Microsoft Vs Google

The new fight of the year between two giant corporations is going to get interesting. And I'm not talking about Microsoft and Linux, but a new opponent, Microsoft and Google. We could say that this competition started a long time ago, and the first case that comes to mind is the battle for mail and instant messaging services. Hotmail / GMail They are two of the most used services today, however today I think that GMail has gained space by truly becoming a complete online laboratory of mails, help, tools and options for you to order, save and manage everything very easily. Hotmail I don't even use it anymore, very rarely does it open well Firefox, has been far behind in time with its development, although the last change I knew to see was having seen it become something like a social network.
Messenger / GTalk they also fight. What is the difference that I find, my GTalk opens in just 3 seconds, with the list of those who are online, my Messenger takes its time to load, and when it does, it opens Msn Live, Msn Today, Msn Tomorrow, Msn of the future, more banners than if you roll over it, they are displayed beyond the screen, etc. Memory consumption of Msn: 51MB, consume of GTalk: 5MB.

I think the issue was aggravated perhaps with the financing by Google to Mozilla to develop what is today one of the most used web browsers, Firefox, which has totally displaced IE. And even worse, when Google launched its own Chrome web browser, fighting for the top 3 podium very quickly.
The next move gave it Microsoft recently launching its new online search engine Bing, which in a short time has become a curious competition in the world of search engines. Just to do the test, I looked at the statistics of one of my blogs, the one that receives the most visits (about 3000 to 4000), and I compared the use of search engines in the last month, with those of last month. The result: a growth in blog entry through 61% Google, and by Bing, 820.17%. Be careful, this is a curious fact taken out of context, a lot of this has to do with the way the blog is indexed in each search engine, the order in which it appears in the results, etc. however, it cannot be denied that in a single month Bing became a widely used search engine.


Then we come to today, where the battle finds them in a new, more than interesting round, with crossfire and great changes. On the Google side: the big announcement of Google Chrome OS, a dedicated operating system for notebooks based on the Linux kernel. Microsoft's (Ballmer) answer:

"I'm going to be respectful" Does anyone know what that is about? Chrome OS is something very interesting for me. It will not arrive for another year and a half and they are already announcing an operating system. We don't need any new operating system. We already have one ”.

Sounds like a tantrum, doesn't it? And on the side of Microsoft: Microsoft Office it will be an online application, to compete obviously with Google Docs. And in this giant movement, one of Microsoft's strong pillars will remain in the way of collecting money, a sacrifice that seems almost mandatory to counteract the loss of power in the office automation area.

I am left with a phrase from Ballmer which I think could not be more wrong:

"People with a PC only spend half their time on the Internet."

If we evaluate all these movements on a large scale, it seems to me that the fight is almost entirely over the Internet, that vast territory full of consumers, that direct channel to each one's home, be it with a new web browser, a more powerful search engine, a online operating system, a mail service, a chat service, everything goes back to the strategic battle for the virtual land that is the internet.
And forgive me for the Spoiler: if we talk about the internet, I think there is no other apparent winner in years than Google. Because it's free, because it's usable, because it's easy, and because it's useful.

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  1.   I am said

    @Reoba: what I read out there, I think that in shaking me, "the big difference is that if you want to stop using google, you do it and that's it, with Microsoft products there is too much monopoly"

  2.   Donated said

    Google has a lot of buzz, it is undeniable and although little by little it is losing it, it still has a 'cool' company aura. The verifiable reality, however, is different: compare benefits of Google and MSFT in 2008, compare how many Hotmail and Gmail email accounts there are, compare how many people use messenger and how many Gtalk, percentage of IE compared to other browsers ... We move In an environment in which we usually extend our opinions to all Internet users, but no, heavy users, those of us who write on blogs and are up to date are not representative of what matters to companies that are the general public, it is where do they get the money from?

