Linux users must change

This weekend things happened to us that we had never dealt with, perhaps in the future we will publicly expose everything that happened, but what I really want to say is that how Staff by LXA! and as a Linux user (sources, who writes this) we have thought about many things.


It's not the first time we've touched on the subject, so let's review how we understand this here:

It was called Is there envy towards Ubuntu? and it was our first article in the Menéame cover (We do not carry many, only 2 and several almost xD). We remember that we all came to the conclusion that, although some may regret it, envy exists, without prejudice to the fact that Ubuntu It is not the best distro in performance (in fact I use Debian today), because achieved a success that nobody expected: Expanding the Linux Universe to the Masses.

In some circles this envy turned into an active rejection, that is, not only does it piss me off when I hear about Ubuntu, but I advocate for people to stop using it, for any excuse (come on, as if it were an illegal drug and they the State).

We concluded through debate that this exists (and it is a matter already touched but it corresponds) due to the structure of pre-Ubuntu Linux users, all advanced users, who only ask for help when the learning curve is very complicated or following data that someone shares.

When the ubunteros arrived, many of which totally inexperienced people and, sometimes, with zero previous relationship with a terminal, radical linuxeros they stunk, but they sucked more from the fact that they were so many or so they looked and they were different from them.

Many sucked from the excess of information about Ubuntu, others sucked from the distro (something relatively normal in all distros) but the really tragic thing is that some linuxers went against users.

Those, those who generalize, arguing that "the ubunteros are ******* » They became fanatics, thinking that the users of the rest of the distros should be like them, ask for help only in difficult things, play with the commands, spend all day with the PC, install and uninstall distros as contracted, things that I do because I have time and I love them, but they do not have to be part of every user, the PC and the distro are tools for ubunters and for many users of other distros as well.

There and not before (before it is avoidable) is born intolerance, discrimination, what in the LXA forum! we call like this:

The user will refrain from using the LXA forum! to promote violence or discrimination against users of another operating system, GNU / Linux distribution, or program.

In the article about envy Ubuntu it said: there is an odiousness that I have not been able to see against other systems, that leaves me wondering. Now all I can say is that today "that" is not only palpable.

And that is what we set as our goal when we started (a linuxero and a «windosero» at the beginning), to change the paradigm, that today Linux is for everyone and, instead of staying in the usual tutorial, to renew through the conversation  that point of view of Linux that is today anachronistic.

Linux users must change.

  • Learning that "not knowing" is not bad and can even be beneficial in teaching how to use GNU / Linux.
  • That helping someone is not giving the fish (see the Ubuntu-CL forum mechanics to ask for help)
  • That helping someone is not saying: Take this link, I hope it serves you, bye. Not with the new ones.
  • Users are not all the same, even using the same distro.
  • Learn that distros do not generate idiocy and they do not attract it either.
  • Encouraging new users to get to Linux benefits Linux.
  • Not everyone uses Linux for the same purpose.

Thank you very much to all the regular readers for being with us, we really appreciate your support.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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  1.   _tty0 said

    Do you know what I think? that the new should adapt to the old. It seems to me, it is always done that way.

  2.   I am said

    1- If you start studying a career, you must be at the height of those who are finished, nothing to start with the most basic.

    2- If you want to learn to drive, it is better with a cargo Scania, and get on the road, not buying a small car and practicing in your neighborhood.

    3- If you are going to look for work, you go straight to the position of boss, nothing to be an employee and climb slowly.

    4- If you want to be an idiot, nothing to start slowly, we directly put on a hat and we are the best idiot of all.

    PS: LXA users, I join Ffuentes in thanking you for how you are, open minds, critical, and banking as always.

  3.   _tty0 said

    rufus I can't agree with you so much =)

  4.   I am said

    I'm not even interested in how everything works. Why should I be interested? Let's see, why should I know everything? Can't I use something without being interested in its inner workings? I can't wear a watch without being interested in how it works?
    I don't have the slightest idea of ​​how a monitor works, my car's engine, my cell phone, the machine that vends tickets on buses, however I use them all day and I'm not interested in knowing how they work.
    Here with knowledge there is so much egocentricity, egotism, elitism, that there is disgusting.

  5.   _tty0 said

    esty then you can say that you are not geek, geek or whatever you want to call it, since you are a simple user.
    I accept that, but ... if your PC breaks, take it to a technician who will repair it, because if they put their hands they might make a mess.

