Linux can't grow without proprietary software


In the magazine PC World they reviewed the 7 big reasons why people leave Linux. I was going to go through the full list but the first one plus a few statements from a top Linux man give enough debate.

Well, the first problem for those who want to switch to Linux is that:

The program I use does not work on Linux

A common problem and one of the answers that always bothers me when I ask why they decided to stay in Windows. There are from the boys who wanted to have their game online as usual on Linux and discovered that it was not up to the Professionals that they work with certain proprietary software and that, since they cannot make it run by emulation (obviously there is no alternative version), they refuse to migrate.

Today it just appears in Chuenga an interview by Mark Shuttleworth in which he says something that has a lot to do with this discussion:

"If Linux is just another way to run Windows applications, we can never win"

Mark Shuttleworth does not care, but if we look at his statement thinking about the problem, we are faced with a paradox: A growth in the use of Linux is desirable (especially when it has been celebrated with great fanfare the rise above 1% of market penetration of this system), but Is that possible only with own Linux software with the problem described above?

Come on, the fact that Linux is a better operating system than Windows in terms of security and performance does not necessarily mean that its applications are too. And it is enough that a critical application does not satisfy its needs for an ordinary user to be left with the window system. Let's be honest.

With the professional who uses a critical application in Windows there is not much to do, his work depends on it and he will not accept it, even if the existing alternative is functional because he does not know it and cannot afford to commit a error. Their perception is that it is not a big business to change, it is a very big risk and the learning curve (in a design program) can be steep.

And my gaze may seem pessimistic but with gamers and other kinds of users, and although their lives do not depend on it, almost the same thing happens.

That OpenOffice is wrong for me, when I transfer to the Word of the office, the document is made shit


I love the game [put the Windows game here] but in Linux it doesn't work for me and I get bored, I have to restart the computer to play it, in the end I stay more on Windows :(

And we already know, first the enormous flame of among those who think that it covers all their needs and those who think that it does not, then the issue of games (because CEDEGA does not solve everything and it is paid) that in Linux it does not there is or at least not of the quality that is styled in Windows.

It is not a Linux problem, I am not saying that, I know that it is the fault of other agents but we have to assume the conditions in which the system is and in turn, it is necessary to move in that direction and leave hippism completely free because it is a utopia, a beautiful one by the way, but a utopia at last. Or maybe the perfect world exists, your job is perfect, the relationship with your girlfriend / wife is perfect right? It is that we finally hit a ball with reality (and this last month I have hit several, perhaps that is why I am more sensitive to this, I do not know). So are the market conditions.

Now I'm going into exile, it was a pleasure meeting you I wait for your spitting, threats, insults, blows opinions. I know that it is not what they would like to read, I would prefer to write something else but it is what I think and as Laura always says although in a different way, it is my opinion I can be wrong.

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  1.   rheoba said

    Neglect sources, many of us are the same, there are times when our linux fan-boy is superior to our realistic self, and does not accept how things really are.

    Just today I was discussing with a friend, on this same topic, in the end, what happened to you, it must be accepted that the problem you write in this post, is and will be our great battle for a long, long, long time to come. People get used to one product and cannot easily get used to another, less when the other is not as good as the first, as you already said, you have to accept it.

    I think that we Linuxers prefer to continue with that program that does not have everything that the proprietary one has, (not in all cases, I do not generalize), to using pirated software, because pirated software for us is the second option, the third is to buy it but I think nobody thinks about that.

    I repeat it as I have already said in many places, I believe that the problem we have occurred at the beginning of everything, Windows quickly monopolized the market, and software companies focused 100% on where the market was, people got into the mind the idea of ​​"Microsoft = Good" just because of good marketing that Microsoft has, I dare to say that just because of that, from there, Linux has fought every day so that companies turn to see it and realize that not everything the world uses Windows.

    Wow, after writing this, I realize that we really do suffer from total computer discrimination xD.


