We continue with the list of 12 programs to install on January 1. Now 4 utility vehicles

We continue with the challenge list

Krules is a ruler that allows you to measure the size of an object on the screen in pixels.

Continuing with the 12 programs for the January 1 challenge, now it's the turn of 4 utility programs. If you did not read the articles dedicated to the games and multimedia programs, I remind you what these articles are about. Linux has lots of programs in their repositories. Is pick 12 we would never install and install them. And, of course, use them.
Some readers complained on the networks that the programs on my list are irrelevant. That's the idea. I don't think there are plenty of people willing to spend the first day of the year learning how to program a decision tree in R. What I chose were programs easy enough to learn, but interesting enough to give me a good time.

Anyway, this is my list. Your you can do yours And if you do, I would love for the share in the comments section.

Continuing with the challenge, we come to the utilities


Gromit is short for "miscellaneous graphics." Is about a pencil that allows you to mark a sector of the screen. You can do it using the mouse or a graphics tablet.

To activate the dialer, press the pause key (usually to the left of the numeric keypad lock)
Other commands in the program are:

  • Shift + pause key: Cleans the screen.
  • CTRL + pause key: Changes the visibility.
  • Alt + pause key: exits the program.

The program can be managed from the terminal with the following commands:

gromit –quit

Close the program

gromit –toggle

Toggles the cursor click.

gromit –visibility

Changes the visibility of the window.

gromit –clear

Clean the screen

When the program is activated, you can't use the mouse for anything else other than painting.

The program parameters can be changed by modifying the .gromitrc file located in the personal folder. There, among other things, we can change the color of the pencil.

In fact, I found a program of little use and excessively complicated to configure. In fact, it is not very precise when selecting the area to mark.

The program it is in the repositories of the different Linux distributions.

Get busy

Many times, those of us who have to include screenshots in a blog, we are forced to cover up personal information. What I do is select the data that I want to hide with the Gimp's selection tool and fill in the foreground color.

Obfuscate (in the launcher it appears as Obfuscator) which allows you to automatically put the black box in the part of the image that we want to cover.

The program is available in Flatpak format.


This program, part of the KDE project, is neither more nor less a ruler to use on the screen. What can a rule do for us? For example, the screenshots on this blog must be at least 1280 pixels wide. To know how big a photo is, you have to look at its properties. Or, you can measure it with Kruler.

The rule allows the following settings:

  • Size adjustment by dragging with the mouse.
  • Vertical and horizontal position.
  • Color and typography detection.
  • Degree of opacity.

The program is available in the repositories of most Linux distributions and in Snap format.


They say that every person should plant a tree, have a child, and write a book. Gardening is not something that appeals to me, plus I lack space. The son thing, let's face it, I'm writing about spending the first of January installing software, I don't think it's very likely. That is, I have no choice but to go for the book.

The number of programs designed to help writers plan their novel, well could justify a full post. I repeat that we are talking about planning, not writing.

Manuskript is ideal for using the snowflake writing method developed by writer Randy Ingermanson. This method alternate successively the stages of plot creation and character development.

The great advantage of Manuskript is that not only used to write fiction (novels, short novels and stories). In addition, it facilitates the work on nonfiction books and research articles.

The program available for Windows, Linux and Mac. We can find it in the repositories of the main distributions and in the snap store.

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  1.   Nasher_87 (ARG) said

    Gromit is funny, reminds me of Compiz, although that was temporary

    Man, you can always plant a tree, I already planted 7, 2 in my house (technically I did not plant them, I put it in a pot that by definition in planting but I do not consider it that way), 1 on my sidewalk (I planted a 'stick drunk 'in high school that turned into a 5-meter tall tree) that I destroyed it and had to cut it down (yes, it hurt), the others in the square near my house, I didn't ask anyone, there is total many, today they must be about 15 meters high and 20 meters tall
    Children, I do not know, so often someone not recognized in my youth, however, if I do not find out, it is not worth ...
    Book, yes, I wrote it or rather edited it, at age 14 for the school newspaper, it was to pay for the graduate trip, in the end I was not:, (

  2.   Diego German Gonzalez said

    Thanks for the cheering. I'm more interested in the children. At least the procedure, not necessarily the result.
    Compiz was great. Too bad that when I could get a decent graphics card, they had already discontinued the project.

  3.   leonardo ramirez said

    I want to complement. You speak of Obfuscate, in my challenge I plan to include Flameshot that in the same capture allows to put in blur mode or vice versa, focus the piece of interest in the screenshot. It completely humiliates Windows Snipping Tool.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      Flameshot is genius.
      But are you sure it's a program that you wouldn't normally use?

      1.    Leonardo Ramirez Castro said

        LOL OK! It is what I use the most in this life ...
        So I must rethink for something that I don't use as much or don't use.

  4.   Leonardo Ramirez Castro said

    PS: Could you give me the link (s) of the social networks of Linux Addicts? Thanks!

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