  3.   rheoba said

    I agree 100% with you esty ... Although many say that Google should not be trusted so much, I do consider myself a fan of Google, for the moment it supports free software and that seems excellent, many people say that later it can change and leave us worse ... I say they are prejudices, apart, I like the idea of ​​having the Google giant on our side xD


    PS .. For my Ballmer he makes me someone who does not deserve his position, apart from his answers are so stupid haha.

  4.   f sources said

    @esty: I think both Google and Microsoft are monopolies (or possible monopolies in G's case) equally fearsome.

    Who would stop using their Gmail to switch to another platform? Google's data control, the amount of information they handle and the obvious interest in having more still should not leave anyone indifferent. That is to say, the most fearsome thing about Google is not the monopoly ... but the information they have on all of us and also the increasingly present activities of the G in our lives.

    Not to mention Microsoft, it is a "full-fledged" monopoly.

    They both catch you the same way

  5.   Annihilator said

    I agree that Google has undoubtedly won the Internet for a long time.

    But it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months, because Google has not presented anything new in the last year. It has only been limited in closing some companies that it bought and that were not profitable.

    I believe that Internet users are diversifying services, they no longer use everything from Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo !, but they use a few of each. Now there is more competition, and who knows, maybe Microsoft surprises us by increasing its share of the search engine market even more.

  6.   Pol said

    I hope nobody crushes anybody; and there should even be other new proposals, other companies ... oooh true Google buys them u_u. You can't buy it only from Microsoft (you need the polarity that MS gives you so that they are the good guys in the film)
    … In an ideal world (for google fan boys surely) Google owns everything, I hope I'm not alive to see that

  7.   Leek said

    I don't think Microsoft should continue on this, it should be left to the professionals.

  8.   vincegeratorix said

    the difference is that both Google and M $ gained a position in the market, since M $ maintained with agreements with governments, fallacy, lies… on the other hand, Google? someone to tell me how many lies he has told.
    the difference is in the way they knew how to grow and stay in the market ...

    an analogy that graphs this is:

    -As you get to know M $, his way of working, his history, his products, you hate him, you fear him, you treat him badly….
    as you get to know the way they work at google, as you read employee comments, watch google documentaries you want it ...

    a more concrete way is to see:
    -the person who came out of M $ (I don't know how) created the book about a magnificent utopia in which the SL thrives and reigns ...

    -the lawyer who left google and went to twitter, said that it was great to work at google, that it was amazing, every day was a fascinating challenge ...

    Who to believe?
    I prefer to believe the workers of each company than the fanboys on each side, I am not a fanboy from anywhere…. and my ideal world is one in which each of us tolerate each other, regardless of whether everything is free, the key is not to lie, not to fall into "legal scams" and that crap

    I find that saying that an ideal world is governed by google would be a monopoly, and I don't think anyone who wants SL likes monopoly.
    Those who like SL want community, I find Pol's message inaccurate, and I think it is a typical anti-free software, I don't mean it badly, but by commenting a lot on theinquirer you learn to recognize the fan-boys or anti -boys

  9.   jojo said

    Microsoft dies 2012, I bet you. And it will be bought by a lot of free software companies that will make a "pig" and release the source code of windows, and we will finally know how disastrous this is.

  10.   Esty said

    @jocho: we all died in 2012 according to the Mayans!

  11.   Alejo_4002 said

    I agree with Pol, I would not like to live in a world where a company owns everything.
    I see Annihilator's comment very accurate, diversifying is the best way to take care of our FREEDOM.

  12.   seth said

    @Annihilator: I remove chrome and turn gmail, calendar and some other things to "stable"
    are important things

    @admins: this theme is weird… I have to get used to seeing it like this.
    Could you put a margin on the left (it gives me the feeling that I am missing a piece of monitor: P) and take out the double gravatar (or is it on purpose?)

  13.   I am said

    @jocho: we all died in 2012 according to the Mayans!

    And this is how we can answer a comment.

  14.   I am said

    @admins: this theme is weird… I have to get used to seeing it like this.
    you could put a margin to the left (it gives me the feeling that I am missing a piece of monitor :P ) and take out the double gravatar (or is it on purpose?)