  2.   L0rd5h @ d0w said

    I totally agree with Renoba, there are many times that I get frustrated when using my GNU / Linux system for not having a specific application or that the similar Open Source version does not work for me as the proprietary version does, for example at the university they are teaching us C # in Visual Studio and they leave us exercises directly in the graphical environment and when I get to my house in mono develop it is a bit complicated, however, because I am a Linux fan boy, I do not plan to install Guindows by a program, which we must wait for them to software developers realize how great the GNU world is and start working on that platform… that's my umility to think have a good day Salu2…

  3.   Pol said

    Let's not let reality overshadow or destroy our dreams and illusions, I think Giorgio has explained it very well.
    Looking at it from the negative side: So what should we do to drop everything, and pirate or buy products and ignore our conscience and criteria that scream at us that something is wrong and that it could be better.

  4.   ignacio said

    I totally agree, there is a period of adaptation that must be faced and many people cannot bear it.

    I disagree with the policy of converting to a 100% GNU Linux distribution. Think of it this way, it is as stupid as MS or Apple restricting the use of the software to those developed by themselves.

    The truth is that the tasks in which I move within my operation (Arch) are basically development, management of photos and files and navigation. Now if I had to work with specific tools I couldn't.

    I'm honestly not sure where the big companies are going, but it would be nice if they "port" software to all operating systems.

    What do I know, I am sure that if I had to use specific tools, I will not go around denying it, I will pay a license for the software and the necessary OS, while… with an xterm, firefox and Gnome, I am;)


  5.   Laura said

    What Reoba says, that you have to get used to the programs again ... the same thing happened to me, I got used to GIMP, I don't handle myself in Photoshop, I could do it, yes but it would give me laziness xD

    Regarding to port soft to all OS, totally agree, right now they just asked me about "emule" in GNU / Linux and I answered that amule xD

    I saw that of the 7 reasons, and in my opinion, I think that the reason that I can "understand" the most is that of "the hardware does not work" (at least not all or not "out-the-box")

  6.   Giorgio grappa said

    “And it is enough that a critical application does not satisfy its needs so that any user is left with the window system. Let's be honest."

    Totally agree. And the nuances that you add for the professional user, the player and others, examples included, I also subscribe: it is a realistic vision of the situation and of how people (most of the people) try to solve their needs and understand the software as a tool and not as a system for world domination or as a way to improve society.

    On the other hand, I cannot agree when you say «it is necessary to move in that direction and leave hippism completely free because it is a utopia, a beautiful one by the way, but a utopia at last», because it was precisely a utopia, that of reaching create a 100% free system, which allows me, today, to work with a 99% free system: if the one criticized by many RMS had not been so idealistic and so stubborn, neither would I have my "almost" free system, nor would Linux addicts it would have a reason to exist.

    In other words: utopias are necessary to improve reality; the fact of being unattainable is the guarantee that they will continue to be a motor for this improvement. Its function is to be this engine: whoever believes that utopias exist to be achieved, is a delusion ("a person who is deluded with something above real expectations", I am not saying this with a derogatory intention). Of course, every utopia needs a deluded person to imagine it: if not, there is neither utopia nor improvement.

    That said, I think that GNU / Linux has a fairly low growth ceiling (I'm not going to venture a percentage; also, this could change in the future), but it seems to me that it is a long way from reaching it: I think the penguin boom will continue being news for a few years.

  7.   Marcelo said

    Amen brother Fuentes !!! You couldn't have said it louder or clearer. Completely agree with each of your words. I am a staunch defender of Linux and I use it on a day-to-day basis, but the reality is what you describe. Although it hurts, we must recognize it (and recognizing the problem is the first step to solve it, denying it we do nothing). Henri Poincaré already said it: “We also know how cruel the truth often is. And we wonder if the deception is not more comforting ».

  8.   I am said

    Big Fonts. When you go to download the 3d max trial from the Autodesk website, you have to fill out a questionnaire, among the questions there is one that says: "what operating system do you use-Linux, Windows, Mac". I would like to know how many choose Linux, although I am sure more than we think, since autodesk is slowly moving to Linux. The day 3D Studio Max works there, I promise I will.

  9.   Darhak said

    Being a linuxero at heart, because I share in part what was issued by your article, but there is a great interoperability task still pending in both Linux and Window $ and Mac ... but that is a bit utopian. Well, so far I still prefer to do everything on my machine with Linux, than turn it on with Windows, not even to play games anymore.


