Little girl distros and man distros

You know, Linux is not the same as Windows, among other things because Linux it has many different flavors. But one very particular thing that Linux (already linuxeros) involves, is that you enter a game of egos:

  1. I use Ubuntu, Windows XP it's for idiots,
  2. Naaa, that's for ladybugs, I use Debian.
  3. I am more macho than all of you, I use SlackwareSend me for being such a geek.

The way you see it, that's the way it works. For some, the idea of ​​using an operating system is not merely to do tasks with it, but to "learn."

Easy Distros and Hard Distros.

At first I didn't understand anything, why would anyone want to use a more complicated version of Linux intentionally? Is it pure asshole that people are? Or is it perhaps that it is a way of believing oneself more than the rest?

Of all the above there is a little:

  • The ego of linuxers inflates the more complex their distro
  • Things that are supposed to be done fast become slow like installing the system
  • Most do not need to turn every "knob" on the system to have a reliable system.

... but it is no less true that the "macho distros" have an advantage over the others:

Easy Distros = Quick installation and nothing complex = Little customizable.
Difficult Distros= Slow to install and complicated to the point of saying enough = Very adjustable.

Some Tips:

If you are just getting to know the world Linux, even if they tell you that Ubuntu and Debian they look alike, for no reason do you try DebianPlease, no, especially if you want to keep your still secure XP.

Whenever possible, try the distro (whatever) on a virtual machine, so as not to have unpleasant surprises later.

If your system works fine,why change? Seriously, think about that and if your answer to that question is consistent and goes beyond your Linux ego, the change will be appropriate.

Here is a list of "easy distros":

  • Ubuntu (and all its derivatives)
  • Mandriva
  • Linux Mint (derived from Ubuntu without the "untu" especially recommended for a beginner)
  • Sabayon
  • Fedora (Free derivative of Red Hat, a commercial distro)

Hard Distros

  • Anyone who has only free software (yes, how does she like them stallman)
  • Debian (especially for the initial installation, it is the "mother of ubuntu")
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware and any of its derivatives
  • Arch Linux
  • Any little known distro, if you have a small community, go to this category

If I miss one or they disagree with me on the list I have made (because there are many), let me know.

And do you use a distro of little girl or macho? Is it a matter of egos or learning?

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  1.   Miguel Gastelum said

    CentOS !!! is for men !!!

  2.   I am said

    I use Win Ue… .what am I?

  3.   I am said

    Yeah, am I a delighted pirate male or girl?

  4.   N @ ty said

    @Nitsuga you are an initiate, and you are perfect;)

    I am a little girl and I have used Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint and now SUSE ...

    If I used Debian it would be ... uh ...

  5.   Walker said

    I use ubuntu and xp, it is that ubuntu is cool but the other day in my free time I wanted to see an rmbv video and it took me about 2 hours to see it, being able to see the video ate up my little free time.

    The net if ubuntu is cool but for those who are dedicated or have time.

    So while I will use ubuntu only to navigate.

  6.   I am said

    Nitsuga, of course I installed it. I downloaded it myself, I installed it, but recording it so that it is bootable, they helped me.

  7.   I am said

    Juan C…'s the same penguin… .it's even the same frame…?

  8.   Nacho said

    What reason is this post ... ¬¬U especially because I am a compulsive distros tester ...
    I recently made a change to Debian (with disastrous results) in which I could not even load the wired connection module ... (Some say that it is easy, I have discovered what an idiot I am).
    Obviously I switched back to Ubuntu, yes, things as they are:
    a) It's very easy, very "windowserized", yes, but that's why I don't break my skull to do anything
    b) It has tropo hundred billion forums for doubts (Which Debian doesn't, that geeks don't use that ...)
    c) It has compatibility with most of the "input" hardware (which Debian does not, that the debian will load the modules themselves, who could = S)
    d) The first installation is very simple and fast (just 30 minutes) and that makes you not despair with "How do I format my hard drive?"

    Result: Yes, I like to learn, but not at the cost of having the computer useless for days because I can't do something so basic for a debianero like putting a modprobe in conditions. So I stick with ubuntu.


    PS: «And the fox said to the grapes: Bah, they will be green» what reason is the fable my god xD

  9.   I am said

    Nitsuga, ffuentes is one of the many Linux users who comments from work, where for practical reasons or custom, as Bachi knew how to explain in another post, they use windows.

  10.   I am said

    Nitsuga ... why do I have to update firefox? ... 3.2 already came out?

