Elive Gem: GNU / Linux made art

Seen and considering that again I broke my newly fixed GRUB (due to a forced reinstallation of Windows) I started to think about the future of my distribution of GNU / Linux and evaluating several different possible distros to change.

The first option that occurred to me was Debian (if I'm not mistaken, a new stable distro should be released shortly); but commenting on this to Rena, she asked me «And did you see anything from Elive? » . No, I hadn't seen anything. Therefore, I devoted myself to do some research on elive, and what I found was this. We take the main features from Wikipedia:

elive is a GNU / Linux operating system distribution, built on the foundations of Debian GNU / Linux Etch. It is designed to work in both LiveCD as installed on the hard drive. Maintains compatibility with its parent distribution, so Debian packages can be used at the same time as Elive packages, these repositories are set this way by default. It also inherits hardware compatibility and adds different drivers that are not an official part of the Linux kernel.

eliveUnlike other distributions, it does not use the GNOME or KDE desktops, instead it uses Enlightenment DR16 and DR17. In addition, it is not only a specialized system for multimedia, both in reproduction and in video or 3d editing, but it is also prepared to be used in other things such as office work, internet, networks and servers, etc.

Its management and configuration is done through an application called The panel which takes care of both setting up your desktop and managing your system.
Apparently, elive it is a lightweight and well performing distro. They have a fundamental point in favor for me: it is feasible to use on a LiveCD (you know that I adore liveCD's: razz:).

Another interesting thing is that it does not use desktops GNOME o KDEBut Enlightenment, which from what little I have seen is extremely beautiful. Another excellent reason to try something new.

Let's see here the same video that is shown on the official site of Elive Gem.

It is beautiful !! Could you appreciate that it has two modes similar to Day / Night? The quality of the interface? I think it should be highly customizable (like most desktops), let's see a preliminary list of some of the default programs that this distribution has:

* Desk: Enlightenment

* File manager: Thunar

* Audioplayer: xmms

* Video player: Mplayer

* Instant messaging: Gaim

*IRC: xchat

* Burning CDs and DVDs: Bonfire

In addition, from the author's page they can be downloaded Bonus Discs with software that is not included by default in the distro and that, by burning it to a CD or from a USB device, can be installed perfectly, saving the most novice (or inexperienced) having to use a package manager or the console to install new programs.

However: Is this the distro of Cute linux What were we waiting for, dropped from the skies ready to install? Well, no.

To install a stable Elive distro on our PCs, its author asks us to make a donation; An exact specific amount is not requested, but it is a collaboration to the work of a person who dedicates all his time to generate this dedicated and beautiful work.

Does it seem wrong for you to do so? I think it's perfectly fine. I believe that such a remarkable contribution deserves a donation as support, even if it is minimal.

The trial versions that can be downloaded for testing are development versions that, while "stable", are not completely finished and evaluated for consideration for final release. Needless to say, these versions do not have the option to be installed on our hard drive. If we want to do it, we must download the paid version.

Would you stop testing it knowing that you will not be able to install it?

If any of our esteemed readers use elive or have tried this distro, I ask you to tell us what you think. Help me decide, because this distro is a strong candidate to be the next distribution on my PC.

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  1.   bachi.tux said

    Money and its diseases ...

    It seems perfect to me, just like you, that the developers of a distro ask for a HUGE sum of money, a donation, for the hours it has taken them to do the work.

    But in Argentina, as in many countries, they will prefer to keep their Ubuntu or its "free" distribution on duty instead of giving a donation to someone who makes a distribution.

    I think that with this Distro it is more than clear that one thing is a Free Distro, but that does not imply that there is money in the middle.

    I would be able to pay a donation for my OpenSUSE, no doubt, rather than pay hundreds of dollars for Windows ...

    They are tastes, guys. And you, N @ ty, are on the right track! ;)

  2.   N @ ty said

    Thanks for the comments, I was worried about the SATA disk, because I do have it ...

    @Hijo del Opio: thank you for downloading on this blog, always at your service sir ...