  6.   I am said

    _tty0 The same with your car, refrigerator, microwave, scooter, and whatever else comes to mind. If being a geek and a geek (two such asshole terms) is to be like those who claim to be, I prefer to be a common user.
    That thing about calling yourself a geek or a geek just because you use Linux, isn't it boludícimo and 10-year-old babies? ...
    The assholes terms for the kids and the tools for the grown-ups.

  7.   _tty0 said

    esty: it is an idiom and nothing else, well with my car, refrigerator, microwave, scooter.
    I do not repair my car, therefore I am not a mechanic, nor do I put a hand, I do not repair my refrigerator, x therefore I am not an ice cream maker?
    It's the same, my son, and it's not stupid ... =), it's just a term.

  8.   Albany said

    I've been using Linux since '94, I've tried all kinds of distributions, and I've been with Debian for many years.

    My end-of-career project was a Linux distribution from scratch, made bareback and I know what it is to eat your head because such a library does not work for you or because you have made the wrong flags in the compiler.

    Honestly Ubuntu is great, if you like the console (as is my case) you have a system practically the same as Debian and if you have no fucking idea you have a very easy environment based on Gnome.

    Thanks to Ubuntu I have managed to get all the Java programmers in my company to switch to Linux, before I was the Debian geek with eclipse, now we all use Ubuntu because it is tremendously easy for them and on top of that it is more stable than Windows XP, so the topic of "shit my project has been screwed up, luckily I recorded the changes in CVS this morning, I only lost 4 hours of work"

  9.   I am said

    Quite a childish idiom to call yourself just for using linux. You are no big deal, you only use linux.

  10.   _tty0 said

    I miss you say Linux and * BSD =)
    Anyway, they ask us linuxers to change, ok, feeling that they are a great help to free software, creating a blog to talk about the subject, but these blogs do not help why? because they do not help to solve a problem, forgive me the word but I say it with the best wave, it is a bloody blog. Kids who installed linux 4 or 5 months ago, and have blogs talking about things repeated all over the internet.
    I think that before changing, dedicate yourself to doing something productive for free software, as at least I do in my humble blog, it makes me sick that they talk about free software, freedom and those things, when they use programs or distros with 1000 programs and proprietary libraries What's the point? Isn't it a contradiction?
    Think about it coldly and make a decision accordingly.

  11.   L0rd5had0w said

    This post seems interesting to me and I think that nobody is born knowing things and if we have the knowledge, it is not enough to share it so we are gaining quotas of people in the market, people criticize the ubunteros for their simplicity and things like that but how they think that We could win the market to Micro $ oft, a Windows user would find the transfer phase very difficult, that is why it is an important help for the Open Sources world ...

  12.   Jonathan said

    It is a total problem on most linuxers. I started using Ubuntu because at that time I was not a computer scientist, and Ubuntu was the least likely to send me a condor with the PC (which is the fear that everyone has when installing Linux for the first time). And since I started I have seen how in the forums there are only discussions against Ubuntu. It is not a bad distro, what happens is that it is easy, and since most linuxers think they are geniuses for knowing how to execute a couple of miserable commands in a terminal, then they see Ubuntu with contempt. I changed Ubuntu not because of an issue that it is easy and I am a supposed messian in Linux, if not that it should be faster and that is what I am looking for in a distro.

    Now I'm a computer scientist and linux is daily bread, but I know that my non-computer friends tell me: what is linux?, And I don't take the time to explain to them, why they don't care about linux, they just want to have the tools that they ask them in their studies, and it is not primarily a tar.gz.


  13.   I am said

    toxrn absolutely right. You have to detoxify and lower your ego.

  14.   N @ ty said

    This looks like a kindergarten already.

    I propose that they get together in a square and stick together in the sandbox.

  15.   I am said

    I had to delete spam. Avoid doing it.

  16.   toxrn said

    I haven't seen a post engineered by "LXA" for a long time.

  17.   I am said

    toxrn hahaha, sorry, it seemed to me that this link was pure spam and I deleted it. Erdona toxrn but I'm not going to give more room to the one with the hat.

  18.   I am said

    Well, little hat!

  19.   Fran said

    _tty0, you did not create GNU / Linux and it is not your decision who should and should not use it, period.

    If you don't like girls' blogs, I don't know what you've done on it so far.

