Better Linux alternatives to Windows, now that W7 is going to die

Alternatives linux to windows

More than 10 years ago, Microsoft launched Windows 7. At first, the company that Satya Nadella now runs thought to launch the news as a Service Pack that would solve all the problems of Windows Vista, but the disaster was so great that they decided to make a blur and new account launching a different operating system. In a few days, Windows 7 will no longer be supported, so in this article we will talk about the best Linux alternatives to Windows, in case someone has decided to make the final leap or to help you do so.

But before I start I would like to say something: Linux will never be Windows and Windows will never be Linux (nor macOS). Each operating system uses its own applications and, although there is emulation software such as WINE, the support will never be the same. With this explained, what you will have next are several distributions that will be one of the easiest to use for those who have never touched Linux, partly because of its design.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS 15 lite

Zorin OS (article about the latest version here) is one of the best options for Windows users who want to upgrade to Linux. In fact, one of their reasons for being is to facilitate this, for which they use an interface and general image that will be familiar to users of Microsoft systems.

It is based on Ubuntu, which means that it will be fully compatible with most of the features that Canonical adds, although they usually arrive a little later. Includes some packages of WINE so that we can run applications in EXE format but, as we mentioned above, even if they work, it will not be 100% the same.

Linux Mint (Cinnamon)

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Another of the best Linux alternatives to Windows and that became famous in part for this is Linux Mint. In fact, the user interface of Cinnamon It is very similar to the one used by Windows 7 that will die in a few days, with the bottom bar and the double start menu with its search bar.

Like Zorin OS, it is based on Ubuntu, in its LTS versions, so it is compatible with all the functions that Canonical adds, although some will arrive two years late. It usually works very well on computers with limited resources, which will be a plus for users who are tired of the slowness of Windows systems.


Solus 4

Solus is an operating system that lovers of Windows 7 will not like so much, but a little more for those of W10. Uses a Rolling Release update model, which means that will always be up to date, and its user interface includes a kind of "Control Center" on the right that is reminiscent of the latest version of Microsoft's system.

The graphical environment that Solus uses is Budgie, a very attractive "young" environment that includes the start menu at the bottom left, like any distribution that wants to look like Windows. The quick access bar on the right allows us to access notifications, system settings, the calendar and other options such as multimedia playback.

Fern OS

Fern OS

Going back to Ubuntu-based systems, Feren OS is a distribution that adds a WINE compatibility layer. The graphical environment it uses is Cinnamon, but one that makes the start menu look much more like Windows 10 than the official Linux Mint. In its latest versions it uses Plasma, so it may be a good idea to enter the Linux world with a previous version and, once you are used to it, move on to the latest version of Feren OS that, we remember, includes startup support with WINE.

deepin OS

Download Deepin 15.11

This I have added in the list because it looks a bit like Windows and because of its attractive design. The bottom bar (different from the previous image) and the menu on the right will remind us of Microsoft's proposal, which can make us feel comfortable. On the other hand, the design will always keep us interested and will make us enjoy a good experience.

Bonus: Robolinux

I have tried it to do a review, I have to confess that it is not a distribution that I love for its image, but here we are talking about Linux alternatives to Windows and Robolinux is one of them. It is because it includes tools by default that will allow us to install everything necessary to run Windows programs, either through WINE or by downloading Windows to install it in Virtualbox.

Now that Windows 7 is going to die, you're coming, right? What Linux distribution will you start using?

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  1.   Joseph said

    As always, Mageia passed you by, one of the best alternatives, if not the best, for those who come from Windows. It has a great recognition of hardware, all the possible desktop managers to choose from, it still maintains both 32Bits and 64Bits architectures, a large amount of software in the repositories, a single system control center in Linux, and all the formalities graph….

  2.   Daniel said

    Very good review, they seem like very good alternatives, fortunately in our GNU / Linux world we have plenty of options, we just have to make the leap to GNU / Linux, which is not so difficult nowadays. Very good article greetings.