    @Nacho: you punctured my illusion ... but I think I'll try it anyway. Obviously I have to do a little more research before I buy it. A kiss.

    @ bachi.tux: I will probably buy my next OpenSUSE !!

    Thanks for the comments, I ask you guys please: do not download the Taringa distro, even if it is lower the development one but do not be so scratchy, serious thing! With Linux nooooooo !!!

    Greetings to all

  3.   Brian.ERC said

    I really don't know if they have updated Elive, but I remember a while ago wanting to install it, I tried the LiveCD and everything was fine, when I went to install it I got a big surprise, and it was that it did not recognize the sata disks:


    If you can check if they have added better support :)
    Although you may not have a SATA disk ^^

    Greetings and good luck! Be happy

  4.   toxrn said

    Well, it must be said, very beautiful if it is. And the best, based on Debian. I see nothing wrong with the fact that they charge for the right to download, but I also agree with what was said by bachi.tux. Who is going to want a paid distro, when they have other free distros? Very few people. Now, I suppose that the stable distro as such will be in the different bittorrent trackers, as if it were a windows. A pirate linux? : |

  5.   Michael Loyal said

    I keep my distro for free = D

  6.   Michael Loyal said

    Disgusting, I get the windows icon that I have to use in office = S

  7.   osuka said

    I like it, simple, beautiful. I will prove it. The problem is that I don't even have 5 dollars = (
    I would like to get it off the taringa, there it is xD
    But I think I better wait to have 5 dollars and donate them for a full and direct download without complications and also, do better for the developer and want to continue with the project.


  8.   dark hole said

    Based on ubuntu:


    And it is free.

  9.   Son of opium said

    E17 no please
    I know I'm not going to make friends with what I'm going to drop, but I hate Enlightenment. Yes, I know it's quite ... graphically striking (for my taste rather tacky actually, damn it, it looks like something out of a Debian pug program), but I just can't stand that environment, and the taskbar, for DioX's sake Who the hell came up with that filthy taskbar, if that's usable I'll blow my balls off with a shotgun.

    Well, I already said it.

  10.   Nacho said

    I tried it. What's more, I see perfect that it charges 5 dollars to use it. But it doesn't work well.
    As simple as that. The system itself is fine. But if it happens to you like me, trying to connect by cable, wifi and modem, you can't… you will shit on everything.

    And to me, a distro that tells me that "it's ready to use" and then it turns out that something basic like the internet doesn't work ... well, you can have all the stories you want, which doesn't interest me.

    Now, whether you install it or not is up to you.


  11.   ring said

    If you have them correctly set, what you have to do is install debian in text mode and then pull apt-get or aptitude to install enlightment. : P

  12.   f sources said

    I tried enlightment and I did not like it, although I do find it cute. Now, I have an opinion regarding the collection of Elive: It hurts your project.

    Most sailors don't even have $ 5 to make a donation (a mandatory donation), which makes the community small. How many people answer questions about ELive? It is the antithesis of Ubuntu.

    It would be better to give it away and then ask for donations, he would surely get more.

  13.   LJMarín said

    «Seen and considering that I once again broke my newly fixed GRUB»

    N @ ty, N @ ty, N @ ty took you longer to find the solution to the problem than to have it again.

    Regarding the distro I share the comment of bagu, why install Elive if you can install Debian with enlightment.

    But hey, if you like it and want to install it, go ahead, that if, when you have a problem, believe me, you will surely suffer.

    I recommend a PCLOS 2009 that is about to come out, so when you have problems you just have to ask me xD


  14.   ReNa said

    The subject with the graphic environments gives to talk a lot ... like a distrowar ... there are always people with different positions ... some are very conservative and do not accept anything different ...

    Personally, I use awesome and gnome a lot….

    Although I tried e16 a long time ago, it was not what I expected… not because of the graphics…. we must admit that the effects are very well achieved ... but xq is a distro designed 100% for mouse ... and personally I prefer the keyboard ... bash addict (?) ... maybe ...

    on the other hand: Naty, let me tell you that a debian with e17 is convenient for you, and there if you are not going to have problems with satas or wireless boards or anything ... and whatever you have a problem I am here to help you = D


  15.   Juan C said

    I would gladly pay 5 or 10 dollars for a distro, be it mandriva, opensuse, pclinux or some other that I like.