    According to your reasoning, if you fix problems in the OS, you should know the inner workings of the OS. So I say, if you write, you should know how to write and write correctly, or at least learn, because it costs a lot to follow your comments with a writing and writing level lower than primary.

    A greeting.

  20.   I am said

    It is the opinion of all LXA

  21.   rufus said

    The problem is that people from the college went to the university to ask.
    HOYGAN How does it add up? Well, I don't really care, I just want to know how much 7 + 9 is.
    And the truth is that for people who have been sticking with Linux for more than 10 years, it is a lack of education.
    Also, 80% of the people who use ubuntu have no intention of knowing computer science, therefore they should not use it.

    I have been advocating for years for people to use Linux, but since Ubuntu appeared I have changed my mind, the truth is, if you do not intend to understand the pc, do not use Linux.

    Toys for children and tools for the elderly.

  22.   toxrn said

    On several occasions I have been tempted to think like rufus, and on several other occasions I have. It's not my current currently, but from time to time it seems to make some sense to me.

  23.   toxrn said

    _tty0: there if I think we have a mistake. In this blog we do not talk about what you mean to say that we are talking about. In the time that I have been following it, I have not found a recipe focused on a particular distro (in fact I don't remember having seen a recipe), nor a post that talks about the sublime philosophies of free software or similar nonsense. In fact, it is the Linux blog (huh? I still question that) the least linux blog I know. It is only to see the posts of N @ ty (like the one of the event that Microsoft is organizing). You have to learn a bit before speaking or writing something. It is a principle that every Linux user should know (yes also ubunters).

  24.   toxrn said

    And apply, of course.

  25.   I am said

    And I using Windows ... I don't know where I got so much foundation to reaffirm my point ...

  26.   I am said

    Tolkien would say: «and so leaves us _tty0, a linux addict who could not be recovered ... ..»

  27.   Corrupt Byte said

    Wow! Until they begin to understand.

    "Learning that" not knowing "is not bad and can even be beneficial in teaching how to use GNU / Linux."

    This is the reason why Linux does not rise than 1% of the user quota. It is the reason why OSX is already at 8%.

    Users do not want choice, they want things to work without having to choose, it sounds utopian for linuxers, but that is what Microsoft and Apple (and any software that respects it) has focused on.

  28.   toxrn said

    You don't have to judge a book by its cover, much less by its title.

  29.   toxrn said

    Hey What happened to _tty0's comment on the title thing and all that? Now I'm going to be like I'm answering no one or I'm just talking like a madman ... hummm it's not that I dislike it but ...

  30.   toxrn said

    Oh I see. Well, in any case what the owner of the ball says will be done;). And it is not a hat, it is a hat (it is different, the hat lets in sunlight and the hat does not, because it has wings = P).

    Love and peace, greetings.

  31.   florsie said

    Who do not understand that this is like an ice cream parlor? The old ones will like the prune ice cream and the new ones will like the vanilla ice cream, but at the end of the day everything is ice cream. Eat your ice cream, have the distro that best suits you and stop messing with people for such a silly thing as you run on your machine. Pride does not lead anyone to anything good. If not, check out Windows Vista.

  32.   Ferk said

    Ubuntu in itself is not simpler than Fedora, nor Mandriva, it is not even simpler than Debian.
    They give you a working Debian and you can do the same bottling and fiddling with it as an Ubuntu, no more, no less. Both have the same base, they both have the same configuration files, they even have the same package system and share almost all the programs and graphical assistants.

    There is no justification for saying that Ubuntu is for noobs, when precisely many of the features added to Ubuntu often cause instability and more knowledge is required to recover from crashes. I would say that Debian is precisely much more stable and therefore more comfortable to use for someone who does not know how to handle much.

    What happens is that Ubuntu is much more popular, and someone who does not understand GNU / Linux distros, the first distro they will meet is the one that is more popular.

  33.   LJMarín said

    "I propose that they get together in a square and stick together in the sandbox."

    I adore you N @ ty

  34.   laura077 said

    Do not comment ... ahhh, I prefer not to argue, it is more tanquila ... you know what I think ...

    "I propose that they get together in a square and stick together in the sandbox."

    No, they could be political candidates ... haha ​​they represent one philosophy very well and the other

    toxrn, yes, this is a good forum, hahaha… oh I say… blog xD

  35.   toxrn said

    Laura, where did I put that?

