We love free software and today is the time to say it #ilovefs

We love free software

In recent years it has become fashionable to disqualify the "day of" for being commercial dates. It is true that, for example, one could remember their parents, children or partners on any other day than the one arbitrarily established in a calendar by a chamber of commerce. And, undoubtedly, due to the laws of supply and demand, roses and chocolates will be much cheaper tomorrow the 15th than in the days before Valentine's Day.

But, we are also those who think that although "the day of" is every day, It is also good that there is something that reminds us to honor those we love.

And, the people of the Free Software Foundation Europe (nothing to do with Stallman's) agree with me

We love free software. Why today February 14 is the ideal day to say it.

For years, the Free Software Foundation Europe has been promoting the "I love Free Software Day" an initiative to thank the developers who make our favorite Linux programs and distributions possible. In his own words.

We often underestimate the power of a simple thank you. Free Software contributors do important work for our society and deserve attention. February 14th "Free Software Day" (also known as Valentine's Day) is the perfect opportunity to express our special gratitude.

It must be said that although the celebration was exported from the United States focused on love between couples, in its original version it encompasses all kinds of love, including love between parents and children and between friends.

As the entity very well points out, users expect from the maintainers of Free Software projects the same attention as if we paid a commercial support. We want our bug reports to be dealt with quickly and we demand new features. In many cases we do it to people who often spend their little volunteer time on Free Software code, translations, testing or design.

Of course it is not bad that we do it, because this is how we are helping them to do a better job. But what also helps them is that those who work so hard all year for us know how much we appreciate their work.

How to participate in the campaign

How could it be otherwise, the message of the Free Software Foundation Europe includes a reference to COVID

For this year's Free Software Day, let's think about the changes in our daily lives that we have all experienced in the last year. Last year Free Software helped us stay connected with our family, friends, and loved ones. There are many examples of people who promoted the use of Free Software, whether in a university or school or company ...

Let's take advantage of Free Software Day to thank, not only the developers, but also those who promoted us and allowed the use of Free Software with their commitment.

Some concrete actions for today are:

  • Take the opportunity: The opportunity to thank the people who allow you to enjoy your favorite software, you can use their mailing list or accounts on social networks. The FSFE includes in on the web photos to share, stickers, balloons, illustrations and merchandise.
  • Think of them: Think about those who made it possible for you to access the Free Software that allowed you to be connected. Was it your university or school that allowed you to use Free Software in your classes? Or maybe a colleague who promoted the use of Free Software to work from home? Think of the Free Software that allowed you to be in contact with the people around you.
  • Share your love: Share your appreciation on social media (#ilovefs), in blog posts, images, and video messages, or directly to Free Software developers and contributors. And why not organize an online meeting with your friends or colleagues?
  • Contribute to improve free software: Help a Free Software project with code, a translation, or answering questions from users. Or if you can, consider a financial donation or the purchase of some items from those projects that have stores.

In closing, my declaration of love today is for you, the readers.. For those who comment or not, for those who approve or criticize, for those who share what we write on social networks or bookmark us. Also for those who read two lines and go to the next article.

Because, in the words of an old Argentine radio host:

Without you there, we here What for?

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  1.   Diego Badilla said

    Excellent initiative, we definitely have to thank the good and hard work

  2.   Adrian said

    I liked. Very Happy Day of the use of Free Software, for today too! ... I thank you from the bottom of my heart, the great work of programmers, developers, etc ...