Another one: South Korea abandons Windows and switches to Linux

South Korea abandons Windows for Linux

This news seems old, but it is not. Or not in its entirety. Months ago, South Korea advanced its plans to abandon Windows. Later, other countriesLike Russia and China, they agreed and promised to do the same. In all three cases, the chosen destination would be Linux and the time to start the journey seems to have already arrived, at least in the case of Koreans. And reasons are not lacking.

For starters, Windows 7, a system used by many teams in South Korea, stopped receiving support on January 14. Koreans want to avoid having to upgrade to Windows 10, which would save them a lot of money on licenses, and depend less on an American company as is Microsoft. It is true that this information is the official version and that there could be other reasons that they do not tell us, although we can imagine them.

South Korea will complete its move to Linux in 2026

It seems like, South Korea wants its full migration to Linux to take place in 2026. , year in which Linux should move all the computers in the country that are used to access the Internet. If at that time there is still a device that uses Windows, it must be done in isolation, without connecting to the internet and local networks.

The operating system that they are going to start using is TMaxOS, a South Korean distribution developed by the company TmaxSoft. This will give the government more control, since the base of its software will be developed in the same country. On the other hand, much of the software available in Linux is open source, so they can take the code and modify it to use it as they see fit.

By Microsoft, losing customers will always be bad news, but it was something they could expect by abandoning the support of an operating system such as Windows 7. In any case, Satya Nadella and hers are talking to the South Korean government, so the step from Windows 7 to Linux could be postponed or even frozen. We will see how it all ends.

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  1.   Mars69 said

    No wonder ... There is being "masoch" to update to Windows 10. Bugs, errors, failures with updates, slowness ... Any Gnu / Linux distro, eats the omnipotent Windows 10 alive. What a blunder d Operating system. It is bad with desire ...

    1.    Mephisto Feles said

      At the end of everything, Windows 10 is only Microsoft's return to Windows 7, the only operating system that has produced results from everything they have produced and with which they wanted to fix all the shit they committed. Operating systems designed solely to perpetuate the sales of hardware manufacturers and not for the satisfaction of the end user. Although manufacturers have also been affected as a result of so many problems with the said "updates" and that it has only managed to leave a number of outdated and problematic versions of Win 10 on the way, fragmentation that increases day by day and does not a short-term solution is seen for this rather than forcing users (malware).
      Hopefully South Korea does not listen to siren songs and speed up their migration to GNU / Linux, with something made by them or some distribution of the many that are appropriate for them and any other government that wants to make the leap.
      I have personally tried Astralinux Orel Common Edition, developed in Russia by RusBitech, based on Debian and it is great, it works unsurpassed and that I use to learn Russian.
      Russian also Alt Linux 9 based on Mandrake.
      Neither of them has to envy anything to Windows !!….

  2.   TNT said

    You could see it coming. The only thing saving Microsoft is that most of the games and video editing programs don't run on Linux.
    But in the near future that advantage is going to disappear.

  3.   01101001b said

    We'll see. Something similar happened with Munich. They had adopted Linux in 2004 and they stayed that way for 10 years. Until the authorities changed, M $ put money on them and the negotiation was set up: the excuses began that the public administration did not get along with Linux and ridiculous studies that "concluded" the "superiority" of wind * ws. Today wind * ws is back on their systems.

    It is enough that M $ find the corrupt official (s) key (s) in C. del S. and wind * ws will be back in their systems.

    There is nothing new under the sun.