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Puzzle 4

In February I was complaining about the hundreds of existing distros on the market since the excess (with many distros that are refried of the best known) confuses, but there is a segment among those hundreds of distros that have a space, I mean the themed distros.

Use-specific distros allow two things (at least):

  • Reach segments of people that traditional distros don't cover.
  • Perform tasks that most do not do or that cannot be easily done with a normal distro
  • .

Distros created by universities or organizations to meet the needs of their group, their government, etc., do not fall into this group.

This type of distro is not open to criticism in my opinion, they do GNU / Linux good and from then on what matters is that it is usable, technically ad-hoc with the group to which it is addressed and if it covers a need that is not very touched before.

I leave you a list of distros that are interesting for what they do, some are well known, others not so much (surely they pass through Laura's hands):

Qimo: You must have read about it unless you are very disconnected, a distro especially designed for childrenOtherwise, quite young children, ages 3 and up. It is based on Ubuntu and is basically the same distro with an interface specially designed for them and with many integrated educational games.

ArtistX: It is a distro designed for art in generalIt is also not something very particular being an Ubuntu like Qimo. It runs on KDE or GNOME and is downloaded with a DVD that contains all the graphics programs, both 2D and 3D, all the audio editors, all the video editors, all the media players, anything related to multimedia is there in the DVD. A distro that Esty could keep an eye on.

SuperGrubDisk: Perhaps N @ t and xD's favorite distro, specifically designed to solve starting problems from the PC, especially those who use or will use Windows and Linux together, SuperGrubDisk is the great mediator.

Damn Vulnerable Linux: Vulnerable? Well yes, it is a distro designed for security, but not for you to install it but for you to study it, it is intentionally made wrong for just discover vulnerabilities, play with it, repair its errors, etc., and if the name sounds like another distro, it is because they have designed it from Damn Small Linux (the one that was once considered the smallest in the world).

Parted Magic: Just as I was telling you about SuperGrubDisk and startup problems, there are also partitioning problems, obviously we can't fix a partitioning problem from the same partition, so if we do not have another application in another partition or we cannot use it for any reason, we have Parted Magic for that. Something that scares more than one and that perhaps we should all have. It can fulfill the role of SuperGrubDisk.

Scientific Linux: We could not forget the scientific distro par excellence. Specially configured for the academic work It is designed to work without difficulty on average hardware, even with desktop effects, the applications it has in addition to the usual ones for desktop use contain the scientific programs that other people may not always need, all within the reach of hand with a graphical interface in the style «Next, next». Designed by CERN (Switzerland / Europe) and Fermilab (USA) together, it is based on Red Hat. As you can see, everything is designed in a standard way to not waste time.

Edubuntu: It is that I could not leave out this much heard distro but about which perhaps we do not know much if we are not in the area of Education. It is optimized to work in a network and to use all the educational software provided by Free Software, achieving all this without needing to "call the computer scientist" for everything, also with the advantage of working with LTSP that allows you to use Linux on very modest machines (like those that usually exist in schools).

linux gamers: It is a liveDVD distro to play, if someone tells you that Linux does not have games, give him a demo of Linux Gamers and cover their mouths: D. More update is missed in the distro itself because its latest version is from September 2008 to the date of this article.

I think that with this we have tested enough specific distros to get a good idea, although there is more that I did not show due to lack of time, some are in this collection and you can continue searching on the Internet.

Did you try any of these distros?
Do you know any that you liked a lot and are not here?

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  1.   Daniel said

    BackTrack is currently in beta v4 and is a distro for system and network auditing. Perhaps the best, which combined with the vulnerable damn linux is the perfect way to learn: D

  2.   f sources said

    I knew they would name her hehe

  3.   Laura said

    Ophcrack !! LOL

    From the list I have only used Parted Magic, and it is that the distros for "general" use usually have some of those things (obviously installing it xD).

    Ophcrack is to crack windows passwords and as once I completely forgot the password of the win vista ... (what a good systems admin would I be ... xD)

    And well, there is Wifislax, which I don't use, hehehe ... I have my own wifi ... :)


  4.   Pastor said

    A very special distro also oriented to the world of music is called Musix GNU + Linux. It has a very complete suite of specialized programs for the creation and editing of audio video and even images. Highly recommended and something very curious is that it is a disctro that is totally in Spanish with help because I think it is done here in South America if I am not mistaken.

  5.   seth said

    I have dvl but I still do not use it much, I liked super grub disk although it was not the solution to my problem

    I'm getting down pmagic in case at some point I need it

  6.   recluzo said

    I have installed several ipcops that left a very good taste in my mouth and I also tried the openfiler for a laboratory with very favorable results.

  7.   vincegeratorix said

    CAN NOT BE!!!
    a business distro
    incredible that they have not put it !!!!!
    (It is new, the 20th is to download on your page, for now it can be purchased in an XD magazine)
    It is created by the University of Tarapacá (in Chilito)
    here the page

    and info:

    1.    f sources said

      @vincegeratorix: Let's see:

      See what the article says clearly: Distros created by universities or organizations to meet the needs of their group, their government, etc., do not fall into this group.

      That is, custom distros are not part of this article and what is the first thing I find in your link? (from the official website):

      Implementation of a custom Linux system at ESUN UTA

      That is to say that it is designed to be the distro of the faculty, that is its purpose and obviously being free software they release it.

      It is still interesting but… you should have read the article better, I also clearly said that not all distros were going to be on the list (where do I find time to put everything that exists).

      Greetings and do not be so accelerated xD

  8.   psep said

    The same comment I made on the previous occasion regarding the many distributions ...

  9.   vincegeratorix said

    ok…: D sorry :)
    PS: put more monkeys ¬¬
    these few monkeys allow a very low quality of expression and force a broader verbiage, which annoys ¬¬

    I personally get bored with these weird distros ...
    It would be better if they make a special repository, and distribute a script (.sh) to install all the XD packages. I can't find why they make a distro with X programs if they can make a repository server and put the programs they want ... then whoever wants to download everything, deletes (temporarily) the other repos from the sources.list and leaves only one, and does the famous "aptitude install *" and voila! everyone happy

  10.   Sergio said

    I don't know if SuperGrubDisk can be considered as a distribution. As I understand it, it is only a magic Grub that instead of being used to lift an operating system, it is used to execute recovery instructions from other Grubes.

  11.   f sources said

    @Sergio crossed out SuperGrubDisk because of your comment and that I did not find anything to prove otherwise, thank you very much

  12.   adrian15 said

    Indeed Super Grub Disk is not a Linux distribution, in any case it would be a GNU distribution, although a distribution with only one program of course is not.
    Many people call it live cd and this is wrong as long as they mean linux live cd. Otherwise it would be correct.

    Hopefully in a few years you can add Rescatux to this list. That would mean that I have been able to evolve as a programmer.


  13.   nitsuga said

    And the distro to put together puzzles? You know, the one in the photo!

  14.   lesli paola said

    Hi, someone, I want to give you your email
    and I give them what they want

  15.   lesli paola said


  16.   Uvazquez (Ubuntero) said

    Edubuntu wanted to put it in my old primary school but they didn't let me because "windows is more common" (and they have windows 3, most of the applications go with DOS). Well they miss it = (

  17.   Alejo Jimenez Santana said

    district is the same q specific distribution?