  11.   nitsuga said

    Where did you get that image from (come on, I know it's a single game in 2)

    And I use ubuntu (that goes, I have linux 3 weeks ago) and that's why I'm not one little girl, or if? That perhaps the step that I made to go from Windows a Linux (no matter the distro) does not count?

  12.   nitsuga said

    Note: I know that up there it says Windows XP, I am not at home ...

  13.   nitsuga said

    @esty you're a dim

  14.   Sergio said

    Personally I use Arch, and not because I think I am more macho for using it, but because I believe that the complications that the installation brings are actually an investment.

    The system, once installed and configured, stands out for its simplicity, and during the whole process to leave it running I learned a lot of things, which greatly increases the added value that the distro has for me.

    I think that being macho for using a difficult distro is common, although I think it is not right. There is still too much left for women to die for men who know how to use a terminal, or compile everything they use. I believe that the choice should be a matter of finding something that meets our needs, requirements and expectations, whether we are looking to learn more or have a system much more adapted to a particular need.

  15.   Nacho said

    esty, you are a PIRATE, which is different from what is said in this thread, heretics who use microsoft do not count xD

    Sergio, yes, but he recognizes that there are some distros that, either you stick with them for milk for 2 days until you get them to work, or you despair and send them to take wind, not all of them have such advanced knowledge or simply time to have the PC «under construction»


  16.   nitsuga said

    @ N @ ty: Thanks. All this happens to you because even if you use Gentoo you will still be a woman: P

    @esty I think baby, since I think you didn't even install the OS, it came with the PC.

    So now you know: you are aa disillusioned pirate baby :D

  17.   Paul said

    For those who have just started I recommend Ubuntu, it is easy and if you have any problem you have a great community out there to solve it ...

  18.   CyberWolf said

    I use Ubuntu but I am more macho than you since I have a girlfriend xD.

    The Distro doesn't make a difference.

    Why have a difficult Distro?
    I'm a programmer so I can use whatever I want but I stick with Ubuntu because it's my favorite.

    @esty if you keep downloading software without paying for it, I'm going to send you to the CIA to be beaten up by PIRATE, I recommend you do a xD format

    I am a little girl with a lot of honor I love Ubuntu
    PS: If I have a girlfriend and you don't xD

  19.   Juan C said

    What a good blog. I am aware of him every day.

    And the image, great. Although I did not like the one on my personal pc distro, Mandriva. As it comes from Mandrake who is a magician, Mandriva should be a magician, hehe.

    Well, forget it… I just wanted to say that I like the topics covered in this blog.


    PS I hope they will change the image of that penguin for one of the cartoons.

  20.   I am said

    Well that, linux only for the chosen ones, as I and millions of users were left out ... right? Maybe you see Ubuntu is the most used, just because it is the closest thing to win there is. I keep voting that you have to lower the line a bit.

  21.   nitsuga said

    @CyverWolf: For your information I have a girlfriend and at least it lasts a long time (not like people who gloat about it) I'm sure she's your first girlfriend and even if you're 17, that's why you're happy xD

    @esty: Juan C is talking about this image that is ugly ...

    PS: Update firefox so you don't get a hacker or a virus xD

  22.   nitsuga said

    Ahh! And according to the picture, all distros They are from a girl ...

  23.   LJMarin said

    Debian difficult: Or I would say that it is like when you enter the university, everyone tells you that mathematics is very difficult, that if you derive them, that if you integrate them, but when you are standing there you realize that it is only a matter of practice, yes It will not be in 2 days that you will learn but eventually you will learn.

    The same is true with Debian, it is just a matter of practicing a bit, but something is true, mathematics is not for everyone, like Linux.

    The day you leave M $, and you no longer have a dual-bot, when all your computer problems are solved using Linux "no matter the flavor" well, that day maybe you can say that you are a real Linux user.

  24.   McLarenX said

    Well, I think you need to put OpenSUSE on the list of easy ones, it is true that many others are missing, but man, SUSE is one of the most famous ...

  25.   f sources said

    I am the first to admit that I am a little girl, I wanted to install debian pretending to be brave but the only thing I get so far is a black screen, I am still a girl who uses Ubuntu.

    @All: Thanks for the comments!

    @Nitsuga: I got that image from Google, I have no idea who it is, I copied it as vilely as I'm copying XP hahaha. All I did was resize it and split it in two.

    @McLarenX: I missed OpenSUSE, it's supposed to be easy, but since I'm a little girl, connecting to the ADSL was difficult for me and I took it off my disk.