    Now that I activate it, I'll start to tweak the comments part a bit.

  15.   seth said

    @jocho: we all died in 2012 according to the Mayans!

    And this is how we can answer a comment.

    it looks weird in emails

  16.   f sources said

    @jocho: we all died in 2012 according to the Mayans!

    And this is how we can answer a comment.

    it looks weird in emails

    Your comment has been LXA number 5000!

  17.   seth said

    @ffuentes: what did I earn?

    @Absent: rabble! : P

    @those who want me to use «reply to this comment»: hold on to the @: p

    "This" I think goes without an accent

  18.   I am said

    @ffuentes: what did I earn?

    @Away: rabble!

    @those who want me to use "reply to this comment": hold on to the @: p

    "This" I think it goes without an accent

    Naaa… hold on Reply to this comment. !!!

  19.   Absent said

    Did they get the code that sends you to the front with browser and operating system? what a pity, that was good: P

  20.   nitsuga said

    Google is not a monopoly:

    Google does not pay schools and give them their products, people choose from recommendations of others, not from what they taught him, and that is the only thing he knows for being arranged to be like that.

    Google does not do dirty practices to prevent other products from working on the computers of its "customers"

    Google does not patent "the internet search engine" or "the internet browser" or "the search button", instead it patents things like its search algorithm.

    Anyway, google is not a monopoly, but it is the best option.
    People who don't know other alternatives are just people who don't know what google is and can barely use a computer.

  21.   seth said

    @Annihilator: being the best is not the same as being a monopoly. People choose adsense because it is the most reliable or the one that leaves them the most money (I don't know, I never used it) but they can easily choose another and no one is going to ban them. You can go to Africa, teach them to build a website and put another advertisement, but you can't give them computers with mandriva because someone makes sure they have windows. That is a monopoly

  22.   Annihilator said

    @nitsuga: That was until now because he didn't need it, but the new announcements go the other way. There are already computers with the google bar pre-installed, and Google Chrome will be distributed with agreements with manufacturers that are no different from those of Windows.

    And by the way Google YES that is a monopoly. In online advertising there is no life beyond Adsense.

  23.   seth said

    If you are looking for capable, it serves you

    I sold direct and I plan to continue doing so instead of leaving the commissions to others ... go blogodromo!

    I still did not see google playing dirty, but if you have any link pass it to me

  24.   Annihilator said

    @seth: Adsense is not the best, it is that there are no alternatives outside the US.

    And what you say is that if computers come with windows, Google wants to make them come with Chrome. Is the same.

    I understand that Google at the time was "cool" and all that, but right now it is like all the others. He leads the market based on checks, and a good army of hardcore fanboys.

  25.   It's me said

    hello shit my life make me study this. it's a stroke .. start doing better things

  26.   Moses said

    It is good to see that large companies are struggling to improve the comfort and need of their consumers who use their products

  27.   skynet7 said

    Of course both are monopolies.

    Microsoft hasn't destroyed google for just one reason:

    "Miserableness" are miserable people who fear that their economic efforts will fail and only plunge the company into a major crisis.

    If you sit a person in front of Bing, they will know how to use it.

    If you sit a person in front of Linux, they stop straining from not being able to do anything.

    Google supports Free Soft to gain ground and foolish people who believe that they will go bankrupt in order to carry out their projects.

    Oh my God, what kind of company is interested in sponsoring a market as powerful as that of the OS for free? Oh, what an idiot not to see the gigantic business that is thrown away.

    Google is as bad as Microsoft, although it is more difficult to put Microsoft aside, Google is not far behind, I want to see what the owners of 3 billion internet sites would think when they see that they will no longer have the same position in the most used search engine.

    Google is a monopoly in disguise, If Google decides that you do not appear in their listings YOU DO NOT EXIST. That is monopolizing power.

    Both companies are macabre and their owners stepped on many heads before reaching where they are.

    Microsoft is 23 years old, that's why it has had time to make more dirty plays, Google is only 12, in 20 years it will have made as many treaties and told as many lies as Microsoft.