  10.   CRlevy said

    In Linux there are a large number of alternative applications to the proprietary ones that are of quality, but let's face it, the real problem is the laziness of people who do not want to take time to learn how to handle the new application, although the free alternative be good, people excuse themselves by saying that it is not handled the same (that for obvious reasons such as it is not the same application it will never work exactly the same). A period of adaptation is needed which is taken as an excuse not to change. As an example I put two friends, who are a doctor and a computer systems engineer, whom I am advising with their entry to Linux, I mentioned that I use GNU / Linux -the Ubuntu distribution- and that I am very comfortable with it and I do not need to use the proprietary OS at all and they told me they wanted to try the alternative that I presented. They both have the same laptop, which is an HP with a touch screen (I can't remember the model). I told them: download Ubuntu, install it and when they get stuck they talk to me, I'll help them.
    The doctor, who although he is not an expert in the field is very fond of the computer, he sent me an email saying: I was able to install Ubuntu, seeing that not all devices were detected, search in Google how I could put the device to work wireless network, register a better video driver and the other devices that I needed, I only need to register the touch screen, but it seemed a bit complicated and as I have to attend some patients as soon as I have time, you could help me custom the?.
    The engineer, who being an expert in computers and in the window program told me the following: I installed Ubuntu, but it did not recognize everything and you have to do some configurations to make it work well, leave it alone, when you have time Can you help me install it?
    To which I replied: but what problems can you have if our friend the doctor could install most of the drivers without problems by consulting Google.
    Which you don't want to believe….
    Laziness, the great enemy to defeat!

  11.   CRlevy said

    Sorry I need to add to the above:
    Today the doctor is convinced of free software, he already has the software alternatives to use (use Gimp instead of PhotoShop, OpenOffice instead of MSOffice, etc ...), the engineer is still evaluating it.

  12.   ronaldfer said

    The problem is that you can get a pirated copy of Windows easily, just like other proprietary programs. If not, linux would be the best option regarding price / quality.

  13.   Jose J Kaz Casimiro Rios said

    I totally agree that linux cannot grow using only free software. I have been managing unix and linux for over 16 years and something I have learned is "that neither are all who are, nor are all who are." Many Linux users make the mistake of closing themselves saying "abandon what you have and use what is ours" when Ricardo Mateo Stallman himself mentioned: "we are the * ALTERNATIVE * technology". In other words, we are one more option that can satisfy CERTAIN needs.

    Currently I am a consultant, and one of the favorite combinations for businesses has been Oracle / Enterprise DB + Redhat Linux, and in the words of my friend Rolman (Rolando Cedillo, currently working for Redhat, quite respected and recognized in the community, aka as Mr. Hardware): Oracle RAC is one of the best-designed database clustering products out there (he put it in other rather high-sounding words but that was the point :)).

    Many Linux users tend to demonize proprietary software, when the reality is that there are many quality things in proprietary software, just as there are also in free software. In the same way, there are things that are not recommended in free software at the same time that they exist in proprietary software.

    To conclude, I can only say that you have to keep an open mind: The best solution is the one that solves the problem, regardless of whether it is called Linux, MacOSX, Windows, Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian…. etc.

    Receive a cordial greeting and a hug.

  14.   cooked mate said

    Incredible all the opinions in favor ... surely you weren't expecting it ... hahaha !!
    As everyone I totally agree with what you say, I would only add in my case and when using Ubuntu, it annoys me that version after version always has a problem that with the previous version it did not. They improve things on the one hand, but at the same time they worsen others that worked well. That bothers me a lot because after a new update I have to go around looking for the solution to what stopped working in the new update, something that doesn't happen to me with XP (I don't update anything ... heh!). Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on approaching this quasi-software philosophy the way you have. Greetings.

  15.   Emilio R. said

    I'm linuxero thanks to the "impure" distros. I adhere to the ideal of Linux and am on its way. And I don't want to be ungrateful. I walk that way thanks to several proprietary software. Someday they will be opened or replaced. What will we do then? Mock us like super-sold scoundrels? Are these people made up of Linux?
    Pride is everywhere, including Linux. I live by kicking myself with linuxeros due to the absence of a 100% offline linux. A button that says download and you download an application. It is not a complicated concept. But they are scandalized and they tear their clothes like obsequious Pharisees that they are. That attitude is what lags Linux in many ways. The real problem with Linux is linuxers.
    I am glad to have found people like you who show that humility and intelligence can go hand in hand.


