Why do Debian and Ubuntu get on so badly?

If we talk about Debian and Ubuntu, it is like talking if we were talking about mother and daughter.

His origins

Debian, an old distro born in 93 by Ian Murdock, provided the world with a free operating system alternative with an emphasis on stability and efficient APT package management.

A distro that, as you may know, is made especially for servers, but that is useful for those who are interested in being able to configure their PC well at the package level and that today has extensive documentation and not to mention experience, we are talking about approximately 15 years of work on Linux.

Ubuntu, on the other hand, was only born in 2004 and probably the majority saw it on that day as one more adaptation of Debian, bad or bad and after 11 years it should not have been the first parallel version to come out.

But Ubuntu, a distro focused on the misnamed «final user»(The only non-end users are the developers of the distros), that is to say, in people without great computer technical knowledge it began to have great acceptance, facilitated by an excellent advertising campaign (come on, the cidís gratix) and well accepted by critics.

Their differences

It must be said that Ubuntu not born as a commercial product immediately, but rather debian people leaving of the project. They are the ones looking for the now famous Mark Shuttleworth to develop a profitable product (I guess they wanted to make a living from this) and they started with 10 million dollars A millionaire who offers to finance LXA !?.

Well, that reason, the fact of being born to ex-Debianites who associate with a millionaire was already enough reason to produce envy among the Debianites (they work for free), but it is not all.

Ubuntu as an adaptation of Debian depends on this to appear. An example of this is that Ubuntu developers have to take many Debian packages to put them in Ubuntu, they do not make them, not all, they only adapt and insert them.

Faced with the attitude of the ubunter developers, the Debianites reacted: Parasites! I don't know if that's what they said but at least that's what they thought for sure. Ubuntu developers did not cooperate in developing the packages that they then used and that fell very badly.

For Ubuntu it was not a good idea as a project to make the person who feeds you angry, so they have recognized that many times they have not compensated for this attitude with collaboration, that is, they have recognized that during their development they have been parasites of Debian and have not contributed to growing Debian. I don't know where I found this phrase or if it occurred to me, but it says:

Debian helps Ubuntu and Ubuntu helps Ubuntu

A friction that also has to do with the public it reaches, although Debian reaches a more experienced public, many people of medium and advanced knowledge have gone to Ubuntu because of its popularity and because it really is a good option (merits it has many ). Some say that Debian lags behind, that there are no "hands" to keep up with Debian's development style and that Ubuntu, in addition to not helping them, "steals" from its users.

But that is why Canonical, the company that develops Ubuntu and maintains all those paid developers and the Ubuntu community has opened cooperative ties with Debian such as DCT (Debian Collaboration Team) and other developments in specific packages.


Let's say today talking about Ubuntu as a Debian parasite is not correct, but that helped create that bad environment and that bad reputation apparently among the advanced Linux user. That is my theory.

It's sad that this happened and that there are still traces of that anger and envy. We also told you a few days ago that there were quarrels over other causes in Debian, so something bad is happening in a major Linux distribution and that, given what I have told you, is too relevant for the ubunters which, I think, must be the majority of the linux mass. Our mother is not going to die for giving our daughter a good time.

Ian Murdock (the father of Debian) said that if Ubuntu grows, Debian grows, but as long as Ubuntu is grateful.

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  1.   nitsuga said

    And ... Do you get 10 pesos?

  2.   nitsuga said

    Or a hundred?

  3.   dark hole said

    Nahhh ... Some things to clarify. Debian people DO NOT work for free, that they do not have a company behind them does not mean that they do not earn something, for that the SPI exists
    In addition, they receive donations. Sure, not all Debian developers have a salary, but neither do all Ubuntu developers.

    On the side of rivalry .. Doesn't anyone speak with their heads ??? I explain. That stupid rivalry (forgive me the word) is carried out by the users, not the developers.
    SOME Debian users are not fond of Ubuntu as a growing distro. They will have their reasons, not valid for me, but they will.

    To see this, you don't have to review much that the main Ubuntu developers are just like Debian developers. And they are in two, and nobody says anything to them, because in reality there is no such happy rivalry.

    It's a big lie about this rivalry. Competition is something else, but I think that so far Debian does not see Ubuntu as competition nor will it, the two have very different goals.

  4.   apple said

    It is the first time I have commented on the blog, despite having been following them for almost a month.

    Umm, I had never thought about it carefully, but that there is a rivalry, the truth is also between users only, and only some of the thousands of users.

    For my part, I've been using GNU / Linux for almost 1 year, and despite now using Debian (I've been around for 3 weeks), my first distro was Ubuntu, and then Arch.

