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In this article we will present 15 free software projects that have nothing to envy to other closed projects or with quite expensive licenses, in fact, some of them far exceed their corresponding closed source alternatives. These fifteen projects are aimed at creativity and design, therefore, those who are dedicated to graphic design, photographic retouching, video editing, or digital drawing, must bear them in mind.

They are all available for GNU / Linux operating systems, therefore you can use them from your Linux distribution without problems. Many of them are sure you already know them, since they are very famous and we have talked about them in this blog, others you may discover now. I hope this removes the false belief that for Linux there is no professional software for these creative endeavors ...

Video editors to make cuts, edit your videos, add effects, etc .:

  • slowmoVideo: slow motion effects for your videos. Something that until not long ago was a nightmare for Linux users, since there is no decent software for this, now there is and one of them is slowmoVideo.
  • Openshot: It is very good and allows you to edit video, add images, audio, trim, etc. A good tool to create your videos and then upload them to YouTube, for example.
  • kdenlive: a great editor similar to OpenShot, with ready-made effects that can be good substitutes for some Adobe products.

Screen recorder to record what happens on your computer screen:

  • Vokoscreen: an app for screen casting that allows you to record everything that happens on the screen, it also has many options to customize your recording, such as screeshot or screen captures, screencasting (video), record only a window, full screen, a specific area , etc.
  • kazam: Similar to the previous one, it allows you to capture what happens on your monitor in a simple way, with various recording options.
  • SimpleScreenRecorder: as the name suggests it is simple, but powerful. It also supports OpenGL video game recording. It works especially well even if you use multiple displays.

Modeling and animation. So that you don't make movies, you better make them ...:

  • blender: another old acquaintance. It is a sophisticated and professional software. It is extremely good, it has even been used to make important video game titles or animations in the cinema, also some Hollywood movies have used it to carry out some digital effects.
  • qStopMotion: a program to create your animations, something you can't do with video editors. In addition, it is very easy to use, a point in its favor.

Retouching and editing images, the PhotoShop substitutes:

  • MyPaint: If you are an expert in drawing with Wacom tablets, this is your project. With it you can create and draw whatever you want with a fairly professional program. Easy, free and professional ...
  • Hughin: make your own panoramic image collections. It is not the simplest, but it is not the most difficult either. If you master it, you can get incredible jobs.
  • Pencil- Create graphical diagrams quickly and easily.
  • inkscape: an old acquaintance, it is a program that is not too easy for newbies, but very advanced to create your vector images. The good thing is that there are many tutorials on the net ...
  • Crita: It will sound very familiar to you, it is a very good and advanced painting super app that allows you to use even options that are not found in GIMP or Photoshop.
  • GIMP: another famous and interesting project to have a great replacement for Adobe Photoshop. Modify, manipulate, adjust and create effects in your images as you would with the Adobe program.
  • darktable: If you like Adobe Lightroom and are looking for an alternative, this is the software for you. You will be able to work with RAW digital images and make changes.

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  1.   Boblennon said

    Gpick (Very Powerful) and Agave (Standard Colors) for color palettes.
    Free office Draw for drawing.
    LibreCad to bring 3D models to reality.
    Etc ..

  2.   Ache said

    A question, how much difference is there between Krita and Gimp? The first one catches my attention.

    1.    Christian said

      The first (krita) is focused on digital drawing, and the second (gimp) is focused on photo retouching, both can be used for both, it depends on how much you master each one, but originally they were made for what I already mentioned xD

      1.    Luis said

        hello Gimp is very similar to Photoshop has the same photo retouching tools and you can configure the shortcuts, you can also paint or draw, you can record brushes to your liking detects the pressure of the tablet (wacom recommend it for its durability and compatibility ).
        On the other hand, Krita is similar to Core Painter, it has more artistic brushes, more brush options, with the (tablet) you feel a better control of the line, you can configure the direct accesses, just like gimp and photoshop have layer properties and paint, color selector and more interactive brushes, such as phptochop cs6, rotate the cam and zoom in real time, you can work in color formats: RGB, CMYK and in the last version you can already make cartoons, with the latter tools is more like TV paint Animation Pro.

  3.   milton said

    Natron enters video editing

  4.   your father said

    Brutal all.

  5.   Mikel said

    Hugin panorama creator, is a suite to process images and turn them into a super-professional panoramic image. Of course, to get all the game you have to know how to use it.
    Without having any idea, by intuition and following a wizard, leaving most of the options and default settings, I have achieved, with photos from a mobile phone, very acceptable results. I recommend it 100℅.

  6.   pepper soldier said

    Could you add Godot, open source game engine

  7.   geinux said

    Open Broadcaster Software

  8.   bazza said

    synfig is really recommended for 2D animations

  9.   Roberto Guzman Caviedes said

    Good morning to all who can read me,
    I have been a graphic designer for a long time to stay old, but in the last 3 or 4 years Corel Draw has been creating severe headaches for me because of the issue of not being original understand it cracked, I know it's a violation but it is impossible to buy it for other reasons that are not relevant now, My question.
    It is possible to use applications such as Inkscape, Scribus, Kdenlive and Blender on the Windows operating system, or it is necessary to migrate the operating system as well.
    Please this urges me and I would appreciate any help

  10.   Fernando said

    Hello… I need to find software that helps me model the way in which telecommunications networks (fiber optics) are built in cities… in a conceptual way… with simple but representative images.
    something like this:

    What free software do you recommend?
    Thank you