    @ LJMarín: Are you one of those who believe that Linux is "for the chosen ones"? So Linux is doomed to always be 2%. I do not know if I understood correctly.

  26.   nitsuga said

    @ffuentes Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows Windows XP !! :OR

    LJMarín says that you are going to be a real Linux player when you use only Linux, solve your problems with it, get to know it, and don't have a dual-boot.

    But anyway: UBUNTU ROCKS !!! :D

    @ffuentes @ N @ ty @estyPS: I love your blog! (They are already in my feeds) Keep in that way! : D

  27.   nitsuga said

    @ffuentes: I forgot (don't take me for today): That image is released under GPL, so don't worry.

  28.   f sources said

    @Nitsuga, LJMarin: if that's why, on MY computer I don't have Windows and as esty says, I already clarified it in a post some time ago. If you look up, notice where I am now.

  29.   nitsuga said

    I am with Windows because I am far from my PC with Ubuntu (although I have to admit that I have a dual-boot because I love to play with the computer)

    @esty: See above Using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2 on Windows XP (although it usually says Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2 on Linux) The new version came out a few days ago.

    @ffuenes: You have a smartphone! Lucky!

  30.   nitsuga said

    This I send from mine. Let's see how it turns out?

  31.   bachi.tux said

    I am going to give MY POINTS OF VIEW:

    Point 1: They forgot to name OpenSUSE. Isn't it behind Ubuntu and so many others the most used in the Free world?

    Point 2: "I use Ubuntu, Windows XP is for idiots." I haven't seen any stats, but most of the users moving to Ubuntu come from XP (I guess). I've seen it countless times on the Ubuntu forums. Also, let's highlight how many Ubuntu users know what it is to compile an application, or what a BIN file is. It is great that self-installing packages come (I sometimes end up using RPMs in SUSE), but using Linux is using ingenuity, logic, intelligence, and self-learning to the fullest. I would like to see those who cannot find their .DEB and have to compile: they would say UBUNTU IS SUCK ...

    Point 3: The great competition for wisdom will always exist in the human mind, taken to any field, as we can see here. If I use OpenSUSE, does it make me smarter or better than one using Linux Mint? If I can compile a program without using a single auto-installable package, does it make me a better user than one that depends on DEB or RPM packages or whatever?

    There are so many nuances of discussions that can be generated in Linux, that this is not over. The only redeemable and 100% true in the peaceful discussions that we may have is that if we are divided, Linux can never be at the level of other Operating Systems that, based on lies, have consumed people's pockets. Let's be honest, and let's use Free Software, let's respect each other and let's be a SERIOUS Community!

    A greeting.

    PS: In my comment you will see that I sign with Windows XP. It happens that I visit the blog during business hours. And whoever is bothered, talk to my Manager ...


  32.   f sources said

    @ bachi.tux: that, I vote for little girls linuxras and very-macho together. For this reason, a comment like LJMarín's does not quite enter my head.

  33.   LJMarin said

    @ ffuentes is as Nitsuga said:

    LJMarín says that you are going to be a real Linux player when you use only Linux, solve your problems with it, get to know it, and don't have a dual-boot.

    What does not enter my head is how I could go around talking and recommending linux and the SL having a dual-boot with XP and that every time something goes wrong or becomes difficult, I would run back with M $.

    And as a little girl, I have never said or thought that, as I had said before I use PCLOS which is very easy to use, I have it dual-boot with Debian if one fails there I have the other, from Ubuntu I learned that.

    If you want to have a dual-boot for games, work, etc, that's fine by me, and what is Linux only for the chosen ones? hahaha maybe I should just have said that linux is not for everyone.

  34.   zamuro57 said

    I think that fighting for the distributions to see which is better or which is more elite I see it with due respect without wanting to offend a bit despises towards the other distributions remember that Gnu linux distributions start from the same core
    and they have the same software law, whether some are more difficult or others are easier, that is why they are called sister distributions

    Remember that what makes a distribution or an operating system different is who modifies it, who customizes it, and who learns to give it a more practical and simple use according to their needs.

    That is why I think that they all play an important role and have both tools that do jobs in a more simplified way to tools that make things a little more complex.

    In the same way, no matter how easy or difficult the way is out there, there is always a team either in pages, excellent blogs like this or forums willing to help and give the best of themselves.
    both for those that are of an operating system and those that are of x distribution

    I hope my comment does not bother you, greetings and congratulations for such an excellent page

  35.   ring said

    [I use Debian testing, but as I post from work (long live the productivity!) What comes out comes out. You are all babes xD]

    You are misunderstanding LJMarin. That Linux is not for everyone is the same as saying that Win is not for everyone, but it is not the same as saying that one or the other OS is for idiots or the chosen ones. If not for the brutal monopoly of M $, how many would use an OS as unstable and poorly designed for security as Win? If people "pilot" with Windows, it is because for many years we have had to eat it whether we want to or not.

