And what is Compiz Fusion?

For some time, I have the idea of ​​writing a little about this wonder that is CompizFusion.

I thought: I should first give an explanation about what is Compiz Fusion, and then dedicate ourselves to installing and configuring it. But let's start with the foundations.


To try to clarify the concept to myself and see how much we know in general about this topic, I conducted a small survey and these were the results that I obtained when I asked the simple question: What do you think is Compiz Fusion?

* a ... uh ... sarlangen
* some design
* sounds familiar but I don't know what it is
* fusion of tango and techno, something like Gotan Project
* is to Ubuntu what Aero to Windows
* is what makes Ubuntu windows set on fire

Seen and considering that if we say Ubuntu we all know more or less what we are talking about, it was strange and surprising to me that the concept of Compiz is not as widespread in general among users who use Windows and that, in my opinion, is the best I've seen in Linux, and a very interesting reason to try it.

Let's get back to the topic: and what is it then?

CompizFusion is, as its name implies, the merger between two software projects: Compiz y Beryl.

Compiz it is a window editor. It's very simple. It gives us the possibility to improve the desktop interface and the different windows that we use all the time to our liking (modify the typography, the colors, apply themes for the icons and even for the windows, etc.). What's more, it gives us the possibility of applying effects to different common events, such as, for example, using the Alt + tab shortcut, minimizing or maximizing windows, etc. This is done by using native plugins that, in addition to serving as the basis (and core) for other functionalities, provide the effects. In turn, a parallel project arises called CompizExtras containing numerous new plugins with increasingly incredible effects and highly polished interface handling.

On the other side is the project Beryl, which is a 'special' fork of the original Compiz project. So many changes had been made to the core of what Compiz was, that a version called quinnstorm focused mainly on window decoration and the inclusion of plugins that further improved the visual aspect of the interface, the 'eye candy'. From there the window decorator is born Emerald, highly recommended, which allows us a very high level of personalization (being able to save our creations-themes to use them at other times).


Finally, both projects merge to arrive at what is today Compiz Fusion, which aims to improve the usability and performance of Compiz with many more tools, plugins and libraries. And the support of the two merged communities, of course.

I suppose you have guessed, Compiz Fusion is an open-source project, therefore it is in constant development and innovation. Many developers participate day by day to improve it, fix bugs and provide user support. Which gives us the possibility of having Compiz to play a very, very long time;).

Why am I telling you this that seems so boring? Because in matters of customization is where Linux takes the lead compared to Windows in my opinion. Starting from the concept that my PC is mine, and I must have the tools to modify it, improve it, destroy it or make my environment as beautiful or ugly as I want, without major complications. And to do all that, Compiz Fusion is a great option: D

Don't you want to install it NOW?

Compiz Fusion on Wikipedia
Official Site

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  1.   N @ ty said

    Dresses!! My machine is nothing to write home about either, and I have not had any problems !!

  2.   bachi.tux said

    When I tested Beryl (a few years ago), it was running under a PIII 800 Mhz, Nvidia 4400 64 MB and 256 RAM. Conclusion at that time: I FLOCKED !!!

    Now I run Compiz-Fusion on a Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 8600 GT 512 MB and 2 GB RAM. The bottom line is: FLY TOO !!!

    It is typical that applications that should consume as "hungry pigs" the resources of our PCs (at first glance they seem to do so), in Linux it is surprising that they are very light, without worrying about removing services at the beginning or eliminating programs that are running when you turn on our Distribution.

  3.   Eric Aguilar said

    The truth without some compiz fusion plugins could not live (and I don't know how I did it until now)
    More than anything in functionality, forgetting about the cube and the leak (since that is more of a hook) xD

  4.   Sergio said

    Very good article. Compiz Fusion brought a lot to Linux. Not only does it add many functionalities, although not all of them are useful, but it also became the main attraction for Windows users to try Linux.

    I am currently giving talks in secondary schools, in order to inform about free software and Linux, and really the astonishment of the kids when they see Compiz walking is priceless.

  5.   f sources said

    And to think that some believe that the Mac OSX interface is the best.

  6.   anonymity said

    I think so much was the impression of the effects of the compiz that that was that many left guin-dos and moved to Linux and I was one of those hehehehe

  7.   Miguel Gastelum said

    @ bachi.tux: You mention that you have tried on machines with video cards, I have tried on machines that do not even have a video card other than the integrated one, which we all know have many limitations, and not all the effects are working well, but they do. More useful, this shows the potential, even in CD Live mode, as Sabayon pulls very well with effects, and that everything loads in RAM. Compiz does not ask for anything from any OS with nice effects even if they say that most of them are copied, they have no match !!!

    I propose that you now talk in a post about what a Live CD is and how it helps many users to get closer to GNU / Linux without touching a single byte on their HDD.


  8.   CyberWolf said

    I switched to Ubuntu for Compiz Fusion xD

    Unfortunately, in the last Ubuntu update, everything was damaged and it no longer recognized my video card

  9.   Son of opium said

    It is that the last version of Ubuntu has been a fiasco, the truth, to tell the truth thanks to it I have decided to make the change to Debian, that after trying it a bit, I still do not understand why people blame it as difficult, other than It is also biting me is PC-BSD

  10.   solo said

    I'm dying to use compiz fusion, but my graphics card is not compatible, they advised me to buy an nvidia, the cheapest one would serve me well.

    I hope I can enjoy these wonderful effects, by the way, which song is the one in the video?

  11.   Stephen Arriola said

    good, but compiz-fusion is good because if it works BRAND video card (NVIDIA and ATI)

    my brother his 6 year old computer
    BRAND HP Pavilion
    1.2ghz, 384 ram memory and Nvidia 4400 64mb Video Card
    if it works for everyone

    and my packard bell notebook
    1.5ghz, 1.1gb ram and ATI 256 mb video card

    if it works: P


  12.   JDRV said

    Hello, could someone tell me how to activate the compiz fusion in the ubuntu 8.04 I already searched a lot in san google once I found and I was able to activate but then my compiz fusion went to the bitch because it did not load the grub and it did not start the windows or the Ubuntu, but since I am very new, I had to start my windows to be able to google and find information about the error 15, 17 and 21 that I got but now I can no longer find that page and I can not activate the compiz and all those that say in google how to install compiz ... enter the page and take you to a guy who shows you the video of his 3d desktop and does not tell you how shit to configure that is the bad thing most of them believe because they have more knowledge and do not want to do easy tutorials like the one I found to be able to install the ubuntu but hey one day I will find again the same or another tuto that will tell me how to activate the compiz fusion

  13.   Carlos said

    Hello, I see that you know a lot about Linux, well I don't say that Windows is a bad thing but Linux is better! and then download the wubi (to install linux from windows) and at the time of restarting it to install it, it goes well but ... I started as if I used the live cd but the same thing happens to me, only the whole desktop loads but I touch something or leave it without moving for a while and it gets stuck, they would give me a good stop if they help me !!!

  14.   pachu said

    I no longer have 3d effects
    and update the compiz packages