New features in Internet Explorer 8: have we seen each other before?

Do you remember that a while ago I told you about Windows day and some of the talks you had heard? Well, this is the summary of one of the talks that I liked the most: the session on the Internet Explorer 8.

Even though it is the first release candidate, it works extremely well (by IE parameters, that is, quite acceptable). Once the security policies are saved, which will be as annoying as the version of the Microsoft OS that we are using, one can begin to enjoy the browser itself.

ie8 logo

Let's see very briefly the characteristics that they weigh about the product, and I ask you to help me detect the functionality that they propose as 'new' in other browsers, because I am almost sure that 'someone else has already done it': razz::

* Association to all standards

Now? But they did say that in the last version! I sincerely hope that finally when developing a website, you can define a style for ALL browsers and not be inventing or correcting inconsistencies with IE.

* Microsoft listens to its users and modifies IE8 taking into account the opinion of consumers

For companies: manageability

Common user claim: speed, comfort and performance

* Stylized interface

Personally I find IE7 more beautiful, but that is already a matter of taste. Nor did it have a radical change, only the eyelashes seem not to have relief.

* Improved search

This is where in my opinion the major changes have been made, in the improvement of the box and the search engine. To make the user experience easier and more productive, features that are strangely familiar to me were added:

Domain Name Highlighting: Known domains are highlighted.

Autocomplete in the navigation bar: It was time.

Open already closed tabs- I found this quite useful, we are always closing things by mistake and recovering them would be useful, for those who are lovers of multiple tabs.

Tab grouping: all the tabs that are related are shown grouped together, that is, in consecutive tabs. I have had mixed opinions about this, in my opinion it is really useless.

Advanced searches integrated with search providers (not classics, for example eBay) without leaving the current window.

Compatibility (backwards): indicates which sites are not compatible with the new browser and indicates it in the address bar. Even so, it is possible to see these 'not compatible' sites (well it would be that from one version to another you could not see sites made to match the standards of the previous one ...)

Accelerators (third party): they are, plain and simple, add-ons that can be added to the browser to obtain extra functionalities (weather reports, maps, searches in very specific places, etc). Personally, I do not like the outsourced functionalities in the browser at all, since they do not comply with a minimum quality policy, a question for which these accelerators seemed irrelevant to me.

InPrivate Browsing- When activating this option, the browsing session is not recorded in history or favorites, and addresses are not saved. I think (and if anyone tried, they will correct me) that private sessions tabs are not clustered either. In my opinion (and in the opinion of other people whom I consulted) this functionality seemed to me made in order to visit adult pages without registering the session.

Specific functionalities for Windows 7: unfortunately the specialist who gave the talk could not delve much into these questions because as he had told you, 'Windows 7 is a new version that works very well' This is the maximum amount of information that can be obtained regarding the new version of Microsoft's OS. IE8's specific functionalities are basically related to stylistic issues (such as previews when sliding the mouse over minimized windows in the taskbar).

I hope someone has tried it and makes me remember if I have forgotten something, and see if anyone discovers these features in other browsers, this time it is very easy!


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  1.   thalskarth said

    in short, as always ... Microsoft: bringing us today, yesterday's technology: S

  2.   >> s E t H said

    The closed tabs is brought by firefox (history-> recently closed tabs and you can choose from the last 10. it's as if you hadn't closed it, they even keep the history)

    Hopefully they meet the standards. I don't see anything interesting, I plan to continue using firefox and safari

    How will it go in the acids?

  3.   Pol said

    @vincegeratorix a little more, and you raise an altar to the lollipop (as Naty says) crhome.
    ... Anyway, in Opera for a long time it has had that option, a dial taken from the FF and this in turn from the almighty chrome (jojo), which is a small tach that is in the upper-right part, that will be what refers to «open tabs already closed "or" just closed "ctrl + shift + T.
    To Caesar what is Caesar's
    @Thalskarth Totally agree !, obviously we are not the target audience of MS, but the end users, end XD

  4.   vincegeratorix said

    opening tabs already closed I hadn't seen it, but I find it quite annoying, that's what the history is for, or in chrome new tab below it says "recently closed tabs" I think it refers to that ... otherwise it would be terrible

    I find the tab grouping thing just awful ... but it's optional, otherwise .. pffff

    I hope you can "separate" the tabs from the main window and add them to the new window, as in chrome, otherwise there is no great thing about separate processes, since in chrome it has separate processes and suddenly It failed completely (although I attribute it to beta failures, since as I have read in blogs it shows the 'beta' hopefully for linux they make it more stable)

    the nice thing, it is a matter of taste, I like FF but I use epyphany for laziness and ram: '(

    the rest of the things are past stories, they were already designed for other browsers

    PS: I hope I don't have many messages, because the most annoying thing about IE is that it bombards with little messages (it reminds me of FF 3 with the expired certificates, it is no longer the small message, but now it is one that takes up all the space, something upset)
    Something funny when I use IE is that I click on a message and they sound like 4 clicks in a row hahahahaha they don't even know how to hide it: D
    PD2: put the little monkeys of the distributions and browsers that each one uses: D

  5.   Corrupt Byte said

    Well, I really like IE8, I don't use it, but I like it; I like the way you can access your bookmarks and the grouping of the tabs; I wish it was faster when creating tabs and included a spell checker.

    Outside of the accelerators, the additional information in the suggested searches and the web slices, it seems to me that we have already seen everything else in Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

  6.   LJMarín said

    All very nice but «Association to all standards» xDD

    Seeing is believing…

  7.   jojo said

    easy for me to install it when it comes out

  8.   osuka said

    those of microsoft if they are barbarians! every day they surprise me more with new and revolutionary ideas for their products !!


  9.   anarcxpoll said

    Bah! Almost all the options are already included by FF or other browsers ... What's new? What does not hang? hahaha it's too much to ask.


  10.   vincegeratorix said

    when I used (regularly) win I loved the chrome, very good, simple and above all very usable, the only major and big problem is its poor stability, in fact I could not see youtube videos, or some things
    I attribute great stability to FF, however its problem is its use of ram, that the truth today that I spend 180mg is not "too much" and perhaps how much I spend IE8

    when I wanted to download while playing a game that could be done at medium resolution with FF I couldn't play, with opera the download failed me but with chrome I could download quietly while playing NFSCarbón, the problem is at the time of active navigation it fails more at often than others.