WINE 8.4 starts its support for Wayland

WINE 8.4

About every two weeks at this stage of development, and after 8.3, WineHQ has launched a few hours ago WINE 8.4. Although there are many changes introduced in these releases, in fact there are hundreds, most of them are small improvements that make running Windows applications on other platforms more reliable, but this week they have highlighted something that stands out with just look at the points that they have considered worth showing separately.

WineHQ usually highlights between 3-6 new features in each development version, and this week the first is that it has occurred the initial step to support wayland. So far it has been usable, but official support has started in WINE 8.4. In addition, they have also featured IME support cleanups, a number of test fixes, and various bug fixes. Below, where everything they've done is listed, they tell us about 51 bugs fixed and 344 changes.

Bugs fixed in WINE 8.4

  • Thief: the dark project crashes when pressing 'esc' key in game if X in 24bpp mode.
  • Hard Truck 2: King of The Road (GOG) movies won't play.
  • Amazon Games installs but doesn't start (do you need WindowsFormsApplicationBase startup code?).
  • Several applications perform very poorly after 4261369e5d8 (Secondhand Lands, SPORE).
  • t2embed:t2embed fails on Windows with UTF-8 encoding.
  • gdi32:font – test_EnumFonts() fails with Arial Bold on Russian Windows.
  • advapi32:registry – test_enum_value() has a couple of weird bugs in UTF-8 system locales.
  • shell32:shelllink – A save(NULL, TRUE) fails randomly on test_load_save() in Wine.
  • d3d9:device – test_wndproc() sometimes gets an unexpected WM_DISPLAYCHANGE in Wine.
  • .test_WSARecv() fails when using wow64 thunks [Wow64ApcRoutine() overwrites the return value set by NtContinue()].
  • The dxgi:dxgi output is too large on debiant.
  • kernel32:sync – test_timer_queue() occasionally fails to clear the timer on Windows 10.
  • ntdll:info – test_query_kerndebug() fails on Windows 8 through 10 1709.
  • foobar2000 v1.6 crashes shortly after startup on Wine 7.19 or higher.
  • d3drm:d3drm sometimes crashes after failing to create the IDirect3DRMDevice* interface in Wine.
  • d3drm:d3drm sometimes fails to create a device immediately in Wine.
  • vbscript:run sometimes fails on local UTF-8 Windows.
  • d3d9:device sometimes fails to create a D3D object in Wine, it crashes.
  • 64-bit ntdll:wow64 fails on Windows 11.
  • 64-bit ntdll:wow32 fails on Windows 11.
  • winhttp:notification fails randomly on Wine.
  • user32:input – test_ToAscii() fails in hindi UTF-8 locale.
  • ntdll:pipe – test_blocking() sometimes fails in Wine when the pipe is not signaled.
  • kernel32:console – test_wait() sometimes fails on Windows 8+.
  • d3d12:d3d12 – test_desktop_window() fails on Windows 10 1709.
  • d3d12:d3d12 – test_create_device() gets an unexpected 0 refcount on Windows 10 1909+.
  • HS_hevo_gc fails to start.
  • since wine 8.0 print no longer works.
  • nethack crashes.
  • regedit/regproc.c – export_key() cannot return TRUE.
  • Motorola Ready For Assistant won't start, needs ext-ms-win-networking-wlanapi-l1-1-0.dll.
  • dbghelp:dbghelp, ntdll:wow64 & psapi:psapi_main fail on Windows 11 due to notepad.exe path remapping.
  • psapi:psapi_main – 64-bit test_EnumProcessModules() function gets unexpected case from Notepad on Windows 11.
  • psapi:psapi_main – The 64-bit function test_EnumProcessModulesEx() gets pcs-6464 and pcs-6432 failures on Windows 11.
  • psapi:psapi_main – The 32-bit function test_EnumProcessModulesEx() gets many pcs-3232 failures due to partial copy errors on Windows 11.
  • psapi:psapi_main – The 64-bit function test_EnumProcessModules() gets an unexpected third module on Windows 11.
  • jsproxy:jsproxy crashes on Windows 11.
  • Starcraft Remastered game initialization failed.
  • mmdevapi:propstore – 64-bit test_setvalue_on_wow32() fails on Windows 10 2004+.
  • The gif is displayed incorrectly, with strange backgrounds of various colors.
  • gdi32:dc – SetDeviceGammaRamp() test fails on Windows 10 1909.
  • The 32-bit dbghelp:dbghelp cannot run on Windows <= 10 1607 due to the IsWow64Process2() call.
  • The KakaoTalk IM text editing window leaves artifacts when the text overflows and the scroll bar appears.
  • Wine 8.3 64-bit does not appear in the Debian bookworm repository.
  • riched20:txtsrv – test_TxGetNaturalSize fails if the width of the system GUI font glyphs is larger than expected by the test.
  • TextPad 9.1 installation fails on Wine 6 from the Linux Mint repository.
  • windows.perception.stub:perception – Windows 10 1607 does not have ISpatialSurfaceObserverStatics2.
  • kernel32:loader – test_import_resolution() gets wrong tls data on Windows 7.
  • ldp.exe hangs on unimplemented function wldap32.dll.ldap_set_dbg_flags.
  • imm32:imm32 – ime_install() fails in some locations on Windows.
  • ldp.exe crashes when trying to connect to an invalid host.

WINE 8.2 available en  this link. In the download page there is information on how to install this and other versions on operating systems such as Debian and Ubuntu, but it can also be installed on Android and macOS.

The next version will be WINE 8.5 and it will arrive on March 31st.

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