    It's funny: I have a dual-boot with XP that I started thinking about playing, but in the end only my girlfriend uses it. And as soon as things "get ugly" I have to go to Debian or a Knoppix LiveCD to fix it. And don't think I have a lot of Linux experience.

    Having a girlfriend doesn't make you more of a man. Well, I do not know women with a girlfriend. And feminine! XD

  36.   Snowflake said

    I use Ubuntu. Tell me baby, tell me what you want, but it installs in two kicks, is compatible with a lot of things, and is very easy to use.
    Yes, I like to test things, I like to learn, but I also like to have a working operating system.
    I'm not interested in being Linus Torvalds, I want the operating system to be able to use it as an operating system.
    I am also just starting out on this GNU / Linux and it seems to me that Ubuntu is an easy to understand and use distro, very complete and stable.
    (I have had psadillas with Slackware, Suse, Madrake at the time, and Gentoo that I never managed to make it work, back in 2004 they moved me away from linuz, but now I came back to stay)

    And yes, I am using Windows now. What are you going to do, my boss at Microsoft MVP, looks at me badly when I talk about linux at work = P

  37.   Snowflake said

    Ubuntu is not easy because it is similar to Windows.
    It is easy because it is simple to install (easier than Windows even).
    And because it is very compatible with things that in windows you would waste hours installing drivers.
    It is comfortable, it is fast, it is stable, it is safe and it is easy to use.
    An excellent Operating System

  38.   hard stone said

    I don't think Debian is difficult. The installation is not complicated (there is even a version of the installer that is graphical).
    I have had to install Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu, Debian…. and it was much more complicated for me with Fedora (for example) than with Debian.
    Because of the drivers issue, it is true that wireless sometimes "gets complicated", but from experience I have installed my broadcom in less than 5 minutes (obviously after installing it more than 10 times).
    Anyway…. there is a way to get out of these "complications" (subject that with Windows, the way to get out of these complications is to REINSTALL: s)

  39.   necudeco said

    Personally, I use GEntoo on my servers, Gentoo on my desktop PC, and as soon as my laptop arrives ... I also use Gentoo on my laptop.

    And it's for a technical reason, Gentoo doesn't run… fly !!!


  40.   Geovanni BR said

    You know you are going to become popular with your comment if that is your goal, for my part I will tell you that if you really want to learn GNU / Linux at the administration level and not as an end user, you should choose what is closest to this purpose and this is Simply a difficult system as you call it, I particularly recommend that each system administrator must learn to configure and compile not only applications, not only the kernel but also their own linux, it is the only way to learn correctly about GNU / Linux

  41.   George said

    Debian is the best, the most stable and very complete in terms of configurations!

    If they see that I am in windows it is because I am where my sister (a real windowsmaniaca, !!)

  42.   f sources said

    LXA! It is mandatory to present your justification if you comment with Windows.

  43.   rheoba said

    Excellent entry that you have made a friend.

    Well, I use Ubuntu, I like it, it satisfies all my needs, I am studying Computer Engineering, I am programming in Prolog, I have already passed Advanced Digital circuits, in this semester we are putting together a processor, and many more things that I think have enabled me to be able to get into any distro and simply battle until I can find the solution, and if I don't give it up, I'll keep the problem until it's part of my xD.

    On the other hand, I think that feeling bigger than someone just for using a more "difficult" Distro is most childish, at no time do we have to feel more because we use another OS, another distro; Each person is worthy of using the one they want and can get to know much more things than we do and that does not give us the privilege of feeling bigger just by using a 100% console distro.

    The world would be worse if everyone thought that way, for these times we still would not have graphic environments since we would all feel so capable that not even GUIs would like to have.

    So, if you are a geek who has a big ego for being able to program at the electromagnetic level on your hard disk… ..what laziness you give me xD

  44.   rheoba said

    I forgot ... any distro can be as difficult as you want, just delete your graphical environment, and use 100% console, no KDE, GNOME or anything ... and then it will be as difficult as any hard distro, of course I know everyone the programs you occupy, you will not have problems.