    And this leads to the point that I mentioned that mandriva subject with the last name Williamson who said that canonical threw the business of desktop distros, because who is going to pay when he can have the free CDs at the door of his house?

    This is to return to a topic that has already been widely discussed, but I think this was the point of that subject and that for me he is right.

  16.   Brian.ERC said

    If you get to install Debian with E17, it would be good if you made a detailed guide, step by step from the basics to do it, since I tried to install it but I did not find any good guide, in fact none worked for me, I did not find the E17 repositories and always missing a dependency or something: S

    Greetings and good luck! Be happy :)

  17.   osuka said

    It is the first time I see this environment, so I decided to find it and install it on my ubuntu!

    I did not like..

    I don't know .. I just didn't like it! I am very comfortable with my rough gnome ..
    in fact, with the enlightment (or whatever it is written), I couldn't even connect to the internet .. why ?? I don't know, I still don't know….

    Anyway I will try this version of should have as it goes: P


  18.   Arto said

    Very nice
    but I find it too stupendous that being Linux which is open source to have the stable version in its entirety we have to pay, at the end of all he wanted to do it because he should leave the entire OS free.
    Damned money

  19.   ReNa said

    @Anto: I find it stupid that using SL you still don't understand that FREE IS NOT FREE ...

    Also, I recommend you look URGENTLY for a dictionary because your way of writing is a shame

  20.   osuka said

    right now I'm trying the elive and I DON'T like it!

  21.   Beatriz said

    I have installed elive! and I love it!

    it is good and runs in pcs with few resources!

  22.   old czech said

    Well, I am a normal user who changed from Window $ to Frenton Linux, for the quality and security it gives me as an operating system that is far the best in its different distros and I tried some such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva 2009, Linux Mint Anyway, but now recently a friend Titux from Belgium recommended me Elive, I downloaded it and I already have it installed a few days ago, I can not be more happy since I downloaded it without dramas and he recognizes everything to the excellent touch the graphics is what most It stands out, I stay with Elive in the other distros and had more than one problem and was never satisfied, it really takes them away, the speed is formidable and its heart is Debian, what else to ask of life, do not be badly grateful.
    There are sites where you can download it totally free eye.
    From Chile greetings to the linuxeros of the world.

  23.   Neko said

    Well, I once installed elive ... and I loved it ... but I missed my debian with KDE, hehehe the habit, so I decided to reinstall Debian with KDE (etch, by the way, now squeeze), and then install enlightenment ... already when I feel nostalgia, I change the session and that's it !!, by the way I did pay for my copy of elive, the only bad point of free software, that afterwards you want everything for free ... and things are not like that, aaaah but not for the club, or the drink, why there if there is money right ??? As someone said up there, tanathermesis does enlive for fun, right, but what if he wants to charge for his work, well, it is very his problem, right? Everyone sells themselves as they want and how they can, but we have already seen that it is easier to criticize than to contribute ... which not everyone does ... however, for those who are interested, it seems that the first stable version of enlightenment, will be seen in next christmas..yyayyy !!!

  24.   robertx666 said

    From that distro I write you a true work of art highly recommended and beautiful to look at and although I am new to Linux I learned to use it very quickly, it installs almost more easily than Windows and brings you everything you need to work comfortably, very complete and to show off even with those who have the unpresentable w.vista the only advice from experience is that you do not be guided by the minimum requirements of a rigid disk and dedicate a space to the home partition for greater performance apart if you give it the size very adjusted to the partitions you will not be able to play video, luck and try it, you will be really a fan of this jewel

  25.   jerson said

    if you can help me opengeu live cd asks me for root
    so I can try it if you can help me thanks

  26.   jhony said

    get into your head free software is not equal to free

  27.   Manuel said

    Please I can't get on the internet… .Help!