpad, core i5, 8 gb of hyperx ram, and solid state drive. not to mention the internet, update and boot

  189.   Marvin said

    I have tried every operating system out there! both windows, such as mac, linux in all its distros (ubuntu, Xubuntu, knoppix among millions that there are) and I can say that leaving aside the virus Ubuntu wins, since for graphics it asks for something that could say stupid in memory and everything, while windows if it asks for a lot and requires more than 10gb for the installation of the OS, ubuntu is better and it cost me a lot to finish testing all the distros, but ubuntu has left me surprised with the Quantal Quetzal 12.10 , after 9.10 Karmic Koala, is the best or without a doubt today if the Best distro 12.10, Ubuntu the best. Windows do not exist!

  190.   Fco.Chz said

    Very good article, I use Ubuntu 11.10 in its best appearance and it runs great, I loved it and since I honestly do not plan to return to the annoying Windows Operating System, this very father Windows I do not deny, but with its fatal errors (Blue screen), nerd! and no!.

  191.   Cheloki Pena Z said

    hahaha not because linux can be approached your way, send windows already ok echo wants to desir qe windowx biola your rights. encanbio linux has much more things than windoxs, in addition to protecting you from viruz

    1.    antxon said

      Man, pay more attention to the red bar that appears under each word you misspell. It hurts to read you.

    2.    Javier said

      Before learning how to use operating systems or comment on anything, learn to write, please.

  192.   anonymous said

    I just installed ubuntu 12.10 and it is the slowest in the world, just opening a window took me about 10 seconds, and it gets too stuck, I don't know why they say that ubuntu is better than win, maybe for professional people, but for people common ubuntu is the worst, maybe i don't support it and i've already deleted it, it still has a long way to go to overcome microsoft

    1.    Fernando said

      Friend do not blame Linux for your null knowledge. Linux is far above Microsoft, it is insulting that even Microsoft has developed an antivirus. Has anyone heard of Ubuntu AV to be Protected? If windows really is so cool, why isn't it proclaimed to be the most secure and reliable OS in the world? Not even they can lie so much ...

    2.    Javier said

      Remove Unity and install cinnamon.

  193.   Juan said

    ubuntu better than windows 7

  194.   Anonimus 2832 # said

    My system is not based on binaries, it made the world change .... we do not forget, we do not forgive, wait for us

  195.   Camilo said

    Since Ubuntu takes between 68 and 73 to turn on, I had my Ubuntu that took about 20 to 25 seconds to turn on and only 4 seconds to turn off, of course with the 200 lines

  196.   toadQLCTM said

    In my opinion, I think that if windows were much more secure and microsoft took much less time to correct bugs in your system, viruses would not exist and in this way the system would last longer and run faster, since it would not require antivirus, which is what makes it take a little longer to react than Ubuntu.

  197.   Daniel said

    One day we will die and Windows will continue with 90% of the market for average users, and that will never be changed by linuxeros

    1.    Juan Diego said


    2.    Javier said

      Mostly it's just for popularity. Besides, nobody tries to change anything. It is like religion, everyone professes what they want and adapts to your way of thinking and nobody has to change your idea, only your own conviction. The same happens with the OS, each one uses the one that best suits their needs, but like religion, the fact that an OS is more popular is not an indicator that it is the best.

  198.   chopper said

    Windows is best for people who like to use antivirus to slow down their computer, and to investigate virus damage, make repairs, and all that.
    If you like that they do not give you any software or have to look for it pirated to be an escape from the law, then Windoze is better.
    If you want a world with monopolies and all the technological power and money to be concentrated in one company and a few people, then Windos is better.
    If you already learned to use windows and you are a bit of a sheep because you don't like to change to something better, then Windows is better for you.

  199.   bond said

    windows 7 vs XP = by XP functionality
    windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.04 = by Ubuntu hipsters

  200.   gulfrid said

    How many loose donkeys, so many windows so much cock, the large computer teams have several OS installed and that anyone comes to sell to the window as the best that is informed a little, that there is a lot ready without studies speaking to the taste of the mouth, leave the Free-to-use systems for those who understand them and go suck Bill's cock.

  201.   carlos ferra said

    do the test with Linux Mint 16. and with machines with OS with a time of installed .. and do tests of internet browsing ... Then let's talk about beatings .. hahaha

  202.   DIEGO LOPEZ TORRES said

    How do I switch from Ubuntu to Windows?