Windows drops below 90% for the first time in 10 years

quota operating systems

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system on the desktop, reaching quotas above 90%. In other niches such as servers, mainframes or supercomputers, the domain is for GNU / Linux. Nor has Microsoft managed to dominate other sectors such as mobile devices, since Windows Phone has failed before the dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Linux's pending issue is the desktop, which still resists, since in the rest of the niches the health of this project is very good, being practically in everything, from large powerful machines, to smart TVs, wearables, etc. Linus Torvalds has been dreaming of conquering the desktop for years, and some time ago he claimed that he could keep fighting 20 more years to achieve it. However, small positive steps have already been taken in this regard ...

Desktop operating systems

Apple has also failed to dominate on the desktop, their Macs with the Mac OS X operating system represent a share close to 10% (9,57%), well above the 1,65% of Linux. But if we look at other operating systems like FreeBSD and company, the share is even worse. The interesting fact, since it had not been produced for a decade, is that Windows has lost 1,68% in less than a month and has fallen below 90%, I insist, a share that has not been seen for years.

Y this sudden crash is not due to Windows 10, since it is thanks to him that Microsoft is recovering some share. This indicates that more and more people are either updating to Windows 10 or starting with other operating systems such as Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, etc. This is not great news for linuxers, not bad, just an interesting anecdote due to the number of years that it did not happen. However, there is still a lot to work and fight to raise that 1,65% ...

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  1.   unsigned char * said

    If people stopped giving free support to proprietary software…. Microsoft has technicians all over the world doing their jobs ... leading the novice user to their goal.

  2.   trapdlemaster said

    I consider that these statistics are wrong xD…. since there are entire nations that use linux for their work PCs and home places - I consider those statistics to be wrong

    1.    mantisfistjabn said

      Yes and no. The statistics are good, in the sense that they base their study on the sale of equipment with pre-installed systems. So we can say that it is good is that sense.

      But at the same time it is wrong, because it does not consider the number of people who buy Windows computers and then put Linux on it (in dual-boot or as single systems), nor the large number of government agencies that have chosen to use Linux systems in their respective administrations.

    2.    eljorge21 said

      And yes, the netbooks that were delivered from the government, had a Linux distro .. Now the name is gone, but they say it worked very well.

  3.   Mark Pasiel said

    I think the figures are wrong. To begin with, only in China, the most widely used operating system is GNU / LINUX, with the Red Flag platform, and Deepin, which is increasingly growing. The expansion of information technology in China is at a very rapid pace, and I believe that in a few years, the definition of the most used operating system will be precisely in that country. On the other hand, in my humble opinion, I do consider that the launch of Windows 10 has caused many Windows users to migrate to other operating systems. The reason? The privacy policy of Windows 10, the transfer of personal data, the history of searches in the browser, and other infidences, added to the cover advertising imposed by Windows 10. Despite the invitation by the The apparently free installation that Microsfot has made to users of versions prior to Windows 10, it has not had the expected success. Several months have passed, and there is still a very high percentage of users of previous versions. And he who has not wanted to "upgrade" to Windows 10, has left Windows.

  4.   leoramirez59 said

    I don't know what that statistic is based on but I think that the GNU Linux quota is higher. In my city there are many people who use it and I myself have managed to promote the use and success of the system to people close to me.

  5.   feeling said

    The statistics based on the sale of equipment with pre-installed systems are ambiguous, there are many more of us who delete Guindows and use a distro, I currently use Voyager and it is luxurious, I am not interested in proprietary systems, GNU users Linux without a doubt we are more globally.

  6.   bubexel said

    windows 3.1 does 1 out of 200 pcs have it? this statistic is wrong gentlemen XD

    1.    YES AC said

      "Hehe zoy a troll xd"

      No, kid. There are long-standing companies that have very specific and very expensive accounting programs. But it turns out that the company that sold them the software disappeared, so they use the same version of Windows for a long time in order not to break their heads. Supermarket computers also suffer from this disease, for the most part.

      Far from being Windows, the little or no reliability of the system and how obsolete it is, that is a bad business practice.

      1.    bubexel said

        Do you know how many PCs are 0.5% of the PCs in the whole world? are you aware of the pc's that that represents? for a rare pc from a company with an absolute accounting system that still counts in pesetas. It is impossible. We are talking about a few billion pcs.

      2.    bubexel said

        I do not deny that there is a pc with windows 3.1, but seriously? 1.5% linux 0.5% windows 3.1? not a joke. Windows 2000 should be more and they only have 0.05.

        1.    YES AC said

          Actually yes. I am aware of those figures, of the percentage and of the windows that you outline. I insist, there are many companies, not "just" a couple. To tell you that a single small company has a set of approximately 500 computers running and / or virtualizing that version.

  7.   japho said

    I am in the group of people who bought a laptop with windows pre-installed, and after a few months I deleted it to install linux (I don't remember now which distro, but I currently use Linux Mint on both the laptop and the desktop)