  36.   f sources said

    @toxrn has been because of "Owner of the ball" I think xD

  37.   toxrn said

    Will be? = P

  38.   zamuro57 said

    I totally agree with you there is no reason to fight when we all share the same file system and the same kernel
    How many users do not exist in mac or windows or linux who do not have the remotest idea of ​​how the internal structure of a pc works, their .etc programs and that is why we are going to throw them into oblivion or we are going to belittle them
    If you want to be the best in mathematics, you have to start knowing how much 1 + 1 is. You don't start by asking which is the most complex equation to go to the simplest one. I have used many distros throughout my learning, in my work we use debian , ubuntu, arch, fedora, suse, mac and windows there are co-workers who use debian and do not even know that it is a package manager, my job is not to put them aside, it is to teach them, to make the computer a friendly tool for them, not like The typical technician who arrives and installs something that they do not even know what it is used for, something that is simply there because the one who knows put it for something, it is about teaching how to use the computer properly, teaching them how to fix what is broken and because it is broken, the main purpose of these posts these forums is to help, to inform, share and disseminate. when the opposite is done, a closed system and secret worship is made, which is the opposite of our philosophy.

  39.   Corrupt Byte said

    @Ferk, Don't you know why Ubuntu is easier?
    A small list:
    1.- Installation. Ubuntu will be based on Debian, but the installation process is easier.
    2.- It is not perfect, but when you have hardware that requires a closed source driver, a notice appears in the notification bar and the possibility of installing with a few clicks.
    3.- When installing with the CD, if you chose a language other than English, a notice appears in the notification bar that more language packs need to be installed.
    4.- Gnome-app-install comes by default and access to the program is easy to distinguish from the rest of the applications.
    5.- Canonical doesn't give a damn about the ethics of free software and adds closed code to the distribution that thanks to it allows a better user experience.
    6.- Includes Firefox.

  40.   jojo said

    I started with Linux at a time when I knew almost nothing about anything (if it had not been for the fact that I had a blog for a year before, I would be a vulgar troll with good spelling), and the first time I saw myself on my installed Ubuntu I entered in a panic because I did not know how things worked, I asked my mentor for help in a somewhat violent way, luckily he understood me, he helped me with my problems and to find a couple of solutions, in addition to teaching me to search in google and other things

    from there with my own curiosity I learned many things and the only thing I need to get out of «almost intermediate user» is to compile a program correctly :) so far I am proud of the time I solved a problem with the virtualbox

    so the new user, almost never knows or search well in google, it would be necessary to tolerate him one and teach him, if he falls again explain to him again, but that the third time he is exposed to the fury of all, and it is something to which all we should commit ourselves: to help those who ask, but also teaching them to find their own routes

  41.   Caesar Salad said

    With these discussions, LXA really took off !!! Hahaha

    @Naty: Brilliant…

    I think LXA is a nice community. Those who want to share without prejudice, or at least with humor, are welcome. I think it makes _tty0 so bad to read so much.


  42.   Marcelo said

    Very good article. Bravo!!! I agree with every word, semicolon.
    I would like those intolerant Linuxeros to remember that they were not born knowing and were once as ignorant as those who start today. And keep in mind that life takes many turns and that those newbies that they despise today can tomorrow become masters who surpass them.
    And one more thing: Microsoft and proprietary software love these fights (and I wouldn't be surprised if they incited them).

  43.   psep said

    a real shame, I don't like ubuntu, and my opinion is reserved, but as long as the linux community grows, what's wrong with the user who arrives using ubuntu?

  44.   rheoba said


    As you do the begging friend, come with us to use GNU / Linux, you know you want it xD.

    Yes, this weekend was good, too bad my teacher doesn't understand that: P

    I agree with most of you, all of you, well I really don't agree with _tyy0, I don't think I need to say why hehe.

    _tyy0, I do not share your ideas, you know, it is good that you know so much (although it makes me desperate that in each post you do, you shout at the wind all the "complexities" you do) and in the end it is sure that they will help you, but really when trying With people it is not convenient for you to be so stubborn with your ideas, to the bosses and people higher than you you will not be able to insult them for not believing in something that you believe, well you can, but it will not be something very intelligent. Lucky!!

