Exclusive interview with Steve Ballmer

After a remarkable effort by LXA! we were able to get an exclusive online interview with Steve Ballmer via MSN. Here is the interview:

- LXA! He says:
Hello mr ballmer

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Hello makcos from Argentina and the rest of the US !!!!! xD xD xD

- LXA! He says:
Argentina is in South America ...

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Sure, sure, you are on the other side of the electrified wall. Good, greetings!!!

- LXA! He says:
Thanks in advance for the interview with us, we know that he is a very busy man.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
But I open the Pidgin, this mess of the mesengerrr is labeled ………… ..

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
…………………….there it is. Yes now. Well okay, let's talk about something that bores me.

- LXA! He says:
Well, tell us a little about Windows 7 and the improvements it will bring.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! Windows 7 breaks it. We have created the most advanced operating system ever. It has buttons, you press them and things open. It also has windows, a classic of the company, one can go from one side to the other just by operating the mouse, it is incredible where we have arrived this time.

- LXA! He says:
Well but, that has already been in other versions of Windows I think. I would like to know what the real differences are.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Emmmm…. It has… .things… erm…. Ah, when you install it, you get a sign that says "installing Windows 7, that in the other versions did not come, it came out" installing Windows Vista "," installing Windows xp ", and so on. Honestly, we have had to go deep into the source code to be able to modify that little text.

- LXA! He says:
Is it true that 1G will be enough to run the OS?

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
And who the hell said that to you?

- LXA! He says:
I think that on the official Microsoft page, in the requirements part, it says that only 1G is enough to run it.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Eh?… Does that say ?, Whoops, well then yes. But I advise you here among us to try to have a couple more gigs, the new minesweeper that we have created by itself eats about 800mb to run.

- LXA! He says:
Let's talk about security.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
No, better not, it depresses me. I go to work and I find that the rear rubber is missing on the fiat. Mexicans drive me crazy, it's not to offend, I see you have a pc so you must have money, but some are terrifying.

- LXA! He says:
Emm… first, I'm not Mexican, I'm Argentine, and second, how do you know that it was Mexicans who robbed you?

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
And they surely went, they steal tires, to make a raft and come sailing to our coasts from Cuba.

- LXA! He says:
I was talking about security in Windows 7. Can you imagine one day being able to rid the OS of viruses?

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Not to free it completely, our methodology will be the following: we are going to launch thousands and thousands of viruses for Linux and Mac, in such a way that those that exist for win seem few compared to the others. Wouldn't that seem like a wonderful world to you?

- LXA! He says:
Well, another question. Will it be harder to hack Windows 7 compared to the others? What anti-piracy strategy do you plan to carry out?

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
Man, none, what do you want anyone to use Win 7? My biggest income is sending home copies on a scooter, we have a lot of orders out there and he doesn't give me the DVD recorder, so Billy helps me.

- LXA! He says:
And finally, is Windows 7 the best Microsoft OS?

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
No, not at all, I advise the Win UE, that one was great for us.

- LXA! He says:
We thank you very much for giving us a little of your time, and to say goodbye our readers ask us to do the monkey dance, how well you do.

- (- • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • Ballmer • ·. · ´¯` ·. · • -) says:
But of course, friend. There it goes: yipieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… ..iujuuuuuuuuuu… .eeeeeeewewewwwwwwwweeeeeeeee ……… yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  1.   toxrn said

    oO the monkey dance .. great!

  2.   bachi.tux said

    Truly amazing!

    How scratchy this man is ... And to think that when they threw eggs at him in Romania he shit with laughter, like The Joker when the commissioner and Batman screwed up together ...

    The moped thing killed me, and the minesweeper thing! Oh my God…

    I think it's the BEST HUMOR in LXA! Hahaha

  3.   kernel_panic said

    Great thing about the minesweeper !!!!!! xDxDxD

    And off the game, as I understand it, Microsoft has admitted that part of the fight "against Linux" has been won thanks to pirated versions of Windows

    Great this esty!

  4.   zamuro57 said

    As we say here, you ate it, lol, I haven't stopped laughing about the pidgin and the windows UE, you look great
    It is one of the best post I have seen, to see when you interview steve jobs hehe :)

  5.   Nerd said

    Garrulous Linuxero

  6.   kernel_panic said

    linuxer? am i?

    Whatever you smoked, I want some! XD

  7.   rheoba said

    You raffled it, esty, very very good entrance haha

    haha I imagine ballmer running like a monkey haha ​​...


  8.   Edgar said

    I am from Mexico and believe me that here we are not thieves or anything like that ...

  9.   Esty said

    Edgar… ..You don't walk on a raft full of rubber bands from Cuba… ..do you need to draw them?

  10.   keogh said

    hahaha, very good.

    Mexican friend do not get agüites XD, you are not a thief but many if, do not take it personally, have fun xD.

    It does not seem strange to them that up to this point Linux users have found it very good and the only one who has windows xp (except for Esty) has been offended xD.

    Hahaha I love it

  11.   Paul said

    It would be nice to have such a character face to face to be able to ask them things like this. I think one could have a lot of fun. Because I imagine that especially this guy is somewhat obsessive with his fanaticism. And see that in certain questions it is like it is going to cost them to answer. Anyway it would be something fun. Very good

  12.   f sources said

    I'm going to bring the menéame ambulance to LXA!

    We are missing it.

  13.   Rex medina said

    Kind of funny to laugh at Ballmer's puppet but:
    No way!!! As we are compared to Mexicans and Cubans with thieves. I understand that we do have crime but I do not believe that it does not exist in your countries either. How ugly it is that they offend my country and Cuba. I assure you that if I say something about Argentina they will resonate instantly (and I won't because I have Argentine friends).

  14.   Esty said

    It's the Yankee look from Mexico and Cuba, cheeeee !!!… baaaa….

  15.   LJMarín said

    "My biggest income is sending home copies on a scooter"

    LOL very good indeed: D

  16.   deby.nqn said

    excellent !!!! XD XD XD I died of laughter !!!!

  17.   José said

    hahaha excellent great!

  18.   Charro said

    I'm Mexican, to begin with, I don't know how they swallow that story that they talk with ballmer, who they do pen ... and in the least it makes the Mexican angry, fucking you who spend your time criticizing another product and don't focus on praise the product they use… MEDIOCRES

  19.   Esty said

    # Charro, I really chatted with Ballmer, it's not a lie, it was on msn, while he was eating toast and sitting with some bunny slippers. (……)

  20.   Eduardo said

    .. Ballmer .. haha ​​using Pidgin, and it still tells you: «who the hell told you that» hahaha

  21.   Arturo vazquez said

    Haha no mams… Win UE 7 hahaha xD sta weno haha