    On the other hand, also that rivalry that exists has to do with Linux users who do not like Windows users who come to Ubuntu, etc, etc (I think this issue had already been discussed in a previous post)


  5.   f sources said


    That stupid rivalry (forgive me the word) is carried out by the users, not the developers.

    But I have not invented anything, it appears in the sources that I relied on and in more sites on the web.

    @manzha: New commenter, thanks for stopping by

  6.   China said

    that of gaining power and weight in the linux world as soon as you arrive, based on the number of people ... it seems false to me and above all it reminds me of the church ... will it not be involved in ubuntu-linux (not gnu)?


    PS: I don't need to be a Ubuntu or Debian user to think like this. I had to delete it and install another distro.

  7.   gallolinux said


  8.   nitsuga said

    I use UbUnTU i i'm NOT KIND OF WINDOSE, BUT I HAVE A TEST WITH BEGINNING. I LEAVE YOU My eMaIL is hulyfiruso @ blah… Thank you from AnteMaNo
    [/ debian-user-comment]

  9.   laura077 said

    We also told you a few days ago that there were quarrels about other causes in Debian, so something bad is happening in a major Linux distribution.

    That does worry me, that there is a bad atmosphere, I don't know what such an atmosphere there will be, I have not seen it, but if it is true it is worrying.

    To see this, you don't have to review much that the main Ubuntu developers are just like Debian developers. And they are in two, and nobody says anything to them, because in reality there is no such happy rivalry.

    This is how it has to be, the rivalry thing is stupid. I just hope that those who compete are the least. For my part I use several distros (I am not an expert but I do use them) and I am subscribed in the forums (in Spanish) of several distros as well, helping what I can and know.

  10.   laura077 said

    Clarify that in my previous comment the 1st and 3rd paragraphs are quotes that I have put it but it does not appear, the same is because I have put it as if it were html.

  11.   f sources said

    @ laura077 Comments accept HTML but only certain tags:

    italics or italics


    An appointment


    Greetings and happy new year to all and all.

  12.   Paul said

    I very much do not understand why these problems are usually made between people who more or less do the same. They are free sof stop fucking. Why mess with each other if one distro is better or not than another or if it owes you a lot. Seriously stop fucking around. There's no use fighting over these bullshit. The best thing in any case is to see that you like to use it the most and if you want to see how to improve it. But spending time throwing sticks between one and the other because they are different things seems like a dud to me. I tried both distros and I love them.

  13.   laura077 said

    fsources, thanks, html is not my strong suit, xD

  14.   Corrupt Byte said

    Users and developers who are bothered by the success of Ubuntu against Debian do not understand the concept of free software.

    If Ubuntu uses Debian packages it is because Debian allows this to happen. When you make free software, you must be aware that anyone can take your work and make money and popularity with it, without having to give you something in return other than publishing the source code.

  15.   Nacho said

    You cannot create a 100% free and free product and complain when someone modifies it and takes a slice.
    Debian can be very stable, I don't doubt it, but, at least for me right now, I work perfectly in the intrepid without having to compile anything by hand or spend hours configuring something that in Ubuntu is to do 2 clicks.
    What am I a stump? It can, but I've come to the conclusion that I don't need atrocious stability like debian gives. The one provided by ubuntu is more than enough for 90% of users.

    And let's be frank, today, with the war between OS, the one that assumes that users want / need to learn from their OS, is out.

    The user learns if he wants, nobody has the right to demand it, much less an OS.
    So, in short, let everyone use whatever they want, but let's remember that nothing prevents me from taking an Ubuntu distro, modifying it and selling it. The same applies to debian.

    If it is SL, it is SL And as a final note ... those who leave Ubuntu, will go to Debian. So much damage does not do.


    PS: esty, congratulations

  16.   necudeco said

    Is that the mother thinks that the daughter is a whore: P

  17.   charlemagne said

    the reason must be sought in one of the most primitive emotions of the human being… envy…. Ubuntu in a few years has managed to reap tremendous successes in the field of free operating systems, a success that Debian could never achieve in its existence; It is a massive, resounding success, one of those that get itchy ... it is taking all the honors and no one thinks or knows that it is based on packages from the Debian Sid, that annoys Debian developers ... I have really heard complaints that already they almost fall into a pathology of obsessive fixation on the matter. Instead of being bitter, the Debian gentlemen should have a mind in accordance with what they produce, a mind free of prejudices, bad vibes and envy and learn to coexist in harmony.

  18.   delmak said

    @nitsuga, you are ubuntero, stop trolling.

    @Nacho, if the flea kills the dog, the flea dies ... you are right that it is free software and they are not doing anything illegal, but they are destroying the community, they contribute little and nothing, they do not educate users ...

  19.   nitsuga said

    @madldelmak: o_o

  20.   jefer94 said

    I prefer opensuse, it is more adapted to my liking