    LXA is the best !!! Greetings and Thanks for Maintaining and Creating such good talks…;)

  45.   Hamlet said

    "Ubuntu for everyone", I have read that in many (if not most) of spaces dedicated to this OS, and "we all" are those who know about computer science, those who do and undo with the command console, those who by simply saying "I don't use win2 xp" and using the cube (although I also use it with a theme in win2 since at work they don't let me change OS) or those who without knowing anything are experimenting with the classic "spoiling you learn ", because" we all "are interested in knowing what it is about and want to use it, now that there are fans, there are already lots of them that for a" little thing "or" nonsense "(our little questions) their liver is squeezed, well As far as I know, not all universities or institutes or colleges teach us to use a GNU / Linux distro, or we are fortunate that they teach us, (for some it is more difficult than others according to what they do), the believe yourself a genius and not share the most insignificant to help because it is not part of the «ideology»Ubuntu or free software, not TEEEEERRRRCOSSSSS,

  46.   Hamlet said

    LXA guys congratulations, I always read your articles, even if I do not comment because I consider myself part of this community, keep it up.

  47.   L0rd5h @ d0w said

    Well I am the type of user who always sees in the mornings, afternoons etc etc the LXA nunk commented by weba or something like that lol but sometimes I think that many people have forgotten the meaning of freedom especially of free expression as someone said In these comments you cannot want to know an equation without knowing how to add, it is the same one has to start from the back and you cannot tell someone that finally thanks to God he decided from guin2s that he is not suitable to learn to use Linux and that he is not ask questions, hahaha it seems silly to me how they want to promote free software if we do not support people, the first thing they will do is return to the stupid little window because there is always someone to help them, it is silly that they think that way, knowledge It is free and should be shared that was an idea by Richar Stallmal and wikipedia was based on it, think about it, analyze it and may God bless you, Hello to all guys ... and beautiful ladies jiji lol

  48.   Francisco Beronio said

    Regarding Ubuntu there are two issues regarding users. There are those who came to it from another distro, tired, perhaps from using the console and having to touch the .conf files over and over again -as happened with Debian, where Ubuntu comes from ... - that is, they want to do it well and easily . And there are those that come from the Windows side. Well, it is not to generalize, but the latter are the worst, since they believe that Ubuntu -because they are Windows users- is stupid-proof and not ... it's like when there was only DOS - let alone Basic ... - you have to learn and to learn you have to be patient ... We all see in dozens of forums how when someone does not respond to something as soon as possible, the one who consulted becomes angry and behaves as if he were in a chat, threatening and insulting, belittling the « little »response capacity for your question ... well, not to mention how they write their questions in the forums and lists ... I think that while Windows made things much easier, it also made others worse. Windows generated a flock of illiterates who do not know how to communicate and Linux cannot fight against that, it is already imposed. On the other hand, there is envy of those who use less popular distros with respect to Ubuntu. The same thing happens with a writer, when he becomes popular many people stop reading him. It is that some believe that they live - or deserve to live - in a permanent elite ...

  49.   Francisco Beronio said

    The "discussion" between _tty0 and esty shows something of the degree of immaturity of both, thus avoiding dealing with the underlying issue ... which is what always happens with pro and anti linux ...

  50.   I am said

    My problem with titiyoOo goes the other way, which as Ffuentes said, one day they will know.

  51.   Francisco Beronio said

    Corrupt Byte: could you elaborate a little more on your point 5? Can you cite an example?

  52.   Paul said

    I don't think people who have been around gnu / linux for years will go against ubuntu. I imagine that if you are bothered by certain skills of those who think that gnu / linux is ubuntu and nothing else. Everyone knows about the thousands of distributions out there. And that although it does not seem there are many differences. But last but not least, it is true that with this you get where you want. If they are not interested in anything other than using only Ubuntu, they will die there, without learning that there is much to see. I also do not know if it is an advantage that there are many users en masse thanks to ubuntu. I don't know if it's that good. That should be seen in the long term.

  53.   _tty0 said

    Che esty, do not be mysterious, the only thing there is to tell what happened is what is here and on my blog, =)

  54.   I am said

    Does the fact that it is free means that I can make an ubuntu distro with photoshop and 3dmax included, and not be breaking any laws, except those of photoshop and 3dmax?

  55.   laura077 said

    toxrn, sources, he said it because of what he put toxrn in the previous post, he said that this seemed like a forum with so many comments ... and well, I also say it: P

  56.   L0rd5had0w said

    Well I also want to know what toxon was referring to with comment # 5 ...

