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200 posts are coming up in LXA! and I would like to tell you a little about the back stage of the blog to relax a bit. With Ffuentes we have a healthy and small personal competition to see which LXA post! He's the most popular, just to fuck each other about who he is «The most successful blogger»Obviously it's just for fun, that a post is popular does not mean that it was a good post, or that we are excellent bloggers. So when we see that a post is dethroning one of the first on the list, we just get anxious to see if one finally dethroned the other. We have a statistics system in which we can see the eight most visited posts since we opened LXA !, which in my view, were also the best so far. Here, the 8 best posts are (from last to first):

- 8) Linux Vs Windows - Round 3 2,531 views and 45 comments: When we started coin LXA! I told Ffuentes that he would take care of the serious content of the blog, while I was inventing what to post, I had planned to cover the style of the weekly comic or vignette, however I realized that in the long run I got tired. This was one of the few Linux vs. Windows which changed the format, going to the video:

Linux vs Windows - Round 3 | Linux Addicts from Esty on Vimeo.

- 7) Linux vs Windows - Round 2 4,011 views, 41 comments: I suppose that the number of visits is given by the expectation created by the first comic of the previous week in which the window won. Personally, I did not know how Linux fans were going to take when they saw that the Tux did not defend itself by means of motives, but directly set the window on fire. At least visually it was good.


- 6) Are we Linux as many as we think? 4,175 Views, 35 comments: for me one of the two best posts by Ffuentes on the blog, which showed the style of this site very clearly. Nothing about "I have it longer" or anything like that, but getting into the subject in a very fresh way and with a very direct question. With wag and all.

- 5) The OpenOffice crisis 6,682 Views, 25 comments: another direct question from Ffuentes. A popular software deficient and neglected by its creators and by the community, however it is one of the SL's workhorses. What strikes me is that in very few blogs I have seen a post that touches on this topic.  Wiggle included also.

- 4) Is there envy towards Ubuntu? 7,148 Views, 92 CommentsDefending Ubuntu is like defending the atomic bomb. I don't know when Ubuntu took Linux into the world, and Linux users hated it, but one thing is certain: if you defend Ubuntu, you're in trouble. Plus: other cover of Ffuentes.

And here the first 3 positions:

- 3) Linux vs Windows - Round 1 8,699 Visits, 84 comments: this was the "success" of the beginning, mixed with the novelty, and the strangeness of the cartoon. The first comic, published shortly after we opened the blog. Starting a blog called "Linux Addicts" and putting a comic in which Linux loses against Windows is like shooting yourself, but hey, we were just starting, and we had to try. It never made the cover of Mename me, however it is, until today, the post that more incoming links He received.

-2) Headlines of the year 2020 9,185 Visits, 48 ​​comments: I could not think of absolutely anything to write, I had a lot of work in the office and I was running out of time. To the kicks and almost in 45 seconds this post came out, which was my first cover, what made me think «Che ... the post is not so good ... why do you vote for it?.

Tatan tataaaaaaannnnnnnn… and the first place esssss:

-1) "Sir, we do not have Linux support" 10,435 Views, 80 Comments: I had been reading it to Ffuentes on his Twitter for a while saying that he did not connect since those of Telefónica did not solve his problem with the connection. One day he sent a very angry Tweet saying that Telefónica did not support him because he used Linux. Obviously there was my answer: "There you have a very good post for LXA!". This post was also one of the ones that brought the most incoming links, and even well-known blogs.

I know, Ffuentes won, but for the record, he did it with a very new post, since I've been first for a long time: D.

---Bonus track----

And what were the three best posts from LXA! In my view, and what are not on this list? well:

The 11 commandments of Pope Benedictux I: a moment of brilliance on my part, a quite conflictive weekend. Round and tasteful.

Linux users should change: Pufff .... that weekend that, flame in between, suspicious hack into the blog .... and many conclusions. It was the best moral of all LXA!

The tree and the forest: but how to forget the N @ ty!!!!… .this was the best post of hers, and one of the best I have read in a long time. Clarity, sincerity, and with a conclusion to make T-shirts: freedom in the head of GNU / Linux users does not come on the installation CD.

PS: happy worker's day everyone, thanks for reading and following us daily and see you on Monday.

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  1.   f sources said

    It has been really great working on this blog and even 200 posts seem like a lot to me, the enthusiasm I have for writing is the same and although sometimes I find it difficult to develop themes (because everything that is about LXA! Pretends to be unique) I achieve it and you readers have responded.

    I am very happy with the response from all of you who form the LXA community!

  2.   recluzo said

    Congratulations!!! now they will have to show off for post 200. Separate point, the esty's post that I have in memory are "Headlines of the year 2020" and "Interesting films to see in the cinema" and from Ffuentes it is "We linuxeros are as many as we think" , I also have to mention "Linux must change". as an @ t and I agree "The tree and the forest" as "Advisers or preachers?" encompass the point of view he defended on this blog. I see with pleasure that over time they are polished more and that is to be appreciated. Congratulations again.

  3.   rheoba said

    Almost 200 Post of pure good material, is what I like the most about his blog, that day after day they write something original, sometimes commenting on something that is on the internet, but always giving it an original touch, be it his comments, reflections or questions towards visitors.

    I hope and I am almost sure that soon it will be the 400..500 posts, and I hope to continue reading them and discussing everything related to Linux.

    So, congratulations on maintaining a tremendous blog, I know it must not be easy to please so many followers, (as long as the balance is tipped to Linux XD)


  4.   seth said

    $ 200 what sources you earn at the end of 2009

    I read them from the recommended movies to see in the cinema (more or less), it was not long ago but until I close the blog or they put a firewall on me like in China I plan to continue entering lxa: P

  5.   N @ tysan said

    Ahh thank you for mentioning me, I am very proud that you liked my posts.

    I do not comment but read eh !! I'm always around here….

    Hugs everyone and congratulations to LXA! and tola community :)