Compilation: The Rarest Linux Distributions

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Usually compilations are made of the most famous Linux distributions, the most free, or the best of each year, but it is also interesting to know some of the most crazy projects that have arisen thanks to the flexibility of GNU / Linux. Maybe you don't like installing them (or yes, who knows), but surely you are going to be surprised by how peculiar some of them are.

Some with religious, political and other simple nonsense touches for very geeky people, which determines that Linux distributions go beyond different philosophies of developers or oriented to certain jobs or tastes, but can be personalized or intended for an even more select group of people among the millions of users that They use GNU / Linux all over the world.

Some of these weird distributions still in progress, others have been abandoned. I insist, some are somewhat extreme, there are also exotic but interesting ones and others that are very absurd that shouldn't even have been born as projects, although for everyone's taste. But I want to make it clear that it is not about judging them, here we will not make moral or ethical analyzes of each one of them, we will simply limit ourselves to exposing them to make them known. Everyone is free to say what they want about all these projects.

Ari Lemmke and Linus Torvalds

But before showing the list, I would like to remember something and it is that Linux has been closely linked to the weird or strange practically since the project began. In fact, as many of you may know, initially Linux was to be christened "Freax" which came from the word "freak" (from which geek derives) and which in English means weird. In addition, Freax had the famous final X of the * nix and was phonetically similar to the word "free" in English.

A Ari lemmke, which will surely sound familiar to you as one of the hackers who was in charge of uploading Linux to the first FTP site for download, was the architect of convincing Linus Torvalds that the name of Freax was not correct. According to Ari it should be called Linux, since it was more commercial, but we not only owe the name to Ari, he also contributed to Linus publishing Linux under the GPL license, since he had developed it with GCC and it was also under the GPL ...

List of the rarest Linux distributions

Once this anecdote has been told, add that even today you can see crazy projects within free or open source software, and GNU / Linux distributions are not alien to these extravagances as you can see in the following list of rare Linux distributions:

Hannah MontanaLinux

Hannah MontanaLinux

As its name implies, Hannah Montana Linux is a Kubuntu-based distro specially designed for lovers and fans of Hanna Montana (Miley Cyrus). HML, as it is also known, uses the KDE desktop environment as you can imagine and has some famous special themes.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Ubuntu Satanic Edition It is an edition developed based on Ubuntu and with satanic themes for people who love this world. It even has an official website called for the project where you will find more information about it. In addition, they have even taken care of the version numbering, making this also a malicious representation under the 666.x format.


Aparthied desk

Apartheid is a Linux distribution developed by members of the Stormfront from the United States, based on PCLinuxOS and with LXDE desktop environment, and Out Of The Box type, that is, ready to be used after installation by the package that it already integrates. In case you don't know where the word Apartheid comes from, it is a racial segregation system that existed in South Africa and Namibia, separating citizens by race in different spaces.

Stromfront is a website, basically a forum, where people of racist orientation meet. The forum is available in multiple languages ​​for different targets from Africa, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden. Its owner is Don Black and has been active since 1996.


Jewbuntu web

Jewbuntu is another Ubuntu based distro, but this time it is for Jews only. After Ubuntu CE and Ubuntu ME, this Semitic community has also decided to release this religious version (in principle not Zionist, although I have not seen it) of the famous Ubuntu. Of course it has the Torah in Hebrew, thus making those belonging to this religion also have this distribution.

Ubuntu Christian Edition

Ubuntu Christian

Ubuntu Christian Edition or Ubuntu CE, is another modified Ubuntu distribution with a Christian theme as its name suggests. In principle it is for Christians in general, without distinctions of the type, although personally I do not know if it will be well seen by certain sectors of Christendom due to the images that are exposed, since some Christian movements are against the worship of images, but This is only a personal appreciation and I do not know enough about the subject.

Helal Linux

Helal Linux

Also based on Ubuntu, Helal Linux is a distro designed for the Islamic world and the Arab community. Of course its visual themes and languages ​​will be oriented to this sector of the population, although curiously the default language is English, perhaps to "standardize" more.