  57.   Corrupt Byte said

    Uh ... of course.
    When installing Ubuntu you also get a vast selection of modules with non-free code generally for WiFi cards like Atheros or Broadcom. You can look for the list of files that are installed, look for the linux-restricted-extras-common package. I think Canonical does a good job choosing functionality over "freedom", users have less to worry about.

    Distributions like gNewSense are completely free, because not only does it not include closed code in the installation, but also in its repository you will not find any package that contains a non-free license, it avoids the temptation to use closed code to make your computer work :)

  58.   I am said

    Well to say that you don't like Ubuntu because it fails in this, the other, and because it has this that is better in another, and that it could have this. But to say that you do not like ubuntu because it is easy and because it brings silly people to the cute side of the force, yes, there if you are an envious troll.

  59.   I am said

    Sorry Cesar, I edited your comment. You will know why.

  60.   I am said

    No problem Cesar. A big greeting.

  61.   Posix said

    oooooo another ubuntero speech.
    the ubunteros always giving orders instead of trying to repair their distro that works so badly.
    but well what can you do, we all have to love ubuntu, otherwise we are envious trolls.

  62.   Caesar Salad said

    hahaha, sorry for posting out of context, hahaha but this seemed to me ... hahaha

    Author: g0l

    Some things about Facundo de la Cruz, the hacker…. like bald carlin.

    1.    f sources said

      Can you stop with the tty bullshit? Enough already.

  63.   Caesar Salad said

    It's true ... sorry. It's over.

  64.   Caesar Salad said

    But let it be clear that I only copy a post from the blog that one.

  65.   Juan said

    I just don't use Ubuntu because it didn't work well for me, for me to install it and the root password doesn't work for me when it should work for me that bothered me enough, but it let me install some things without putting a root password, let's go as if I was in a root session, I have ever installed mandriva, fedora, and some other and it always went well for me, I have only had big problems with this distribution, of course if I want to install it without more and that everything is installed even sometimes without a password root can be very comfortable for some, but in my case I see that as very insecure.

  66.   Caesar Salad said

    @esty: Okay. It was bullshit on my part to put the link. Apologies again.

  67.   L0rd5h @ d0w said

    I share the idea of ​​juan and esty ... if you don't like a distro because it failed you or that or the other doesn't work, it's fine, you have a reason, but if you don't like it because it's easy to use that's stupid and mediocre for that reason that the number of users is not increased by silly and envious people who believe that being something easy is bad ... Salu2

  68.   toxrn said

    What if I don't like it because it is so popular? I'm not giving any case, it's just a question to see what they think.

  69.   Nacho said

    Well, I have not read all the comments (70%, more or less) and I see that we are in business as usual.

    Let's see, I myself sometimes don't know if I think like tty0 or not, simply because my job is to repair things (Yes, sometimes any type of thing that can be found in a large restaurant) and therefore, the system Computer scientist should know him at least a little.
    But not everyone started out like me, with an Amstrad, and MS-DOS 7.10 (Let's see how many jump with that does not exist xD) so in the end, I have gone to the side of those who think that each animal does with its PC what comes out of the balls, but that I do not fix things for free.

    And this comes what for? To that I myself am an ubuntu user. Ubuntu ... with openbox and remodeled to say enough. Because that is the wonder of Ubuntu, that it recognizes the hardware without me having to spend 5 hours wondering why I can not connect to the internet at least to ask, why does it bring software to kicks, why can it be gnome, or it allows me to wreck it and configure my desktop the way I want.

    Debian will surely allow it too, but the truth is that, so many bugs it has, so slow it is, I have already done 2 version upgrades and there it is ... not to mention the change of window manager, blah blah blah

    And he has not stupid me. Wow, is it that I'm weird or that there is a lot of fan of the purple spiral around here?

    Let's see, gentlemen, if the neighbor uses ubuntu for the cube, instead of giving him the ass, tell him that you also use linux. So when something gets screwed, it will come to you. And there you can charge him for the support or break his eggs so that he gets debian. But at least he won't think you are elite geeks.

    If Ubuntu becomes known, the better, most users (Yes, even those who think they are stupid) know that Ubuntu is a modified debian. And in the end curiosity pits.

