Debian 11 Bullseye has entered Hard Freeze. Major changes are no longer supported

Debian 11 Bullseye Background

Like any other software or operating system, each version of Debian has been in development for months. When everything is almost ready, the project puts the system in Soft Freeze, which is a somewhat flexible function freeze. Less flexible is the Hard Freeze where it has already entered Debian 11: From now on, there will be no major changes, or more specifically, you can no longer change anything in key packages.

Bullseye, which is how the next version will be called, will be released in 2021, but it does not have a scheduled date yet. Debian releases its software only when it is sure that everything is working properly, unlike its most famous son, Ubuntu, which we have known for months will release its new version on April 22. In fact, Debian 11's Full Freeze still appears as TBA (To Be Announced, to be announced).

Debian 11 is coming in mid-2021

As for the general news, since Debian is available with different desktops and each one includes its software, little is confirmed. Yes it is supposed to use Linux 5.10 as a kernel, as it is the latest LTS version of the kernel. It has also been known for weeks what will be your wallpaper, which is the one that you have heading this article.

For everything else, it is expected to include updated packages, such as "new" versions of Firefox and office software. If we put the quotes it is because Debian is a robust system, and it owes part of its stability to the fact that it does not update things as much or to versions as new as Ubuntu. In addition, the new ISOs will also include all the security patches that are already available in Debian 10, including several for sudo, one of the most important commands in the Linux world (and not just Linux).

If you are interested in trying Debian 11, you can download it from this link, but we recommend that you do it in a Live Session or in a virtual machine.

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  1.   Nooooo said

    That Nooooo pesaos, that Nooooo, that will not use kernel 5.10 no matter how much lts. You have no idea about debian and you keep talking nonsense. You will use 5.4. Debian is not going to make the jump, nothing less than from 4.19 to 5.10, that would be historic. The 5.10 will be lts but it takes 4 days and the 5.4 which is also lts, ​​is more than proven and that is the one that debian will use because that is its philosophy. The truth is a real shame, being a Linux blog, continuously publishing these bullshit.

  2.   Yeah said

    I don't know what kernel it will have, here it says 5.10:

    What I do not understand is why comments with insults are allowed for active and passive both towards the editors and the other users who comment. It is unpleasant and invites you to stop reading this blog. Erased and banned, free speech has little to do with humiliation.

    1.    pablinux said


      I have also read in various media, forums, Reddit, etc, that it will take 5.10, but it is not safe, that's why I put "supposedly".

      With regard to deleting, we try to avoid it and I think that the comment you refer to is not very serious. If it were, it would be eliminated. And to other users, it is something that I do not see or the same would happen. If it is severe, they are eliminated.

      A greeting.

    2.    Autopilot said

      to insult
      1. tr. Offending someone by provoking and irritating them with words or actions.

      "Heavy, you are ashamed, do not stop talking nonsense and publishing bullshit."
      Man ... if by insults we refer only to swear words and there are no disqualifications, then yes, it does not offend or irritate, not the rest of the readers. It is the best way to thank you for your time. If, in addition, that reaction is based on getting rid of an unsettled data and contributes zero ...
      I have seen the comments in Desdelinux.

      1.    pablinux said

        But it is addressed to me and I have not been offended. If they offend me if I delete them, it is a click, but it is not the case. I see no reason to delete that comment.

        A greeting.

  3.   Alan said

    Congrats to Pablinux for this excellent post and also for such a mature position in front of disqualified comments.