  45.   rheoba said

    I forgot again haha ​​... as mentioned above, any user who only has Linux on their machine is a male Linux user. So, as I send Windows to blow up completely, leaving my laptop alone for Linux, I think the test disk has passed ... haha ​​... at school my friends still get him to leave windows xD

  46.   Josh said

    In case anyone is interested, here is a link to download the image that heads this post, along with a wallpaper for each of the distros, including Linux, the soul of each one of them: D

    For me the best images are suse, ubuntu and linux, they are very cute: P

  47.   night said

    Even in the GNU / Linux community we find tribes…. Bah

  48.   L0rd5had0w said

    Well personally I think that it is not what is used but who uses it, no matter how user friendly a distro is, it never stops being linux and being a reason for learning, in my case I used kubuntu, Ubuntu, Red Hat and Devian and Indeed they have their differences but if the motive for which you went from Guindows to Linux was to learn, you can do it in any of them that never stop having their complexity ... Salu2 ahhh and I'm very macho hehehe

  49.   Carlos said

    I don't think Sabayon is an easy distro. I installed it and could not find a graphical installer. I think packages are only installed via console. It also has a very handcrafted look, graphically it is a poorly successful distro.

  50.   oakenfold said

    Where is my Suse Enterprise (not OpenSuse XD It's little girls that)! ..

    .. My sister uses Ubuntu .. and she is not a little girl :) .. although she does ..

    .. Haha that part of: I use Slackware, I'm Machazo ..
    - Slackware? Drop that thing oe! .. I use Gentoo .. xD! ..

    Excelent topic !

  51.   pipo65 said

    I don't know much about linux but on a pentium 1 I have installed one of those mini distros, one called dsl, I think it says something about knoppix because of the kernel, it gave me good results. Attention is that in the command interpreter windows they are transparent and you can see the wallpaper with text running in front of it, something else is that it is easy to install and it has two different desktops that can be changed, one is jw the other is fluxbox la The version that I use is 4.2.2, I know they released new versions of it, but since that one works fine, I think it's definitely keda

  52.   Jose said

    Incredibly sexist this post. I would advise you not to associate a person's intelligence with their sex. In addition, a real linuxero tests all the distro that he can without discriminating against people who are starting. Free software is drowned out in these kinds of speeches, turning it into a geek affair. I recommend that you review your language and your positions as there is a large traffic that reads and learns it.

  53.   f sources said

    A person who cannot distinguish between sexism and a colloquial way of expressing himself used in context makes me think that not all people who read LXA! They are intelligent.

    A shame.

  54.   Yo said

    I liked the post.

  55.   Yo said

    I use Debian and I used Slackware and I tried Zenwalk and if I did not try Gentoo it is because at home they kill me if I spend two days installing something (there is only one computer).
    Like I said, I went through "men's" distributions. And I'm not a lesbian or a tomboy xD. Although in a test it came out that I think "like a man" (predominance of the left hemisphere - rationality - abstraction capacity - visual-spatial and logical-mathematical intelligence as the most developed): S. Well, that doesn't sound so bad, does it? : D

    I do not know if this brain function is due to the fact that I am left-handed, and left-handed people have changed hemispheres.

    In fact, in my childhood I played with cars and spaceships and opened anything electronic (digital clocks, calculators, etc.) to see how it was made and if I could get something new from there, it was: P

  56.   Yo said

    of terror, they hid things from me for fear that I would break them xD

  57.   pipo65 said

    Hello, how am I pipo65 again now I'm using puppy the truth is that this version of linux is good I like the dog that has as a pet
    It has many programs installed, the only thing it would need is something to open the .pps and nothing else for a home makina, it will be enough to let me check the mail msn chat irc edit xml texts record cds and well what I said Missing you above is a pps viewer from already thank you very much, hello atte

  58.   night said

    pipo65 I have been closely following Puppy Linux for more than a year and a half and it is fantastic. I think it is left over as a home distro. It even has auditing and security applications for networks .. (netcat, nmap, tcpdum, etc ..) I use it as a battle, rescue and diary distro. If you want to see * .pps you have the option of:
    -install open office
    -install wine and inside run the pps viewer
    -install a variant of puppylinux that already has Ooo (open installed.

  59.   night said

    By the way, puppy is a standalone distro, but it does have some compatibility with "Slackware" from its base. slackware is a male distro lol. XD

  60.   the bull sitting said

    and the gays?

    never, never but NEVER seen a gay using linux (I think they use mac)

  61.   Leek said

    I use Ubuntu, and well, it has turned out very good, it is very fast, and the whole thing, although I don't know, Ubuntu is easy to use, but it is also very customizable.