    And to the ubunteros ... well, I don't know ... try the openbox that provides looooooong hours of entertainment by configuring a menu that does everything uu

    Anyway. bye

  70.   another_sam said

    I underline and exclaim the entire post. LXA! I love you.

    An attempt at analysis: It is possible that intolerant people are divided between pure snobs and those who have developed stockholm syndrome (of difficulty in handling software; and they think that free difficult, so ¬difficult at all -> ¬free altogether).

    In any case, I wonder if we can make these people change or if we really should find another hobby for them so that they continue to believe that they are the smartest and stop harming linux and free software.

  71.   another_sam said

    "Free yes and only if difficult." the anti tag filter has removed it.

  72.   another_sam said

    "Free if and only if difficult." spell checking. triple posting. I deserve death

  73.   I am said

    haahaha, another_sam, it doesn't matter, it was understood.

  74.   vincegeratorix said

    my brother uses ubuntu, from that, I decided to install debian: P
    now I don't like my brother: D
    Nah, I'm kidding, I really don't like Ubuntu, for the sole reason that when my brother updated it, it started to fail (I haven't upgraded to debian because I'm scared: s)
    In plan, when it turns off halfway down it looks ugly, and dps of 11 hours in a row (it is a notebook: D) it failed, in plan that the double click did not work and the folders were selected wrongly ... etc. : D
    I like the face: D
    but I like ubunteros, because in a pure subject you can find all the answers you need ...: D
    also in debian communities they treated me badly for making a mistake in "dual core processor" or saying that some programs did not work in debian64, they told me "ah but I don't have the same needs as you" but with a mocking tone ¬¬
    so the ubuntu communities are more friendly: D and one can help, although I had a problem, I asked in a ubuntu community and dps of formatting I found the solution: D that's the bad thing xD

  75.   toxrn said


  76.   Nacho said

    Well, right now I'm writing from a debian installed from the base system with openbox.
    It was a damn torture and I'm not done yet.

    Does this fucking system have to be so difficult?
    After these 4 hours of installation that I have ... that makes me better than the rest of the mortal linuxeros?

    I doubt it. I like Ubuntu because it just works. You have web kicks in case you don't. And if not, as vincegeratorix says ... the community is not a fucking disgusting. But rather the opposite.

    It is better that debian in some things like for example that it simply recognizes the hardware. It is as if you buy a car and they give it to you with the engine in 2 pieces because "you studied mechanics in the driving test."
    That is not taken away by anyone.

    I haven't gotten to the "How the hell do I set up my bloody Wi-Fi?" Phase yet. There maybe I'll send the shit to the debian system and go to the dark side with esty xD

    That is what ubuntu has prevented, that people who want to try linux, leave scared.

    If you don't know how to understand that ...

  77.   vincegeratorix said

    I only think that each person has their ideal distro: D

    For example, my brother is not given debian, because after all he is one of those who "wants to be the king of the world, but he is lazy" so he downloaded the 5 dvds of debian, and then he wanted to continue with ubuntu: D

    For example, I get traumatized at chess, ping pong etc ... when I lose, but not at the PC, it will be because nobody is against me, but I like to read, and before I read pure nonsense from idle blogs, now I entertain myself by reading and learning , on linux ...: D

    and those who like to be geniuses isolated from society, misunderstood, is their beloved slackware: D

    For this reason, those who are interested in KNOWING how the pc is doing, it would be convenient for them to, but those who only occupy it and do not know more than word msn IE (I have met people like that, in general the «common» sice «make a word »Or when they can't install msn they can't chat, and they call me (haha my cousins ​​called me because the msn didn't work for them, they didn't even look for another alternative)) they are convenient for ubuntu, knopix, freespire, linux mint, and the rest of the stuff

    the problem is that it is a lot of people since they use ubuntu, and it means that these people are just a low user (that is, the "average": D)

    and that causes that instead of having 1 to 3 issues of a problem in ubuntu there are more than ten per forum which causes that when I look for debian manuals I have to search for "ubuntu", although that has the good side that so the answer it is getting more and more "stupid" as it has to adapt to new users (I'm not saying they are stupid: D) which is pretty good for someone who wants to start

    I have not referred to red hat and derivatives, because ... I do not know ... I would not use them, simply because as there is so much ubuntu info it is easy to find the commands, also, I would not use them because I am lazy, and I like Debian, but it's the same metaphor

