How to have your own VPS server in the cloud

VPS server farm

The era in which local technology was reigning has ended, today, with the arrival of the IoT and all remote services that we can use locally wherever we are, new possibilities have arrived that we didn't even suspect before. All thanks to the network of networks and the growing market for cloud computing, which has unimaginable potential. New possibilities have been opened up for individuals and companies, at competitive prices and with features worthy of their own server.

Thanks to the cloud we can have on our mobile devices, smartTVs, or PCs, connected cars, etc., a multitude of services that were previously impossible or very expensive. These services are SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), that is, they offer web-based applications as a service, platforms (authentication services, data copies , messaging, ...) and infrastructures (computing, storage, ... in short, high-performance hardware) as services.

To make this possible, there are companies that acquire all the expensive equipment and systems to offer their customers all the capabilities that these large machines possess. Dividing your resources into portions, said portions can be offered individually for a certain price for all those who need them and cannot or want to acquire a server or supercomputer. That means large data centers, huge server farms like the one in the main photo, with hundreds or thousands of processors, huge amounts of RAM and huge storage capacities at your service ...

In this post we will try to clarify the advantages that cloud services have compared to implementing their own physical systems, or rather, the inconveniences that arise when we want to have our own server in our home or business. We will analyze different options, the advantages of a VPS server and we will also see many other possibilities offered by the payment services that can be found on the Internet.

Advantages of cloud services compared to local ones


The advantages of using a remote server are very numerous. One of the main ones is the economic part, since if we want to implement our own server we would have different options. One would be to use a PC or a Raspberry Pi type SBC or similar to use it as a server, with Linux and the necessary software packages, with the hardware limitations that this implies. The other is to buy an affordable micro or small server, but the connection to the home network (and most small businesses) would still be a drag as in the first case.

If the economic burden is exceeded and therefore the limitations of our infrastructure, there may also be other types of inconveniences such as managing the great system that we have in front of us. That is the task of a systems administrator, and if we do not have a particular one or our knowledge does not reach that much, it will mean hiring third parties to do that work. Therefore, if it is a large project, the best option is to leave this in the hands of a company that is dedicated to it and offers us the server as a service directly.

ConclusionIf we do not want to depend on expensive hardware, complicated software administration, lack of technical support, as well as avoid bandwidth limitations, the best option is to hire a third party service ...

VPS server

VPS server: Tux and Windows

Within these services detailed in previous paragraphs we have what we know as VPS (Virtual Private Server) or virtual private server. And although we could set up small servers at home, there are a multitude of services that these types of servers already provide us with without the impediments that we already analyzed in the previous section. An example of this is the online platform clouding, among other…

And for those who do not know, a VPS service offers the possibility of fragmenting a physical server into several independent virtual servers, which they will use as complete machines and with different operating systems. These services, being virtual, allow the possibility of being restarted or modifying each one of them to taste with total independence from the rest and from the real server itself. Everything is possible thanks to virtualization technologies, which make this abstraction possible.

Users will be able to have full access to the virtual server, but not the real one, with root privileges and the ability to install all the software they want. In addition, the capabilities and performance of the Cloud server in Spain they will be high, because they are making use of the hardware of a large machine. That is what the service provider offers us, while they take care of the administration of the server, the networks, backups, and make everything work properly.

Why do I need a VPS?

Linux virtual machines

The possibilities are many, since despite being a virtual server, the characteristics will not be distinguished from a real server in the eyes of the user or client. Therefore, we have a server team to install the operating system we want, and all the necessary software in each case to have a multitude of different services, from storage such as NAS, a multimedia server, hosting to host websites and other services, web apps , FTP, etc.

Summarizing, a great server at a ridiculous price for you to do whatever you want with him.

Clouding and its possibilities Logo

If you decide on Clouding, you can select the most appropriate service for your needs and for prices that can range from about € 10 per month for 1 GB of virtual RAM, 1 vCore for the processor, and 25GB of capacity for the SSD hard drive, up to several hundred euros per month if you select the highest hardware resources (16 vCores, 32GB RAM, 1.9TB of SSD). In addition, you can configure the Firewall and DNS within the simple online configuration menu that they provide.

Although about 400 something euros for the most powerful hardware may seem like a high price, you have to bear in mind that a dedicated server of these characteristics it would cost you about € 7000 (That means about € 600 each month). And to that you must add the electricity consumption, its maintenance, administration, additional network equipment, and even then the network problem would continue to exist, which you should also add to the list of expenses the price of a decent network that supports the traffic that the server has… So it definitely pays to hire the service!

And for the price of this service You can have a powerful VPS server thanks to the performance of Intel Xeon processors, a good bandwidth for your network thanks to Cisco 20Gps technology, Smart cache, solid state hard drives, and other technologies such as Ceph Storage, KVM OpenStack , security, DNS Hosting, possibility to choose between Windows or Linux, triple mirror to avoid losing your data and settings, support included, quality, simplicity, remote administration, etc.

For any questions or suggestions, Do not forget to leave your comments, we will be happy to answer you ... And I hope this article has helped you to make a smarter choice.

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