    1.    Linux code is horrible. Distros don't work said

      I have 1 tower PC (desktop), another old tower PC, a 6 year old laptop, and another 200 year old laptop. IN ALL OF THEM, ANY DIFFERENT OF THE XNUMX I HAVE TESTED, IT RELEASES THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH, HANGS OR GOES SLOW. What a suffering installation. For me all those who defend Linux can go shit or sweat with their faulty linux code that: «sudo- su sudao- sudo format -su - autodestruction -sudas - sudo su»

      I stick with XP and W7. EVERYTHING else (Linux, W10, etc) is TRASH and a huge time sink.

      1.    Baphomet said

        Using Windows XP by now?
        I can't tell if you're a deactivated hacker looking for victims or a troll with half a brain and a lot of free time ...

        Anyway, if you're serious and want to try something else, use PUPPY LINUX: it runs better than any unattended XP.

    2.    Inanna said

      18 months of support is a very short time for a novice Linux user. LTS versions are always better for users starting on Linux.

  3.   DarkSeid Warp said

    I'm going to switch to ArcaOS (Based on OS / 2 Warp). As a developer I have more potential to create things and earn a few cents from that community, since there are several needs to cover and they are elderly people with money.

  4.   Mephisto Feles said

    When I started using GNU / Linux years ago, I did it with Debian 7, knowing absolutely nothing about Linux.
    Now I am using Debian 10 and here I find everything I need. In fact, I've been retiring to Windows for quite some time, and I haven't even thought about installing WINE.
    My advantage, perhaps, was having all the time I wanted to meet him and take the leap, but it is not difficult. You don't need to "make up" Linux to look like Windows and offer this to newbies. Debian is the least similar to Windows there is ...
    It is a matter of convincing them that they will find something infinitely better in Linux, something they never dreamed of because of the simple fear of change, which is part of human nature.
    Whether Linux is chosen to make the leap is ultimately irrelevant, the result will always be to enjoy the quality of Linux and its world.
    After the time that I have been using it I put my hands in the fire for Debian

  5.   Nacho said

    Definitely, for me, the best option is Zorin os for several reasons:
    It is very similar to Windows 7.
    It is easy to install.
    It has few configuration options (as does Windows) which is an advantage for newbies, especially those who want an operating system as a means (and not an end) to perform everyday tasks.
    It comes with plenty of pre-installed software that performs similar functions as Windows.
    It is stable and fast.
    It does not consume too many resources (if your computer is a bit old you can install the Lite version).
    You can also, as is my case, acquire the Ultimate paid version which comes with abundant software, plus you receive support (very useful for newbies) from the developers, while also contributing to the distribution.
    The games that I have installed with wine run without problem. In this same area there are thousands of games for Gnu Linux thanks to Steam and others.
    Your software is always updated to the latest version.

  6.   zoharis said

    Zorin lite is undoubtedly the best of all. Lightweight, hardware compatible (it immediately recognized my printer, while Windows 10 needed the drivers), with Firefox and Libreoffice included at 512mb.
    Beautiful and efficient layout.
    By the way, Elementary Os was missing, which although it has the appearance of a Mac, is very easy to use for those who start in Linux.

  7.   Sharon said

    Greetings, for years I have thought about changing to Linux, but I have not done it because I do not have the guarantee that the chosen distribution is compatible with all the drivers on my computer, since it is old. The notebook I currently use is a Lenovo from 2008, it comes with windows vista.

    Previously I had one from 2007 with windows xp, I tried to use linux but it did not recognize the video card because it was ati radeon.

    So that's why I haven't tried installing linux, but I would love to.