  16.   Drasky Vanderhoff said

    I don't think it's how you say ... Although I know the massive stupidity of the people of not wanting to change to something new just for comfort and lack of mandatory necessity. No matter how minimal the difficulty is (even if it were null), they will continue with the same elements.

    I say that you should not spend yourself on this type of people, period. Nothing can be done to satisfy someone who is already comfortable in shit. NOTHING!.

    On the side of the gammers it is more less the same. I have played my whole life since I was 8 years old, I am a veteran gammer and I use Ubuntu and Debian and now I am about to try an opensuse.
    Sometimes it is not so easy to install a good game that came out recently or use your plate to handle, but thousands of games work with wine without the need to break so much your crashes (some I accept that they do not work in any way no matter what is done) to be… ).

    I say this to enter more with this type of dialog that does not make sense:

    We cannot please lazy people who feel comfortable in shit and do not sacrifice a little stupid thing (be it a little game or a few minutes of their time learning a new tool) in pursuit of having a better free and free system than every day. gives free updates and thousands of options without asking for more than your permission ...

  17.   Emilio R. said

    Those people are judged and called PIRATES. With what right do I ask myself? Are we able to offer an alternative? Sure, unless Linux is technically unable to do so. And if Linux has the capacity to do so, why is this decision?
    And yes, I want a Linux for lazy, any problem? Lazy people have the right to freedom and legality.
    Don't you want to discuss more about this topic? I expected no less from you. What a drama if offline continues to laugh Windows.
    May you never lack work or daddy who pays you for the internet. In case you don't know, there is a world outside the network. The little red pill that Linux users say to choose.


  18.   wow said

    I prefer that large companies do not release applications for GNU / Linux, because if they do, there will be many viruses (even if it has difficulties to run), I prefer to stick with a 50 Mb program like GIMP, which resembles photoshop 95% Before a 700 Mb proprietary program, one of two, or the adobe ones don't know how to program or have a lot of malicious code inside. Who does not use GNU / LInux, it is their problem, I have been 1 year, and I do not plan to switch to windows xq it is a very inferior operating system ... and full of spyware, viruses ... etc ....

    The fewer of us on GNU / LInux, the better.

    I just need a program in Linux, and it's a good video editor, but for 2009 Lumiera will be out, and I'm not going to use windows anymore.

  19.   The alchemyst said

    I am in favor of the fact that despite Linux users having all these limitations, we continue to bet on the platform by putting our two cents from where we can.

  20.   Alfred said

    I do not think that the problem is laziness in, in my opinion the problem is and always will be, (and not only in computing) "Resistance to Change" which will be large or small depending, not only on the knowledge you have a person, but the ability to accept something different, and Linux definitely is, because the vast majority of people did not grow up with it, what will they think happens if we put a child to use their computer on Linux all their life, and it happens school, college, and when he is an adult, we put windows on his computer ?. I don't know if they believe the same as me, but I think that even if he liked it, it wouldn't be easy for him to leave Linux. Or perhaps more simply, what happened to KDE4? Although it is true that it is not stable yet, it has been criticized for being different, and there has been great resistance to change, I make it clear that I am not saying that it is better, and It is good that there has been such a drastic change in the environment, because I am not an extremist, but it is a clear example of the resistance that people have to change.
    On the other hand, times are changing, the future for operating systems is uncertain and Microsoft is losing power in its monopoly, that graphic above is a small test, how many years will it take people to leave Windows? I don't know, but that day is getting closer and closer.
    Microsoft's failures, such as Windows Vista and Office 2007, forcing the user to change what they already like, is not to the liking of many, and if Microsoft continues like this, (as it always has) it will lose the fight against itself. . Anyway, I may be wrong, but I think that little by little proprietary software will disappear and computers will have community software, and users will end up paying for services and hardware.

  21.   Sunday said

    I agree. I wish I could use Photoshop natively and even the infamous Microsoft Office. Anyone who wants to continue using their 100% free system can continue to use it, but I personally, if there is a proprietary application that exceeds and is more complete than the free ones, I use them, mainly when I have to deliver a well-finished work. I recently paid for the license for Nero Linux Express 4 and am very happy to have it. The ubuntu alternative (Bracero) was quite slow. I don't like pirated software, but I find Windows Too simple to pay for it.