Ubuntu ME (Sabily)

Ubuntu ME

Similar to the previous one but a bit more primitive. It is a modified Ubuntu for the community ME (Muslim Edition) which includes verses from the Koran and some other packages specially designed for Muslims.

Red Star OS

Red Star Linux 3.0 Desktop

North Korea, with its supreme leader Kim Jong-un, have wanted to create this Linux distro called Red Star OS with a touch that will remind you a lot of Mac OS X and that is that the North Korean leader is a big fan of apple products, since he has been seen in numerous photos using iPhone, iPad and Macs. It is a very closed distro in terms of networks, so that citizens who use it cannot freely access the Internet and with a system so that if you want to modify these filtering rules, the system automatically restarts preventing you from doing any change. As for the appearance it is certainly pretty ...



It should not be confused with MoLinux, a Spanish initiative, but rather MuLinux is another project apart from that it aims to provide a minimalist distro, with the minimum to function without consuming hardly any RAM (just 4MB if it has been installed on the hard drive and in Live it may require up to 16MB) and other hardware resources. It is intended for education, computer repair, and for use as a lightweight distro on older computers.



GoboLinux is a distro that may not seem weird in a first start, but it is, since it presents a completely new alternative in terms of the hierarchy of the filesystem, moving away from the rest of the distros in this sense. It also has a file manager that also serves as a package manager and each program resides in its own directory. Perhaps it reminds you more of the Windows folder and file hierarchy, with directories such as Programs, Users, System, Files, Mount, and Depot.



GNewSense is an operating system based on Debian and Ubutnu, designed in order to provide a 100% free distro for users who only want to use free software on their computer and for that reason it is recognized by the Free Software Foundation. GNewSense has removed non-free blobs from closed kernel software and firmware, includes some default development packages, and replaces Firefox with BurningDog in older versions and now Epiphany as a browser.

CAIN.E (CSI Linux)


CAIN.E or CSI Linux is an Italian investigation distro created for computer forensics. It may remind you of others like DEFT, but CAINE is perhaps a little more unknown and that is why I include it in this list. The acronym CAINE comes from COmputer Aided INvestigative Environment, including a complete forensic investigation environment.

Yellow dog


Yellow Dog Linux or YDL is another distro created for PowerPC processors. It was released in 1999 for use in Apple's Macintosh computers, which used PPC chips before moving to x86. It can also be installed on other computers with PPC, such as the PlayStation 3 and behind this distro hides the company Terra Soft Solutions from Colorado, who developed it using CentO and Fedora as a base.

Bodhi linux

Bodhi linux

Bodhi Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and with a light graphical environment that uses Enlightenment Window Manager. It consumes few resources and can be run from computers with few resources or from older hardware. It also has a Debian-based version intended for devices with ARM chips.



Before called Quantum OS, maybe you know it because it has been talking lately, but it is not a very well known distro and its rarity is that it is a mix between Android and GNU / Linux. Papyros presents an attractive and lightweight appearance. Its interface has been designed thanks to Google's Material Design. It is based on Arch Linux, but by its appearance it may remind you of Android, since it also uses Material Design for its interface.

suicide linux

suicide linux

Suicide Linux is a somewhat delicate distro. Not suitable for beginners, not because of the technical complexity, but because of the problems that occur if you make a mistake when executing commands. If you enter any wrong command, it will recognize it as an alias of "rm -rf /", which will cause our entire hard drive to be erased. Come on, it's the best option to learn stick-based commands because how wrong you are… Game Over.

Qubes OS

Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a distro specially designed for security, shielded. Security is achieved through isolation by implementing it thanks to virtualization with Xen. Too may remind you of Whonix and other safe distros of which we have talked in this blog ...