  78.   vincegeratorix said

    ps: I mean that if you enter, they should have been "cool" or because you want to be great, or because of pride, because your own pride will kill you
    If not, I would already be using slackware, gentoo, arch.
    If you are not one of those who are interested, if you do not know that firefox exists, if you do not know what linux is, if you do not know what mac os X is or if you know it because they told you, but you have not investigated further, then ... no I know I went out of hand ... but if you are a little more interested than that, use Ubuntu, (in this regard I recommend Linux mint, since it is based on Ubuntu, but performance and elegance have been improved)
    if you are an antonym, use debian, (there are more but I can't think of it, you know I'm corrupted by .deb)
    and if you are antonym, but also an advanced antonym (like ugly to wonderfully beautiful) use slackware, gentoo or Arch

  79.   Nacho said

    Well, I've been with linux for 4 years and I use ubuntu for the simple fact that I like to walk in the guts of the system ... but not to do an installation.

    There I am with esty, it is inconceivable that in 2009 I still have to go compiling (the happy wifi has left me to dust, I am taking strength from the live cd xD) out of necessity. It's stupid.

    By this I mean that, or the debianites put the batteries, and stop looking at the navel of the compilable, or nobody is going to go to debian because it is an alternative (Except hung like me and people who know, there I do not I include xD).

    If I want to compile something, I do it for fun.
    Not out of necessity.

  80.   Dani said

    I think the problem is that computer scientists, or that is a bit my case, sometimes we lose our temper with people having to tell the same things many times, and sometimes to the same person, and often for free. Now it happens to us with Linux users very little into computer science, before there were not so many. But it is good that Linux spreads and that is part of the process. Every time they change Windows (if I also work with Windows and I don't get hives;)) the same thing happens to me. We must be patient, it is what we contribute, it does not have to feel bad about us. Nobody is born learned.
    Another thing: Debian and Ubuntu are much less alike than some have said. They share things but have different approaches and it shows. eg lack of default root in Ubuntu, stable Debian stability, Ubuntu hardware support, etc. They are different, I use both and each one his own.

  81.   raulmx said

    Well, I got all the comments and really this blog should be a forum, I use Ubuntu because the truth after fighting for several hours with other linux distros, you end up putting the proprietary software to work well, so how much we fight If in the end we use what Ubuntu already brings to make your life easier and Linux is not as difficult as some would have you believe, I don't know why there are people who want to maintain the myth that Linux is difficult, a well configured system and stable with linux, it is as simple as a mac or windows in the basic applications, to use an office suite, a web browser, a messenger, an image viewer and an mp3 player, which is what a common user and current uses a computer,

  82.   this said

    many of the masters that today are combed (show off) with other linux distros, started by using ubuntu ... so ... I share this post ...

  83.   Rodolfo said

    I got started on Linux thanks to Ubuntu, and I found out that something called Ubuntu existed thanks to Softonic. But Ubuntu 8.04 did not get along with my laptop, so I removed it, and after trying various distros I opted for Guadalinex 4.2, which is based on Ubuntu, and Puppy Linux.

    I may one day be encouraged to try some of the trunk distros, but that will be when I feel experienced enough to take that flight.

    For now, I alternate the operating systems that I have installed on my computer's hard drive (Windows xp, Guadalinex 4.2 and Puppy Linux) with LiveCD sessions from other distros. Today, for example, I retouched several photos using Gimp on Ubuntu 9.04, and I felt very comfortable not having to compile anything to use that new version of that photographic program.

    I love Linux, but I have many obligations to attend to, so if there were not distros as simple to use as Ubuntu, it would most likely be that I would not be part of that 1% that uses the penguin system.

    If Linux is ever intended to be a real alternative to operating systems such as Windows or Mac, in my view the right path is being set by distros like Ubuntu, which allow normal computer users to experiment with this operating system that many do. Such bad press, and so unfairly.

    For the aforementioned reasons, the users of the trunk distros should not be suspicious against a distro like Ubuntu, since the increase in the number of Linux users will ultimately benefit the entire community. Or are you not tired of what when you want to install a new hardware we are only available drivers for Windows and Mac? If our community represented more than 1% of computer users, surely the companies that manufacture hardware would take us more into account.

    And in any case, there will always be a percentage of advanced Ubuntu users who will end up turning their eyes to historical communities, like Debian, and who knows if some of them will end up joining their ranks.