Install Microsoft Office on Debian without Wine

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Today we are going to learn how to install Microsoft Office on Debian. The novelty is that we are not going to use Wine for this

We know that there are great alternatives to Microsoft Office in Debian, such as LibreOfficeHowever, sometimes due to templates and compatibility issues, we need the Microsoft program to do the job.

That is why there is the Wine program, so that we can install Windows programs on our Debian. The downside is that not everyone likes Wine, because usually crashes in some applications, so today we are going to show you how to install Microsoft Office on your Debian without install Wine, taking advantage of the new Office Online that Microsoft has recently released.

Microsoft Office Online explained

This version was released by Microsoft to be able to run it in any compatible internet browser, some of the applications that come are Word, Excel, Powerpoint or One Note. Then a .deb package came out, allowing you to create shortcuts to all Office applications online. This package is the one that we are going to install in our Debian, in which after installation, a direct access to all the applications will be created.

Download the package

First of all, we are going to click on this link, in which we are going to go directly to the package download. This link, unlike many that are offered out there, is not down and works perfectly.

Installation commands

Now we are going to type two commands to install the package that we just downloaded in our Debian. Remember that you have to be a super user(su) to install packages and that it is not worth putting sudo in front as in Ubuntu.

cd /Downloads
dpkg -i microsoft_online_apps.deb

To enjoy

Now we can start enjoying our Office directly in Debian. These apps they are not the same as desktop Office, but they are capable of complying with a basic functionality of an office suite.


I believe that its installation may be worthwhile, especially if we work using office automation tools, since sometimes we risk Compatibility issues between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office. They are also really shortcuts to the web application that will open in your browser, so it won't take up a lot of disk space.

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  1.   Miguel Fernandez said

    Luckily I use Slackware, and this is for Debian. With libreoffice I work very comfortable, and I think that the vast majority of office package users can work with libreoffice.

  2.   leoramirez59 said

    This is not worth it!

  3.   Luis Sulbaran said

    Install Microsoft Office in Debian without Wine…. First of all because it is online, that is, in the Microsoft Office clouds in the web application because Debian has a wine problem. How to install additional components, DLLs and libraries to wine, winetricks PPA on Debian has that problem Winetricks

  4.   Jimmy olano said

    IT IS NOT STRICTLY NECESSARY to install the .deb package IT WILL SIMPLY place "shortcuts" on our desktops ACTUALLY puts web addresses to Microsoft pages:
    Package: microsoft-online-apps
    Version: 1.0
    Architecture: all
    Maintainer: Dejan Petrovic
    Priority: optional
    Installed-Size: 70
    Section: Distro
    Description: Shortcuts for Microsoft Online Applications
    Non-official version by Dejan Petrovic.

    Here are the links:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name = Microsoft OneDrive
    Comment = Microsoft Online App OneDrive
    Exec = xdg-open 'https: // onedrive .live .com'
    Terminal = false
    Type = Application
    StartupNotify = true
    Icon = / usr / share / icons / microsoftonline / 0_onedrive.png
    Categories = Microsoft Online Apps; Office;
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name = Microsoft Calendar
    Comment = Microsoft Online App Calendar
    Exec = xdg-open 'https: // calendar .live .com /'
    Terminal = false
    Type = Application
    StartupNotify = true
    Icon = / usr / share / icons / microsoftonline / 0_calendar.png
    Categories = Microsoft Online Apps; Office;
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name = Microsoft Excel
    Comment = Microsoft Online App Excel
    Exec = xdg-open 'https: // office. live. com / start / Excel.aspx '
    Terminal = false
    Type = Application
    StartupNotify = true
    Icon = / usr / share / icons / microsoftonline / 0_excelonline.png
    Categories = Microsoft Online Apps; Office;

    And so, if you look at the web links, replace the name of the application, for example instead of "Excel.aspx" put "Word.aspx".

    I hope it is useful to you, thank you for your attention.

  5.   ramon said

    Libreoffice, wherever you look at it, has much more functionality than Office online. Office online is nothing more than a simple version of office that is overpowered and with lower performance than Google Docs.

  6.   ddantette said

    Hi… I already installed the package with dpkg but now I want to remove it and "apt-get remove microsoft_online_apps" did not work. How do i do it?

  7.   fernandofvh said

    Unfortunately, a very high percentage of users use the Windows application and, at least for me, the conversion has failed many times (I suppose I am doing something wrong but good). People get very nervous when this happens, so having a link to Office without having to install the aforementioned one on my Debian does not seem like a bad idea to me, especially because I will use it very occasionally and it does not interest me at all. have it installed. By the way, according to Ramón, Google Docs gives Office Online a few laps. Greetings to all.

  8.   Albert Montiel said

    where I have to type the commands

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      You have to open the Debian terminal.
      It is not clear to me if Debian translates folder names or not so you may have to change Download to Downloads.
      In any case, remember that the only thing this package does is install the shortcut to the Microsoft Office Online web page. An alternative is to bookmark the page.

  9.   miguel uribe said

    Excellent article, although it is true that the extension can be installed in the browser that does the same, it is sometimes helpful to have the access icon in another place on the computer.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.