Nix OS

Nix OS

NixOS is a different Linux. It is the result of a series of postgraduate research and the TraCE project at a Dutch university, based on a declarative and non-imperative creation / administration, making a distro based on a functional paradigm. It is for advanced users and uses Nix as a package manager, which handles dependencies in a particular way. It has a different hierarchy of programs and gives us a reliable system, in addition to integrating the Nix / Store for apps. The new configurations do not erase the old ones, allowing to go back and also to install packages it is not necessary to be root. These are some of its advantages.

RLSD Linux

RLSD Linux

RLSD Linux is a minimalist, light distro with a retro touch. With it, you can revive very old hardware and have a functional and complete distro with a security system reinforced with house brand tools. You can find it in 4 editions: Minimal, with package manager and network tools; BIg, which includes some pre-installed programs; Huge, all packages installed; and rootfs, which includes a tiny chroot environment.

Tinfoil Hat Linux

It's an old distro called Tinfoil Hat Linux, designed to offer extra security and developed by The Shmoo Group. It is somewhat primitive and the project has been abandoned, since it has not been updated or a new version has been released for years.

Live Linux Gamers

live.linuX-gamers.netApart from a somewhat strange name, it is a Linux distro based on Arch and that incorporates the proprietary drivers of the main graphics cards to obtain better results in video games. It also includes a wide repertoire of the best free games that exist.

zero shell

Zeroshell with config-web

Zeroshell is a Linux distro for embedded devices as routers, providing some of the main services of a network such as DHCP, DNS, FIrewall, VLAN, VPN, RADIUS, LDAP, captive portal, etc.



This is an Ubuntu based distortion with Media Center software MythTV which we have talked about on the blog. Mythubuntu It can turn your computer into a real multimedia center with which to watch all kinds of content, something like Kodi and the distros based on it such as OpenELEC, Xbian, etc.



SLAMPP It is a generic Live distribution and it is designed to get an instant home server with WebAdmin for easy administration. It uses SLAX and Slackware packages as a base.



RebeccaBlackOS is another little known Linux distro. It is dedicated to the Californian celebrity Rebecca Black, a young pop singer. If you are interested, you can search for the project in Sourceforge for download. Another quirk, use Wayland ...



One more… biebianAs you may have already guessed, it is a distro based on Debian and dedicated to the idol Justin Bieber that has been dragging so many masses lately. Surely some of his fans still do not know that there is a whole distro dedicated to him.

lesbian linux

lesbian linux

Lesbian Linux ... there is little to say, I think the title says it all. It is a Linux distro and of course based on Debian, a termination that fits perfectly with the word "lesbian". But the most WTF part (What The Fuck…) is that it has a package manager called porn-get created initially for a Polish distro called PDL-Linux based on RPM and very hard, but despite being RPM, it is based on the Debian model.

Hello kitty slackware

Hello Kitty

Hello kitty slackware, another of which there is little to explain, since its name says practically everything. That is, it is a Slakcware distro with a Hello Kitty theme, for fans of this doll.

Zenix Linux

Zenix Linux

Zenix Linux is a lightweight distro and has been created using Linux From Scratch. It is not one of the most famous distros in terms of those that consume few resources, so it was good to mention it in this megapost of more strange or unknown distros.

TempleOS (SparrowOS)


TempleOS or SparrowOS (also called LoseTHos) is a distribution that closes this list and that has been developed by Terry A. Davis, uses biblical themes and is lightweight. As its name suggests it is based on the history of the Templars as inspiration. Davis was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the mid-90s and during the development of this distro has suffered some manic episodes for which he was hospitalized in a mental health hospital. Although he was an atheist, Davis now talks about God, who told him about the creation of this operating system that is divine inspiration. But the surprising thing is that Davis developed his own coded C / C ++ programming language called HolyC. The operating system runs on a file system called "Red Sea". It is still active in its development ...

Do not forget to leave your comments or suggestions If you know of any other strange distro we will be happy to add it to the list for a more complete article. Feedback is important, as is constructive criticism, but remember that if you do not agree with any of these philosophies, here we just limit you to showing them ... However, there are some interesting projects on this list, don't you think?

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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