The challenge of the 12 programs. Start the year by installing programs you would never install

Triple A is one of my list for the 12 program challenge

Some of the maps from Triple A, the platform for board and strategy games.

Why not start the year with a linux tradition? After having dinner with the family, arguing with your brother-in-law about football and politics and eating the twelve grapes, go to your computer and participate in the challenge of the 12 programs.

What is the challenge of the 12 programs?

The repositories of Linux distributions are full of programs. To them we must add those available in the form of packages Snap, Flatpak and Appimage and on sites and Sourceforge or FOSSHUB.

Is search programs that you never heard of or that if you heard of them, you would never install. Y, of course install its.

In this article and the two that follow I'm going to tell you the 12 I choseí. If you want ctell us which ones are yours, I'd love to read you in the comments section.

The challenge of the 12 programs. These are my first 3

I'm not exactly a frequent player, and when I want to play, I don't move from Super Tux Kart or Neverball. The beginning of the new year is a great excuse to broaden horizons

Don Ceferino Feat

This game is in the style of Super Pang. Don Ceferino is an Argentine gaucho who has to protect his cow from an attack from outer space. To do so, he only has a knife that he must launch at the projectiles that aliens throw at him. But it only works if it is under the projectile. To make it more complicated, if you throw a very large one at it, when you touch it the knife splits into a smaller one.

You can find the program at the Ubuntu Software Center under the name of Ceferino. In the website there is a version in .DEB format and another in tar.gz format. I would appreciate if you inform me if it is available in the repositories of other distributions

Triple A

This program is actually an engine for board and strategy games. The installation includes several games and more than 100 created by your community can be downloaded.

TripleA started as a simulation of World War II, but has since been expanded to include different conflicts, as well as variations and modifications of popular games and maps (A "map" is like a board, while a "game" is a specific configuration on a map / board).

Search engine supports multiple game modes including playing by mail. We can also install our own server.

And, unlike many free software projects, it comes with a very complete manual.

Triple A available for all Linux distributions and has versions for Windows and Mac.

Wolfen Doom: Blade of Agony

If you like first person shooter games set in WWII, you should take a look. Blade of Agony reminds titles like Wolfenstein 3D, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty but with a more Doom-style game speed.

In case you're wondering, Blade of Agony translates to "Knife of Agony."

The action takes place in 1942, when the war was nearing its peak. The United States has joined the Allied forces while the Soviets are pushing back the German army at the front in the east. The course of the war finally seems to be changing, and Hitler's victory seems to be farther and farther from becoming a reality. But the Nazis, who refuse to give up, have become obsessed with human experiments and artifacts with supernatural powers, in which they see a possible escape from their final destination. Allied leaders reject this possibility as irrational; However, some still fear that some of this may be real. Despite the optimism, the situation is nebulous and unsafe.

In the game we control Captain William "BJ" Blazkowicz, one of the best soldiers and spies in the US Army who, retired from active duty, has a bureaucratic job as an operations analyst. However, the intrepid military man is not comfortable in his new role.

The call of an old comrade is the perfect excuse for return to active duty.

Although this game is developed for Windows, can be installed in Linux distributions with support for Flatpak y Snap no need to install additional packages.

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  1.   Ernest Huesca said

    NO, you are not going to convince me to install Windows 10, Office or any other crap from Adobe.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      We are talking about programs for Linux.

  2.   leonardo ramirez said

    Could you better explain the dynamics of the challenge?

    1. Can I use Synaptics to install the programs of my choice?
    2. Can I use .DEB to install the programs?
    3. Is it a mandatory rule that they are only Snap, Flatpak and Appimage and on sites like Sourceforge or FOSSHUB?
    4. Should they be unknown programs or could they be more or less known?

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      The rules are not set in stone. You can modify them in the way that is more fun for you.
      1) Synaptic is the best alternative to discover new programs.
      2) You can use whatever format you want. If you feel like it you can download an RPM and convert it to DEB with the alien command or you can compile source code.
      3) It can be the format and origin you want. Just make sure it's a reliable source. Unless as part of the fun you want to risk installing malware.
      4) The idea is that they are programs that you would not normally use or that you use the programs that you use for a use that you would not normally use.