  62.   c_pirate said

    Ha ha great and funny comments well I use Debian and Bluewhite 64 (Slack for 64 unofficial) and my kids love Mandriva 2009.

    Gentoo catches my attention but I think my interest would only be to compare the speed Vs Bluewhite. So I better try LFS (This is the true one for Males).
    It is true distros with little community sometimes get a bit complicated but it is part of the learning.
    So my other favorite distros are Paldo which is really very fast and with multimedia support out of box and Wolvix (based on slack) which I am looking forward to the new release; My next test will be Pardus because it always receives good reviews both in Distrowatch and in other blogs.


    PS I post from Windows because I'm at work

  63.   ziriako said

    Well, inside girls and males
    they forget
    where did the movement come from
    GNU / Linux
    thanks to Mr. Richard M. Stallman
    and its definition of free software
    I use Trisquel derived from ubuntu
    however it is one of the distros
    endorsed by the Free Software Foundation
    as 100% free.
    They have forgotten the ideal of freedom
    and justice and help to the neighbor
    which in my opinion was what he intended
    Mr. Stallman.
    Freedom in software is what movement means
    not who is better or what SO
    turns out to be better
    but to have options and fight
    as in real life outside the SOs here in Mexico the monopoly of Telmex, etc.
    It carries with it an idea of ​​rebellion and free thought
    Remember GNU / Linuxeros brothers

  64.   Arthigus said

    In the Linux world there is everything. There are those who, no matter how much you ask "where is the C:?" They will kindly answer you that the home page is used in Linux and they will explain a little to you about what is going on.
    And there are also those who first insult you because you use Windows, and when you switch to Ubuntu, they insult you because you use Ubuntu. And if you go to Debian they laugh because until you use a distro without gui they are not "worthy" to use Linux.
    The truth is, although I like to learn, I like that when I get tired I can use the system without problems.
    And I also have XP in a section, for little games. And don't tell me that Linux games are just as good because it's a very absurd lie. Not even talking about Wine's rubbish

  65.   JORGE said

    Well, I am in favor of the comrade that most of the Ubuntu users were because they moved from windows, I was one of them because I wanted to try a functional fast system that did not have so many problems with viruses and in fact I have installed several versions ubuntu debian opensuse puppylinux fedora, finally others but pss seem more comfortable to me ubuntu and opensuse that I have them installed on my 2 machines and then I have them for a penny

  66.   Pau (FR) said

    It is clear that it is an interesting topic, but I have a question. I am a woman, I have long since stopped being a little girl and I have no interest in being a male. I use Ubuntu, maybe I should switch? Do you use a male distro? Which distro should a man use who doesn't want to have to appear strong and confident at all times, who wants to be able to express his fears and limitations? That's not a male, is it?

  67.   pedro said

    I should make clarifications due to the feasibility that debian has become, perhaps they have not tried Debian 7. or much better OpenSuse 13, which have become end-user systems.

  68.   Badly said

    You have a serious problem to fight for stupid egos of others. Limit yourself to showing the distros and saying which ones are hard or easy.

  69.   Tiger said

    What is raised in this post seems tremendously stupid to me. I keep the useful information, practically nothing. When they try to put their egos in such a fascinating world as Linux, it seems to me that they have all become unconscious idiots where the main motto is lost: "Community".
    The truth is simple: when one evolves the same appetite leads to more complex distros. In my experience I started with Linux Mint, I never installed Ubuntu because I don't like it or I will not like it, then I installed Elementary OS, and now I continue the search with others, because they are not enough for me. I want something super customizable, but I'm not messing with Arch yet, and that doesn't mean I'm queer.
    Each one does what they please and the best thing is to experiment, assemble, disassemble, etc. It was! that simple! Let's see if their ideas fit in and those nonsense go out of their heads.
    Greetings community.

  70.   colossus said

    I managed to install Gentoo on a Win7 virtual machine with IceWM desktop, text mode browser (Lynx), PDF viewer, image viewer, file browser, music, Mp3, etc. and it took me several days; tired, but I made it thanks to the internet tutorials (total thanks). And that's not why I think I'm super macho ^^ I just like to play with Linux

  71.   Cytoplasm said

    When it comes to distros similar to Windows, I think that Zorin OS and the young Chalet OS are the most similar. The first is adapted in a design for windows 7 and also comes with an integrated and well configured wine. The second has an aspect of all windows, although you can change the design and the system administration is similar.
    The thing about Ubuntu is that it is well known in the Linux field, not to mention the most.