Survey: What is a hacker?

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all… after all, we're all alike.

We talk, listen and read a lot about hackers. But, What is a hacker?. Could we fully define what it is to be a hacker, establish a stereotype?
I invite you to do this little questionnaire, destined to see how much we know about hackers. They can even print it, take it to their friends, and if they flick it over their heads (as I think) they can use it to set fire, and that's it: razz:. We go to the questions, paper and pencil to write down your answers, or you can leave them in the comments if you want.

1) What exactly do hackers do?

to. Nothing useful / something with the computer

b. Investigate, browse, search for answers ...

c. Steal things and let dinosaurs loose, like in Jurassic Park

2) Is there a stereotype of a hacker?

to. Yeah, some young guys with their computer ... like Bill Gates.

b. No, stereotypes are not good, anyone could be a hacker.

c. Of course, the one from Jurassic Park !! A glutton eating in front of the pc all day.

3) What is the glider?

to. Glitter for the body

b. The hacker emblem

c. The characters of a movie; they are beautiful critters until you give them water and they turn terrible

4) If I ask a hacker to ping Yahoo! and they don't know how to do it, How are you going to solve this problem?

to. Are you a hacker and don't know? So hacker should not be ...

b. Look for the solution, ask someone, do tests

c. It's a trick question, hackers always know. If they can fix the printer for me, they can also ping.

5) Who is "The Mentor"?

to. Puff, one of those hackers.

b. A hacker who, before being arrested, wrote the Hacker Manifesto, which today is an emblem and a sample of hacker culture.

c. I got to "The Philosopher", I don't know the other one

On Thursday I bring you the answers, and we will reveal (and discuss, surely) what hackers are and whatnot.

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  1.   Faith said

    Anyone might think that the correct answers are always b), but they would be wrong, because the last one, clearly is the c) hahaha: p.

    I appeared on LXA! who would have thought: p

    I still wait until Thursday for you to confirm that it is the c ¬¬: p

  2.   I am said

    Hacker is the one who hacks ...

    PS: what are you doing here, Fepe ??????

  3.   I am said

    Claudio, that's being a crack, not a hacker

  4.   Faith said

    No Esty, it's the other way around, the good is the hacker, and the bad is the Cracker: p

  5.   Faith said

    Un crack it's me playing soccer (?).

    But yes, I am on Nitsuga's side regarding the difference of cracker with hacker. That's what I meant in my comment (# 6)

  6.   Blog playing said

    They are all the B's from my point of view except the 4 that is the A, what a shoddy hacker xD

    Some answers are very clever

  7.   Claudio Rodrigo Pereyra Diaz said

    My answers: P

    1 B.
    2 B.
    3 B.
    4 B.
    5 B.

    As you have all the good answers in the middle: P

    A hacker is someone who seeks to learn, inquire, investigate, reach out, experiment, test, know, find, and is not afraid of "not knowing", because he always learns something new.

    This is how I see it

  8.   N @ ty said

    @ffuentes: aahh and on Thursday you will find out what it means :)

    @Fepe in comment # 11: no way to verify! : P hahaha

    @Blog Playing: thank you hahaha

  9.   Faith said

    @Naty: About my soccer ability? You should come see me: p

  10.   f sources said

    1 B
    2) a (the stereotype exists by definition)
    3) b (by discard)
    4 B
    5) b (also by discard)

    That thing to the right of the article I had not seen in my life

  11.   Alberto said

    I think that both the hacker and the cracker are moved by the interest of learning and other things that Claudio says.

    From what I understand, the cracker is more dedicated to investigating applications and programs, how they are, what they do, what they contain and in what way they can "take advantage" of it.

    a greeting

  12.   nitsuga said

    "Crack" is NOT the same as "cracker"

  13.   nitsuga said

    Nooooo. The cracker is the one who is only interested in obtaining economic profit, stealing a password, etc., ignoring learning and using tools programmed by others. In short, it is what the media call hackers, and they are hated by them.

  14.   nitsuga said

    Uuu bad that I write: $

  15.   laura077 said

    They are all b, although I can be wrong because I am not a hacker and I always say that I only know that I do not know ... :)

  16.   f sources said


  17.   rheoba said

    I think they are all b as well, but still and I wait for the answers by Thursday.

    With regard to Hacker and Cracker, to what I have known and understand, Hacker is a person who has high knowledge in computing, a wide range of knowledge, and the Cracker is a person who has the same knowledge as a Hacker, but with the difference that he uses them for profit, profit by doing things that are not legal.
    In the end, it is only one step that defines a Hacker and a Cracker; The Cracker is a Hacker who dared to do something illegal ... Well, I think so.

    Cheers ;)

  18.   apply said

    hacker is a

  19.   nitsuga said

    @Reoba: The cracker has no knowledge, he is just a person (usually male adolescents) who takes advantage of the hacker community and its programs and takes advantage of it, but who does not really know how to program, and sometimes does not know how to network. As for hackers, those in black hats do illegal things and are not crackers….

  20.   NO-anonymous said

    As I understand it because I am not an expert, much less a hacker; the hacker is the one who can adapt and take advantage of their knowledge and learning capacity «with this I cannot do such a thing or it limits me, but if I improve-modify it, I will do it or stop doing it, if I can improve it-modify it, I will do it, in Otherwise I will understand ... »The term does not have to be precisely related to computing, there are different types, it is just a matter of admiring things. I really like this blog, they always contribute something or at least bring a smile :).