    1.    dark_king said

      You can try to try with a liveCD / DVD or USB to see if it recognizes all the hardware and if so then you install it or not (you decide) or you can have both Operating Systems.
      For 2008 notebook you can try several, I would try Lubuntu (it is not very attractive but it more than fulfills what it promises if it has a limited processor and little memory like almost all netbooks and you can test it as a liveCD).
      Maybe you should wait until April 2020 when the new LTS version (2004 version) of Lubuntu comes out (LTS = extended support, you have 3 years of support without problems and then you can update to the next one and all without spending 1 cent)
      I have it installed in 2 laptops of one from 2006 and another from 2007 and it works wonderfully at least it is 5 times faster than with the view that it included from the factory, I have the current LTS (1804), waiting for the next one April (2004).

  8.   George said

    My machine supports w 10 I have no problems in that regard as to need a Lite version. The problem is that it is 32-bit. What Linux can I use because they can't agree to stop messing around with the presentation and make a one-time replacement for w7?

    1.    linuxlachupa said

      Ubuntu, zorin or linux mint work quite well in 32 bits, there is practically no difference between them, "in quotes of course, it is best to look for a tutorial or something where they compare the most used desktops" and take a look.

  9.   Juan Carlos Garcia. said

    I moved to Linux mint and from
    I really don't see the need to make the interface look like Windows, it was buried for me. Good day…!!!

  10.   linuxlachupa said

    I am a ubuntu ultra, for me it is without a doubt the best option to start with linux, without falling into it to look like windows, because I see no need for it to resemble that interface, nor is it that Microsoft has revolutionized the world of personal desks hehe #UBUNTU

    1.    Baphomet said

      That honor goes to Apple's Mac OS, but NEVER to Microsoft for Windows.

  11.   give me said

    I am a beginner in Linux and the new update of Modicia OS (ultimate). I think there is an elite. Everything is very well implemented. You're always going to install things, but it's going great.

  12.   Alonso marroquin said

    The list does not seem right to me, obviously if you are running W7, the resources of the PC are minimal and you are going to need a light list, .: Linux mint with XFCE, not with cinnamon.

  13.   venom said

    In my case Linux Mint gave me good hardware support. The compatibility with Ubuntu / Debian and especially the community made things much easier for me in the migration.

  14.   marioh2451 said

    Good afternoon, I tell you that Linux users have discovered that Zorin OS is the prototype of Windows 10, do you know what it includes? Telemetry in Windows 10 as in Zorin, means that they are sending information anonymously without telling us that it is hidden by default in the distribution.

    So it will amount to both memory and disk usage, good luck folks.

  15.   Alex said

    I think that ultimately the best option is Q4OS, not so much because of its appearance, which is practically the same as Windows XP, but because it runs very well on low-resource computers. It has a 32-bit version and is very stable.

  16.   Juan said

    You could get this publication because I am a windows user for all my life and it seems to me that they are practically forcing users to switch to linux due to the fact that windows 7 is no longer going to be used since there are other versions of windows

    1.    Baphomet said

      I don't think someone put a gun to your head forcing you to quit Windows or forcing you to read this article. How trolls like to play the victim!

  17.   Nacho said

    The comment seems completely unreasonable to me. Nobody is being forced to switch to Gnu Linux, options are only presented for those who want to try this operating system. If you want to continue with Windows it is your option. Also this is a Gnu Linux site, therefore it is obvious that this operating system is talked about. If you want to talk about Windows, just visit another type of page.

  18.   Jorge Sanchez said

    For education I love schoolslinux with hundreds of tools ready and adapted in an excellent way

  19.   pedro said

    I have 8 friends who still used Windows 7 and the 8 went to Windows 10. For Linux users they say that Linux is easy, it is true but it cannot be said that someone who never installed Linux did not need help. I read a lot in the comments that they say you forgot such a distribution. Which is an article on which someone who never touched Linux can install not which one is your favorite. I read in another article one that said that everyone look for life and go testing distributions. Well, I read that and if I had to leave Windows 7, I would go to 10 or Mac. Lack of memory, did you ever start using Linux knowing everything and I don't need help?