How do you share files in Linux?

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It's a pretty interesting question, based on my own experience as a Linux user.

La need to share files it exists in all of us, be it a novice or an expert user. I do not mean when sharing this time through open P2P networks, but when you need to pass a document, music or a very heavy video to a friend, directly, PC to PC, friend to friend over the Internet.

I'm going to give you examples of ways to share documents:

El E-mail: This is not exclusive to Linux of course, but we all resort to this alternative to share documents, the problem is that it is not very comfortable and it does not fulfill 100% that directly from my PC to my friend's PC, the intermediary is the server e-mail, which often has size restrictions and even file extensions.

Upload the file to the Internet: We all understand how it works, to transfer this kind of files we usually make use of "direct download" sites, the typical Rapidshare or some similar site, we upload the file to the server, give us the link and we deliver it to our friend. As a pro has that he or the files can have a lot of weight, against the limitations of these sites, finally they have a limit that can be 100mb per file, come on, much more than an email but insufficient to send something really heavy expeditiously. It wastes a lot of time.

I also wouldn't use it if what I'm sharing is secret or compromising.

Dropbox / Ubuntu One: I put these two solutions in parallel because, deep down, they are the same. These are two linux solutions that work in the cloud, that is, on the Internet also as intermediaries. They provide you with space of X amount of gigs, it is installed on your PC if you want and it synchronizes its content with that of the cloud. It is used for sharing because you can share folders with other users or use the "public" folder and simply pass the link of the file.

The disadvantage of this system, apart from requiring an intermediary (with the corresponding loss of time) is that it requires a secure connection and uses ports that could be blocked on the recipient's PC.

dropbox y Ubuntu One

LAMP: One fine day you decide that the best thing is to create a server on your PC, like the ones used by the webs but to distribute your music, your documents or your videos with your friends (assuming you don't want to go through an intermediary). Finally a direct solution. The file goes from your PC to your friend's PC. If you don't know what LAMP is.

Disadvantages: It is somewhat heavy and can be disproportionate in weight and configuration for those who need it just to get things done. In addition, to receive files requires either creating a page that receives files (and not everyone would know how to program it) or mounting an FTP. In short, for this type of use it may be too large.

Droppy + SimpleServer HTTP: The most unknown solution but which, finally, at least in my case I have discovered is the most effective. There are two tools, one to receive files and the other to share what you have. Droopy is a python script that allows you to receive files from anyone on the Internet directly to a special folder on your PC. You give the IP of your PC to your friend for example, with port 8000 in front (although it can be whatever you configure) like this> where it will find the typical "browse" to upload files.

HTTPSimpleServer It is a file server (which I met yesterday) that allows you to do the reverse, instead of receiving, share files. For that, with the console we put exactly in the folder that we are going to share (with the command «cd», that's what I mean) and then we execute the following command:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 

Where "8000" is the port, they can choose any one. Then, they give the IP to the friend and he will see the files in that folder in his browser.

The good thing about these solutions is that although the IP is given, which is something delicate, it is assumed that we do it to trusted people and we can close the servers (closing the console or ending the process) as soon as they are no longer used.

Now I have to ask you:

What solutions do you or your friends use to share files on Linux? Something that we have not put in the article?

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  1.   alavezz said

    Another very comfortable and fast solution is to use Opera Unite.

  2.   I am said

    I record everything and I go in my car to my friend's house to take it to him. : P
    Now, if my friend is in the Congo, then with the filezilla and upload it to the hosting, obviously, I have hosting where to upload it.

  3.   Raphael Hernamperez said

    I would like to indicate to the author that DropBox is a linux solution, when it is also Windowssera and Macquera, and it is not even necessary to install the client, because you can do everything directly from the Web.

    The solutions indicated are correct and depend on the medium in which they are to be shared: remotely.

    I miss the use of P2P, or Microsoft Live SkyDrive and the like, or Linux console commands on private networks.

  4.   Bug Pro said

    Opera unite is the best solution, no complications

  5.   dav said

    by usb, no doubt, even if you have to mount it by hand :)

  6.   f sources said

    @esty what is left of you hahaha

    @dav but that's not a remote solution

    @Bicho Pro I thought about putting that alternative but I did not think that it would be so overcrowded, that is a way of sharing in one sense (you towards others) but conversely it is not equivalent, because the other should do the same as you and be installed Opera, etc.

    @Rafael Hernamperez: I already said that we would concentrate on the ways in which we share files on the Internet in private, the common P2P does not enter because, with exceptions, they are files that everyone sees apart from your friend and you.

  7.   X3MBoy said

    I do it in several ways and depending on the case:

    1.- A single file from Linux to Linux, I use scp (secure copy via ssh). It is a bit complex and requires the configuration of a user who can copy files from the machine that shares the file, but it is secure.

    2.- A folder from windows to Linux: Samba, without further comment.

    3.- A folder from Linux to Windows: Also with Samba. In gnome it is as easy as right clicking on the folder and choosing the share option.

    4.- A single Linux file to anything that has a browser: BaShare. is a program that allows you to share a file over the network, very similar to the SimpleHTTPServer script (it is most likely to be used) but with a graphical interface.

    I have no options for the Maqueros because I have no Mac to experiment with.

  8.   rufus said

    I don't share anything, it's all mine, ha ha

    Not seriously, Generally by rapidshare and company but if for some reason I don't want those files to be in inet by scp
    The bad thing is that I have to have a public account, but there are few times that I need to do it through scp, and totally creating an account and then deleting it does not take anything.

  9.   ring said

    SFTP or via MSN (with Kopete). Depending on the size, of course.

  10.   zamuro57 said

    I use adrive to share data with my friends, a virtual hard disk of 50 gigabytes of storage, I upload everything that is going to be shared there and I share the password with my closest friends, that is a bit slow because it works with java, but if we have some patience we can get the juice out of it,
    that's my secret please don't tell anyone hehehe;)

  11.   isengrin said

    Like you, I found that the most effective method for me is http.
    When I want to share I just use darkhttpd.
    darkhttpd / folder / del / file
    and I give them my IP. End.: D

    If I need to send or bring something from my girlfriend's computer (which uses Arch Linux) I just connect via sftp.

  12.   RICARDO said

    On my laptop with windows vista I can enter the samba folders; but not vice versa, it is NOT possible to add Vista network drives

  13.   eeefece said

    Well, as alavezz and BichoPro comment, Opera Unite would be a good solution if it were only a little more crowded, but to be honest I see it as the easiest solution.

  14.   seth said

    @insengrin: a girlfriend who wears arch? Oo

    for small files I use the emesene
    many times I use asapload (try it, it's very good) and if I don't want anyone to see it I put it in a rar, tar.gz, zip or whatever with a key
    I rarely use xampp

    1.    f sources said


      a girlfriend who wears arch? Oo

      Why oo? Can't they now?


  15.   LJMarín said

    "I'm not talking about sharing this time through open P2P networks, but when you need to pass a very heavy document, music or video to a friend, directly, PC to PC, friend to friend over the Internet."

    Sources that you can also do with the BitTorrent protocol, that is, P2P: P

    You can share a file from pc to pc with a torrent, the limitation is your bandwidth, (I do this when necessary) that is why it is shared with + users to improve the upload.

    Different from that, I support esty xD

  16.   LJMarín said

    sry the 2ble commented

    Mac jojo safari

    It should be Arora in Linux xDD

  17.   recluzo said

    by ftp regularly, but when I am on a win the fastest is with hfs, I use this because it is more generic and universal than using samba.