Wine 3.0 RC5 is now ready to test

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The new Release Candidate 5 of Wine 3.0 It has already been released, but unlike other RCs the truth is that it has been a fairly quiet development in terms of bug fixes found in the famous compatibility layer for Unix / Linux environments to be able to install native Windows operating system software in them, and now also in this third version you can also choose to install these native Windows apps also on Android, So your "Andy" will be able to run much more software, benefiting from what until now only affected BSD, Linux, macOS, Solaris ... and that's thanks to the new features that the project guys have implemented as a novelty.

The errors are increasingly rareThis is normal as new version RCs are released, since development will soon be completely frozen to launch the final version of Wine 3.0 that we will see very soon. In fact, the implementation of improvements in the code has already stopped and it has simply been to revisions and corrections of the bugs and problems that may be found in this new version. You can collaborate if you download the RC5 project and install it to test if there are new imperfects to profile.

But it seems that Wine 3.0 RC5 is quite solid and stablee so the great work that the developers have done has paid off and they will have more time to focus solely on stability, something that is very good to get more than decent software. We will most likely see Wine 3.0 Final before the end of January, so it is very good news for those who follow the project closely and need to check all the news that it brings us and that we already talked about in LxA.

For those who are wondering what errors have been corrected in Wine 3.0 RC5 with respect to the RC4 that we saw a few days ago say that 9 bugs have been addressed. One of them was related to the Slingplayer 2.0 configuration wizard that crashed and crashed Wine, two other problems found in regedit, a bug that seriously degraded performance, CHM viewer navigation elements, errors in several installations of MS Office 2010 and 2013 , Eclipse crashed at startup, as did Alice: Madness Returns, and finally the ProtectionID tool crashed the Wine server.

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  1.   juanjo savior said

    It makes me feel very nostalgic to think that my first steps with Wine were in version 1.16, and look now ...

  2.   fernan said

    Wine is an example of the versatility of GNU linux that is capable of adapting and even executing applications from other operating systems, now also android in addition to windows, it is true that not all windows software can run correctly but some programs can and this helps users to be a little more free to be able to run with wine that windows application that have not found a substitute for it, or do not let them use it, but not have to use the rest of Windows.

  3.   ProletarianLibertarian said

    Years ago, what stopped me the most when using Linux as the main OS was the lack of certain applications that I used frequently and that did not have a full equivalent in Linux, but that is long overdue, almost all of them have an alternative and both I don't get equivalent functionalities. I start them with Wine with impressive stability. The only downside may be the games but I have also had some surprises running very recent games without problems. May it keep improving for many years!

  4.   Patrick said

    Eh, I think they have misunderstood what it is about for a long time ...
    Wine 3.0 is supposed to allow Windows apps to run on Android, not Android apps on Linux / BSD / macOS

    1.    Jesus said

      Someone around here has drunk more Wine than necessary ...

  5.   Patrick said

    Aaah. How little man is this "Isaac" quietly editing his post and pretending that nothing has happened. Instead of acknowledging that you made a mistake and at least add * UPDATED or * EDITED to the title of your post ...
    Anyway ... the comments before mine (Patricio) and "Jesus" speak for themselves: What they comment has no relation to the current content of the post hahaha

    1.    Isaac said


      First, we do not put EDITED or UPDATED unless content has been added to a post ...

      Second, it's probably one of the biggest mistakes I make, and I try to learn from them. Is that why I am less of a man? Well, maybe I'm less of a man ... but I think it's human to be wrong.

      Third, when I find gaps I try to answer the comments (it is true that I do not answer all of them due to lack of time or because I have not seen them). And if you take a walk through the blog you will see that when something is not right I usually thank the one who tells me and I solve it. It would not be the first time.

      Fourth, when I read other blogs and I detect errors, I try to communicate it but without disrespect, since I am aware that we all make mistakes ... or maybe not all, maybe some never ever make mistakes ...

      Greetings and thank you for reporting the translation error.

      PS: I will try to take some testosterone supplement

  6.   Patrick said

    I accept that I was wrong, I unloaded the anger that Jesus' comment produced in you.
    How good that you are determined to improve and that you accept that you make mistakes (there are those who do not).
    My sincere apologies

    1.    Jesus said

      At no time have I commented on anything about Isaac's post and I don't have the feeling that he has taken for granted.

      I'm going to try that "Wine 3.0 will allow running Windows apps on Android, not Android apps on Linux / BSD / MacOs" because it's the first news I have ...

      1.    Isaac said

        Thank you Jesus!

    2.    Isaac said

      I accept the apologies. And thanks!

  7.   oriet said

    Can someone tell me how to install Wine on Android. Thank you