Install and configure Wine

configure Wine

Wine is a platform that allows you to install native software for Windows on any Linux distribution, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and other * nix operating systems. And although it is downloadable and installed from many distribution repositories, including the Ubuntu Software Center, the Ubuntu Software Center versions are not very up-to-date.

Por eso we will teach you step by step to download, install and start using Wine on your favorite drive. But the first thing is to know the requirements, and these are easy to meet, since you only need a Unix-like system, and a 86-bit x32 or an x86-64 computer. With Wine you can install original applications and video games for Windows 32 and 64 bits, since it supports Win64 and Win32 and you can even install DirectX for games.

Install Wine on any Linux distribution:

If you access the official website of the Wine project you can get the packages for different distributions (DEB, RPM) and other operating systems. But to make it more generic, let's explain the method used to install Wine on any distro from source code:

Google chrome logo
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  • Download the source code package from here. It is in the section where it says “Wine Source Downloads” and we choose, for example, the link.
  • Unpack the tarball, in this case it is Wine 1.7.38. To do this, the first thing to do is go to the directory where it was downloaded. For example, if you have it in Downloads, you can use the command:
cd Descargas
  • Now we must unpack the tarball. As in this case it is a tar.bz2 we type in the terminal:
tar -xjvf wine-1.7.38.tar.bz2
  • Now we will have created a directory called wine-1.7.38 in Downloads. We enter it:
cd wine-1.7.38
  • Remember that if the directory is called differently, you will have to modify the commands to suit your case ... Having said that, we will proceed to compile and install:
make depend
sudo make install
  • In case of being for 64 bits (You may need to use "make install" privileges, for this use sudo):
./configure --enable-wine64
sudo make install

Now we have it installed. The next thing is to learn how to use it to install Windows software in our Linux environment. First we are going to verify that the installation has been successful by checking if it was installed and what version we have. And depending on whether it is for 32 or 64 bits, we do:

./wine --version
./wine64 --version

Install Windows software on Linux thanks to Wine:

Would be highly recommend that you install some tools such as Winetricks (avoids having to install the DLL libraries on your own), PlayOnLinux (a plugin that solves problems and configures Wine in the best possible way for a specific software) or Mono (a project to install applications that depend on .NET on Linux). Remember that when you install a Windows video game or program, you may need some DLL libraries (just search the web for their name and downloads) or some dependencies such as .NET Framework, DirectX, etc. In which case you would install them in Wine.

Linux Bootable USB Pendrive
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But with an example you will see it more clearly. For example, we are going to install the Microsoft Office suite on Linux using Wine. The steps, once we have the program installer in our possession, are the following:

  • Download and install Play On Linux from the web. With this program you can automate the setup of Wine to install specific software and avoid possible problems.

Play On Linux interface

  • Now we open Play On Linux and we click on the Install button. Then in the Office category and we look for the version of Office that we are going to install. For example, in our case 2007.
  • We insert the Office CD in our disk drive and we follow the installation steps that Play On Linux marks us. We will also be given the option of locating the .exe installer elsewhere, such as the hard drive in the case of not having it on CD.
  • The normal Office installer will be launched as you would in Windows. We follow the steps, enter the serial and we will have it ready to use. What Play On Linux has allowed us is a special configuration of Wine for Office without having to do it manually. It takes a lot of work believe me ...

Office 2007 Installer

Now you will see the Office icons and you can open them to see that everything works at 100%. Another option is to start a Windows program from the terminal, instead of using its icon, for that we can type the following in the terminal:

wine nombre_programa_windows
wine64 nombre_programa_windows

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  1.   Javier Vives-Garcia said

    I consider it to be the best application, with this I have played and used many XD applications

  2.   raulmonteslizcano said

    Is there any special step to install the adobe suite? I have not succeeded

  3.   Lilian Gonzalez said

    Please help me, I can't install wine, I get lost a lot; I have debian. It is to install skype. Thanks.

    1.    maxi said

      Skype can install it without having to install wine.

  4.   Cheerful Angel said

    hello how long does the compilation of wine take?

  5.   llusho said

    on ;

    ./configure –enable-wine64 does not go wine64… there goes win64… that will correct possible errors…
    sudo make install

    It should look like this

    / configure –enable-win64
    sudo make install

    a single letter can make it not work !!! XD

    The rest is super !!!


  6.   leamsy said

    Hello, I need urgent help, I have a chromebook to which I install Linux with the crouton script but I need to use the Winbox app, I made an attempt to install the famous wine and it was not possible for me, someone can help me write here

  7.   Christopher Carrillo said

    wine consumes hardware resources, such as ram

  8.   Stripes said

    I can't install a program because I can't install NET Framework 4. Can someone help me please?

  9.   Juan said

    My question is, if windows "portable programs" can run in linux through wine or another method?

  10.   Luis said

    Look what it says to me when I enter ./configure

    root @ debian: /Downloads/wine-4.0# ./configure –enable-win64
    checking build system type ... x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
    checking host system type ... x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
    checking whether make sets $ (MAKE)… no
    checking for gcc ... no
    checking for cc ... no
    checking for cl.exe…no
    configure: error: in `/home/luis/Descargas/wine-4.0 ′:
    configure: error: C compiler found no Acceptable in $ PATH
    See `config.log 'for more details

  11.   arturo said

    I want to install wine-doors-0.1.4a2.ta in terminal and I get like this

    root @ canaima-educational: / home / canaima # sudo apt-get install wine-doors-0.1.4a2.tar.gz
    Reading package list ... Done
    Creating dependency tree
    Reading the status information ... Done
    E: The package wine-doors-0.1.4a2.tar.gz could not be located
    E: No package could be found with the regular expression "wine-doors-0.1.4a2.tar.gz"
    Where do I have to save in a file that I download and I want to play windows 7 games and I can't because of those problems I have
    please if you can help me thank you and happy day